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The Growth of Corporate Aviation

Corporate Aviation - The Early Air Way

Take your business up into the air with corporate aviation. Learn about the benefits of investing in private air travel. 

There is no doubt that air travel is an important aspect in many parts of our lives, both personal and business. We travel for adventure, to visit family. for romantic getaways and unforgettable family vacations.

We also travel for work. This may be, perhaps, one of the most popular reasons people find themselves in the air these days – and has a lot to do with the growth of corporate aviation.

Air Travel and Business Needs

Big corporations make deals around the world. All these things require travel for multiple business locations, nearshore or offshore manufacturing facilities, conferences and networking events, potential clients, or client meetings.

Gone are the days when small businesses stay local within the community. Even if their product is sourced locally, there are still seminars, meetings, corporate connections that must be handled — and each usually requires a bit of travel.

The advancements in technology and the accessibility of air travel have knocked down any barriers to expanding business to a global level. Business travel is necessary – air travel makes it happen.

Benefits of Corporate Aviation

Corporate aviation refers to aircraft used by corporations or businesses privately – and not for commercial use. And this means of travel has a great number of benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Business in the Sky

Thanks to the private setting, you can continue working and handling business while in the air without risking any intellectual property or security breaches.

Time Efficiency

Get where you need to be – fast. If there is an issue at your manufacturing plant, hopping on a private jet can get you there and find a resolution before things get out of hand.

Transportation for Executives and Employees

With a private jet on standby, there becomes less hassle in booking commercial tickets and planning and dealing with the expense – especially of last-minute travel. Instead, everyone can hop on board and go. It presents more strategic opportunities and control.

Boost Company Image

Flying on a private jet comes with a bit of high acclaim and status. Two executives trying to win over one client – one shows up on a commercial jet, and the other has a driver meet him where his private jet lands, which one looks like they’ve got it together? Regardless of who truly does, it is good for the company’s image.

Access to all the amenities

When flying private, there are so many more amenities that you will probably never see on a commercial flight. Spacious, comfortable seating, full wireless connectivity, privacy, and more. These are just a few of the many reasons that make corporate aviation so important. The more we move forward in business and global growth, the more standard this form of travel will become.

COVID-19’s Impact on Air Travel and Corporate Aviation

It is no secret that many people are trying to avoid large crowds thanks to COVID-19 itself, as well as the new highly contagious delta variant. For many, this means avoiding large crowds at airports. Whether at check-in, going through the security checkpoint lines, waiting at your gate, enclosed on the plane, or waiting for your luggage – there are many more opportunities for catching something other than just a plane ride.

When the world shut down in the first part of 2020, commercial flights were grounded, too. As commercial airlines were trying to figure out how to stay in business while ensuring their passengers would remain safe, private and corporate jets were in the air. The idea of that exposure was just too much for most people. After all, it allowed you to travel with minimal risk.

As time went on and COVID-19 wasn’t leaving us, more and more people began to take advantage of these private flights. People who had never stepped foot on a private jet were now doing so. These flights were becoming more affordable and were more accessible to everyone. People realized that the flights they once assumed were only for top business execs, celebrities, and the elite were actually available to anyone who wanted them. And they were quite affordable, too. And businesses that still used commercial air travel found that they could keep employees safe while traveling. Business didn’t have to stop because of COVID-19.

This new realization made the demand for corporate aviation skyrocket. There were more first-time private travelers in 2020 than in any other recent year, it is safe to say.

What’s Driving the Growth?

While there have been times of regression, currently, the corporate aviation world is seeing nothing but growth and increased activity. Those who have experienced the benefits that corporate aviation offers – whether new or seasoned travelers – have made it their go-to method for any air travel needs.

As with any other industry, there will always be an ebb and flow in demand. When COVID-19 sparked fear in people, travelers turned to more private options. As life seemed to return to normal, many may have opted again for commercial air travel. But, as they say, once you know what you have available to you – such as private travel – it makes it hard to go back to anything less.

Charter flights have surely contributed to the growth. They make private air travel more accessible because you don’t have to have your own private jet but rather book a charter to fly on a jet owned by someone else.

Charter companies have made it even more accessible, with easy-to-use websites for booking and even deals like special VIP services. You can book a flight and be in the air in as little as two hours – maybe even less. In other words, private jet charter companies have worked to bridge the gap between private jets and everyone else.

