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6 Summer Trips To Europe and Why You Should Fly Private

summer trips to europe - The Early Air WayNeed some new vacation ideas? Travel around the world in style with 6 Summer trips to Europe in a private jet. 

Summer is slowly drawing to a close. And that means it is time to book those last-minute getaways and feel rejuvenated as you welcome fall and all it brings. Who says you can’t head off to Europe and explore?

We have six summer trips to Europe – and reasons why you should travel there via a private jet. Come on, let’s go!

Safety with COVID

You may be wondering why we are even talking about traveling when COVID-19 is becoming even more prevalent than it was initially, thanks to the Delta variant. And, you’re right – COVID-19 is still here, and it is very real. But as a world, we aren’t still where we were back in early 2020. Despite there being many people who are not vaccinated, many are. And they want to travel.

There are considerable warnings; however, that should be heeded.

As of July 26, 2021, some countries were part of the U.S. State Department’s Do Not Travel list. These include Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, and Britain due to their increasing number of coronavirus cases. Yet, the British government announced they are welcoming Americans who are fully vaccinated. No matter where you travel during these times, you should check before leaving the country.

The best way you can stay safe but still get out there and enjoy a trip to Europe is to:

  • Double-check all travel advisories before your trip. Take note of any requirements for proof of vaccination or negative test results. Also, check whether any quarantine period is going to be necessary.
  • Continue to follow the CDC recommendations for minimizing risk, such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, etc.
  • Consider flying private so that you can greatly reduce your exposure to germs from large crowds in security lines, airports in general, and on crowded flights.

It is safe to plan your trip to Europe as long as you follow the necessary precautions.  And, if you choose a private jet to get you there.

Perks of Flying Private

There are many perks of flying private. There are, of course, luxurious accommodations, flexible schedules, and the ability to use FBOs and less busy airports. Then there is the fact that flying private gives you more accessible entertainment and the ability to stay connected on a long flight. And, did we say long flight? We did. That’s because flights to Europe can last a while — so why not be comfortable on a private jet while you travel?

Finally, back to the whole COVID-safety factor. Private jets keep you from being around massive amounts of strangers (and their germs) in several different ways. Plus, they are sanitized and ready for you when you get there – so you can feel safe and comfortable.

So, now that you know how to get there, you need to decide where you’re going. Here are 6 ideas for you.

Best Summer Trips to Europe for the Solo Travelers

Dubrovnik, Croatia. This country is a safe one for solo travelers with a lot to see and do. And, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, well, there are many sights you may recognize throughout your journey here. While in Dubrovnik, be sure to walk the city walls of Old Town for some incredible views.

Glasgow, Scotland. If you are looking for a European city to explore with fun things to do while surrounded by great people – without sending you home broke, then this is it. Glasgow is an amiable city where the locals welcome you into their circles. You will find lots of pubs (it’s Scotland, after all), street vendors, artsy spaces, live music, eclectic shops, and so much more. Don’t miss out on the magnificent countryside, too.

Best Summer Trips to Europe for Adventure-Seekers

Brasov, Romania. If you are looking to get outside and enjoy the best of both summer and winter-type fun, then Brasov may be the place for your European getaway. You will find things to do like hiking, skydiving, and water parks. But you will also find snowboarding and skiing to be possible thanks to the Carpathian Mountains. On top of all the adventure, just strolling through the city, you will be in awe at the rich history, the architecture, and the markets.

Durmitor National Park, Montenegro. If you have been on a quest to find that one destination that would take your breath away, you may find it here in Durmitor National Park. And, since it is most popular among tourists in the winter, you will find it untouched in the summertime. You will find zip lining across a canyon, hiking, overnight adventures, mountain goats, and so much more. You will not be disappointed.

Best Summer Trips to Europe for Families

Amsterdam, Netherlands. If you are looking for someplace fun to take the whole family, you may not think that Amsterdam is the place, but it is. You will find so many things to do, from indulging your family in art museums and rich history to spending time at the beach. There is the zoo, delicious food, and so much more. It’s definitely a trip your whole family will remember for years to come.

Vienna, Austria. Vienna is a fantastic place for families. You will find good, wholesome surroundings and feel-good activities—things like bookstores, amusement park rides, and lots of music. In fact, Vienna has been dubbed the capital of music. There are so many interactive exhibits for some classical music greats that your ears will be dazzled, and your kids’ minds will be opened.

