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4 Main Reasons to Charter Flights for Business Travel

Business travel is essential, even during a global pandemic. That’s why it’s ideal to charter a private jet to not only stay safe, but for many other key reasons as well. Read about them below.

Do you travel for business?  It is sometimes fun to escape the monotony of the office. For many businesses, travel is a way of life. Salespeople may have to travel to see clients, managers and HR people may have to travel to remote locations to meet with employees, and execs may need to travel to potential expansion locations.

However, it can also be stressful. When travel is so important to your business, leaving it to the mercy of commercial airlines can cause huge problems. This is why it is important to plan your travel properly so things go smoothly. Thus, choosing private jet charters.

Here are four main reasons why.

1. More Relaxing

Chartering a jet is a great way to maximize your comfort while you travel. Most people consider it to be extremely relaxing. You will have a lot of space to move around and get comfortable while you are on the aircraft. This is ideal if you have a long flight or if you are flying overnight. Although first class does provide some perks for today’s travelers, it cannot offer this relaxing environment.

2. Less Stressful

When you have a chartered jet, flying is less stressful. You avoid long lines at the airport for check-in, security, boarding, and baggage. Delays for flights are also less likely. Without these inconveniences, travel is much more enjoyable. You will not feel stressed or overwhelmed. This is extremely beneficial when you are traveling for business. Added stress can affect your performance and health.

3. Support Professional Image

For many companies, chartered travel supports your professional image. If you are trying to present a specific image, then it might be better to avoid the airport. Instead, choose elite travel options that will allow you to present a professional and sophisticated image.

4. Satisfy Employees

Finally, chartered flights are a great perk for today’s employees. Many people are more apt to participate in business travel if they have luxurious travel perks. Employees love the idea of relaxing on a nice aircraft with amenities. It is a nice break before the work begins, and might be a good way to reward people for their efforts.

Also, you can get your employees to where they need to be much faster. Private jet charters travel to your destination on your schedule, which means your employees get to their destinations more quickly.

More About the Advantages

Business professionals will always need to travel, but they must also balance their schedules while still making productive use of their time. Although it is usually more expensive, chartering a private jet has many advantages over standard commercial flights. They put the control of valuable time back into the hands of these busy passengers.

Fight Destinations of Choice

Rather than being forced to adapt travel plans to existing flight schedules and destinations, charter air services offer customers a wider range of travel locations and dates.

Smaller jets can access regional airports that are closer to the client’s true destination. This makes it easier to create direct travel plans that put passengers exactly where they need to be without the hassle of layovers or connecting flights.

Passengers also have a greater deal of control over their time of departure. This allows traveling professionals to make better use of business hours without worrying about restrictive airline schedules.

Limited Ground Time

Time spent on the ground navigating the complicated maze of traffic, security and airport terminals is time wasted. For a one hour flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles, it can take up to three hours to arrive, check in and board an aircraft. For busy working professionals, this time is better spent focusing on critical business functions.

Charter jet services offer their passengers more convenient access to the actual flights by operating out of smaller airports. There are smaller crowds and wait times are decreased. Travelers quickly board and exit the aircraft, and checked luggage is immediately available upon arrival.


When it comes to convenience, you can’t beat a private jet charter. Instead of having to show up at the airport two hours early and wait in long lines to catch a flight that’s late about a quarter of the time, you can show up 30-45 minutes before your flight.

You won’t have to worry about how many bags you can have and whether they will show up where they are supposed to. You also can fly straight to your destination, even if it is a small, remote city, rather than having to connect through a larger airport, which can cost you valuable time.

Enhanced Services

With a charter jet flight, providers offer additional travel services tailored to the specific needs of their customers. Similar to traveling first class on a larger carrier, passengers typically enjoy more personal space.

Features often include inflight internet access, charging stations for portable electronics, and meal services. Many charter jet companies have special programs that allow family pets to come along for the ride, and hotel accommodations and rental vehicles can be prearranged as needed.


