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The Top Safest Places to Travel, and the Value of Renting a Private Jet

Safest Places to Travel, and the Value of Renting a Private Jet - EA

Safest Places to Travel

The world around us can feel a little crazy at times – and it can leave you wondering whether or not it is safe to travel. 

While there are places you probably wouldn’t want to visit today, there are many others that offer you a wonderful travel experience. So, to help you choose the best destination when you get the urge to go, here are the top safest places to travel.

1. Cody, WY

Have you ever wanted to get a taste of the Wild Wild West? Here, you can. 

Cody is located in northwest WY and was founded by the legendary Buffalo Bill. This small town has a rodeo, museums, horseback riding, live shows, the Buffalo Bill Dam, and so much more. 

Cody is a short drive from Yellowstone National Park, too, which makes for a wonderful day trip, too. 

2. Denver, CO

Denver, CO is a city that has something for everyone. From exploring the Rocky Mountain National Park, Red Rocks, and local museums and zoos to going white water rafting, sipping your way through craft breweries, shopping, and dining downtown. There is so much to do in Denver. 

Be sure to plan out your trip here so that you get to see and do everything you want during your visit. 

3. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Getting outdoors in Hamilton is always an adventure with hiking trails and treetop trekking. Though it is known for its amazing waterfalls and nature, there is so much more to see here. Lots of restaurants with incredible dining experiences as well as museums, shopping, and the like, too. And did we mention the happening art scene? You won’t want to miss it.  

4. Nantucket, MA

An island off the coast of Cape Cod, MA, Nantucket is a quiet escape from busy life. It is isolated from the mainland and it has beaches, sand dunes, and cobblestone streets. 

But don’t be fooled, there is plenty to do on a visit to Nantucket. There are many restaurants, boutique shops, museums, and more. You can go for a stroll, spend time at the beach, check out the local brewery, go fishing, or rent a bike and explore. 

Life here is simple and sweet. 

5. Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT is surrounded by some breathtaking scenery. Most people know it for its powdery ski slopes during the winter months, but any time is a great time to visit as there is always something to do here. 

The art scene is fun, as are the bar scene and nightlife. This walkable city is a great place to take in the cultural and historic sites. And, don’t forget your swimwear so you can take a dip in the natural hot springs. 

So many different things to do in a safe, enjoyable environment. 

6. Savannah, GA

Want a little taste of the South? Walking around Savannah is like taking a step back in time. It has a small-town charm, yet it is a big city with lots to do. Southern cooking, manicured parks, horse-drawn carriages, cobblestone streets, ghost tours, and beautiful architecture. 

A visit to Savannah is like transporting yourself to a different time. 

7. Scottsdale, AZ

Finally, we cannot talk about the top safest places to travel without discussing Scottsdale, AZ. Located outside of Phoenix, this city is full of both indoor and outdoor fun. You can ride through the desert on ATVs, go on a hike, or try rafting. Or, you can hit up the high-end shops at Scottsdale Fashion Square, indulge in some of the finest cuisine, and enjoy live music and drinks after the sun goes down. 

Why Rent a Private Jet?

If you are interested in traveling to the top safest places, then you are likely concerned about staying safe. Did you know that private jets offer a safe form of transportation from one location to another? And not only can you feel confident in the level of safety, but they are luxurious and comfortable, too. 

Before you book your next trip to one of the aforementioned safest travel destinations, let’s take a look at the value of renting a private jet. 

  • High safety standards. While not all charter companies are created equal, you will want to find one that takes safety seriously. Being acknowledged by WYVERN means that the charter company is a leader in the industry when it comes to private jet charter safety. WYVERN is a 3rd party aviation safety auditor which requires charter companies to meet some very high standards. Flying with one of these companies ensures you are in good hands.
  • Flexibility. You can travel when you feel comfortable traveling. You choose the destination and the time. If you don’t want to show up at a destination after dark, then request your flight in the morning. It’s that easy. 
  • Privacy. Private flights are, well, private. You will not be surrounded by strangers or have any unwanted ears listening to your conversations. You can spend your time traveling doing whatever you want without worry. You are the passenger. 
  • Comfort. The seating and accommodations onboard your private jet charter are going to be comfortable and relaxing. Regardless of which jet you choose, you are sure to find yourself engulfed in comfort. Sleep, read, check your email, watch a movie – or eat some delicious food. The choice is yours. 
  • Access to more airports. If you are someone who likes to avoid busy airports, you will be happy to know that private jets have access to all sorts of smaller, private airports throughout the country – and the world. This keeps you safer and it is more convenient, too. 

Final Thought

There is much value in a private jet – from the moment you step into the cabin until the moment you land back home after your trip. When you choose a reputable charter company, such as The Early Air Way, you are giving yourself the best opportunity. High safety ratings, world-class flight crews, and access to safe destinations all over the world — this is what travel should be.


Paradise Found: Planning Your Dream Bahamas Vacation

Are you dreaming of turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and tropical bliss? Look no further than the stunning islands of the Bahamas. With its picture-perfect landscapes, vibrant culture, and endless adventure, the Bahamas is truly a paradise found.

In this article, we’ll take you through the steps of planning your dream Bahamas vacation and inspire you to embark on this unforgettable journey.

Unveiling the Jewel of the Caribbean

The Bahamas is a gem nestled in the Caribbean Sea, known for its breathtaking beauty and warm hospitality. From the moment you set foot on these islands, you’ll be captivated by the pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and the vibrant marine life that calls the Bahamas home. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, this tropical paradise has something for everyone.

