The Steps to Rent a Plane For Business or Pleasure

If you’re considering flying in a private jet for the first time, renting or chartering one may seem like a daunting task. However, with the right planning and preparation, it can be an easy and enjoyable experience. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to rent a plane for business or pleasure, and highlight the benefits of luxurious private flying on a jet.

Step 1: Determine Your Needs

The first step to rent a plane is to determine your needs. Ask yourself questions such as: How many people will be flying with me? What is my destination? What is my budget? What level of luxury do I require? Once you have a clear idea of your needs, you’ll be able to narrow down your search for the right private jet.

Step 2: Research Private Jet Companies

Now that you have a clear idea of your needs, it’s time to research private jet companies. Look for companies with a good reputation and positive reviews. You can also ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues who have rented a private jet before. Once you’ve found a few companies that seem like a good fit, compare their prices and services to find the best match for your needs and budget.

Step 3: Choose the Right Type of Private Jet

Private jets come in different sizes and models. Choose the right type of jet for your needs. If you’re traveling with a small group of people, a light jet might be the best choice. If you’re traveling with a larger group, a mid-size or heavy jet might be more suitable. Consider the distance of your trip and your level of comfort when choosing a jet.

Step 4: Book Your Private Jet

Once you’ve chosen the right private jet for your needs, it’s time to book it. You’ll need to provide information such as your departure and arrival dates, the number of passengers, and any special requests you may have. Be sure to book your private jet well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.

Step 5: Prepare for Your Flight

Preparing for your private jet flight is an important step to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Pack light, and make sure you have all necessary travel documents, such as passports or visas. Communicate any special needs or requests to your private jet company ahead of time, so they can accommodate you.

Benefits of Luxurious Private Flying on a Jet

Renting a private jet offers many benefits, especially when it comes to luxury and convenience. Here are a few benefits of flying on a private jet:

  1. Privacy and Security: When you rent a plane, you have complete privacy and security. You don’t have to worry about being bothered by other passengers or having your luggage lost or stolen.
  2. Personalized Service: Private jet companies offer personalized service, catering to your every need. From the food and drinks you prefer to the in-flight entertainment you enjoy, everything is tailored to your preferences.
  3. Time-Saving: Private jets can save you time by avoiding long check-in lines, security screenings, and flight delays. You can arrive at the airport just minutes before your flight, and your private jet will be ready and waiting for you.
  4. Comfort and Luxury: Private jets offer unmatched comfort and luxury. From spacious cabins and plush seats to gourmet meals and top-of-the-line entertainment systems, you’ll feel pampered and relaxed throughout your flight.
  5. Flexibility: Private jets offer flexibility when it comes to scheduling and itinerary. You can choose the departure and arrival times that work best for you, and even change your plans at the last minute if needed.

Rent a Plane Conclusion

Renting a private jet can be an exciting and luxurious experience. By following these steps and considering the benefits of private flying, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. From privacy and security to personalized service and time-saving, private jets offer unmatched comfort and convenience. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, renting a private jet is an excellent option to consider.

It’s worth noting that while renting a private jet may seem like a luxury reserved for the super-rich, it’s becoming increasingly accessible to more people. There are many private jet companies that offer competitive pricing and a variety of options to suit different budgets and needs.

In addition, renting a private jet can actually be a cost-effective option in certain situations. For example, if you’re traveling with a large group of people, renting a private jet can be more economical than purchasing multiple first-class tickets on a commercial airline.

Overall, renting a private jet is a fantastic way to elevate your travel experience to the next level. From the convenience of scheduling to the luxurious amenities, private flying offers an unparalleled level of comfort and service. So if you’re considering renting a plane for your next trip, follow these steps and get ready to enjoy the ultimate in private travel.


Why You Should Consider Flying on a Challenger Jet

When flying privately, you have many aircraft options to choose from. To help you determine which is best for you, we’ve put together this list of reasons to consider flying on a Challenger jet.

While most private jets may look relatively the same, they each come with a little something special and unique that sets them apart from their competitors.

It could be their range or speed. Or, perhaps it is their interior or comfortability that can draw you in.

Whatever the reason, those who travel via private jets often tend to have a preference (or favorite) model to fly.