The Future of Flying Private and Corporate Aviation

The growth of corporate aviation continues to push forward, adding in the tourism sector, too. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and travelers looking for alternate ways to get where they were going, many more people have been opened to all the benefits and rewards that come with private travel.

It looks like corporate aviation’s future may really be taking off!

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Brussels Reopening With Limited Services

The terrorist attack on Brussels last week hasn’t stopped the airport from returning. Reported recently, the Brussels airport has suffered damage to the departure hall so guests will be utilizing different accommodations for upcoming travels.

Any checked baggage will be doled out within an unused hangar as the normal baggage claim structure is returned to operations. Also any carry-ons will need to be toted down 3 flights of stairs as the escalators are non-functioning. As well as different routes through security and other areas, a make-shift check-in station has been erected with an accompanying baggage drop-off zone.


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The Importance of Private Jet Charter Service Safety

Private jet safety has been an issue for many years in order to product the public from the dangers of unscrupulous companies. The regulation of aircraft began in the United States during the 1920s after several aviation disasters occurred that led to deaths. Currently, there is an average of 7,000 fatalities each year because of the strict regulations in place. While this statistic may seem like a high number of deaths, it is a small percentage of the individuals who fly each year on all types of aircraft in the United States.

Standards of Safety

The companies that offer private jet charters are also held to a high standard of safety to protect consumers using services along with people on the ground who are at risk of injury or death when an aviation disaster does occur. Regulations are in place for a variety of private jet safety precautions, including:

• Choosing safe landing sites with proper lighting
• Using proper navigational gear
• Communicating flight plans with authorities
• Proper training for pilots
• Coping with lightning strikes
• Learning what to do if engines malfunction
• Keeping aircraft secure from sabotage
• Training in emergency evacuation

Private Aviation Safety Associations

When someone wants to hire a pilot and private jet, it is a good idea to check if it belongs to a safety association. Over 8,000 charter jet services belong to the nonprofit National Business Aviation Association that is headquartered in Washington DC. ARGUS International Inc., also provides a way for private jet charter companies to have its aircraft and employees audited by professionals.

The Auditing Process

Audits are completed on a regular basis with experts verifying that employees are trained and have no sanctions against them. Every part of an aircraft is inspected, including its instrument panel, propellers and engines. The interior of the aircraft is also inspected carefully to ensure there are no dangers that can lead to accidental fires or explosions. The auditors look at the flight plans used in the past and determine how pilots reacted to unexpected situations that required emergency adjustments.

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Corporate Jets Change Ryanair

Once well known for blandness and indifference, Ryanair is turning over a new leaf with a newly fitted corporate jet. In hopes to attract a better class of passenger, the Boeing Co. 737-700 has been upgraded with all-leather reclining seats and up to 3 times the space for each passenger.

Ryanair has added a fine-dinging catering facility to the plane and is actively targeting companies for rental of the craft. This looks like the beginning of a new focus on corporate flights from Ryanair.


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The Future of Business Travel is not Boring

In a recent statement from Thomas Mangas, CEO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worlldwide, corporate travelers are looking for at least some of the amenities of leisure travelers. A new player in the hospitality industry, Generator Hostels, is ramping up to bring business travelers what they want in design, affordability, and experience.

Since its inception in the mid-1990s, the company has always offered an array of in-house programming such as live concerts, DJ parties, art openings and fashion shows. However, over the last few years, a growing volume of trendy corporate consumer brands have been booking the properties for their own special events in an effort to align with Generator’s hip brand experience.

Generator has said it will be more aggressive in catering to the events crowd in 2016.


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Comparing Jet Charter To Commercial Air Travel

When you are looking at choices to fly, you usually can choose from a commercial airliner or a private jet charter. To fully understand your options, you need to compare the pros and cons of both.

When it comes to the convenience of flying, it’s hard to beat a private jet charter. With a commercial flight, you often have to show up at the airport an hour or more before your flight and wait in long lines at the ticketing counter and for security screening. Then you may wind up waiting for a significant amount of time before you can board your flight. With a private charter flight, you can show up shortly before your flight is to take off, don’t have to worry about any lines and can get in your seat right away.

