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What Are the Best Holiday Destinations to Explore?

Holiday Destinations - The Early Air Way

Many people get stuck in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. They spend countless hours trying to buy the right gifts, plan the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration, make sure they’ve got enough space to house all their family – and that everyone gets along. Taking time off of work to deal with all that just seems exhausting to others. Perhaps that’s why so many decide to head out of town during this time – whether planned or last minute. They don’t head to see family but instead take off on an adventure.

Exploring new destinations during the holidays can enhance your life and leave you feeling rejuvenated for the new year. If this sounds wonderful to you, then you need to deceive where you are going to go. Below we’ve put together a list of the best holiday destinations to explore.

Getting There

Before you may decide your holiday destination of choice, it is a good idea to decide to confirm how you are going to get there. Hoping to book a commercial flight at the last minute during the holidays can be very costly. And, for what? To sit uncomfortably for hours with your knees and elbows touching the stranger next to you? Not the most exciting thing to do. And, let’s not even forget about the excruciatingly long security lines or waiting at the gate to board the flight.

Combine all of this with the fact that COVID cases spiking around the world,  you take your chance where you have to – and flying commercial just isn’t it. Does that mean you should give up exploring the best holiday destinations? Absolutely not.

Chartering a private jet is the best way to travel this holiday season. You can book your travel last minute, choose when and where you want to travel (rather than have the airlines give you a list of pre-planned fights), be very comfortable at all stages of your flight – and feel safe from COVID germs!

What more can you ask for on a holiday trip? Book your private flight to one of these magnificent destinations:

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is a city that takes a beating all throughout hurricane seasons and then booms on the holidays. There is so much to do here – especially when it comes to indulging in food, drinks, and live music.

There are unique, locally-owned boutique shops and galleries, restaurants, walking tours, and so much more. The rich history here is one that will get you exploring and experiencing all that you can. You are sure to leave with respect for the strength and diversity of this cajun community.

Kingston, Jamaica

Want to be the envy of all your friends? All you have to do is tell them that you are spending your holidays in the Caribbean islands while they freeze! For years, Kingston has had a reputation for not being the safest place for tourists. But, that’s changing.

Jamaica and its days of sunshine and bright turquoise waters can be just the type of adventure you are looking for. After all,  you can explore both in the water and out! Learn about the Rastafarian culture, hike the Blue Mountains, dance to the steel drums, and more.

By the time you head home from Jamaica, you are going to be sun-drenched, refreshed, and feeling rejuvenated.


We all have friends and family who travel and tell us about their trips. But, have you ever had anyone come home from vacation and tell you all about their trip to Serbia? It doesn’t happen very often, does it? So, what does that mean for you? It means that you have so much to explore that you haven’t already heard about indirectly from someone else.

Serbia is rich in history, but it is not stuck there. You will find your days full while exploring the mountains, taking a bicycle tour, visiting the Studenica Monastery, and countless other adventures. Serbia, the birthplace of Roman emperors and biggest raspberry exporter, is sure to fulfill your urge to get out and explore.

Bend, Oregon

Coming back closer to home, Bend, OR, is an out-of-the-way town that is starting to blossom. Slowly becoming home to more and more artists and other creatives, Bend is putting itself on the map.

This area has long been home to many makers of craft beers, making a drink with a little live music the perfect weekend outing. Plus, being in the mountains, skiing has always been their thing. The winds of change are making their way in now, though. There are breweries, new wineries, restaurants, shops, galleries, and more that are making their way into this town. Plus, it is not too far at all from some incredible biking and hiking in the area.

You don’t have to leave the U.S. to feel like you’ve disappeared into a new area.

Beijing, China

Can anyone say, Winter Olympics? The games kick off in February 2022 in Beijing. And, that means now is the time to explore the entire Beijing area. From skyscrapers that look like they are out of this world to impeccable gardens and natural areas for exploring, including natural areas and mountains.

Let your inner adventurer begin exploring. Go rafting or skiing, check out the natural hot springs, hike The Great Wall, and take a moment in the temples.

Tourism is sure to peak here as we get closer to the Olympic games, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore and find your own adventure.

Booking Your Private Travel

Material things can only go so far with us in life, but the memories and experiences we get from traveling all around the world can last a lifetime. As you make your decision about traveling – and try to find the best holiday destinations to explore – why not give one of these places a try? Or find your own. The point is to be safe, have fun, and be sure to book a private jet so you can take advantage of all the perks.

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The Top 6 Travel Items to Bring When Flying


This time of year, the travel industry is busy. Whether traveling to meet friends and family for the holidays or just taking a trip to get away from the hustle and bustle, flights in the air all around the world are packed with travelers.

As optimistic as we all want to be about traveling on commercial airliners during this busy time, it is important to remember that the weather, overbooked flights, and other unforeseen circumstances can lead to long delays, cancellations, and other unpleasantries. Flying private gives you a much better experience entirely, but you still never know about the weather.

So, to keep yourself taken care of – and occupied – whether you are waiting in an airport or have a long flight to your destination, there are a few items you will want to bring with you to make the entire trip much more enjoyable. Below you will find the top six.

1 Headphones

Headphones can be very beneficial when flying. Not only can they allow you to listen to music, watch a movie or binge the latest series, but they can also allow you to block out noise when you just want to get some sleep.

Sure, many airlines offer headphones – either for free or for a small fee. But, bringing your own headphones is more comfortable – especially if you plan on wearing them for an extended time. And, who knows, if you are traveling commercial and you have a talker next to you – all you need to do is put them on, and when you don’t respond, they’ll think it’s due to the headphones.

