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The Importance of Emergency Flights During a Pandemic

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve had to adapt to our new way of living. But essential travel is still very much needed in order to deliver essential supplies and more. Read below about the importance of emergency flights.

We have learned a lot in 2020 thus far, haven’t we? Just last year, we would have never imagined the world to look like it does right now. The mere idea businesses shutting down, travel coming to a screeching halt, and unemployment rates reaching record highs was just something we’d imagine seeing on a movie screen.

But, it’s real life. And, it caught nearly all of us by surprise.

When the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, started becoming more and more prevalent in our country – and around the world – guidelines, requirements, laws, and so forth were put into place to slow down the spread of the virus. Or, as we have come to refer to it, flatten the curve. These new restrictions had a huge impact on the travel industry.

Here’s the thing – shutting down the travel industry has an impact of its own. As a country, for one important reason or another, we rely on the ability to use air travel to reach one coast to the next in a matter a few hours. When we can’t, people suffer.

Let’s say COVID-19 was our warm-up round. What happens during the next pandemic we face? Would we still make the same rules? Would air travel come to a halt? If we have learned anything, it is the importance of emergency flights during a pandemic.

Dangers of Commercial Travel

Yes, enacting travel bans has an impact. For commercial flights, it makes sense. Loading an aircraft with hundreds of individuals just trying to get to their destination can cause a great increase in the number of cases. With an airborne illness, these close quarters can harbor the germs and spread them – quickly.

In short? Stepping onto a commercial flight during a global pandemic is taking a risk by putting yourself in a very dangerous situation.

But, what about private travel? This method removes the need for squeezing strangers together and allows individuals to travel without being exposed to exposing others to a potentially deadly virus, right? Private jet travel definitely fits within the CDC recommended social gatherings of 10 or less – even 5 or less!

By using private jets, emergency flights can happen. We can reap the benefits and keep exposure to the virus at a minimum.

Delivery of Supplies

During the COVID-19 pandemic, tractor-trailer drivers worked hard to do what they could to keep stores stocked with supplies and the like. But, with certain items – such as those needed urgently by hospitals – waiting for trucks to travel across the country is not necessarily possible. And it certainly isn’t convenient.

How many times has the media – and social media – relayed stories of doctors and nurses trying to treat those with the virus without having the proper equipment to do so?

Personal protection equipment, such as masks, face shields, protective clothing, goggles, and so forth are necessary to keep our healthcare workers safe. It allows them to stay healthy so that they may continue to fight the battle against coronavirus. When they don’t have these needed supplies, they are placed in a very vulnerable situation.

Allowing private jets the ability to perform emergency flights during a pandemic means that, while tractor-trailers keep grocery stores and retail chains stocked, the focus can be placed solely on getting much-needed supplies exactly where they need to be.

Functions of Essential Business

Hospitals are essential and we’ve discussed the importance of them having their equipment. But, what about all of the other businesses deemed essential? How about grocery stores, auto repair workers, private practice doctors’ offices, drug stores, and more? What are they able to do to protect themselves? How are they finding things like masks and plexiglass counter protection when nobody else can find them?

After all, one quick search online during the initial phases of the pandemic will prove to you that these supplies were nowhere to be found.

During a pandemic, it is crucial to get necessary protective items to essential businesses to keep the workers safe. Private jets can make emergency trips all over the world gathering the much-needed safety equipment so that the essential businesses can be open and ready to serve their community.

Medical Emergencies

A pandemic is going to bring medical emergencies. We saw this a lot with COVID-19. And also saw many overcrowded hospitals. We heard many news reports and governmental briefing concerns about ventilators – or the lack thereof.

Individuals coming down with the virus were finding breathing to be difficult. Going to the hospital often resulted in being placed on a ventilator in ICU as the body worked to heal itself. Unfortunately, though, without enough ventilators to go around, this became another big problem.

So, then, what do you do with ill patients in need of care and a hospital that can’t accommodate?

Emergency flights can transport individuals to an area with a hospital open and ready to handle new patients. This would reduce the chance of overcrowding and keep hospitals able to work in a healthy manner. And, of course, it would reduce the chance that someone would be left without a ventilator.

Reuniting Families

When pandemics strike, they don’t often give a warning. Nobody ever really believes that something is going to be as big or impactful as they are until it happens. Families can be all over the world when a pandemic strikes.

Consider COVID-19. When the President of the United States halted flights from Europe and specific areas to slow the spread, he also caused a travel nightmare for those citizens in foreign countries.

Private jets were able to come together quickly to get these individuals reunited with their families.

And, those with compromised immune systems who need to get home, but without the risk of a commercial airline – private jets can help.


As a country, we have learned a lot over the last few months. When we move forward with a plan for the next pandemic, halting travel doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. Private jets can play a large role in fulfilling needs around the country and around the world.


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