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One of the perks of flying private aircraft is that the interior of each one is furnished in a style unique to that airplane. Some can even be fitted with golden sinks. This one in particular is styled to mimic a vintage train, for those more old-schooled travelers with time constraints.

The corporate jet can ferry up to 19 passengers with 5 mini-suites for the basic feel of a private train cabin. A wide lounge connects these suites and a parlor for a movie center and room for conversations. The master bedroom has an en suite bathroom with shower, a private office space, and a convertible sofa and conversation space.


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Private Jets Getting Upgraded

The conveniences from private jet charters has been discussed many times over, but these benefits are great for business travelers. Most charter clients can arrive and be in flight before commercial passengers get through check-in. But, private jets are being upgraded more frequently as time moves on, so the amenities are getting better bringing more comfort to other types of clients. And jet charter companies themselves are growing as well.

Aircraft investments have been seen to be growing, and wider varieties are being purchased and renovated. Tom Trudeau  works with charter companies to upgrade or repair aircraft, and “aircraft he works on range in price from $15,000 to about $3 million” showing that a much broader market is in the works.


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Private Jets to Get Faster With New Aircraft Concepts

New designs in aircraft are expected to cut travel time as new planes reach unbelievable speeds. The Antipode, a concept craft so far is estimated to fly at 12,427 miles per hour, or Mach 24.

With past supersonic aircraft for travel, upkeep is too expensive for commercial applications, so the new designs are more geared towards smaller aircraft carrying about 10 passengers. Private jets that incorporate these new concepts would be capable of travelling from New York to London in 11 minutes, or New York to Sydney in roughly 30 minutes.

This style of flight would be perfect for those intercontinental business meetings for lunch, and returning home for dinner.


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Jet to Alpina Gstaad for Heli-Skiing Safari and Fondue

The Alps are in full ski season now, and resorts like the luxurious Alpina Gstaad are providing more impressive offers. The Ski Safari is one of these premium packages for guests.

Ski Safari has visits to three premium Swiss ski resorts via private helicopter with lift tickets included for all three resorts.

Glacier Adventures add a picnic to a hike in the natural surroundings, and Husky sleigh rides are wonderful for the kids. And at night when the adventuring spirit dwindles, Alpina Gstaad has a cigar lounge, bar, and the wonderful Sixth Sense Spa.

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Private Jet Charter Services From New York

If you want to travel out of New York, there are plenty of diverse ways in which to do so.

You can take a regional train or bus, hire limousine service, or drive yourself but these can be impractical, uncomfortable, and inefficient options.

Although there are indeed many ways to travel out of New York, there’s one option that’s particularly efficient and easy.

You can also take a commercial flight out of the many available airports in the region such as John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport.

The Big Apple is one of the biggest and most well-known cities on the entire planet. That’s why it’s home to some of the most packed, crowded and congested airports in the world.

Traveling through these airports can often be very overwhelming and chaotic for passengers. These airports involve waiting in lengthy lines and dealing with massive crowds of often aimless people.

These situations can often lead to major headaches in travelers. There is another option to traveling from New York on a private jet charter.

If you like the speed and convenience of flying but dislike the stress and anxiety of taking commercial flights from these airports, renting a private jet can be a far superior choice for you.

Benefits of Flying Charter

The strong points of private jet charters go beyond simply being able to avoid the frustration of packed airports. If you’re someone who has a strong admiration of luxury and the finer things in life, you’ll likely find taking a private jet to be an exhilarating and very tranquil experience. Private jet charter services are renowned for a variety of benefits including:

  • High-quality in-flight entertainment
  • Privacy that is unattainable on a commercial flight
  • Space to fully extend your legs or lie down and take a nap
  • Comfortable seating
  • Large table space
  • In-flight dining and bar service

Private jet charter services can be a wonderful alternative to commercial airlines. The next time you are planning to travel from New York, consider experiencing the benefits of a private jet.

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Fall Travel Trends to Consider for Your Vacation

As summer comes to an end and the leaves begin to change colors, it may be time to begin planning your fall vacation. Trends this autumn include traveling to warmer resort destinations, and AAA expects that 3 in 4 people will be traveling at some time this fall season. Flexibility may be key if you are considering popular travel locations, but finding somewhere to spend time during the beautiful autumn season will be well worth your efforts.

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New Business Jet Sold by Boeing

Boeing recently sold the first BBJ Max 8, the business jet version of the popular 737 airliner. The new BBJ Max 8 will be able to travel further on less fuel, all while emitting fewer pollutants into the environment, than previous versions of the business jet.