Experiencing the Wonders of the Bahamas

Imagine snorkeling alongside colorful coral reefs, swimming with gentle dolphins, or exploring hidden coves on a sailboat. In the Bahamas, these experiences are just the tip of the iceberg. From world-class diving sites like the Andros Barrier Reef to the famous swimming pigs of Exuma, the possibilities for adventure are endless. Uncover the rich history of Nassau, the capital city, or unwind on the secluded shores of the Out Islands. The Bahamas is a place where dreams come true.

Indulging in Luxury and Relaxation

In the Bahamas, luxury and relaxation go hand in hand. Picture yourself lounging by a pool with a refreshing cocktail in hand, or pampering yourself with a rejuvenating spa treatment overlooking the ocean. The Bahamas boasts a range of luxurious resorts, where you can unwind in style and let the worries of the world melt away. From world-renowned properties like Atlantis Paradise Island to boutique beachfront hideaways, you’ll find the perfect oasis to fulfill your desires.

Planning Your Dream Bahamas Vacation

Now that you’re eager to embark on your Bahamas adventure, it’s time to start planning. Consider these essential steps to ensure your dream vacation becomes a reality:

Choose Your Island

The Bahamas comprises 700 islands and cays, each with its own unique charm. Decide whether you want to explore the bustling streets of Nassau, soak up the tranquility of the Out Islands, or indulge in the luxury of Paradise Island.

Determine Your Activities

Think about what you want to experience during your stay. Whether it’s snorkeling, fishing, or simply lounging on the beach, create an itinerary that caters to your interests.

Find Accommodation

Research and book your ideal accommodations. From all-inclusive resorts to private villas, the Bahamas offers a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget.

Arrange Transportation

For the ultimate luxury and convenience, consider renting a private jet to whisk you away to the Bahamas in style. With a private jet, you can enjoy a seamless travel experience, avoiding crowded airports and long security lines. Imagine stepping on board a luxurious aircraft, tailored to your needs, and experiencing personalized service from start to finish. Renting a private jet allows you to maximize your time in paradise, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and ready to indulge in all the wonders the Bahamas has to offer.

Pack Appropriately

Remember to pack essentials such as sunscreen, swimwear, and comfortable footwear. Don’t forget your camera to capture the breathtaking moments you’ll experience.

Explore Local Cuisine

Indulge in the flavors of the Bahamas by trying local delicacies like conch fritters, fresh seafood, and delicious tropical fruits. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culinary scene and savor the authentic tastes of the islands.

Embrace the Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich Bahamian culture by attending local festivals, exploring historical sites, and engaging with the friendly locals. Experience the Junkanoo parades, visit the historic forts, and learn about the fascinating traditions that make the Bahamas unique.

As you take these steps, you’ll be one step closer to turning your dream Bahamas vacation into a reality. The beauty, adventure, and relaxation that await you on these enchanting islands are truly unparalleled.


As you embark on planning your dream Bahamas vacation, remember that every aspect of your journey should be tailored to perfection. For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury and convenience, consider contacting The Early Air Way, a reputable private jet charter company. By choosing to rent a private jet, you can elevate your travel experience and arrive in the Bahamas with unrivaled style and comfort. With their expertise and commitment to exceptional service, The Early Air Way can help you create a seamless and unforgettable journey to this Caribbean gem.


5 Best Solo Travel Destinations For 2023

It feels good to do things on your own sometimes – even if you are unsure of it at first. So, why not take it further and head out on a solo trip? There are so many fun solo travel destinations to explore and adventures to be had. And there is nothing that says someone else has to come with you.

So, when you are ready, we have the five best solo travel destinations for the new year. Add them to your bucket list, or make it a new year’s resolution. Just remember, when you arrive at the end of 2023, you want to look back and say, “I finally did it!.” 

The Benefits of Solo Travel Destinations

Don’t get caught up in the negatives of solo travel. It is easy to convince yourself that going alone can be dangerous or scary. Everything unknown can be scary – until you do it. 

There are many reasons why solo travelers choose to do what they do. The benefits of doing so are enough to change your life. Let’s take a look at a few. 

  • You can be selfish
  • You Get to know yourself better
  • Rest your mind and body
  • Have a more enjoyable time

Besides, you should enjoy your own company more than anyone else’s. Why? Because you aren’t going anywhere, get comfortable with yourself – and challenge yourself. Give solo travel a chance in 2023.

5 Best Solo Travel Destinations

This year, why not take advantage of all those benefits – and then some – by treating yourself to a solo trip? You can choose one of these fantastic travel destinations or another that you’ve always wanted to visit. 

1. Okavango Delta, Botswana

Are you interested in seeing wildlife you’d never see anywhere in the wild here in the U.S.? In Botswana, you can experience a lifetime heading out on safari. Breathtaking views, up-close wildlife encounters, and peaceful surroundings are things you don’t get to take in every day. 

Surround yourself with elephants, zebras, lions, hippos, and giraffes who live in Okavango Delta. Are you a birdwatcher? If so, this could be the highlight of your visit. 

Gather your memories and make lifelong friends on an African safari. 

2. Western Australia

Are you not looking for a group-type adventure but rather the time to do as you wish? There are so many areas that welcome your visit, as well as landscapes that will beckon you. Don’t miss Wave Rock Caravan Park or the Pinnacles Desert. Rent a car while here or take advantage of the most iconic train – the Ghan – and get out and explore. 

Many new solo travelers find comfort because Australians speak English, so there is no language barrier to overcome in a new place. 

3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a slow-paced life. It is easy to find your way here – and slow down, too—a coastline you won’t want to leave, thanks to the beautiful beaches and waters. You don’t have to get in the water to enjoy everything it offers. Just allow yourself to get lost in the serenity. 