Be Safe, Travel Far – Onboard a Private Jet

Summer travel doesn’t have to stop because of the world around us. Instead, it would help if you made amendments to your plans. Whether traveling solo, looking for a great adventure or bringing the whole fam along, as long as you head out on a private jet, you can keep yourself safe without missing a thing in Europe this summer.

Europe is a huge continent. Where will your end-of-summer travels take you?


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Summer Travel Tips 2021: Advantages of a Private Jet

Here are our top six summer travel tips for 2021. People are getting out and about, so make sure that you know how to navigate the crowds.

Are you heading out for your summer travel? With life so chaotic and ever-changing, a vacation this summer is desirable– and deserved. Though too often, the idea of a delightful escape is overshadowed by the frustrations of travel. It can make the idea of getting away sound better than the real thing. 

Here is a bit of good news – choose private air travel for your summer adventure and enjoy the many advantages that come with it. And, well, with private air travel more affordable and accessible than ever, there is even more reason to give it a try. 

Let’s look at a few advantages of a private jet with these summer travel tips for 2021. 

Summer Travel Tips #1: Avoid the Frustrations of Airports

Airports – especially major airports – can breed frustration. With so many people together in one place, it is bound to get a little crazy. Add in the stress of travel in general, and the warm, fuzzy, welcoming factor doesn’t exist. Everyone has an itinerary, yet they all need to go through the motions required to get on their commercial flight. 

There are long lines in the parking lot and drop-off areas. There are check-in lines and to check baggage. There are long lines at security checkpoints. And then – once you think you are free – you have to wait for your flight at the gate. It is no wonder why they require you to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled flight.

When you choose to travel on a private jet, you get to avoid all these frustrations — including major airports entirely! Private jets depart from smaller FBOs that don’t come with all the foot traffic. There are no lengthy check-in points or places to check your baggage. And, you only need to arrive no longer than 20 minutes before your scheduled flight. After all, heading out on vacation should not start with aggravating situations. 

Bypass Long Security Lines and TSA Travel Restrictions

Have you ever stood in a security line at a major airport, watching the time on your watch tick away? Your flight time is getting closer and closer — and you can’t even see the front of the line. The thought of potentially missing your flight due to security checkpoint delays can quickly increase anxiety. 

Traveling via a private jet means no longer having to worry about TSA restrictions. You can often avoid airports entirely and pull up to your jet and board. However, keep in mind that some FBOs may require a simple security checkpoint depending on where you are traveling to/from, but it is not always the case. 

One thing you will never have to worry about again is how many ounces of liquid you have in a bottle. If you want to travel with your own beverages, 

a full-size bottle of perfume, or shampoo – go for it. There are no restrictions against it on private jets. 

Book Last Minute – Or Bring Last-Minute Guests

Booking a commercial flight usually means looking way in advance of your intended travel date. It can even entail searching different websites trying to find the best deal. Forget about booking last minute as you will typically find yourself facing hefty fees. 

With private travel, booking way in advance is not recommended. It is doable, but unless you have some complex travel plans, there is a diminishing return on the advanced booking. Your best decision would be to book no earlier than three months before you travel. It should be noted that booking next-day travel is widely accepted in private travel. And, same-day travel is often a possibility, too. 

Enjoy Trip Flexibility

Booking a commercial flight means you have travel times and dates that may also be set in stone. If you book a flight from Miami to Las Vegas and it has a 3-hour layover in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can’t very well ask the pilot to shorten that layover. Or if your flight leaves at 6:30 am, but you wanted to enjoy breakfast and a little shopping before heading home, your plane is not going to wait for you. 

That kind of flexibility just doesn’t come with commercial travel. But it does come with private travel. You get a lot of flexibility with private travel. For instance, you can choose when you want to depart and, if you are running a couple of minutes late, the jet is not going to take off without its only passenger. 

Layovers are nonexistent in the private travel world unless, of course, your trip requires refueling. This means you can get to and from your destination much faster – and without a lot of wasted time. 

Keep Yourself Safe From Germs

If we have learned anything over the last year and a half, germs we can’t see can halt the world in an instant. The world has opened back up, and we are free to travel, but COVID-19 is still here – and the Delta variant seems to be moving with rapid force. Avoid crowds all together with these summer travel tips regarding COVID-19.

Entering a busy airport or flying a commercial airline may not be as risky as it was last year, but the risks are there — great ones for those unvaccinated. Bumping knees and elbows with your seatmate does not fit the definition of social distancing. 