For many well-seasoned private jet travelers, the jet of choice is a Challenger jet. Specifically, the 600 series.


The Background of Challenger

Challenger 600 series jets were designed and built by Canadair in 1980, a division of Bombardier aerospace after an acquisition.

The Challenger 600 series was built as a collection of business jets – and they are still being produced today.

Originally designed by Bill Lear (Lear Jets) with a prototype called LearStar 600 Business Jet, disagreements led to the dismissal of Mr. Lear from the project, and Canadair took over creating the Challenger 600 series.

They used a large airframe with a supercritical wing (which allows for speed), and new engine types to create the aircraft.

The idea was to design a jet that was larger than most typical private jets.

The Challenger was designed to hold from 14 to 30 passengers and range from an inviting executive jet to that of a cargo plane for companies such as UPS and FedEx.


The Inside of Challengers

Business individuals looking to hold meetings, complete projects, or simply impress others have often found the Challenger 600 series to be the perfect private jet.

After all, they are luxurious and roomy, offering all the space amenities one would welcome.

Depending on the model, when boarding a Challenger jet, you will be surprised at nicely the interior is designed.

It provides ample space for conversation, rather than straightforward seating.

You will often find horizontal seating, as well as seating around a table to provide the ultimate space to conduct business or finish work.

While it may only be a few inches larger than other private jets its size, those few inches make a huge impact on the way it feels once inside.

Add some leather seating and plush carpeting and you may never want to fly any other jet.

The best part?

The cabins have been designed to have a minimal noise level.

For those who have flown private jets before, you will know just how loud they can be.

This perk only enhances its ability to allow for conversation and business to take place.


The Specs

By now you are likely wondering about the specs of these great jets.

  • How many people do they hold?
  • How fast will they travel?
  • How far can they go?

We won’t leave you hanging any longer.

Here are the specs of two of the most popular in the 600 series:


– Challenger 604

The Challenger 604 can travel more than 3500NM at an average speed of 528MPH.

The cabin size is relatively large. In fact, it is 6.1ft in height, 28ft long, and 8.2ft wide.

The available luggage capacity is roomy enough to be useful. It can hold 115 cubic feet of luggage.

To break it down in executive terms, it could hold about the following all at once:

  • Ten golf bags
  • Nine suitcases
  • Six carry-ons.

Of course, this large luggage area is beneficial since the aircraft can hold up to 15 passengers and 3 crew members.


– Challenger 601

When it comes to size, the Challenger 601 is very comparable to the later models. Its cabin is nearly identical in size to the 604.

It is 28ft long, 6.1ft in height, and 8.2ft wide. The baggage space also boasts 115 cubic feet.

While it can hold up to 19 passengers and two crew, the more comfortable number would be 10 passengers.

The greatest difference between these two aircraft would have to be the speed.

While still a heavy jet, the Challenger 601 travels at a cruising airspeed of 484 MPH for a distance of 3910 NM.


Bonus Amenities of a Challenger Jet

Because Challenger jets often cater to high-end executives, there are amenities that often add to the overall private jet experience.

  • You will find a healthy wi-fi signal which allows you to connect with the office on the ground or just sit back to stream some video.
  • In-flight entertainment systems (IFE) are also quite popular. These portable IFE devices allow you to access hundreds of movies, magazines, custom documents, newspapers, and music options, along with a real-time moving map of your location.
  • Movies, music, games, and more can be a way to unwind before you reach your destination.

Other amenities, such as food and drinks, can be selected pre-flight – and be ready for you once you board.



Other Models

Challenger jets are all really popular jets. While the 600 series offers a wonderful heavy jet experience, for those not needing quite as much space, a Challenger 300 could be perfect.

This jet still offers a roomy cabin with comfortable and luxury seating – plus amenities.

It travels at speeds only slightly slower than the 600 series and it can travel a range from coast to coast.

Holding up to 9 passengers, this is a perfect alternative choice to the Challenger 600 series.



Private jet travel can be enjoyed by anyone – from top executives at Fortune 500 companies to large families or a group of friends splitting the bill.

The Challenger jet, whether you choose the 300 or 600 series, can offer you a wonderful opportunity to experience luxury first hand.