When you aren’t relaxing by the water, you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, ziplining through the jungle, kayaking, and much more. 

4. New York, NY

Imagine having the entire city of N.Y. at your fingertips to explore. You don’t have to worry about what others want to do, see, eat, etc. And with a city with a lot to do, this can be a relief. 

This solo trip is all about you. You don’t have to argue over which show to see on Broadway or whether or not a jog through the infamous Central Park can fit into the schedule. It just does because you say so. This is your trip. 

5. Singapore

If you have ever wanted to immerse yourself in a culture – the best way to do it is alone. And Singapore is a hot spot for it. 

Between the rainforest, Hindu temples, skyscrapers, vintage boutiques, and all amid culturally diverse cuisine can be thrilling. And guess what? You’re in charge, so you won’t! There is so you will want to attend here.

Picking a Solo Travel Destination

Life is short. And most of the things you think are stopping you from traveling will still be there when you get back. In other words, please don’t put it off. Book your private jet charter, secure hotel accommodations, and start packing. Your solo adventure awaits! 


Top 6 New Year Winter Vacation Destinations

Snow may be beautiful when it falls. But once you have seen it a few times during the season – it has overstayed its welcome. Since nobody can kick winter to the curb, why not just leave it behind? Start planning by finding the best winter vacation destinations and book the trip as soon as possible. Think warm sun, blue skies, and breathtaking landscapes. Sound like a dream? It doesn’t have to be – but you need to start planning to make it your reality. 

Best Winter Vacation Destinations

Here are the six best winter vacation destinations to consider. 

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a fantastic place to visit, with so much in store for you upon arrival. Because the weather will be warm and sunny with very little chance of rain, it allows you to enjoy all that the area has to offer. 

First of all, the country is booming with wildlife. And during the winter, you can see sea turtles (even just-hatched baby sea turtles), humpback whales, brightly-colored bird species, monkeys, and sloths. 

When you get tired of lounging on the beach, you can enjoy surfing, snorkeling, zip lining, waterfalls and nature hikes, mountain biking, and so much more. Of course, you can’t forget shopping and dining with the locals, too.

2. St Lucia

St Lucia during the winter months means days that are a warm 80 degrees – with a low amount of precipitation. It could be a little warmer. Plus, there is always a warm ocean breeze that fills your senses with the tropical paradise that it is. 

Although winter is a busy time for the island, it doesn’t take away from the value you will get on your trip. Enjoy your time on the beach, fishing, mountain biking through the jungle, surrounding yourself in the botanical gardens, and so on. It gives you the perfect combination of weather and surroundings to be your best winter vacation. 

3. Honolulu: Winter Vacation Destinations

Winter in Honolulu? Absolutely. After all, the weather is perfect, with lows in the 60s and highs in the 80s. Here you can do everything from snowboarding to whale watching and everything in between. 

Swim, snorkel, or enjoy the surroundings. You can sit on the sand and watch the waves crash on the shore. Or, hop in. The water in the winter is a moderate 77 degrees, on average. Remember that the waves tend to be significant during the early months of the year, making it an excellent time for surfing competitions.

You will find a lot of dining and shopping in Honolulu, as well as visiting museums and monuments. However, if you find yourself here in January, you will get to partake in all the Chinese New Year celebrations throughout the island. 

4. Galapagos Islands

Is a visit to the Galapagos Islands on your bucket list? Remember, it is summer here when it is winter in the U.S.That makes it the perfect time to visit. It could make a great winter vacation destination. 

You will have bright sunny days filled with warmth that will keep the wildlife active. After the holidays, the crowds will die down, giving you an incredible experience. 

While here, you can enjoy prime snorkeling, bird watching, sea turtles, iguanas, and more. 

You can go hiking, check out active volcanoes, spend time in wildlife reserves, and take in all the surroundings. 

There is something for everyone in the Galapagos – you won’t want to miss it. 

5. Tulum

Tulum is one of the places in Mexico with a lot to offer, but it hasn’t yet become a household name like Cancun. But wait. It’s coming. Brightly-colored beaches and warm, dry weather make it an ideal time to visit. You can spend your days relaxing by the ocean or at the pool. Or, you can enjoy one of the many cenotes where you can swim and snorkel. These are considered to have natural healing properties. 

If you are feeling adventurous, ride a zipline or an ATV through the jungle or explore the Mayan ruins. 

6. Key West

If you want to stay in the U.S. but still leave winter behind, then the Florida Keys may be a great option. Nearly surrounded by water, you will feel like you are on a tropical island without ever leaving the country. Life here is slower-paced. Kick back alongside the water, go fishing and snorkeling, dine on delicious seafood, and watch the most majestic sunsets. Once you visit the southernmost tip of the U.S., you may not want to return home. 

Fly Private To Your Winter Vacation Destinations

As you consider the best winter vacation destination for you and your family, don’t book your ticket before considering chartering a private jet. After all, if you have ever taken a winter vacation, you know how wishy-washy commercial airlines can be. It doesn’t take much to start the snowball effect of delayed and canceled flights that easily strand passengers in airports across the globe. 

With a private jet charter, you can have the chance to avoid all the hustle and bustle that comes with winter travel and instead treat yourself to a beautiful, luxurious in-flight experience. Why fly a private jet?

  • Comfortable seating – and maybe even sleeping areas
  • Avoid long security lines and long waits
  • Flexible scheduling – with no pre-set flight times/patterns
  • Ability to fly when commercial airliners may be grounded
  • Private surroundings to
  • Safe and secure travel 
  • Save time – with no need to arrive so early and no layovers
  • Avoid unwanted germs
  • Get closer to your destination using private airports
  • Enjoy personalized treatment onboard

As more and more people have discovered the benefits of flying via a private jet charter in recent years, they realize it is tough to go back to commercial travel. Once you choose your destination and get ready to book your flight, don’t waste your time on a commercial flight. Instead, charter a private jet and make your whole vacation – from beginning to end – an unforgettable experience. 