Keep yourself and those you care about safe by traveling privately. You are the only one on board, in addition to the crew. Cleanliness and sanitizing standards recommended by the CDC are met — and there is no mixing with strangers to increase your risk. This allows you to remain safe while still being able to travel. And that’s a priceless combination. 

Kickoff Your Vacation in Luxury with a Private Jet

When you finally decide to take a vacation, you need to enjoy it to the fullest. And that means from the moment you leave home for your flight. Private jets have so many advantages over commercial air travel that we couldn’t list them all here. 

So, wherever your summer plans take you, be sure to get there via a private jet, and follow our summer travel tips for 2021. Comfortable, luxurious accommodations and flexibility, free from germs and long lines – what more could you ask for? 

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Traveling on a Budget Is Possible with Empty Leg Specials

Traveling on a budget can be challenging, but knowing these tips and tricks can help you save money. Learn how flying private can help stay under budget.

Who wants to travel on commercial airliners? People do it because they feel they have to – not because they want to. Think about it. No one likes to be stripped of personal comfort and space. And, handling crowds is usually far from the top of everyone’s list, especially these days.

But when it comes to traveling great distances, air travel is much more convenient for one reason: speed. Aircraft can fly at greater speeds, getting you to and from your destination quicker than your other options, such as automobile, bus, or train.

What if you could have the best of both worlds – fast travel and comfort? You are in luck. Flying private is possible even with a budget. Enjoy all the luxuries of flying with all the perks of a private jet while avoiding the crowds and frustrations of commercial air travel.

All you need to do is learn how to find a deal for traveling on a budget with empty leg specials.

Traveling on a Budget: Empty Leg Flights

Before you can begin to understand how you can benefit from the savings they bring, you should know what an empty leg flight actually is. Empty leg flights are flights that occur when a private jet needs to find its way to a specific location after dropping off a chartered client. Here is an example:

John Roberts was leaving Evansville, Indiana and flying to Miami, Florida. He booked his private jet and enjoyed the trip to his destination. Once they land, John Roberts goes about his business, as he does not plan to return to Evansville, Indiana for another seven days. In the meantime, the chartered private jet he flew needs to return home to Evansville for another client who is waiting. The empty jet heads back to Indiana.

This return portion – from Miami to Evansville – is considered the empty leg.

Private Travel That Fits Your Budget

Flying private jets may seem financially out of reach. But, with empty leg flights available all over the world, you no longer have to feel like flying private is for a few corporate elites. Instead, consider the availability – and you may find that it is cheaper to fly a private jet when traveling on a budget.

Perhaps you are wondering how this is possible. See, the private is already scheduled to fly to its destination because it has a pre-paid client waiting to fly out. Because the pilot (and crew) are heading there anyway, having you pay to be on-board is an added bonus.

This is how they can offer flights at discounted rates.

Benefits of Flying Private Jets

If you have flown on a private jet before, then you are aware of all the benefits that come with it. If you haven’t, then you have been missing out. Flying private is a luxurious way to get to your destination. In fact, it will make you never want to fly commercial again.

  • You get the ability to avoid the long TSA security lines inside the airport. Instead, you will fly through the smaller, private concourse – and enjoy the shorter, calmer security checkpoint process.
  • Enjoy a space for yourself on the flight. No need to share close quarters with a stranger.
  • Private jets offer you a luxurious space to relax, catch up on work, watch a movie, play games, and even eat while socializing.
  • Your space on the jet will be private, so any conversations can be had in confidence.
  • You have closer access to your destination. Private jets don’t require the runway space that commercial airliners do. That means they are able to land in smaller, executive airports – which may be closer to your destination.

And those are just a few of the benefits. With an empty leg flight, you can be sure to get all of this for the best price possible.

Things to Keep in Mind While Traveling on a Budget

Flying a private jet on an empty leg doesn’t come without the potential for a few frustrations. There are a couple of things you are going to want to keep in mind when traveling on a budget, and choosing to fly private.

  • Empty leg travel can be unpredictable. If you have a strict itinerary and need to get to your destination on a specific day and at a specific time, you may want to consider another method.
  • Empty leg travel is booked at the last minute. For some individuals who like to have things planned in advance, you may want to keep this in mind.
  • Empty leg flights may cancel. If the inbound flight is canceled, then there would be no need for a return empty leg flight. Though it may not be common, it is a definite possibility.
  • The more common the destination, the more likely you will be to gain access to available empty leg flights.