If you are looking for a flight that will allow you to move about the cabin freely – without feeling restricted – while enjoying a quiet conversation, an excellent streaming movie, or the like, then you will not want to miss what the Challenger private jets have to offer.

Many private jets only last a season.

There is something to be said about a private jet that has been in production since 1980 – and is still in production today.

It’s a keeper. And, it’s a Challenger.

Travel Tips

The Perks of a Private Plane Charter to Los Angeles

Commercial airliners are often booked to capacity. You have no idea whom you will be sitting next to or who will overhear your private conversations during your flight. When you need privacy or want more personalized service during your travels to Southern California, you may consider the perks that come with booking a private plane charter to Los Angeles.

Making Things Simple

If you and a group of friends and relatives are going to the same destination, booking reservations with a commercial airline can be tricky. There’s the hassle of working out the payment arrangements, trying to secure seating that’s together, and then dealing with the process of checking in. Keep in mind that owing to long lines, all of you will need to be at the airport at least a couple of hours before the flight leaves. Even with automatic kiosks, there’s still likely to be a line to stand in for awhile.

With a Los Angeles jet charter, you’ll have an more enjoyable time all around. It’s easier to book the seats, show up in time for the luggage to be loaded, and settle in for the flight. In terms of making things quicker and easier, this approach is hard to beat.

Comfort and Style

Most commercial airliners offer bare-bone amenities. You typically do not have a lot of leg room to stretch out and relax. The seats in commercial planes also are narrow, hard, and uncomfortable.

When you would rather sit in luxury and have the room you need to relax during the flight, you will find the accommodations you prefer in a private plane charter to Los Angeles. The seats are well-padded and deep. You can ease back in your chair while snoozing, or reading the paper. You can enjoy browsing the web, watching TV, or enjoying another relaxing activity before you land.

Personalized Accommodations

You also may be familiar with the skimpy fare offered on commercial airliners. You get a few sips of soda or water in a plastic cup and a small pack of peanuts to snack on during shorter domestic flights. Longer flights may allow you a cold sandwich and a can of soda.

When you want higher quality fare during your L.A.-bound flight, you will find tasty foods and drinks available to you on a private plane charter. You may be asked about your food preferences during the booking of your flight. This consultation allows the jet’s steward or stewardess to ensure that they have the food and beverages on board for you and your guests to enjoy.


Private plane charter companies hire the best pilots in the industry. They make sure that each charter pilot comes with the highest level of training. They also have years of experience to ensure your safety.

You may get the opportunity to meet and speak with the pilot before take-off. You can sit back and enjoy your flight knowing that you will arrive safely to your destination in Los Angeles.


Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, you may want your privacy to be safeguarded at all times. You do not want others to overhear your conversations. You also want any business that you discuss to be held in the highest level of confidence.

A private plane charter makes available spacious yet intimate accommodations. Here, you can hold meetings, discuss business, and feel free to broach any topic without fear of others overhearing. The staff on board will allow you your privacy and also avoid discussing your conversations with others. The staff, like the pilot, have undergone the highest levels of background checks. They also come with years of experience and training.

Tailored Scheduling

You may be unable to accommodate a commercial airliner’s schedule. When you need to take off and land at times that suit your agenda, you can get the tailored scheduling by booking a private plane charter. The flight will run on your timetable so that you get to L.A. and your meeting on time.

Commercial airliners lack privacy, comfort, and luxury. You can find these qualities and more when you book your Los Angeles-bound flight through a private plane charter. These perks demonstrate why this mode of transportation may suit you well.

Meals to Fit Any Diet

Some of your fellow passengers need to be mindful of how many carbohydrates they consume. Others must opt for food choices that help them to lower cholesterol levels. There may be one or two who follow special diets out of religious or other convictions. The nice thing about a charted jet to Los Angeles is that it’s possible to ensure the food and drink served takes all of these needs into consideration.