Where will your travels take you this winter? 


The Top Luxury Travel Destinations in the U.S.

If you don’t treat yourself to nice things, who will? If this is how you feel, you need to book your private jet now and head off to an incredible luxury travel destination in the U.S. Whether you are interested in spending time on the beach, skiing the most fantastic slopes, spending time in a big city, or enjoying the quiet of a small town. There are so many places to travel to without leaving the country. We’ve got a list for you of the top luxury travel destinations in the United States. 

Best Luxury Travel Destinations

What is luxury travel? What sets it apart from other types of travel? Luxury travel does not just mean staying at a fancy resort. Instead, it encompasses the entire experience – getting there, where you stay, what you do, what you eat, and so forth. 

The overall quality of your travels is enhanced when you invest in luxury travel. In years past, many people would consider a resort destination with a high thread count and over-the-top personalized treatment as luxury travel. However, times have changed. There is something to be said about the comforts involved in this type of travel, but many seek more authentic experiences rather than turndown service in their hotel room. 

There are a few traits that define luxury travel, including: 

  • Exclusive and personalized travel experiences
  • Personal enrichment and indulgences in local culture
  • Ability to customize and create unique travel experiences
  • Overall wellness and sustainable practices

Now, about those top luxury travel destinations in the U.S.

Maui, HI

Imagine a tropical location where you could slip away and blanket yourself in warm sunshine and a breeze filled with salty air. There are so many luxurious experiences you can have while here that will leave you with lifelong memories. Get yourself to Maui

Spending a day at the beach yields nothing but good vibes. Soaking up the sun, snorkeling, taking surf lessons, whale watching, playing golf, and more. Rumor has it that watching the sunrise from 6,500 ft in the air is an unmatched luxury. If you are up for it, head to the top of the Haleakala volcano.  

Of course, you can’t miss the luxurious hotels and resorts found along the shores of Maui, as well as delicious cuisine, shopping, spa treatments, outdoor yoga, and more. 

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

When you think of luxury, the Grand Canyon may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But sometimes, stepping back can bring you an experience you never imagined. At the Grand Canyon, sightseeing along Route 66 allows you to encounter all types of neat things – especially the eclectic roadside shops and cafes. 

Consider staying at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, where you can surround yourself with history and luxury all wrapped into one. And, of course, this wouldn’t be the destination you are looking for if it didn’t come with some incredible experiences, too, right?

While in and around the Grand Canyon National Park, you can enjoy a wild west shootout, go horseback riding, hike the trails – on foot or the back of a mule, go river rafting, do helicopter tours, and so much more.  

Atlanta, GA

Is the southern city of Atlanta, GA, a luxury travel destination? Absolutely. It is growing more stylish, and learning how to flaunt it. You will surely enjoy this getaway with ultra-luxe shopping locations, fresh and indulgent cuisine, and many luxurious resorts. 

Atlanta has more museums opening, is close to North Georgia wine country, has lots of history, unique tours, and just the right balance of city vs. nature. 

Georgia may be home to the best down-home cooking and southern hospitality, but it also comes with a side of luxury. 

San Diego, CA: Luxury Travel Destination

San Diego, CA, is full of luxurious resorts, high-class shopping, and world-class dining. You can stay in incredible resorts and take advantage of unique spa treatments. But, again, the experiences win out. The experiences you can have while in San Diego far outweigh other locations in what is now defined as a luxury destination. 

While in San Diego, CA, you can enjoy the sights around you while having brunch on a sightseeing cruise, spend the day on a yacht, take a hot air balloon ride, tour local wineries, and so much more. 

Indulge in luxuries and all sorts of when you consider southern California your destination. 

Orlando, FL 

Are you looking for a family-friendly luxury destination? Believe it or not, they exist. This area boasts many kid-friendly hotels and resorts with many amenities to keep everyone entertained. 

Don’t forget that family plus Orlando means proximity to theme parks galore. Walt Disney World’s parks include Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, water parks, and other tourist attractions. 

The great thing about Florida is that it isn’t far from one side to the other. Even though Orlando is in the middle of the state, your family can still enjoy a day at the beach. 

If experience and memories are what you are after and an incredible place to stay, this may be an excellent option for your family.  

Fly Private to Luxury Travel Destinations

Now, you could hop in your car and drive to nearly all these destinations – but why would you want to? You could also take a commercial flight. But, again, why would you want to? If you are looking for a top luxury travel destination in the U.S. to visit, then you want to enjoy the most comfortable and luxurious way to get there, too – and that is on a private jet charter

Enjoy privacy, amenities, flexibility, and a great in-flight experience while still getting to your destination in the shortest amount of time. It’s essential to decide where you’d like to travel, book your private jet charter, and pack your bags. 

Safe travels!


The 8 Best Fall Destinations Around the World

Fall is a great time to get away from the daily grind and make new memories. All the summer travelers are back home, meaning you have fewer crowds and better experiences wherever you go. You must choose your destination before booking your private jet charter. So, to help you, we’ve compiled a list of the eight best fall destinations in America and worldwide.