In order to get the most out of your empty leg flight, you are going to have to relinquish a little bit of control. Be honest with yourself and know that you are not likely to fly out on the day and time of your choosing. So as long as you are flexible with your travel, you can reap the financial benefits while focusing on traveling on a budget.

Final Thought…

You can save a lot of money and fly empty leg travel for a wonderful flight experience. But it is important that you don’t get blinded by the affordable empty leg costs that you stop looking at the whole picture.

When booking your last-minute travel, especially when traveling on a budget, be sure you do your research and confirm that the private jet has its certifications and is cleared. While you can put a price on air travel, you cannot put a price on your life. Especially a discounted one. So be smart when booking.

Private jet travel can lead to a great experience. The only thing better is getting a deal on the cost of the flight. For those who can wait to purchase tickets until the last minute, scoring an empty leg ticket could be a great way to get to your destination in style, and travel on a budget. And, with only a minimal dent in your budget.

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How To Get The Best Private Jet Last Minute Deals

Private jet last-minute deals are all around you, whether you realize it or not! Join private jet alert groups, seek out empty leg flights, and look into The Early Air Way’s Jet Card.

Are you on a quest for the best private jet last-minute deals?

Have you ever had to fly somewhere on a whim? Maybe it was due to an illness or death in the family. Perhaps it was due to a last-minute important business meeting. Or maybe you just wanted to surprise your significant other with a spontaneous weekend getaway.

However, while you ended up looking for a last-minute flight, you were probably faced with some very unexpected high prices. Not only can this put a damper on your mood, but it can also discourage you from taking that flight.

Good news! There are ways to get private jet last-minute deals that will get you in the air faster than you would imagine, at prices you can be proud of. Let’s take a look at how this gets done.

Empty Leg Flights

Empty leg flights are a great way to gain access to private jet last-minute deals. These flights are called empty legs because they have to travel to a specific destination but don’t have any passengers on board. Therefore, if you want to hitch a ride, you can at a rate lower than you would expect. See, the private jet is going with – or without – you. Because having a paying passenger on board is a bonus, your fee to fly is reduced.

How did empty legs come to be?

Consider a private charter that flew passengers from New York to Indianapolis. It needs to return to New York for another scheduled flight. If you are in (or near) Indianapolis and are looking to head to New York, this could be a great catch.

While you get the opportunity to travel private at a great cost, you will not have as much flexibility in travel times as you normally would when booking a charter. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something to keep in mind, nonetheless.

Join Programs or Groups

Becoming a member of certain private travel groups or programs can give you access to private jet last-minute deals when they happen. They may be options that allow you to get info before it goes public or gets all your deals in one place. There are even Facebook groups and others where private jets may post about availability.

You may find that these offer you great options, or you may find that they do not have anything that tickles your fancy. Search around and find some that seem to align with your travel habits and consider signing up.

Pay Someone to Find a Charter

Believe it or not, there are some people out there who pay for an intermediary to find them the best charter price. The problem is that while you may get yourself a decent charter rate, you are leaving yourself with having to pay someone else. The result? When it is all said and done, did you really save money? Maybe a little, but not as much as you could with empty legs or, better yet, a direct membership card.

The Early Air Way Jet Card

Then there is that card that comes along linking you to a service that just sets its standard above all the rest. In this instance, that card is The Early Air Way Jet Card

If you do any research, you will discover that many charter companies offer the same sort of membership deal for their frequent fliers. The difference is that The Early Air Way searched through all their benefits and options, additional charges and hidden fees, and put together a card deal that gives you the most benefits for the best price. For instance – some flights you book using the card can be 50% less than what you would pay with other fixed-cost type membership deals.

The conveniences you will find with this jet card are plentiful. Imagine booking a flight with a simple text message. You send over a message of when and where you would like to travel as if you were telling a best friend. The Early Air Way responds with a price. Quick response with the word “approve,” and you have got yourself a booked flight. It is that simple. Contact through email is an option, too. Either way, there is no paperwork, no in-person or e-doc signing for each flight.

And let’s say that enhancements such as a special gift when you board or the direct connection to a concierge can make your private travel experience that much better.