2. A Portable Charger 

The truth is, you don’t always know where your travels will take you when you get on that plane. Life can change in an instant – and so can travel plans. And there are not too many things worse than having your phone battery die when you need it most. Many terminals – and even planes – may have a place for you to charge your devices, but it is best not to rely on this.

Instead, be prepared with your own portable charger.  If you want to be extra cautious, bring two!

3. A Reusable Water Bottle

Dehydration is common when traveling. You are out of your routine, which means your water intake (or any fluid intake for that matter) is likely different. Combine this with the dry air while onboard aircraft, and you can begin to feel the impacts of your lack of fluid intake.

Dealing with dehydration while traveling can leave you susceptible to jet lag, with dry skin, and can even weaken your immune system – making you vulnerable to illness and germs.

With a reusable water bottle, you can fill up at various spots around the airport after you get through security and keep yourself well-hydrated throughout your entire travel time.

4. Something to Eat

You want to keep your body energized, and feeling nourished while you travel. And that means bringing your own snacks. You may have a long flight, or you may find yourself either dashing between two planes with a short layover – or stuck in the terminal for an extended time. You never know what foods may or may not be available, and you need to have something just in case. So, what to bring? Consider some of these travel-friendly snacks:

  • Apple
  • Nuts
  • Jerky
  • Seeds
  • Granola
  • Trail mix
  • Dried fruit

Keep in mind that if you travel via a private jet, you won’t have to worry about food as you can custom order your meal so that you always have something good to eat.

5. Important Toiletries

Sometimes it just feels good to freshen up. You may have a long flight, or you may get stuck due to delays or cancellations. Without your checked bag, you aren’t going to have access to things like a toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, a hairbrush, and so forth. Pack a travel-size toiletry bag in your carryon so that you are sure to look revived when you reach your destination.

This can make dealing with layovers much less stressful when you know you’ve got stuff to get you through. Some people even suggest throwing a change of clothes (or at least underwear) into your bag, too.

6. Eye Mask – and Ear Plugs

Sleeping on a commercial plane or in a terminal is not ideal, but it is necessary. And, it never fails that just as you decide to catch some zzz’s, the person next to you turns on the overhead light to read a book. To make life easier, pack an eye mask to block out any light. Then, use earplugs to keep sounds to a minimum. You will be able to rest much better – and feel more energized when you get to your destination.

A Perk of Flying Private

When you fly commercial and have checked luggage, your suitcases become separated as soon as you arrive at the airport. You then go through security, wait for an hour or more at your gate before boarding, take your flight, deal with layovers and changing planes, and eventually meet back up with your bags at the baggage claim of your destination. And that’s as long as it makes it there and doesn’t get lost between point A and point B – which happens regularly. If you need anything you have packed between this time, you are out of luck.

Flying private is a much different scenario. Your bags are with you as your board. You don’t have to worry about them getting lost since you won’t be changing flights. And, depending on your jet, you could have your eye on your luggage at all times if you wanted to.

That’s great news, isn’t it? Perhaps the best part is that this is only one of many perks of flying private. You wouldn’t have to worry about these essentials because you could sleep when you want to without getting disturbed, enjoy a nice catered meal, listen to music without headphones – and not disturb anyone, and so on.

So, gather up your empty suitcases, load them up with all the essentials, and head on out to wherever your travels take you.

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Private Flights to Yosemite

Yosemite is one of the most beautiful locations in the world however it can be challenging getting there. Find flights to Yosemite that are most convenient to you and your needs. 

Do you have a bucket list? Are there things you would like to do and places you long to see? If these past two years – and a global pandemic – have taught us anything, it is that we need to seize the opportunity as it appears in front of us. We can’t just assume we will have time down the road because it can be gone in an instant.

So if you are ready to take the leap and get more out of life by crossing off your bucket list — then now is the time. And, if private flights to Yosemite are on that list, what better way to get there than to fly a private jet.

Visiting Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is located about a four-hour drive east of San Francisco.  Almost 1,200 square miles, this is one of the larger national parks in the U.S. and averages nearly 5 million visitors every single year. And, it’s no wonder due to the beauty you find all around you when you visit. Here you will find incredibly deep valleys, sky-high ancient sequoias, waterfalls, granite monoliths, and so much more.

Things to Do While There

Before you find flights to Yosemite, you must make a plan. There are so many things to see here – and the area is very vast. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, there is a good chance you won’t be able to see it all. Therefore, planning ahead and knowing what to see and do can help you narrow things down a bit.

Below we have put together a few of the most incredible things you won’t want to miss on your visit to Yosemite National Park.

  • Tunnel View is a pullout and a great photo op of El Capitan, Half Dome, and Bridalveil Fall.
  • Mist Trail is a hike that leads you up two waterfalls. It’s about 5.4 miles there and back.
  • Yosemite Falls is a 1-mile loop hike or a longer 7.2 miler.
  • Mariposa Grove where 500 gigantic sequoias are protected. There are different hiking trail options throughout the forest to spark your interest.
  • Glacier Point has a lot of lookout points and both easy and challenging hiking trails. You will be able to see Half Dome, Vernal, and Nevada Falls.

Keep in mind that Yosemite Valley is the most commonly visited sport, and therefore you will find more accommodations like paved trails, dining spots, souvenir shops, and the like. Though, it may also require you to be patient due to the volume of visitors. It is still a very special place to visit and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Flights to Yosemite

There are many nearby airports to Yosemite. Well, when we say nearby you should know that we use that term loosely. There are airports, but they aren’t necessarily going to get you to Yosemite without a drive.

For instance, let’s take a look at the commercial airports nearest to Yosemite National Park and just how long of a drive you may face. Keep in mind that the drive time does not account for any California traffic delays.

Fresno/Yosemite International Airport (FAT) is a commonly used airport to access the park. Driving from one to the other takes about 1 hour, 30 minutes to Wawona, and 2 hours, 30 minutes to Yosemite Valley.

Mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH) in Mammoth Lakes, CA is about a one-hour drive to Tuolumne Meadows or 2 hours, 30 minutes to Yosemite Valley. Though keep in mind the latter requires driving Tioga Road that is not always open during the colder months.

Merced Airport (MCE) located in Merced, CA is about a two-hour drive to the park’s Yosemite Valley area.

Stockton Metropolitan Airport (SCK) is another option that offers access to Yosemite Valley with a 2 hour, 30-minute drive.

Other choices that involve an even longer drive – say 3 ½ to 4 hours – are available, but most travelers prefer the closer options. Just in case, though, these airports are Oakland International (OAK), Sacramento International (SMF), San Jose International (SJC), and San Francisco International (SFO). You can also reach the part through Las Vegas (LAS) and Reno (RNO), as well.

Important note: Tioga Road (which is what Highway 120 is called as it travels through the park) is not maintained during the winter months. Therefore, traveling from airports such as Mammoth Lakes, Las Vegas, and Reno airports are not viable options during the months of November to May. When the weather gets rough, or there is snowfall, this road will be shut down, and you will not be able to safely access the park from this area.

Why Fly Private to Yosemite?

You have your choice of airports to fly into when visiting Yosemite. But, here is something to think about – why not fly private on your adventure? We are talking about bucket list adventures, for one thing. It’s go big or stay home, right? Treat yourself. Do something nice with those you care about and are traveling with. You will get luxurious accommodations to and from the park – which means you will be ready to roll once you get there and can relax comfortably when you are done.

Two, there is a good chance that you may want to camp while there and, well, with baggage fees and restrictions on commercial airliners, you may be very limited on what you can and can’t bring. You can avoid this hassle when you fly private. Not only is the overall experience more enjoyable, but it can go a lot more smoothly.

Utilizing the smaller airport at Mammoth Yosemite Airport you can gain access to the park very quickly (in about an hour) without having to deal with all the commercial traffic both in and around the airport.

What Are You Waiting For?

There is no better time than the present to knock something off your bucket list – and it should be to consider flights to Yosemite. It is beautiful this time of year, and it is sure to bring you memories to last a lifetime. Make it special, enjoyable, and convenient by booking your trip via a private jet.

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6 Worst Airports In The US

Anyone who has flown on a commercial airline before knows how stressful airports can be. Fly private and avoid the worst airports in the US.

The air travel experience has always had its ups and downs – especially when it comes to commercial air travel. If you know anyone who has traveled any length of time – or you have yourself – then there is a good chance you have heard the horror stories.

Delayed and canceled flights leave passengers stranded in airports. Lost luggage. Missed connections. Long lines at the security checkpoints. Angry passengers. And, before you even get inside some of the airports, there are bad traffic patterns, inconvenient – and overcrowded – parking, neverending construction, slow customs processes, poor terminal layouts, and so much more.

1. LaGuardia Airport, NYC

For anyone who has ever made their way to the LGA airport, the fact that it has landed in the top spot for the worst airports in the US should not come as a shock at all. This airport sees more delays and has more overcrowded security lines and terminals than others in the country. All these things wouldn’t be that terrible if the building had been kept up over the years. Though it has been going through an update process, that may offer a little relief to stranded passengers.

However, no matter how modern you make the interior, you can’t deny the fact that the terrible traffic and lack of public transit access can make anyone late to the flight – or miss it altogether.

2. Newark Liberty International Airport, NJ

The Newark (EWR) airport is another access point to the NYC area. Those trying to avoid LGA may think flying into EWR is a better choice. Wrong. This airport has one of the worst records in the country for flights arriving on time. They don’t. And that means there are a lot of passengers stranded, waiting around for their flight. And it is just not the place you want to be. It is not the cleanest, and their dining options are basic yet overpriced.

Getting to and from the airport takes a lot of extra time too. And it sure is expensive. Any Uber or Lyft ride into NYC is going to cost you big bucks. And if you decide to take public transit, you will have to take two trains. For those not familiar, this could end up being very confusing.

3. Los Angeles International Airport, CA

Los Angeles may be associated with movie stars, glitz, and glamour, but it is not because of its airport (LAX). The flights may not be delayed as much as the other two we have talked about, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of problems. After all, it is in the 3rd spot on the list of the worst airports in the US.

The problem with LAX is that it is not accessible. It is hard to get to the airport – and then it is hard to find your way around the airport. Around the airport. For those with connecting flights, it takes prayer, a lot of speed, and a great sense of direction to make it to your next gate for boarding before your plane leaves.

Traffic, congestion, and poor layout design impact the quality of one’s experience here. And although they have added some new shops and dining spots, as well as an automated trolley, they are not looking in the right direction to clean up the woes that come with an LAX experience.

4. O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL

Next to Atlanta’s airport, O’Hare has been deemed the busiest airport in the US. Many people pass through this airport in one way or another – nearly 40 million people, that is. Albeit, it is a slow passing. There are so many cancellations and delays – many of which are due to weather since the city is prone to some rough stuff. But that isn’t the only excuse.

O’Hare has been plagued with last-minute gate changes, incredibly overcrowded security lines, and check-in lines. It is not uncommon at all to see a hefty amount of tourists just stranded along the walkways in each terminal.

They say change is coming, but construction will take a long time. And who knows if it will even make a big difference at all.

5. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Ohio

The airport in Cleveland (CLE) is old and frail. They have tried to fix it up over the years, but it did nothing more for it than give it a facelift. The overall functionality of the airport was not addressed. The terminals are small and outdated.