8 Must-Visit Fall Destinations

1. Lancaster, Pennsylvania

There is a good chance that you have never had Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on your bucket list. But hear us out. This is also known as Pennsylvania Dutch Country. And visiting the area during harvest season means you are in for a real treat. The Amish families here have:

  • Apple orchards
  • Corn mazes
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Working farms
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Delicious homemade food

They offer fresh produce and incredible baked goods. Plus, it is just a short drive from Adamstown – which has over 3,000 antique dealers. And, who knows? Maybe your visit to Lancaster can remind you to slow down a bit.

2. Kyoto, Japan

The scenery in Kyoto looks like it belongs in a painting. It is beautiful – especially in the fall. Take the time to visit must-see spots without a large group of tourists. The temperatures here are moderate, just before the cold begins around mid-to-late December. Don’t miss the Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, Hokan-Ji Temple, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, and Hozugawa River. There are so many unique places for you to enjoy on your trip.

3. Apple Pie Trail, Ontario, Canada

Rumor is that apples push pumpkins out the door regarding fall’s favorite flavor. If that’s so, you will want to check out Apple Pie Trail in Ontario because nothing beats the taste of a freshly picked apple from a local orchard. This trail, located along the South Georgian Bay area, makes its way through a few different cities.

And each has something unique to offer. Restaurants, shops, wineries, and more – all with the apple as their focus – have something special and delicious to provide guests. Just don’t forget to try apple iced wine while you are here.

4. Aspen, Colorado

Fall is one of the most spectacular times to visit Aspen. Sunny days light up the brightly-colored trees and nothing but blue skies above. The temperatures are more relaxed at night and more moderate during the day.

A trip to the top of the mountain can give you unforgettable fall views. Aspen isn’t all about skiing. You will surely find so much to do here, like a stroll through downtown Aspen, taking a gondola ride, going for a hike, driving along Independence Pass, and more.

5. Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

Cabot Trail is a scenic highway found along the coast of Cape Breton Island. The fall colors are majestic. While traveling on the trail, you will go through places like Margaree River Valley, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, and Bras d’Or Lake. Enjoy fishing, whale watching, museums, artisan shops, and, believe it or not, Alexander Graham Bell’s National Historic Site.

6. Bavaria, Germany

Fall is the perfect time to visit Bavaria. The fall foliage colors are stunning – so it is no wonder that Germany uses it to host many fall fairs and festivals, including Oktoberfest. You read that right – choose this as your destination, and you may get to experience the real, authentic Oktoberfest.

Indulge some German beer, eat some schnitzel, and dance the night away. Spend your days outdoors in the perfect weather. You will find hiking trails, mountain biking, and more. You will enjoy all the sights and surroundings of this beautiful city this time of year.

7. Fontainebleau, France

Paris may be the go-to destination for many when it comes to a trip to France. However, when looking for a fall getaway, you can’t ask for anything more than Fontainebleau, France. This destination city is incredible with its intense amount of fall foliage and sandstone boulders. Let yourself wander through them and take in all the beauty. But don’t forget that you are in France. You have to enjoy some freshly baked croissants, chocolate croissants, baguettes, and even a bottle of wine.

8. Sleepy Hollow, New York

Did you know Sleepy Hollow, NY, was the setting for Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? For those who know the story, a visit here in the fall can bring it to life. While the town is quaint and beautiful, the activities are the more prominent attraction. For example, you can take a walk through the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, lit only by a lantern.

You can see where Irving is buried and the crypt of Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows. Have some Halloween fun on the Sleepy Hollow Haunted Hayride or walk through a transformed historic home called the Headless Horseman’s Sleepy Hollow. You will come and see – and leave forever changed.

Travel via Private Jet to Your Fall Destinations

Whether you choose one of these eight destinations or opt for something else, you will find that fall is the season you won’t want to miss. And getting there via a chartered jet makes it that much more enjoyable. Private charters have perks to enhance your fall getaway in ways you never imagined.

  • Flexibility in choosing your flight time.
  • Private, luxurious accommodations.
  • Save time and headaches by avoiding commercial air travel.
  • Non-stop flights.
  • An elevated in-flight experience.

Thanks to a private jet charter, you can travel to your destination and arrive feeling fabulous and ready to explore. Your trip home will be just as enjoyable. And you won’t find yourself needing a vacation from your vacation. Bavaria, Aspen, Sleepy Hollow, Fontainebleau, Apple Pie Trail, and more – where will you go?


Fly Private to Your Next Destination Vacation

Everyone deserves to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy a nice destination vacation – including you. It is easy to tell yourself that next year will be your year to go on a grand holiday. It is easy to get stuck in a rut, telling yourself that you are too busy to go on a vacation or that the world would fall apart if you don’t show up at the office for a few days. Booking a private jet charter for your destination vacation is just as easy.

And right now is the perfect time to start planning your next vacation spot. Sure, you could book a commercial flight, but why would you want to? Starting and ending a relaxing getaway with all the unpleasantries of flying commercial airlines can wipe away your trip’s enjoyment. With a private jet charter, you can start your vacation from the moment you board the jet. Keep reading to find out more about what happens when you choose to fly a private jet charter to your next destination vacation.

Worldwide Destination Vacation Spots

When you take a destination vacation, you do not want to limit yourself on where you can go. The world is filled with incredible places just waiting to explore – as long as you can get there. Believe it or not, deciding to fly a private jet charter means you can access more destinations worldwide than others. That’s because there are many places where arriving by a commercial airliner isn’t an option.

For instance, sites like Telluride, ColoradoNimmo Bay, CanadaTiwi Islands, Australia, and more are only accessible via a private jet. What’s more, you have access to more airports. You can utilize minor executive or private airports and get closer to your destination. Plus, you get the indirect perk of not having to deal with a crowded commercial airport.