Before planning the next trip out of town, take the time to find out the cost of arranging a private plane charter to Los Angeles. Determine how it would stack up with booking reservations with a commercial airliner. Once all the pros and cons are weighed, it won’t be hard to see why going with the charter will make the trip easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Aircraft Alex Early Travel Tips

Jet Charter Owner Approval


June 2nd, 2015
Written By: Alex M. Early, CEO of The Early Air Way

If you’ve chartered private jets in the past, then you’re probably familiar with the term “owner approval required.” For those of you who aren’t familiar however, “owner approval required” is a condition of booking for many (but not all) jet charters. What it means is that once you accept a quote that is proposed to you, the reservation is then sent directly to the owner of the aircraft you’re attempting to book who will either approve or decline your trip. If your trip is approved, then your reservation is confirmed. If your trip is declined however, the particular aircraft at hand will no longer be an option for your trip and you’ll have to move onto a different plane.

Which planes require owner approval?

A top of the line plane such as a Gulfstream G650 will always require owner approval.

Generally speaking, the newer and larger (or more valuable) planes are the ones that will require owner approval. I can’t think of a single Gulfstream G650 Heavy Jet that doesn’t require owner approval. On the other hand, there are very few Lear 35 Light Jets that do require owner approval. This is the standard, but not the rule. There are some heavy jets that don’t require approval while there are some light jets that do.

Why would an owner turn down my business?

 Some charter clients can be surprised that an owner is turning down their money. There are several reasons this will happen, however:

  1. The owner would like to keep his/her plane free for him/herself over the dates you’re attempting to book it for.
  2. Your trip doesn’t bring in enough revenue to justify the aircraft being dispatched. (Generally seen only on newer/larger planes)
  3. Your trip has too many short legs. Short legs are not profitable for late-model, large-cabin airplanes. The ratio of landings to flight hours affects the value of an aircraft on the pre-owned market. If a Gulfstream G550 has an average flight duration of 55 minutes for example, millions in value could be lost compared with one that has an average flight duration of three hours. As such, the short flights may be declined. Furthermore, expensive maintenance is required after a certain number of cycles. A G650 owner won’t want to rush to a six-figure maintenance appointment because he/she accepted a bunch of 50-minute trips.

What happens if an owner declines your trip?

It’s unfortunate when an owner declines a trip, but it happens. What you should do in this instance is let you jet charter coordinator provide you with the next best option available and then attempt to book this. Don’t see this is an indicator that you’re working with a sub-par charter company; owner approval effects everyone.

At the end of the day, owner approval is part of the US charter marketplace and isn’t going anywhere soon. When booking a flight, it’s important to know whether or not your plane needs owner approval or not to help you make the most educated decision possible about what you’re booking.

Destinations Industry & News

Travel & Leisure World's Best Hotel 2016

The island of Sumba is home to perfect surf, perfect beaches, and apparently the perfect hotel. The Nihiwatu Hotel in Indonesia was rated the best hotel in the world for 2016 by a reader survey in Travel & Leisure.

From the beginning, the Nihiwatu hotel was founded for the perfect wave to surf. And the waves are amazing in Sumba, with a wave so perfect only 10 surfers a day are allowed to ride it.

The hotel is also close enough to beaches for relaxing, a short hike from the Blue Waterfall,yoga classes, a day spa, and an equestrian program.


Click here for the full article by Julie Zeveloff.


The Ultimate Travel Guide to Dubai

Dubai, one of the world’s fastest growing cities is like no other city on the planet. Dubai has transformed itself over the years from a small Gulf trading center to one of the most glamorous playgrounds in the world. The city is one of the world’s most spectacular, futuristic and glitzy urban destinations. Amazing developments, such as the lovely Burj al Arab, the enormous Palm Jumeirah Island and the soaring Burj Khalifa, are proof of the current sheikhs’ will to make the city one of the world’s top destinations.

Dubai is an indulgent retreat of unsurpassed restaurants, lavish shopping malls and fairy-tale like hotels. Dubai is made up of a rich cultural blend and sharp contrasts. The city has provided the Middle East with a prototypical example of religious tolerance and political stability. The city is proof of what a progressive and peaceful regime can achieve.

There is a much more to Dubai than luxurious hotels and designer boutiques. Dubai offers a captivating old-fashioned city center that is sprinkled with exceptional old-style Arabian houses. Dubai attracts people from a range of backgrounds, including Arabs, Emirates, Indians, Arabs, Filipinos, Iranians, Americans and Europeans. This fascinating mixture of culture and language makes the city attractive to visitors from all over the world.