Accessibility to the airport is also a problem. Not only is the shuttle area at the Ground Transportation Center located an inconvenient distance from the airport, but it causes undue stress and delays for the passengers. Time needs to be allotted for this connection – or it leads to more significant problems. Those unfamiliar with the airport are usually the ones who are out of luck.

6. Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport, Florida

This airport in Fort Lauderdale (FLL) has gotten too big, too fast. This area is a hot spot for tourists, which keeps the airport busy. But what’s more is that many are utilizing this airport to avoid the bigger Miami airport. Unfortunately, what they find is neverending construction, heavy traffic issues, lack of parking – or lack of convenient parking, and minimal shopping and dining.

All airport terminals share the same drive-through loop, making it a miserable experience for drop-off and pick-up. And public transit is just not reliable, if even accessible.

So, while FLL may not have a heavy load of delayed flights, getting there is the biggest battle.

Just Another Reason to Fly Private

All of these situations that lead to the worst airports make us wonder – why would anyone want to fly commercial? There are many downfalls to flying on an airplane with hundreds of other passengers when you could fly private!

If you are ready to see what a real air travel experience is about, ditch these busy, miserable airports – and book a private jet charter to your destination.

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Best Times to Get Discount Private Jet Flights

Private jet travel may be cheaper than what you were led to believe. Find out the best times to find discount private jet flights.

There are some of us who love to travel. We want to get on board an airliner and fly from one place to the next. If we didn’t ever have to come home and get back to reality, we probably wouldn’t. And then there are those travelers who go because they have to. They are traveling for business or seeing a sick relative. Those in between? Well, those are the individuals who travel when they find a good deal and decide they’d like to go somewhere – yet they don’t travel enough to rack up (and benefit from) those frequent flier miles.

While everyone would love to fly private, this latter group is especially important. They would love to reap the benefits of private travel, but they aren’t even sure where to begin. Frequent travelers may know the ins and outs, but the rest of us? Not so much. All we know is we’d like to get from one point on a map to the next without spending too much money. And, yes, we’d love to find comfort on a private jet.

Is it possible? It sure is – when you book during one of the best times to get discount private jet flights!

Benefits of Discount Private Jet Flights 

We often hear how many benefits there are to flying private. And we’ve surely seen inside those luxurious private jets on tv screens. But, just how different is private travel from commercial travel? What are the benefits?

First, you get comfortable seating – and can sit just about anywhere you feel comfortable. Depending on your jet, this could be a couch, a captain’s chair, or even a bed. You aren’t restricted when it comes to moving around and can kick and relax without worry.

Private travel is also flexible and time-saving. There are so many things that can prevent you from getting on your flight on time. And while your commercial flight may leave you for taking too long in the terminal restroom, your private jet isn’t going anywhere without you. If you need an extra few minutes or prefer to fly out in the afternoon instead of the morning, no problem. You arrive at the FBO and hop on the jet when ready. No long security lines – and no need to arrive two hours before your flight.

The fact that your jet is private is another great perk. You don’t have to worry about being in the company of hundreds of strangers. No weird elbow or knee touching. And, in the era of COVID, no unnecessary germs.

The benefits list could keep going and going. But that’s not really why you are here, is it? You know that a private jet can be incredibly enjoyable – which is why you need to know how to afford to fly on one, right? OK, here are some of the best ways to make the experience affordable.

Empty Leg Flights 

Empty leg flights (sometimes referred to as empty seat flights) are those that are on their return flight – and are flying home empty. Let’s say, for example, that someone booked a flight from LA to NYC. That private jet needs to get back to its base in LA after it drops off its guest. It can either fly back empty. Or, it can sell you a seat on that flight at a discounted rate. You save money, and they make money – it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Empty leg flights are much more common than you may think. They offer you the opportunity to travel in luxury without all the added expense.

Time of Year 

The time of year also plays a role in finding discount private jet flights. Because you want to save money, you will want to avoid traveling during the busy times when everyone else is traveling. For instance, around holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s – travel is up. Everyone is looking to fly everywhere, so it should be no surprise that traveling during this time will see premium rates. But, what about the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Or how about the month of January after the holiday rush has subsided? Or the fall months of back-to-school in September and October?

During the quiet travel times, you can find some of the best rates. 

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand, as with anything, also impacts the cost of discount private jet flights. Think about COVID-19 for a moment. When this struck our country and brought everything to a screeching halt — people still had to travel for necessary reasons. Many turned to private travel due to a safer, more socially distanced environment. Demand was up.

During holidays or natural disasters or just busy times of the year, the demand goes up, and supply goes down — increasing the cost of private travel. So, when you find those times when demand wouldn’t be so great, you are sure to find a big supply of jets waiting to fly you anywhere – for a discount.

Private Travel with a Small Group 

Another idea to get discount private jet flights is to travel with a small group. Sharing the cost of a flight can significantly reduce your portion. Many private jets hold more passengers than you may think. With room for 8 or 9 passengers, you could easily split the cost of your private jet 9 ways! And that’s quite a bit of savings.

You can look online for travel groups or even speak to some charter companies. Whether you are a part of the group or not, you may be able to join them for the ride – and everyone saves.

Private travel used to be one of those glamorous travel methods that only the elite could afford. While they have surely not lost any of their luxurious accommodations (if anything, they’ve gotten better), they have become more affordable to those looking to travel.

If you are looking for the best times to get discount private jet flights, pay attention to the quiet travel times, avoid the peak times when demand is high, check for empty leg specials, or join a small group of travelers. You should never feel that private travel is not within your reach.


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Private Jet Empty Seats

Private jet empty seats are more common than you might think. Please scroll down to find out more about empty leg flights and when they are available near you.

What if we told you that many of the private jets you see flying in the sky are flying without passengers? And what if we told you that you could take advantage of that flight – and hop on board – for a fraction of the cost?