Get Those Wheels Up Fast

One of the best things about booking a last-minute charter flight is the ability to get those wheels up fast. That is, after all, the ultimate goal. In many cases, such as with The Early Air Way jet card, you can be in the air in about two hours. Empty leg flights and other methods may be able to get you in the air fast, too, but you do not always have as much flexibility or freedom with these methods.

Flying last minute does not have to cost a fortune. With more and more people turning to private jet charters to meet their travel needs – especially during the coronavirus pandemic and post-pandemic – the demand for greater affordability is there. And greater access to flights is there, too.

Private Jet Last-Minute Deals: Final Thoughts

Companies, such as The Early Air Way, are working to make private jet charters something within reach for many people, with many private jet last-minute deals. Cut down on the busy schedules and searching through pages of flights. Kick the cheapest flights that post at 3 pm on Tuesday mentality to the curb. Find options that will allow you to get the best deal ever with the least amount of effort. After all, you just want to travel, right?

Join private jet last-minute deals groups, seek out empty leg flights, and look into The Early Air Way’s Jet Card. You are sure to find some great last-minute deals no matter where your travel log takes you – and you will take off as soon as possible.

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Tips and Tricks to Help Manage Your Aviophobia

Aviophobia may feel overwhelming, but with the right supports, it doesn’t have to hold you back. Here’s how you can start working on your fear today!

Does the idea of taking to the skies strike fear in your heart? If you suffer from Aviophobia (the fear of flying), you probably relate to this sentiment a great deal. In a world where people travel large distances more often than ever, suffering from a fear of flying can seriously cripple your potential for adventure and work.

Fortunately, there’s a tremendous amount of research available showing that patients with aviophobia don’t have to suffer forever. Depending on the level of your fear, you may be able to negate it with just a small amount of effort. Here’s how you can start working on your fear right now!

Understand the Symptoms of Aviophobia

Aviophobia can bring on a long list of symptoms, each of which can be decidedly debilitating, but many of these symptoms can be caused by illness, too. Recognizing the symptoms and how they connect with each other can help you determine whether you’re experiencing aviophobia or some other medical condition.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Clammy skin
  • Sweating
  • Muscle spasms
  • High heart rates
  • Stomach pains
  • Stomach cramping
  • Diarrhea/constipation
  • Shortness of breath
  • Anxiety and/or irritability
  • Heart palpitations
  • Chest pains

Most of these symptoms fall under the same umbrella – anxiety and/or panic attacks. However, unlike General Anxiety Disorder or Panic Disorder, the symptoms of aviophobia go away after you are no longer exposed to the trigger (flying).

Unfortunately, anxiety and adrenaline can often make flyers feel as if they’re “having a heart attack” or dying; it is exceptionally rare for this to actually be the case. Usually, this is simply a symptom of your body being forced into “fight or flight” mode (no pun intended). By working on your fear, you can successfully reduce the incidence of these symptoms.

One small caveat: some symptoms, (including chest pains and heart palpitations) should always be addressed by a physician to rule out other serious health concerns. Although anxiety is by far the most common cause, it’s better to be safe about your health.

How to Manage Aviophobia

Managing this is possible, and there are many techniques you can use to achieve it. The most common ways to manage aviophobia include:

  • Utilizing deep breathing exercises
  • Types of hands-on therapy
  • Meditation
  • Flying charter instead
  • Medication

Below, we explore each of these techniques and the benefits of each in detail.

Try Deep Breathing Exercises

If your fear is mild, simple deep breathing exercises alone may be enough to bring you back down to Earth. Start by breathing in deeply and slowly to the count of three or four (whatever is most comfortable. Then, hold the breath for the same count. Finally, breathe out slowly, following the same count.

Breathing exercises work best when done “low and slow,” so actively try to avoid rapid breathing or hyperventilating. If you find yourself getting dizzy or feeling uncomfortable, you’re probably breathing a little bit too fast.

Seek Professional Help

We tend to think of therapy as something people seek when they have long-term, chronic mental health struggles. Truthfully, psychotherapy is a great way to address even infrequent concerns like aviophobia. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), your therapist can help you face your fears head-on. Both of these forms of psychotherapy focus on finding the source of fears and creating new coping skills that alleviate fear symptoms.

Licensed therapists can also help you engage in a treatment format known as Exposure Therapy. This treatment focuses on slowly acclimatizing you to flying. You may start with simply visiting the airport while your therapist guides you through your feelings, and then move on to boarding an aircraft. Finally, your therapist may guide you through a short flight.