Though on its face a private jet charter is more expensive than even first class commercial air travel, you have to consider all the costs involved. The speed and convenience of private jets may mean your employee can make it where he or she needs to be and back in a day, negating the need for the expense of an overnight stay.

Also, if you have several employees going to one spot, the overall cost to charter the jet will be cheaper than buying just one seat.

Even with the higher hourly operating costs, it is still possible to afford a private business jet charter. For larger groups traveling to the same locations, fees can be shared making the use of a private charter ideal.


Chartering a plane is becoming more and more popular, and it is growing to be the future of travel. If you fly for business, this option is a great alternative to traditional air travel.

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Why Becoming a Corporate Pilot is Invaluable

What is a corporate pilot and why has it become a top career choice? Read about what the job entails and the little known benefits that come with it.

In life, we are faced with decisions every day. These choices we have to make can either bring good to our lives or they can leave us dealing with trivial times. No matter what decision you choose to make, however, there is no doubt that it will impact your life in some way. And, this is especially true when it comes to choosing a career path. Whether it’s for your first go-round or for a career change – making the decision to do something that proves to be invaluable can add to your life.

Of course, there are many career choices that offer some sort of value to life. But, if you want one that is going to help you soar above all the others (pun intended), then you may want to consider becoming a corporate pilot.

What a Corporate Pilot Does

Corporate pilots, as their name suggests, are those which fly for businesses, corporations, and private jet charters. For years, many assumed that those in this business were waiting to get a big break with the major airline carriers. In other words, corporate pilots were thought to be in a temporary spot until something bigger – and better – came along. However, can you guess what happened?

That’s right – times have changed and more people are seeking private travel. And, corporate pilots have come to the realization that this is exactly where all the benefits are to be found. Sure, you may not fly hundreds of people at one time, but you will have a lot more perks than those in the commercial airline industry.

How You Become a Corporate Pilot

Becoming a corporate pilot is like becoming a member of a secret club. Although, it’s really not that secret. Here’s the thing – not everyone can just walk right in and find their way into flying someone’s investment. It doesn’t really work that way. Instead, you want to network your way in the door. Know someone who knows someone, so-to-speak. Be present, get your name out there, and rub elbows with the top execs any time you can. Getting a job within your local FBO first is a great way to get yourself known.

And, then, of course, you will have to go through your training. Anyone can do the basic – so go above and beyond. In the corporate world, knowing a pilot is one thing. But, knowing a pilot who is highly skilled with greater experience than most? That’s invaluable to them.

You Will Gain a New Set of Knowledge

When you become a pilot, you gain a new set of knowledge. You will learn how to fly, yes. But, flying is so much more involved than just that. You will learn about things you didn’t even realize was that necessary. For instance, becoming a pilot requires you to develop planning skills. As a pilot, you would have to learn how to make decisions quickly and solve life or death problems. Pilots also have to understand the weather as a meteorologist would.

There is a certain way in which pilots move. They understand the need for patience, but they also understand the need for urgency. Most of all, pilots know that they must move in a calculated manner in which lives are protected at all times. And, yes, this means doing a lot of quick mathematical calculations.

As you advance through your training, you will become better and better at these new skills.

Meet – and Network – with Important People

Take a moment to consider all of the individuals you would assume travel via a private jet. Sure, celebrities and politicians. But, it doesn’t stop there, does it? You also have top corporate executives from around the world, religious leaders, musicians, and all sorts of important people that – with time – can become part of your network.

Some of these individuals may get to know you and request you, ask you to be an exclusive pilot, or introduce you to others that can take you places you never imagined. And, it all starts with the decision to become a corporate pilot.

You Can Fly Anytime

While there are rules that must be followed for all pilots and airlines set forth by organizations such as the FAA, those who are pilots for private jets have much more say in where they travel and when. For example, commercial pilots often travel from one place and back again. Over and over – and over. Most of these pilots learn the route like the back of their hand. They have to leave at a certain time, arrive at a certain time, etc.