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Why and How To Join the Private Jet Charter Trend

According to Eurocontrol, a national private jet travel association, and the Federal Aviation Administration, private jet travel is increasingly popular. Considering how the pros outweigh the cons, it’s not surprising. If you value time and convenience when traveling, consider the following benefits to private jet charters:
• You will not have to arrive hours early to wait in ticket lines or security lines before your flight.
• You have the ability to create your own itinerary, including multiple legs if needed, without unwanted stopovers.
• Many private planes fly out of smaller airports that could be close to home, minimizing wasted time on the road and circling parking lots.
• Booking a private flight online or even on your phone is easier than ever before. Technology makes it less time-consuming to not only book your flight but customize it as well.

If you suppose you would like to sample this luxury world of private jet travel, explore online for charters in your area. Compare rates and other key information. Initiate contact with either an operator or a broker. The price difference between the two is usually negligible to non-existent. Booking a flight through the operator involves a more hands-on approach. A broker, however, handles all the details for you, making it the more practical choice for the inexperienced. The cost of private charters keeps them out of reach for most people, but with a little luck, and if you play your cards right, the pricing can compete with first class commercial flights. A broker can assist you with finding the best deal.

Before settling on a company, ask about the aircraft they employ and the experience of their pilots. Be sure the operator is legally certified. Then select the service that appeals to you. Subsequently, provide all the pertinent information for your flight needs, such as your destination, number of passengers and preferred time of arrival. All of this information has an impact on the fare. Once you have established all of this, you will receive a quote. Soon after that you will find yourself happily on your way to your destination in luxury.

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Travel from Los Angeles with a Private Jet Charter Service

When you want to reach a destination safely and quickly, then a private jet charter service is a wonderful option. You can find a high-quality private jet charter in the Los Angeles area that believes in offering top-of-the-line transportation. You can hire a private jet service for one person, a couple or a large group rather than buying individual seats in a commercial airplane. A jet charter is a great idea when you want privacy or need a last minute flight to an activity. In addition, rather than simply traveling from one place to another, you can have an experience with spa services such as massages.

A Private Jet Charter Service offers High-Quality Transportation

A professional Los Angeles jet charter service has well-maintained aircraft available that meet the five tests required by clients. Each airplane must have the highest marks on these tests:

• Sight – a visual inspection for cleanliness and safety
• Feeling – does the aircraft have a good ambience?
• Taste – is the private jet service providing tasteful service?
• Sound – is the aircraft making the correct sounds during operation?
• Smell – are there pleasant fragrances inside the aircraft?

When you hire a private jet charter service in Los Angeles, the aircraft, pilots and staff are prescreened to ensure the safety of passengers. On a privately rented airplane, you are going to receive personalized service designed for comfort rather than sitting in a cramped seat that has dirty and smelly upholstery.

It is Easy to Schedule a Flight

During the holiday season, many individuals are traveling outside of the Los Angeles area, making it difficult to find a flight, but there is a good chance that a private jet service has an aircraft available at anytime. No matter whether you are a celebrity, everyday person or CEO, a jet charter service offers a private trip to anyplace you choose. To schedule a trip on a jet manufactured by Citation, Lear or Hawker, you can call a representative with a toll-free telephone number or use an online form at the business’s website.

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Three Reasons Private Jets Are the Safest Option

Many people suffer from anxiety when they are preparing to fly. It is reasonable to wonder about the safety of the aircraft you are about to board. Since private jets are often patronized by clients like CEOs and celebrities, the rare accidents that occur tend to be notable news items. This may give the false impression that private jets are less safe than commercial flights, when in fact, the opposite is true.

1. Private Jets Offer Uncompromised Security

Equipment malfunction and pilot error are some common fears passengers have, but security is perhaps the most important aspect of flight safety. Traveling on a commercial flight means you will be joined by dozens of other passengers, and your safety is as much in their hands as it is the pilot’s. The security of a private jet is unrivaled because it is completely uncompromised. You are far safer on a private aircraft since you and your party are the only passengers.

2. Private Charter Jets Rely on Reputation

Commercial airlines benefit from a team of legal and public relations professionals who work full-time to protect their corporation’s reputation for safety. Private jet companies are generally much smaller and lack the staff needed to promote a certain image. The reputation of a private jet company, then, relies entirely on its track record. Charter providers must keep passengers safe at all times because their reputation and existence truly depends on it.

3. Jet Charters and Commercial Flights Have Comparable Safety

Jets are safer than commercial flights because of superior security and a greater emphasis on reputation, but what do statistics say about the safety of private jets? Information varies from year to year, but recent calculations indicate that for every 1 million hours in the air, commercial jets reported 4.7 accidents, including ones involving helicopters. Commercial airlines have very close figures with 1.5 accidents for 1 million hours. Discounting accidents in helicopters, private jets have a nearly identical safety record to their commercial counterparts.

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