As a therapy approach, Exposure Therapy has the highest rate of success other than medication intervention when treating phobias. If you’ve tried other methods with no luck, it may be your best bet.

Take Up Meditation

Research shows that meditation can greatly reduce anxiety, especially if you practice it regularly over time. This isn’t the kind of treatment approach that’s likely to fix your issues if you just do it when you’re flying; instead, you should sit and meditate in whatever way you prefer for at least 10 to 20 minutes a day. Some flyers prefer religious meditation, while others engage in simple sitting meditation. Still others use guided meditations to recenter themselves (or at least distract from their surroundings).

Struggling with sitting meditation? You can meditate in movement, too. Tai Chi and Yoga are excellent ways to recenter and ground yourself, and you can use what you learn there while seated in the skies.

Fly Charter Instead

Often, much of the anxiety flyers with aviophobia experience stems from fearing what other people will think of them if they experience anxiety on a commercial flight. This is common in all forms of anxiety; the individual experiencing the anxiety can become so fearful of what they might experience, the anticipation becomes worse than the reality. This is how conditions like agoraphobia (fear of going outside) slowly develop.

While you aren’t likely to experience agoraphobia as a result of aviophobia, you may be able to reduce some of the anxiety by flying charter instead. Charter flights are private, and furthermore, most airlines are well-practiced in handling aviophobia sensitively. If something does happen, there’s no need to worry about bothering other passengers along the way. Even the added peace and quiet of a charter flight is enough to soothe many aviophobia sufferers – making their fear of flying more like a commercial flight phobia.

If All Else Fails, Consider Medication

If you’ve tried everything and you still experience unbearable fear when you fly, or if you can’t fly at all right now, medication may be an option. Short or long-acting sedatives like Ativan, Clonazepam, and Vistaril suppress the Central Nervous System (CNS). Medications like Metoprolol, a beta blocker, suppress adrenaline and the fear response in your body.

Exactly if or which of these medications are suitable depends on your current health condition and medications; your doctor can best advise you on the subject. Many patients find light sedation more than enough to suppress severe fears before they fly, allowing for a reactive approach with each flight.

Final Thoughts

There’s a whole world of adventure waiting for you out there, filled with luxurious flights, incredible destinations, and plenty of fun along the way. Take your first baby step to find help or speak with a private charter jet company about accommodating your needs. Sometimes, what you need most is a friendly, understanding crew to get you through the flight. The right company will always be happy to do whatever they can to help!

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The Best 2021 Late Spring Skiing Destinations

Spring skiing isn’t quite over yet! Pack your bag, grab your skis, and book your private jet charter. Learn our top 5 spring skiing destinations.

As summer is quickly approaching, you may feel that it is time to turn your attention to the types of sports you can spend time doing out in the heat—things like beach volleyball, soccer, fishing, and the like.

Nothing is quite as enjoyable as the icy cold wind hitting your face as you swoosh downward on a blue track at your favorite ski resort. The rush you get is something you wish you could experience again and again. If so, you may question whether or not you even have time to get in that last trip down the slopes or if you have to resort to hanging up your skis until next winter.

Good news – it is too early to call it quits just yet. Summer may be here before you know it, but there is still time to get some late-season skiing in.

Here are a few of the best late spring skiing destinations of 2021 – and some tips to make it an unforgettable experience.

Tips for an Unforgettable Spring Skiing Experience

Choose a wider ski. The snow during spring skiing will not be frozen. That means you may want to go for a wider ski that will help you handle these slushy conditions better. Perhaps this is why so many people choose to give snowboarding a try. It is a great time to do so.

Do not skimp on the wax. Again, the slopes are going to be slushy, and they are going to be wet. Wax your skis well before you take that leap. This is the best way to avoid any damage or slipping.

Check your layers. In the middle of winter, you layer up because the temperatures can be brutal. During the late season, however, the sun is hot, and the temperatures are milder. It would help if you layered because you are still dealing with the cold snow, but you do not want to go too overboard to end up a hot, sweaty mess. Find comfortable ski attire that will allow you to stay warm but free from sweat.

Reach your ski resort via a private jet. Many of the great destinations with late spring skiing require a small charter jet to access nearby landing strips or a long ride from the large commercial airport. Remember, time is ticking down to where you will no longer be able to ski until next season. Do not miss a minute on those slopes – a private jet charter gets you as close as possible and as quickly as possible. Of course, it is also an easy way to travel with your ski equipment too.