Corporate pilots may fly frequently to one location, but there is a greater chance of variety in travel plans. In addition, there is often more flexibility in travel times. The monotony found with commercial pilots is not seen with corporate pilots.

Fly Some of the World’s Most Luxurious Jets

So, flying commercial airlines may be bigger, but that doesn’t necessarily make them better, right? Corporate pilots have a chance to fly some of the most elite jets in the world. And, some of these are so incredibly luxurious and top of the line, that they are out of this world.

This is an opportunity that doesn’t surface for commercial pilots.

Avoid the Hassle of Major Airports

Here’s where the convenience factor comes in. Maneuvering the way through major commercial airports are often a headache for so many travelers. It’s one of those things you just do because you have to if you want to get from point A to point B. Commercial pilots, though, have to show up to these busy airports every day.

Corporate pilots? They can avoid these airports and find themselves enjoying the luxuries that come from an FBO.


Like you read at the beginning of this article – you have a choice in life. Now that you know of all the benefits you will encounter if you decide that a corporate pilot is something you want to do, there is no better time than right now to turn that dream into a reality.

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The Future of Business Travel is not Boring

In a recent statement from Thomas Mangas, CEO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worlldwide, corporate travelers are looking for at least some of the amenities of leisure travelers. A new player in the hospitality industry, Generator Hostels, is ramping up to bring business travelers what they want in design, affordability, and experience.

Since its inception in the mid-1990s, the company has always offered an array of in-house programming such as live concerts, DJ parties, art openings and fashion shows. However, over the last few years, a growing volume of trendy corporate consumer brands have been booking the properties for their own special events in an effort to align with Generator’s hip brand experience.

Generator has said it will be more aggressive in catering to the events crowd in 2016.


Click here to read the full article on Skift.

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Advantages of a New York Jet Charter

Many people may think that they can’t afford a New York private jet charter, but there are some big advantages to private air charter travel that can outweigh the costs for certain people and businesses.

When it comes to comfort, there is no comparison between commercial air travel and a private jet charter. With a private jet charter, you will get personal service from the time you show up at the office until you arrive at your destination and get off the plane. You won’t get anywhere near that kind of service on commercial travel, even in first class.

You can’t beat the convenience of a private jet charter. You won’t have to stand in ticket lines or security lines, and you won’t have to worry about how many bags you can take and whether you need to check a bag or not. You also don’t have to show up at the airport and hour or more before your departure time and you won’t have to fly with dozens or hundreds or other people.

When it comes to getting to your destination quickly, a private jet charter is the way to go. Private jets fly about as fast as a commercial jet, but it’s on the ground where you make up time. Not having to be bound by a set commercial schedule allows you to fly when it’s most convenient for you. And the fact that you can fly point to point in most cases, without having to stop at a hub airport, will save you hours.

On a per-ticket basis, a private jet charter is more expensive than even a last-minute first class ticket on a commercial flight. But for a business that has to fly several people to the same destination, a private jet charter might actually be a better deal. It pays to at least check into it and not assume the charter flight will be more expensive.


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Private Jets to Get Faster With New Aircraft Concepts

New designs in aircraft are expected to cut travel time as new planes reach unbelievable speeds. The Antipode, a concept craft so far is estimated to fly at 12,427 miles per hour, or Mach 24.

With past supersonic aircraft for travel, upkeep is too expensive for commercial applications, so the new designs are more geared towards smaller aircraft carrying about 10 passengers. Private jets that incorporate these new concepts would be capable of travelling from New York to London in 11 minutes, or New York to Sydney in roughly 30 minutes.

This style of flight would be perfect for those intercontinental business meetings for lunch, and returning home for dinner.


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How Jet Hedging Works


When you think about hedging as it relates to planes, you probably think about fuel hedging, which is something the commercial airlines do a lot of as they try to buy fuel ahead of time at a set price to provide consistent costs. Private jet owners engage in fuel hedging, too, but there is another type of hedging when it comes to private flying.

What Is Jet Hedging?