Direct Flights

One of the biggest complaints in commercial air travel is layovers. Depending on the preset flight availability, being stuck in a random city’s airport for hours is not uncommon. And if your initial flight is delayed for whatever reason, it could cause you to miss your connecting flight.

With a private jet charter, direct flights are all you get. Unless it is necessary to stop to refuel, your private jet will contact you to and from your destination without stopping. This makes it much more convenient when heading out on a destination vacation. You can feel confident that you will get there when you intend to get there without any extra wasted time.

Time Flexibility

This is a big one regarding private jet travel: time flexibility. When was the last time you booked a commercial flight? Could you imagine calling the airline and asking if they could change their 11:00 am flight to 9:00 am because it would be more convenient for you? You are sure to get scoffed at for such a request. Commercial airlines have preset flight patterns for their benefit – not yours.

When choosing to fly a private jet charter to your next destination vacation, you have control of when you’d like to travel. You can choose when you want to fly out to and from your getaway spot. For instance, arriving at your destination early and leaving there late can make you feel like you are getting more out of your vacation.


Besides being flexible, the time savings you will receive are also great. You won’t be required to arrive two or three hours ahead of your scheduled flight. You won’t have to stand at long TSA security checkpoints. You won’t be stuck sitting at your gate in the terminal waiting to board your flight.

Flying a private jet charter means arriving in time for your flight. You don’t have to worry about being late and missing the flight. You don’t have to worry about waiting in long lines or being stuck in a busy airport for hours. Private travel means more time spent enjoying your vacation and less worrying about the logistics of getting there. And that feels good.

Stress-Free Traveling

Speaking of feeling good, you travel stress-free without worrying when you travel via a private jet. You won’t be sitting elbow to elbow with a stranger exposing yourself to germs. The privacy of the chartered plane means you won’t have to talk if you don’t want to. And, if you do, you won’t have to worry about anyone listening.

If you get stuck in traffic on your way to your flight, you will not have to worry about the jet leaving without you, either. You can enjoy your flight doing whatever you want. Watch a movie, dine on delicious treats, get some work done if you have to, listen to music and blare out the lyrics, or take a nap in peace. The space is yours to use however you’d like – without stress.

Your Next Destination Vacation Awaits

We can’t talk about the perks of flying a private jet charter without touching on the fact that it is incredibly comfortable. From the moment you step on the jet, you will be surrounded by luxurious comfort. The seating is unlike anything you will get on a commercial plane, and it reclines back so you can sleep if you’d like.

You can get up and wander, stretch out on the couch, eat some ordered food, enjoy the snacks and other refreshments on board, and much more. The inflight amenities you will find on a private jet charter are unmatched in the industry. Don’t put off your destination vacation for one more second. Get out there and discover what the world has waiting for you. Don’t forget to make the most of your trip by booking your private jet charter.


Fall Break Destinations for Foliage Views, Fewer Crowds

Some may consider it silly to head out on a fall break vacation when you just had all summer to travel. But, the truth is – those same people probably haven’t experienced all the perks that come with traveling in the fall. Like, fewer crowds. We just discussed how most people get their vacationing in during the summer, so your destinations in the fall are sure to be much more enjoyable.

But that’s not the only reason to take a fall break vacation. For instance, the weather is beautiful during the fall – and so is the scenery. People like to get outdoors for festival fun and seasonal activities. And, overall, travel during this time is just much more relaxed. Where do you go if you decide to take advantage of all that fall travel has to offer? Below are the top fall break vacation ideas you won’t want to miss.

Must-Take Fall Break Destinations

Phoenix, Arizona

Fall is the perfect time to visit Phoenix if you are trying to avoid the scorching heat in the summertime. There are so many things to do in and around the city that involve being outdoors, so the weather during the fall can make the entire trip more pleasant. And it is a great place to bring the family, too. There are many places to hike – especially within the Desert Botanical Garden.

If hikes are your thing, then you won’t want to miss out on the infamous Camelback Mountain. Visit McDowell Mountain Regional Park for some hiking and horseback riding. And get cozy with the animals at the Wildlife World Zoo. For art buffs, don’t miss the Phoenix Art Museum. Of course, shopping, dining, and other fun are to be had here, too.

Big Sky, Montana

One thing about fall is that it can paint landscapes most majestically. Some are so beautiful that they can take your breath away. And where can you find one of the most beautiful fall destinations in the United States? You guessed it – in Big Sky, Montana. This is a resort town with a lot to do – and you will want to explore everything.

You can explore the surrounding wilderness, go hiking, try horseback riding, and even try camping. While there, though, you won’t want to miss Ousel Falls, Beehive Basin Trail, mountain biking, zipline tours, and more. You won’t be spending much time indoors while here. This is a great fall break vacation spot for solo travelers, couples, and families.

Big Sur, California

Are you looking for a romantic getaway that will top all other vacations? Then you should highly consider Big Sur. This place is serene and feels worlds away from California as you know it. During the fall season, it is even more beautiful. This time of year brings out the blue whales, orcas, and humpbacks.

The weather is still warm and incredible, just as it was during the summer. However, the difference is the fact that the crowds are much, much smaller. This enhances your experience. While here, allow yourselves to get lost in some of the most dreamy sunsets.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Much like Big Sky, Jackson Hole invites you into a world of wilderness that seems worlds apart from everywhere else. The outdoors calls you here. Explore the area with boat tours, river rapids, and fishing. Or, go mountain biking, horseback riding, or hiking.

Get up close and personal with elk, moose, and more on wildlife tours. And enjoy the dining and nightlife you will find here. The fall landscapes in Jackson Hole are just as incredible as the art museums and art galleries in the area. Your eyes will thank you for the view.