Ask about the closing date. The weather is always unpredictable, so slopes/resorts may close sooner or later than their stated closing date. Before you book that private jet charter, double-check the closing date.

Now that you know how to make it a great experience, let’s talk about those destinations – here are your best 2021 late spring skiing options:

1. Snowbird, Utah

High elevations can mean significant snowfall late in the season. With an elevation of nearly 8,100 feet, it’s no wonder that Snowbird is known to stay open well into summertime. Independence Day skiing, anyone? Most of the terrain here faces the north, which helps make a case for late-season skiing, too.

The best part of choosing Snowbird is that it is close to Salt Lake City, Utah – which means lots of stuff to do in addition to skiing. You can make this a well-rounded ski trip if you throw in some hiking, hot springs, shopping, and dining.

2. Timberline, Oregon

Located in Mt. Hood, Oregon, the Timberline Lodge has an infamous history. If you’ve seen The Shining, then you have seen this lodge. Well, the exterior, anyway.

Nestled at an elevation of 11,245 feet, you can ski the slopes here year-round – that means through spring and summer. They have over 3,600 vertical feet of slopes for you to enjoy, too.

This family-owned and operated resort on the tallest mountain in Oregon is sure to give you a late-season ski trip for the memory books.

3. Mammoth Mountain, California

Sticking to the west coast, Mammoth Mountain is another high-elevation ski hotspot (at about 11,000 feet) that is open well into the summer months. They have about 3,500 acres available for skiing and excellent conditions for the white stuff well into spring.

As the season starts to wind down, you will find many additional activities to enjoy, too, like bike paths, mountain climbing, golfing, and camping.

4. Killington, Vermont

Believe it or not, Killington has a relatively low elevation – 4,241 feet. But they pile up snow throughout the winter onto their Superstar run that grows and grows as the snowfalls. This is one of the only ski options late in the season located on the east coast.

If you are looking for a spot that will allow you to enjoy skiing without having to head across the country, this is your spot.

5. Alpine Meadows, California

Alpine Meadows ski resort is a little off the beaten path from more well-known options – especially Squaw Valley to the north. This area has a lot of its ski runs above the tree line. And, if you prefer corn snow, you will find it here. It is a forgiving type of snow that can give you the best run. Not everyone knows about it or where to find it (since timing is everything). Alpine Meadows is well-known for it, thanks to its sunny days and nights with plummeting temps. 

 Spring Skiing: Final Thoughts

From the year-round runs in Timberland to the high elevation of Mammoth Mountain to the corn snow of Alpine Meadows – and everywhere in between – you are sure to find just the right ski resort for you.

If you follow these tips and book your ski time at one of these late-season ski resorts, you are sure to head into summer feeling refreshed.

Travel Tips

Different Types of Jet Leasing: Dry Leasing vs. Wet Leasing

When you choose jet leasing, you do so with the assumption that everything is going to be taken care of. Learn the best way to lease your next jet.

More and more people are finding themselves turning toward the convenience and safety of private jets to meet their travel needs. Mix these newcomers with the more seasoned private travelers and you have got a hefty list of bookings.

Because navigating the world of private travel can be a bit overwhelming for those who are not familiar with it, it is important to shed light on a few key factors. In particular, the different types of jet leasing. After all, when you book a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles, you assume it will be ready to get you from point A to point B when you arrive at the appropriate date and time listed in your booking, right?

Well, not always.

Private jets are leased – and subsequently chartered – using two main types of leasing – dry leasing and wet leasing. And, if you want your travel plans to take off smoothly, you are going to want to pay attention.

Jet Leasing

When you charter an aircraft, the charter company likely does not own the jet. Instead, they have leasing agreements with the owners of the aircraft. In other words, the owner of the aircraft keeps the title, but the jet is transferred to the lessee. This allows charter companies to have a wide array of quality jets available for you to take advantage of.

Face it – buying a jet is incredibly expensive and, if purchasing them was required, you likely would not have very many options when you want to book your next trip.

Do not worry, leasing aircraft is all regulated by the FAA. In fact, there are two main types of leases that are used when it comes to jet leasing.

Dry Leasing

Choosing to dry lease an aircraft can leave you thirsty for more – and that is because it doesn’t come with anything. Dry leasing an aircraft gets you, well, an aircraft. There is no crew, no pilot, and no maintenance plan.