In a private jet, you either will be the only passenger or one of very few. There won’t be any cramped seats wedged in between strangers, and you will get personal attention from the flight staff that not even first class can provide on a commercial flight.

When you take a commercial flight, unless you are traveling between two large cities, you likely will have to connect at a hub airport and switch planes, this will add an hour or more to your flight. When you have a private jet charter flight, you can fly to any airport that can accommodate the size of plane you are on, which includes most general aviation airports around the country, which means it’s very likely you can fly direct, which will cut down on your travel time.

About the only advantage commercial flying has over a private jet charter is costs. Whereas a commercial ticket in coach class will cost you a few hundred dollars, the same flight on a private jet will cost a few thousand. However, if you have the means to pay for a private jet charter, the other advantages can be more than worth it.

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Private Jets Furnishings Customized

One of the perks of flying private aircraft is that the interior of each one is furnished in a style unique to that airplane. Some can even be fitted with golden sinks. This one in particular is styled to mimic a vintage train, for those more old-schooled travelers with time constraints.

The corporate jet can ferry up to 19 passengers with 5 mini-suites for the basic feel of a private train cabin. A wide lounge connects these suites and a parlor for a movie center and room for conversations. The master bedroom has an en suite bathroom with shower, a private office space, and a convertible sofa and conversation space.


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Private Jet Construction Booming

Private jets are taking longer and longer to build as new features get added to each model. Newer models like the Gulfstream G650 and G650ER allow for customization of appliances, furniture, storage, and climate control from a smartphone. All of these options take time to implement, and the sheer number of orders for most producers is astonishing.

Demand for new private jets has manufacturers reeling, with wait lists as long as two years piling up with even more new orders. Scott Neal from Gulfstream noted that more businesses realize that a corporate jet allos for better worldwide business.


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Aircraft Travel Tips

Private Jet Travel is How Business Class Gets Upgraded

While private jet travel is favored by both business and leisure travelers, it is the business travel sector that bolsters private jet travel revenues. Sure, the general public has visions of celebrities flying off with select groups of friends to exclusive vacation hot spots around the world when they hear the phrase private jet travel, but when the rubber meets the runway, it’s the business travelers who opt for the convenience and flexibility offered by private jet charters. Here are some prime private jet travel destinations for elite business travelers.

Hong Kong
As China’s economy continues to grow, many business operators from around the globe visit Hong Kong to forge stronger professional relationships with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. Chinese government officials also travel to countries to establish trading partnerships, and their business professionals take trips to oversee their foreign business operations. Private jet travel to the crowded Chinese city is preferable to navigating its public airports.

South Africa has become a leading oil producer in Africa, and Johannesburg is where the national policies that pertain to the lucrative resource are made. The city likely receives plenty of air traffic from visiting oil and mining executives from its economic allies in Brazil, Russia, India and China. Business travelers who cannot get direct flights to Johannesburg from their cities of origin readily opt for private jet travel.

The United Kingdom’s capital has been a financial hub in Europe since medieval times. London remains an important global financial and political center. Great Britain’s membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) makes London a key private jet destination for NATO diplomats who have to travel to the country’s capital for meetings.

Since the Russian government has promoted trade with countries on four continents, Russian business leaders often travel great distances to reach some of their most important economic partners. For these persons private jet charters may be more efficient than waiting around for connecting flights in numerous public airports. Private flights allow them to get to their destinations quickly, conduct their business and return home to their families.

Washington, D.C.
The capital of the United States is a common private jet charter destination for those who work as government civilians, top military officials, law makers and industry executives. Both international and domestic business travelers who must attend impromptu meetings or who just want to avoid the crowds at Dulles, Reagan and Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall airports count direct, private jet travel as a blessing.


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Private Jets to Get Faster With New Aircraft Concepts

New designs in aircraft are expected to cut travel time as new planes reach unbelievable speeds. The Antipode, a concept craft so far is estimated to fly at 12,427 miles per hour, or Mach 24.

With past supersonic aircraft for travel, upkeep is too expensive for commercial applications, so the new designs are more geared towards smaller aircraft carrying about 10 passengers. Private jets that incorporate these new concepts would be capable of travelling from New York to London in 11 minutes, or New York to Sydney in roughly 30 minutes.

This style of flight would be perfect for those intercontinental business meetings for lunch, and returning home for dinner.


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