This is what happens when there are private jet empty seats, or more commonly known as an empty leg flight.

When someone charters a jet to a destination, there is a good chance they aren’t coming back right away. So, the chartered jet needs to make its way back to its home base – even if it means traveling empty. It is already heading in a particular direction, so if you’d like to head there, too, you could score a great deal on a private flight.

The truth is, there are a lot of advantages to these flights for travelers.

The Utilization of Private Jet Empty Seats

Making use of the thousands of empty seats available on private jets around the country at any given moment can benefit everyone involved. And as any good business person understands, maximizing the use of resources is the best way to succeed. So, whether you are a private jet charter company or a traveler, you can benefit from these empty seats.

As a traveler, you perhaps get the best value of all. You get all the perks of flying a private charter at a much lower cost.

Let’s take a look at what all you get when you take advantage of private jet empty seats.


The rigid flight times and schedules of commercial flights don’t suit everyone’s schedule. The great thing about traveling via a private jet is that it allows you to have some control over your travel times. True, you may not be able to choose precisely when you’d like your empty seat flight to leave – especially if they have other pending flights. But you do have some flexibility when you’d like to leave. And, who knows, maybe there are multiple empty seats in your area for you to have more options for travel.

Luxurious Accommodations

Whenever you get on board, you are sure to be elated with the luxurious accommodations. There is no need to worry about sitting next to anyone or making sure you get there early enough to try to get the best seat. They are all yours to choose from.

Not only does that mean you can travel in comfort, but you also get to do so privately. So, any business you need to take care of, you can without interruption. Or, you can kick back and watch a movie – without having to share the screen!

Save Time

We talked about how private jet empty seats can help you remain flexible in your schedule, but what we haven’t discussed is just how much time can be saved when you fly a charter. Unlike commercial flights, you are not required to arrive a minimum of two hours before your flight. You also won’t find yourself standing in a TSA security line for hours, either. And sitting by the gate waiting to board? Nope, you won’t do that either.

Then, there is a little known fact that private jet charters only stop refueling. Otherwise, they head straight to the destination — without layovers!

With private travel, you usually pull up and get on board. Sometimes, you may have to walk through the FBO and maybe through a security checkpoint (without lines), but it all depends on the airport you are traveling from. Either way, you will save yourself a lot of time.

Best Idea for Groups

Get the idea out of your head that private jets only hold two or three passengers. In fact, many can carry 4, 7, 9, or more passengers. Rather than 7 people purchasing last-minute commercial air travel tickets, why not split the cost of a private jet charter? You are sure to come out fairly even in cost — with added value, too. So booking an empty seat charter is an obvious option.

Feel Like You’re On Top of the World

When you travel via private jet charter empty seats, you get nearly all the perks that someone would get if they were purchasing a regular private jet charter. There may be some personalized accommodations that aren’t available, but you still get the experience.

You can enjoy a meal, drinks, in-flight entertainment, comfortable surroundings, and so much more. You can walk up those steps to the jet and turn around and wave if you want to. And do the same thing when you get off. After all, this is an experience, right?

The best part is that you don’t have to view this as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Empty seat private charters are more affordable for anyone — and they can be used whether you are flying to New York City or Newfoundland.

Things to Know About Private Jet Empty Seats 

Before we go, we thought perhaps we should share with you a few things to know before you head off on a search for your next private jet charter flight at a discount.

  • You will hear the terms empty seat and empty leg used interchangeably. They both mean the same thing — it is a chartered flight’s return trip that is traveling empty.
  • They may or may not be available. While many private jet charter companies are trying to maximize the use of these jets, there is no guarantee that they will always be available. This is especially true if you are heading to or from a small, uncommon destination. It is definitely worth checking, though, because you never know.
  • Empty seat flights are one-way flights. You will need to also book a flight back home. And, since you are going to be spoiled with the luxurious accommodations on a private jet, you may want to consider doing the same thing back. It’ll be hard to transition back to commercial travel.

More and more, private jet charters are becoming the go-to option for travelers around the world. Thanks to empty seat options, even more people have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful means of travel.

Where will your empty seat flight take you?


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Top 4 Reasons Why a Private Jet Membership is Worth It

A private jet membership could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Here are the top four reasons why you should consider purchasing one.

Have you ever paid attention to how many membership cards and rewards cards you have? It seems like everyone is trying to make saving money or adding value easier by making special programs available. You can find special memberships with grocery stores, restaurants, car mechanics, tanning or hair salons, and even gyms. They aren’t the only ones.

Private jet charter companies are taking advantage of the benefits offering a membership can provide. This allows them to offer additional perks and value when traveling, as well as being cost-effective for those who fly regularly.

If you are wondering whether or not private jet memberships are worth it, here are the top 4 reasons why you need one.

1. Easy Booking

Booking private travel is a little different than booking a commercial flight. For instance, you can jump online and select your commercial flight, fill out an online form, pay for the reservation, and officially book your flight. With private travel, since you are the only passenger and you are chartering the flight, you will need to sign a contract. This is generally an easy and timely process, but not as easy booking as you will find when you have a jet card or membership.

Imagine being able to use text message booking. You text your desired itinerary and receive a response with the price. Once you reply with “approve,” your flight is booked and paid for automatically using the funds on your jet card. And, because your contract was signed ahead of time and placed on file, you don’t have anything to do but show up and enjoy your flight.

How’s that for easy?

2. Fast Booking for Quick Travel

You may be wondering why fast booking is different from easy booking. Sure, they can be easily confused as the same since easy usually means fast — and fast booking is easy. But they are, in fact, two different reasons.