Asheville, North Carolina

The Blue Ridge mountains are gorgeous during the fall season – and Asheville is located in their western region. The foliage is jaw-dropping, making getting outdoors the thing to do. Hiking, biking, and scenic drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway provide some of the best views in the southeast.

However, this time of year comes with many extras here, such as the chance to see thousands of Monarch butterflies as they pass through on their way south. Apple picking is at its finest. And getting up close and personal with elk in the wild can make for an adventure all on its own.

Depending on when you are here, you may also enjoy some of the many Halloween events. Asheville is a great place to visit with something to do for everyone. When it is time to go inside, there are many shopping and dining options and areas to kick back and relax with a cold craft brew. Come alone or bring the fam.

Nashville, Tennessee

Another destination that is surrounded by beautiful fall foliage is Nashville. A hot spot for country music, it has been growing in popularity over the years with foodies. This destination is a great place just to relax. Sure, you can head out on a hike if you’d like. But it is perfectly ok to stroll through the city, listen to live music, and mingle with other travelers and locals. There are many things to do while here, including many outdoor fall events you won’t want to miss.

Jet-Setting to Your Fall Break Destination

Getting to and from your destination is just as crucial as your fall vacation break itself. And that means turning toward the best travel means available – a private jet charter. You have waited out summer to enjoy the best of the best, such as perfect destinations with fewer people, beautiful weather, and breathtaking scenery. So why would you settle for anything less than the best in traveling? Book your flight on a private jet charter and get access to benefits you will never see on commercial flights, such as:

  • Stress-free travel.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Private surroundings.
  • No contact during crowds.
  • Choose your travel schedule.
  • Greater and faster accessibility.
  • Straight-through flights without layovers.
  • Comfortable and luxurious accommodations.

Plus, you will arrive rested and ready to go, just getting to your destination or returning home. The time to book your fall break vacation is now. So, you only have to worry about where your travels will take you. You are choosing to fly private makes sense.


5 Romantic Getaways in California

There are lots of romantic getaways in California to explore. Learn about these top 5 now!

Life can get really busy. We spend so much of our days trying to meet the demands of the workplace, balance social engagements, and slip in a little health and self-care from time to time. Yet, we often push the needs of our relationship to the back burner.

Seeing your partner in passing between your obligations is not going to help you grow as one. Instead, quality time together is vital for the longevity of your relationship. And the best way to achieve this is with a romantic getaway in California.

Traits of Romantic Getaways in California

First of all, traveling with the kids or others is not going to constitute a romantic getaway. Consider this alone time. This is for you and your significant other to have an adventure for two. It can be anything you want it to be – as long as it is for you.

Before you even decide where in California you should go for your romantic getaway, it is important to ensure that it has a few key factors. Ready? Let’s go. Your getaway should be…

  • Planned with both of you in mind. In other words, unless you are both into fishing or art, find something else to do.
  • Relaxing and rejuvenating – with quiet time to talk and hear each other.
  • Enough time. Don’t skimp on the time. Even if you only have a weekend, be sure that you take the right flight to give you the maximum time at your destination.
  • You want both you and your partner to enjoy the getaway.

This is meant to be a positive experience and one that will help you grow closer together. So give it everything it needs to make it happen.

Why Flying Private Matters

Flying private comes with many perks that you wouldn’t get on a commercial airliner. For instance, you get to choose where and when you’d like to travel. If you prefer a private airport over a busy international airport, you can use it. If you prefer to go early in the morning and leave later in the evening to maximize your time, no problem.

What’s more, on a private jet you get to kick off your romantic getaway early. If planned, you could step onto your jet where, say, strawberries and champagne are waiting for you. The private space is perfect for having conversations just between the two of you.

And, let’s not forget that getting swept away by the awe that comes with a luxurious private jet experience can set the tone for the entire getaway.

5 Romantic Getaways in California

Now that you know the recipe for an incredible getaway, there is a good chance you are looking for places to visit. Where will you take the love of your life that will give you everything you are looking for during your romantic time away? We’ve got the top destinations in California.

1. Big Sur

Not only will Big Sur take your breath away, but it will allow you to feel that you have been carried away to another world. It has indescribable landscapes and a natural beauty that can’t be found in most places. Between the secluded beaches, the hiking trails among the redwoods, the coastal bluffs, and ridges – it is the perfect spot for those who love the outdoors. But don’t worry – it has its fair share of spectacular resorts, dining establishments, and spas that will make you thankful to leave civilization for a bit (without giving up luxury).

Perhaps what sets Big Sur apart is that it is so quiet and remote. Even cell service is spotty – which is helpful for those looking to unplug.

2. Napa Valley

It may sound cliche, but perhaps so many couples choose Napa Valley as their romantic getaway destination because it is just that good. Surrounded by scenic vineyards, there is a lot of wine-sipping, horseback riding, and celebrating to be done amongst these rolling hills.

Here you will find many resorts, as well as incredible dining experiences, spas, and places to take a stroll. The best time to go? August to October is harvest time and the best time to go.

3. Yosemite

For those couples who like getting outdoors, Yosemite is a great destination spot. And, no – you don’t have to be an avid hiker to take advantage of all it has to offer. There are easy, sort trails as well as those that are more challenging for those who are up for it.

Breathtaking viewpoints like Yosemite Falls, Glacier Point, and Tunnel View. Plus flowing water, wildlife, cliffs, and more. Not to mention you will get a dining experience that is unforgettable at Ahwahnee Dining Room – giving you the perfect romantic ambiance from chandeliers dangling from a ceiling that is 34 feet high.