Things to Do

Dubai offers a dazzling array of things to do, such as visiting underwater hotels, the world’s tallest tower, buildings that spin and man-made islands. Visitors to Dubai will have no shortage of attractions and activities to partake in.

Burj Al Arab

This stunning luxurious hotel sits on its own man-made island and overlooks the Persian Gulf. Situated between Palm Island and Jumeirah Beach, Burj Al Arab has amazed architecture buffs since it opened in 1999. It features a curved glass façade that is modeled after the sails that grace Dubai’s waterways. The hotel features the tallest atrium in the world at almost 600 feet high. Some of the amenities available include private helipads, revolving beds and a complimentary Rolls-Royce. You do not have to be a guest of the hotel to enjoy it. Enjoy a meal at any one of the spectacular on-site restaurants to check out the hotel.
Burj Khalifa

This is the world’s tallest free-standing building. It also houses the highest outdoor observation deck in the world, providing breathtaking views of the city that extend all the way out to the Persian Gulf. Visitors can experience different stages in Dubai’s history by looking through special telescopes that show scenes of the city during different points in time.
Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach, offering a lively shoreline for sun-worshipers to enjoy, is undeniably Dubai’s best public beach. Those that enjoy water sports will love the turquoise, calm, waters of the Persian Gulf. Plenty of picnic and barbecue areas make Jumeirah Beach the perfect place for families to enjoy a gathering. The beach also has a children’s playground.
Getting to Dubai

The Dubai International Airport offers flights in and out of Dubai daily from all over the world. Located in the north of the city, this airport surpassed London Heathrow in 2011 as being the busiest airport in the world. For this reason, flying by a luxury private jet is the way to go when traveling to Dubai. Private jets can avoid busy Dubai International Airport by utilizing any of the five business aviation airports in the area. Private jet travel offers the flexible scheduling, privacy, exclusivity, convenience and unsurpassed comfort.


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Book a Private Jet Rental to Wine Country

Delectable cheese and fine wine are never too far away when travelers have access to a private jet rental. After booking a flight with a private jet charter, these three renowned wine regions are easily within reach.

Napa Valley, California
Home to over 400 wineries that are family-owned and operated, Napa Valley, California, is one of the most coveted places for world renowned Chardonnays and Cabernets. Due to the region’s warm climate, the wines typically feature an opaque red color and oaky flavor. Although some wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon demand high prices, Napa Valley does produce a few excellent values like Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel. Tourists are sure to enjoy the region’s 45,200 acres of wineries via a private jet charter. During the flight, the aircraft is likely to fly over popular Napa Valley regions such as Rutherford and St. Helena.

Bordeaux, France
The region of Bordeaux, France, is known to produce the country’s most prestigious and oldest French wines. Because the region contains warm and cool soil, the wines produced in Bordeaux often challenge the palate as they are extremely rich in nature. The wines that are developed in the historic wine estates such as chateaux are typically more expensive than those cultivated in California or Italy. The price of an age-worthy red Bordeaux wine can range between $30 and $800. The spacious cargo room on a private jet charter offer tourists the opportunity to transport a surplus amount of their favorite bottle to their home country.

Tuscany, Italy
Located in central Italy, the region of Tuscany presents tourists with an enduringly famous romantic paradise thanks to the seducing hilltop villages and country roads. The vineyards are most recognized for producing internationally-renowned wines including Vin Santo and Sangiovese. The success of these wines are greatly influenced by the region’s climate, which plays an integral role in balancing the aromatics, sugars, and acidity in the products. A private charter jet getaway to Tuscany, Italy, encourages tourists to indulge in a romantic evening of tasting and luxury in one of the most popular wine regions.


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The Most Affordable Spring Break Destinations

Although traveling is often a luxury, spring break vacations can still be enjoyed on a budget. Here are the top four affordable spring break travel destinations that are accessible by a private jet.

Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital is most known for offering tourists a wealth of reasonably priced attractions such as historical monuments, museums, and parades.

Travelers on a budget can visit the sites in the city by utilizing inexpensive transportation such as the metro or bike rentals.

In order to enjoy the city’s great climate, tourists should consider traveling to Washington, D.C. during the spring break season.


According to experts, the best deals at acclaimed resorts are offered after March when the country experiences a decrease in travelers.