See, one may consider it easy to book a flight, but that doesn’t mean that flight can take off in the next couple of hours. When you have a private jet membership, you are part of an elite class that has access to jets rather quickly. Maybe even two hours from booking. This is incredibly useful when you find yourself having to book last-minute business meetings or appointments – or prefer to live spontaneously.

While you can’t make a jet appear when there isn’t one near, you better believe that your reservation will take precedence when you need to fly somewhere fast. And that means fast booking and quick travel.

3. Better Pricing

Believe it or not, having a jet card or private charter membership can lead to more affordable travel rates, too. And, who doesn’t like saving money? Think about the rewards program you have with your local grocery store or drugstore. Every time you go in to make a purchase, you either scan a key tag or provide your phone number. Then certain items you purchase may come with a special rate. Without this membership, you’d pay a higher price.

It works the same way with a private jet membership. You may be seeking a quick last-minute trip from Santa Ana, CA, for instance, to Las Vegas, NV, on a Hawker 400XP.  You figure you will head to Vegas, do a little shopping, eating, drinking, and gambling –  and be home before breakfast. How much will this same-day round-trip private jet charter cost you? It depends.

Without a membership, it could cost you more than $10,000! In fact, it may even cost you that much with the wrong membership. But with the right jet card, you can cut the cost in half – and fly to and from Vegas on the same day with luxury accommodations for just over $5,000.00. And, remember, that’s for however many people fit on the jet! Not per ticket.

Incredible savings.

4. Special Accommodations 

When traveling via private jet charter, you want to make the experience enjoyable and have access to all the luxuries that come along with it. With a direct line to a dedicated concierge with the duty of being available to you day or night – and providing you with anything you need for a beautiful flight – you are sure to have an unforgettable experience every time.

If you have any special requests or such that may improve your travel experience – or if you have any concerns about your trip, you have someone to reach out to who is always there for you. Some may even say that this alone is worth more than easy, fast booking and better pricing. After all, there are few things worse than finding yourself facing issues while traveling with no one to talk to. Whether it is a change in travel time, a sick passenger, or just a strong desire for a sweet treat onboard, your private jet membership will make sure you are covered.

So, Is a Private Jet Membership Worth It?

Absolutely. Well, that is, as long as you like added value, perks, and better travel rates. Private jet membership makes it easier for you to take advantage of all the benefits private travel has to offer. Things like:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Increased safety from health concerns, such as COVID-19
  • Access to more airports, including private and executive airports closer to your destination
  • Luxury accommodations and amenities
  • Total privacy
  • Avoid busy, crowded commercial airports
  • Avoid long security lines – and lings at the gate
  • Sit comfortably
  • Increased sense of security
  • Solid in-flight connectivity

There are so many things that you can gain when you fly private jets rather than commercial airlines. So when you can get these perks while gaining the benefits of the jet card – including saving money, having your own dedicated concierge, easy booking, quick travel, and more – it is hard to fathom traveling any other way.

More and more people are taking advantage of all the perks that come with private travel in general, with the added benefits of a private jet membership card. And that is an excellent sign — because it is definitely worth it.


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6 Summer Trips To Europe and Why You Should Fly Private

Need some new vacation ideas? Travel around the world in style with 6 Summer trips to Europe in a private jet. 

Summer is slowly drawing to a close. And that means it is time to book those last-minute getaways and feel rejuvenated as you welcome fall and all it brings. Who says you can’t head off to Europe and explore?

We have six summer trips to Europe – and reasons why you should travel there via a private jet. Come on, let’s go!

Safety with COVID

You may be wondering why we are even talking about traveling when COVID-19 is becoming even more prevalent than it was initially, thanks to the Delta variant. And, you’re right – COVID-19 is still here, and it is very real. But as a world, we aren’t still where we were back in early 2020. Despite there being many people who are not vaccinated, many are. And they want to travel.

There are considerable warnings; however, that should be heeded.

As of July 26, 2021, some countries were part of the U.S. State Department’s Do Not Travel list. These include Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, and Britain due to their increasing number of coronavirus cases. Yet, the British government announced they are welcoming Americans who are fully vaccinated. No matter where you travel during these times, you should check before leaving the country.

The best way you can stay safe but still get out there and enjoy a trip to Europe is to:

  • Double-check all travel advisories before your trip. Take note of any requirements for proof of vaccination or negative test results. Also, check whether any quarantine period is going to be necessary.
  • Continue to follow the CDC recommendations for minimizing risk, such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, etc.
  • Consider flying private so that you can greatly reduce your exposure to germs from large crowds in security lines, airports in general, and on crowded flights.

It is safe to plan your trip to Europe as long as you follow the necessary precautions.  And, if you choose a private jet to get you there.

Perks of Flying Private

There are many perks of flying private. There are, of course, luxurious accommodations, flexible schedules, and the ability to use FBOs and less busy airports. Then there is the fact that flying private gives you more accessible entertainment and the ability to stay connected on a long flight. And, did we say long flight? We did. That’s because flights to Europe can last a while — so why not be comfortable on a private jet while you travel?

Finally, back to the whole COVID-safety factor. Private jets keep you from being around massive amounts of strangers (and their germs) in several different ways. Plus, they are sanitized and ready for you when you get there – so you can feel safe and comfortable.

So, now that you know how to get there, you need to decide where you’re going. Here are 6 ideas for you.

Best Summer Trips to Europe for the Solo Travelers

Dubrovnik, Croatia. This country is a safe one for solo travelers with a lot to see and do. And, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, well, there are many sights you may recognize throughout your journey here. While in Dubrovnik, be sure to walk the city walls of Old Town for some incredible views.