4. Santa Catalina Island

Couples always find so many things to do when visiting this island of romance. Located in Southern California, you are just a short ferry (or helicopter) ride away from a good time on Santa Catalina Island. Incredible views of the ocean, moonlit strolls along the shortline, and the ability to enjoy a picnic surrounded by it all? It is sure to give you a wonderful opportunity to rekindle your love.

Don’t miss out on the spas, waterfront shops, the Casino, a theater, delicious dining, and whale watching while here.

5. Bodega Bay

Located along the Sonoma Coast, this place is the definition of romance. Its small-town feel and unmatched beauty can give you two an opportunity to get lost with each other. There are so many cliffs to explore and wales to catch a glimpse of. You can go check out all the small shops throughout the town, hop on a kayak for a guided tour, or discover a hidden beach or cove.

This is a perfect time to get lost in each other’s company.

Final Thought

Remember, the one that is always by your side deserves your time and undivided attention. This can be tough during day-to-day schedules. So book that private jet and head off to a destination in California that will give you nothing but time to find relaxation, rejuvenation, and romance.

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How to Create the Perfect Spring Hawaii Itinerary

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii this spring, it’s ideal to create a detailed Hawai itinerary to keep on track. Learn how below.

Many people dream of having a Hawaiian vacation, but very few ever follow through with it. For someone who has never been to these islands, knowing where to start to put together an unforgettable time can seem like a daunting task.

Good news – we’ve got everything you need to help you create the perfect spring Hawaii itinerary. Start planning now and you will be able to pack your bags and be fully prepared to enjoy everything the islands have to offer you.

Let’s get started.

Choose Your Island

The great part about visiting the Hawaiian Islands is that you don’t have to just visit one island. You can visit multiple islands in one trip, giving you an even greater experience. Though, if you prefer to just visit one, that’s perfectly fine, too. Take some time to learn about each of the islands so that you can decide which ones you will want to visit

We’ve got a very brief overview of four of the most popular Hawaiian hot spots. Here it goes. Hawaii, the Big Island is best for those looking for swimmable beaches, volcanoes, and lots of hiking adventures. Oahu is great for its dining and nightlife. Kauai is serene and quiet with breathtaking landscapes. And, Maui is for those looking for swimming, snorkeling, and lots of touristy fun.

Find the Best Time for Your Visit

The spring season is a wonderful time to visit the Hawaiian islands. There are warm temperatures and low chances of rain – which means you have great weather to enjoy all the sights and activities you will find here.

Check your calendar and find the right time for your vacation. Then, be sure to physically place it on the calendar. This will make it both official – and it will give you something concrete to look forward to.

Where Should You Stay?

Once you know where you are going – and when – you will need to decide where you are going to stay. There are many different resorts to choose from and they seem to be a popular choice of tourists due to amenities like pools, water sports, daily housekeeping, etc. But for those looking for a more private stay, a vacation rental may be a better choice. Decide where you are staying and make sure there is availability for your travel dates. You will want to book – and confirm – your stay.

The Importance of Planning Ahead

Whether it is flying to Hawaii or heading out to any other vacation destination, it is very important that you plan ahead. And, here’s why.

  • Get your prime choice of dates, destinations, and resort stays. Remember, this area is a popular vacation destination so by planning ahead, you won’t have to sacrifice any of your preferences.
  • Make the most of your vacation time. You only get so much vacation time every year so plan ahead so that you can get as much from it as possible.
  • Spend less by planning right. And, maximize your experience.
  • Simply know what to expect when you get there.

So, as you begin to plan your trip to Hawaii, take all of these points into consideration and get to work. Ok, now let’s move on.

Make a List of Important Activities

What is your trip about? Are you looking for an adventure? Looking to unwind? Find activities that are available and choose them based on what you hope to get out of your vacation. Gather all the details, assign an allotted time, and decide how it will fit into your itinerary. For those, you have to book in advance, make sure you do so.

Take time to talk to the locals. Who knows their islands better than the locals? Do your research to find any recommendations in your destination area. Then, as you go through your stay, ask locals for their recommendations for things like activities, dining, must-see or must-do spots, and so forth.

Book a Private Flight for an Enhanced Experience

As you focus on all the details for your Hawaiian vacation, don’t forget to think about the trip there. You will need to book a flight – and nobody wants to fly commercial to Hawaii – come on! Instead, choose a private jet for your flight to and from Hawaii. This makes it easier to access all the islands and it makes traveling much more enjoyable.

On a private jet, you have access to a lot of perks, such as luxurious accommodations and privacy to spend your time on board as you wish. You can enjoy flexibility with your scheduling, allowing you to make the most of the time you have on the islands as well as the ability to indulge in a catered meal, too.

Private jets are no longer just for the top elite of the world – more and more people are discovering just how affordable they are. And if you come across any empty leg flights, your private flight might be even more so. 

Things to Know About Visiting Hawaii

There are a few important things you should know before you get to the islands. Nothing that will make or break your trip, but things you should definitely know before you go.

  • Hawaii can be expensive so plan your vacation funds accordingly.
  • Be ready to face the time difference. Depending on where you are traveling from, the difference in time may be 2 to 3 hours from the west coast and five to six hours from that on the east coast.
  • You will need to invest in reef-safe sunscreen. Most regular sunscreens are illegal in Hawaii.
  • Don’t leave without experiencing a luau, but don’t do it on your first night there. They tend to last well into the night – and if you want the full experience, you need to be well-rested and have your body adjusted to the time change. Save it for the close of your trip.
  • Know that some beaches can be dangerous. So never just hop in any water as tempting as it may be.

Create Your Hawaii Itinerary

Well, there you have it – everything you need to know about visiting Hawaii. Plan your itinerary, book your private jet, and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime.


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