As the fifth largest city in the world, Rio de Janeiro is home to free attractions including the statue of Christ the Redeemer, which offers tourists an amazing view of the city.

The Amazonia National Park is another inexpensive activity that is perfect for birdwatching, hiking, and kayaking.

Although Brazil is not the typical spring break vacation, many travelers appreciate that the country is wallet-friendly when visited shortly after its summer season.

Dominican Republic 

Despite common belief, the Dominican Republic can be an incredibly affordable spring break vacation destination, especially when lodging at an all-inclusive resort for about $212 per a night.

Budget friendly attractions like Los Haitises National Park offer travelers the opportunity to embark on a tour through lagoons and mangrove canals amid exotic leatherback turtles and pelicans.

Visitors can also enjoy the breathtaking views along the beaches in the Samana province.

Pacific Grove, California 

As a less traditional spring break vacation destinations, Pacific Grove, California, is one of the country’s most kept secrets.

Although this small town is adjacent to a touristy city known as Monterey, Pacific Grove offers visitors a peaceful Victorian seaside atmosphere that is home to affordable attractions such as an historic lighthouse, natural history museum, and Asilomar State Beach.

Travelers can embark on the 17-Mile Drive, which is a scenic road that runs from Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach.




Incorporate a Private Jet Charter into Your Wedding

As wedding season approaches, couples are searching for ways to create an unique marriage ceremony. For a truly memorable wedding experience, a private jet charter can be incorporated into virtually any part of the once in a lifetime event.

The Proposal 
Many nervous grooms-to-be have enjoyed creating their proposal with the help of an exclusive private jet. Some clients have proposed mid-flight with the couple’s names written in a heart on the grass below while others have asked their loved one’s hand in marriage on a remote island that is not easily accessible by a commercial aircraft.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Traveling with a large group of friends to the destination of the bachelor or bachelorette party can be a daunting experience. The challenge of arranging a flight to accommodate everyone’s schedule combined with waiting in long airport lines is enough to drive most people crazy. However, booking a private jet charter can streamline the travelling process as parties can easily determine an itinerary that works for everyone.

For example, a group of friends can depart their home city early in the morning in order to arrive in Dubai for their scheduled breakfast at a five-star restaurant. Throughout the day, the party will have the opportunity to view the spectacular sights, shop at numerous stores, eat lunch/dinner, and have drinks at a bar before a late evening flight home.

The Wedding Ceremony
For the ultimate wedding ceremony, a bride can arrive to the church in style with a private jet charter. The entire guest list can also be chartered to Dubai from many major cities around the world. After the wedding and reception, the newly married couple can be flown to their honeymoon destination without the hassle and delays of commercial airline travel.

The Honeymoon
Booking a private jet charter for the honeymoon will provide the newly married couple with peace, privacy, and comfort. The in-flight service can be customized with their favorite wines, music, and food. Incorporating a private jet charter into their honeymoon can assist couples with starting their married life in VIP style.


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Travel Tips

Advantages of Private Jet Rental

Renting a private jet may seem like something only rich people can do, but there are several advantages to traveling that way that can make it worthwhile for those of more modest means.

When it comes to comfort while traveling on a plane, you can’t beat a private jet rental. You will get personal service from the minute you show up to the jet center until you disembark at your destination. This can include specialized meals, sleeping availability and a number of other amenities that you won’t get when flying commercial, even in first class.

A private jet rental offers you a level of convenience that you can’t get flying commercial, even if you are part of special airline or government programs. With a private jet, you don’t have to worry about long ticketing or security lines or how much luggage you can bring along. You also will be traveling with only a few other passengers, some of whom you may know, so you won’t have to worry about unruly passengers.

Flying private is a huge advantage over flying commercial when it comes to speed. Though private planes travel at about the same speed as commercial airliners, you can get to your destination much faster by not having to connect through hub airports and you can save a significant amount of time by not having to go through baggage check or other procedures that can slow you down.

Though private jet travel is not quite as safe as commercial air travel statistically, it is much safer than general aviation overall. And most private jet rental programs let you have some say in the type of plane you fly in and its age, so you can feel confident that you are safe while flying.

With so many advantages to private jet rental, it is definitely worth your consideration. While it is not cheap, it is something that you don’t have to be fabulously wealthy to be able to afford.

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