Glasgow, Scotland. If you are looking for a European city to explore with fun things to do while surrounded by great people – without sending you home broke, then this is it. Glasgow is an amiable city where the locals welcome you into their circles. You will find lots of pubs (it’s Scotland, after all), street vendors, artsy spaces, live music, eclectic shops, and so much more. Don’t miss out on the magnificent countryside, too.

Best Summer Trips to Europe for Adventure-Seekers

Brasov, Romania. If you are looking to get outside and enjoy the best of both summer and winter-type fun, then Brasov may be the place for your European getaway. You will find things to do like hiking, skydiving, and water parks. But you will also find snowboarding and skiing to be possible thanks to the Carpathian Mountains. On top of all the adventure, just strolling through the city, you will be in awe at the rich history, the architecture, and the markets.

Durmitor National Park, Montenegro. If you have been on a quest to find that one destination that would take your breath away, you may find it here in Durmitor National Park. And, since it is most popular among tourists in the winter, you will find it untouched in the summertime. You will find zip lining across a canyon, hiking, overnight adventures, mountain goats, and so much more. You will not be disappointed.

Best Summer Trips to Europe for Families

Amsterdam, Netherlands. If you are looking for someplace fun to take the whole family, you may not think that Amsterdam is the place, but it is. You will find so many things to do, from indulging your family in art museums and rich history to spending time at the beach. There is the zoo, delicious food, and so much more. It’s definitely a trip your whole family will remember for years to come.

Vienna, Austria. Vienna is a fantastic place for families. You will find good, wholesome surroundings and feel-good activities—things like bookstores, amusement park rides, and lots of music. In fact, Vienna has been dubbed the capital of music. There are so many interactive exhibits for some classical music greats that your ears will be dazzled, and your kids’ minds will be opened.

Be Safe, Travel Far – Onboard a Private Jet

Summer travel doesn’t have to stop because of the world around us. Instead, it would help if you made amendments to your plans. Whether traveling solo, looking for a great adventure or bringing the whole fam along, as long as you head out on a private jet, you can keep yourself safe without missing a thing in Europe this summer.

Europe is a huge continent. Where will your end-of-summer travels take you?


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Summer Travel Tips 2021: Advantages of a Private Jet

Here are our top six summer travel tips for 2021. People are getting out and about, so make sure that you know how to navigate the crowds.

Are you heading out for your summer travel? With life so chaotic and ever-changing, a vacation this summer is desirable– and deserved. Though too often, the idea of a delightful escape is overshadowed by the frustrations of travel. It can make the idea of getting away sound better than the real thing. 

Here is a bit of good news – choose private air travel for your summer adventure and enjoy the many advantages that come with it. And, well, with private air travel more affordable and accessible than ever, there is even more reason to give it a try. 

Let’s look at a few advantages of a private jet with these summer travel tips for 2021. 

Summer Travel Tips #1: Avoid the Frustrations of Airports

Airports – especially major airports – can breed frustration. With so many people together in one place, it is bound to get a little crazy. Add in the stress of travel in general, and the warm, fuzzy, welcoming factor doesn’t exist. Everyone has an itinerary, yet they all need to go through the motions required to get on their commercial flight. 

There are long lines in the parking lot and drop-off areas. There are check-in lines and to check baggage. There are long lines at security checkpoints. And then – once you think you are free – you have to wait for your flight at the gate. It is no wonder why they require you to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled flight.

When you choose to travel on a private jet, you get to avoid all these frustrations — including major airports entirely! Private jets depart from smaller FBOs that don’t come with all the foot traffic. There are no lengthy check-in points or places to check your baggage. And, you only need to arrive no longer than 20 minutes before your scheduled flight. After all, heading out on vacation should not start with aggravating situations. 

Bypass Long Security Lines and TSA Travel Restrictions

Have you ever stood in a security line at a major airport, watching the time on your watch tick away? Your flight time is getting closer and closer — and you can’t even see the front of the line. The thought of potentially missing your flight due to security checkpoint delays can quickly increase anxiety. 

Traveling via a private jet means no longer having to worry about TSA restrictions. You can often avoid airports entirely and pull up to your jet and board. However, keep in mind that some FBOs may require a simple security checkpoint depending on where you are traveling to/from, but it is not always the case. 

One thing you will never have to worry about again is how many ounces of liquid you have in a bottle. If you want to travel with your own beverages, 

a full-size bottle of perfume, or shampoo – go for it. There are no restrictions against it on private jets. 

Book Last Minute – Or Bring Last-Minute Guests

Booking a commercial flight usually means looking way in advance of your intended travel date. It can even entail searching different websites trying to find the best deal. Forget about booking last minute as you will typically find yourself facing hefty fees. 

With private travel, booking way in advance is not recommended. It is doable, but unless you have some complex travel plans, there is a diminishing return on the advanced booking. Your best decision would be to book no earlier than three months before you travel. It should be noted that booking next-day travel is widely accepted in private travel. And, same-day travel is often a possibility, too. 

Enjoy Trip Flexibility

Booking a commercial flight means you have travel times and dates that may also be set in stone. If you book a flight from Miami to Las Vegas and it has a 3-hour layover in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can’t very well ask the pilot to shorten that layover. Or if your flight leaves at 6:30 am, but you wanted to enjoy breakfast and a little shopping before heading home, your plane is not going to wait for you. 

That kind of flexibility just doesn’t come with commercial travel. But it does come with private travel. You get a lot of flexibility with private travel. For instance, you can choose when you want to depart and, if you are running a couple of minutes late, the jet is not going to take off without its only passenger. 

Layovers are nonexistent in the private travel world unless, of course, your trip requires refueling. This means you can get to and from your destination much faster – and without a lot of wasted time. 