When people don’t want to or can’t afford their own plane, they can buy into fractional jet ownership, meaning they get a certain amount of use of a single plane or multiple planes in one category, such as small, medium or large. These programs offer a lot of advantages, but they also have some limitations. Jet hedging takes the process a bit further by allowing those with fractional ownership to have more control over what type of plane they have. For example, if someone bought fractional ownership in a small jet, say an eight-seater, but needed a larger jet for a trip, a hedging company could help.

Advantages Of Jet Hedging

With jet hedging, you get more control not only over the type of aircraft you fly in but also the way the seating is configured, how old it is and what its customer satisfaction rating is. If you need a larger jet or one that has a bigger range than the one in which you have ownership, hedging can make it happen. And though hedging sounds as though it would add costs onto what you already spend for your fractional ownership, in many cases such trips can actually be a better value. Hedging companies buy empty legs on other jets, which they get at a discount.

Private jet travel already has many advantages over commercial air travel and being able to do private jet hedging is just one more advantage. You can use hedging to make you air travel even more convenient.

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Enjoy the Cost Effective Convenience of Renting a Private Jet

Renting a charter jet is something that is often not considered because of the perception that it is not economically feasible. However, a closer look at the big picture will often reveal that a chartered flight makes sense after all.

Multiply the ticket price of a commercial flight by the number of people in the group and a charter begins to look more attractive. If one can put a dollar value on some of the more intangible things like comfort and convenience, the decision becomes much easier to make.

Business Travel

Those who are travelling with a group for business purposes will appreciate the fact that a charter amounts to a more efficient use of time.

The opportunity to hold meetings or otherwise conduct business during the flight is much greater with a charter. Travel time, in effect, becomes productive time.

Reach Smaller Airports

The time allotted for ground transportation can be minimized with a charter because the plane can typically utilize a smaller airport that is likely to be closer to one’s home or business. The same holds true for the destination end of the flight.

With a charter, additional time is saved because the passengers can arrive at the airport closer to departure time. The process of getting checked in and going through the security screenings are much simpler.

Avoid Connection Flights

Because a charter will fly directly from the origin to the destination airport, there will be no time spent in hubs waiting for connecting flights.

On the other hand, the pressure of rushing from one gate to another to avoid missing the connecting flight is eliminated.

Lost luggage is nothing to be concerned about because, with a charter, the luggage is loaded when the passengers are and stays on the same plane for the duration of the journey.

Rather than the fixed departure time of a commercial flight, the schedule can be much more flexible with a charter jet.

Last minute schedule changes can be easily accommodated. Even the destination can be changed or an extra stop added with no problem. Individuals who have never considered a rental jet when making travel arrangements for a group may be pleasantly surprised.

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Passion for Aviation Inspires New Timepiece

If you have a passion for planes and aviation, as well as the design and look of aircrafts, a new timepiece reflects a distinct aerospace heritage. Creator Maximilian Busser and his team at MB&F designed the watch to draw upon aviation design, with “indication pods which look like tiny turbine engines mounted on the aft fuselage of some kind of retro-stealthy jet.” The watch gives the look and feel of a jet-inspired piece for those who have a true passion for the field.

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Top 10 Places to See Autumn Leaves

If you’re looking for the best places in the world to see beautiful leaves change this autumn, look no further! Here is National Geographic’s list of the ten best places to enjoy the colorful leaves and crisp weather that fall brings:

1. Sonoma County, California
2. Northern New Mexico
3. Holmes County, Ohio
4. Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, Canada
5. Douro Valley, Portugal
6. Bavaria, Germany
7. Transylvania, Romania
8. Moscow, Russia
9. Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan Province, China
10. Kyoto, Japan

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Gulfstream G650s popular on secondary market

The Gulfstream G650 is the most popular private jet currently on the market, so much so that several of them have already been flipped for a profit since the first one was delivered to Steve Wynn in 2012. Gulfstream does not have a problem with this occurring, saying that sales of new jets have not been affected by the resale of several private jets. With Gulkfstream currently backloaded with orders, people may be turning to the secondary market to expedite the buying process.

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