Keep Yourself Safe From Germs

If we have learned anything over the last year and a half, germs we can’t see can halt the world in an instant. The world has opened back up, and we are free to travel, but COVID-19 is still here – and the Delta variant seems to be moving with rapid force. Avoid crowds all together with these summer travel tips regarding COVID-19.

Entering a busy airport or flying a commercial airline may not be as risky as it was last year, but the risks are there — great ones for those unvaccinated. Bumping knees and elbows with your seatmate does not fit the definition of social distancing. 

Keep yourself and those you care about safe by traveling privately. You are the only one on board, in addition to the crew. Cleanliness and sanitizing standards recommended by the CDC are met — and there is no mixing with strangers to increase your risk. This allows you to remain safe while still being able to travel. And that’s a priceless combination. 

Kickoff Your Vacation in Luxury with a Private Jet

When you finally decide to take a vacation, you need to enjoy it to the fullest. And that means from the moment you leave home for your flight. Private jets have so many advantages over commercial air travel that we couldn’t list them all here. 

So, wherever your summer plans take you, be sure to get there via a private jet, and follow our summer travel tips for 2021. Comfortable, luxurious accommodations and flexibility, free from germs and long lines – what more could you ask for? 

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Traveling on a Budget Is Possible with Empty Leg Specials

Traveling on a budget can be challenging, but knowing these tips and tricks can help you save money. Learn how flying private can help stay under budget.

Who wants to travel on commercial airliners? People do it because they feel they have to – not because they want to. Think about it. No one likes to be stripped of personal comfort and space. And, handling crowds is usually far from the top of everyone’s list, especially these days.

But when it comes to traveling great distances, air travel is much more convenient for one reason: speed. Aircraft can fly at greater speeds, getting you to and from your destination quicker than your other options, such as automobile, bus, or train.

What if you could have the best of both worlds – fast travel and comfort? You are in luck. Flying private is possible even with a budget. Enjoy all the luxuries of flying with all the perks of a private jet while avoiding the crowds and frustrations of commercial air travel.

All you need to do is learn how to find a deal for traveling on a budget with empty leg specials.

Traveling on a Budget: Empty Leg Flights

Before you can begin to understand how you can benefit from the savings they bring, you should know what an empty leg flight actually is. Empty leg flights are flights that occur when a private jet needs to find its way to a specific location after dropping off a chartered client. Here is an example:

John Roberts was leaving Evansville, Indiana and flying to Miami, Florida. He booked his private jet and enjoyed the trip to his destination. Once they land, John Roberts goes about his business, as he does not plan to return to Evansville, Indiana for another seven days. In the meantime, the chartered private jet he flew needs to return home to Evansville for another client who is waiting. The empty jet heads back to Indiana.

This return portion – from Miami to Evansville – is considered the empty leg.

Private Travel That Fits Your Budget

Flying private jets may seem financially out of reach. But, with empty leg flights available all over the world, you no longer have to feel like flying private is for a few corporate elites. Instead, consider the availability – and you may find that it is cheaper to fly a private jet when traveling on a budget.

Perhaps you are wondering how this is possible. See, the private is already scheduled to fly to its destination because it has a pre-paid client waiting to fly out. Because the pilot (and crew) are heading there anyway, having you pay to be on-board is an added bonus.

This is how they can offer flights at discounted rates.

Benefits of Flying Private Jets

If you have flown on a private jet before, then you are aware of all the benefits that come with it. If you haven’t, then you have been missing out. Flying private is a luxurious way to get to your destination. In fact, it will make you never want to fly commercial again.

  • You get the ability to avoid the long TSA security lines inside the airport. Instead, you will fly through the smaller, private concourse – and enjoy the shorter, calmer security checkpoint process.
  • Enjoy a space for yourself on the flight. No need to share close quarters with a stranger.
  • Private jets offer you a luxurious space to relax, catch up on work, watch a movie, play games, and even eat while socializing.
  • Your space on the jet will be private, so any conversations can be had in confidence.
  • You have closer access to your destination. Private jets don’t require the runway space that commercial airliners do. That means they are able to land in smaller, executive airports – which may be closer to your destination.

And those are just a few of the benefits. With an empty leg flight, you can be sure to get all of this for the best price possible.

Things to Keep in Mind While Traveling on a Budget

Flying a private jet on an empty leg doesn’t come without the potential for a few frustrations. There are a couple of things you are going to want to keep in mind when traveling on a budget, and choosing to fly private.

  • Empty leg travel can be unpredictable. If you have a strict itinerary and need to get to your destination on a specific day and at a specific time, you may want to consider another method.
  • Empty leg travel is booked at the last minute. For some individuals who like to have things planned in advance, you may want to keep this in mind.
  • Empty leg flights may cancel. If the inbound flight is canceled, then there would be no need for a return empty leg flight. Though it may not be common, it is a definite possibility.
  • The more common the destination, the more likely you will be to gain access to available empty leg flights.

In order to get the most out of your empty leg flight, you are going to have to relinquish a little bit of control. Be honest with yourself and know that you are not likely to fly out on the day and time of your choosing. So as long as you are flexible with your travel, you can reap the financial benefits while focusing on traveling on a budget.

Final Thought…

You can save a lot of money and fly empty leg travel for a wonderful flight experience. But it is important that you don’t get blinded by the affordable empty leg costs that you stop looking at the whole picture.

When booking your last-minute travel, especially when traveling on a budget, be sure you do your research and confirm that the private jet has its certifications and is cleared. While you can put a price on air travel, you cannot put a price on your life. Especially a discounted one. So be smart when booking.

Private jet travel can lead to a great experience. The only thing better is getting a deal on the cost of the flight. For those who can wait to purchase tickets until the last minute, scoring an empty leg ticket could be a great way to get to your destination in style, and travel on a budget. And, with only a minimal dent in your budget.