So, who opts for dry leasing a private aircraft? This is a perfect option for an individual or company who doesn’t have or want to spend the high-priced costs that are required upfront in purchasing. Not to mention that depreciation is bound to occur over time. In addition, it allows those who are interested to get a chance to try different aircraft before making that huge investment.

Wet Leasing

A wet lease is the first and most popular type of jet leasing. With this type, the owner of the jet leases it out to the lessee for any use stated within the terms of the lease. What makes wet-leasing different from dry leasing is that this lease comes with a flight crew.

There is something important about having a specific crew for a specific jet. After all comfortability and familiarity are factors that come with giving a magnificent flight experience – something that may not be found with dry leasing.

Perhaps the best part of wet jet leasing is the fact that the leasing company is in charge of conducting maintenance on the aircraft as well as keeping it thoroughly insured and protected.

In other words, many benefits come with wet leasing that you would not otherwise get with a dry lease. Let’s take a closer look.

Benefits of Wet Leasing

When it comes to investing in private jets, choosing the right type of lease – whether wet or dry – is going to come down to your vision for the jets themselves. For charter companies, the customer experience is what stands out most.

By signing a wet lease, we gain a few impactful benefits – benefits that we pass on to our customers.

Ready, set, go.

There are those travelers who book months (or even years) in advance. Then some choose to head out of town on a whim – either with a few weeks’ notice or a few hours! With dry leasing, you need time to get a crew together and to check out the jet itself. However, with wet leasing, you have everything you need to get in the air at a moment’s notice.

Wide variety.

Traveling via private jet comes with a sense of luxury. There are things we seek out when choosing this travel method – and almost expect. And having a variety of jets to choose from is one of them. Since purchasing a jet itself is incredibly expensive, jet leasing provides a more cost-effective manner to give travelers options and variety to choose from.

Reduce the worry.

Caring for travelers and jets – and making sure everything is maintained, insurance, and properly handled can be a heavy burden. This is especially true when you have many jets in your fleet. Wet leasing allows for some of this burden to remain on the lessor rather than weighing solely on the lessee.  

Jet Leasing: Finals Thoughts

When it comes to booking your travel arrangements, the last thing you think about is creating a miserable experience, right? You want to travel with confidence and without worry. You want to be able to rest easy as you travel from one place to the next without much effort.

When you choose to travel private, you do so with the assumption that everything is going to be taken care of for you. And, when you arrive at the airport, you want to have the confidence that the private jet your chartered will have been cared for and maintained and ready to take flight. That means you also expect a pilot and a flight crew to be there, too.

If you look back over the different types of jet leasing, you will notice that dry leasing does not come with any of these perks – which leaves the responsibility on the leasing (or charter) company. Wet leasing, however, is different. From the lessor to the lessee and to you, the passenger, there are many benefits to be had.


The private travel sector does not show any sign of slowing down. The more travelers have sought COVID-friendly travel options, the more they have discovered the perks of traveling via a private jet rather than a commercial airliner.

Travel Tips

What is Responsible Travel and Why Is It Important?

Thinking ahead and planning your trip wisely can allow you to have the best experiences around the world while being conscious of responsible travel.

As we move forward in life, we are encountering so many new terms and words for things – especially travel – and we are not quite sure what they mean. See, as our society grows and changes, so do our preferences. With the current generations driving the course of our future, the focus has turned more toward a mindful, environmentally friendly outlook.

We want to do better for ourselves and our planet. And this is beginning to show in our travel trends.

So, what is responsible travel? And why is it so important? That is exactly what we are here to find out today.

What is Responsible Travel?

When countries, cities, towns, and communities open their doors for tourists to visit, they expect to reap the rewards. They want the exposure and the increased economic gains to help propel the area into the future. And who can blame them? So many areas have relied heavily on tourism to drive their economy – and they have done well.

What these same areas didn’t expect, though, is the damage that heavy tourism can leave. For instance, places that have been home to many travelers over the years can end up dealing with consequences such as:

  • Loss of habitats and nature
  • Traffic congestion
  • Destruction of natural (and historical) landmarks
  • Drying up of natural resources (and other resources)
  • Loss of cultural identity
  • An increased cost of living
  • Increased crime rates
  • Increased pollution of all types

This can lead to a breakdown of the country or community, losing a sense of what it was, leaving it sort of washed up and shoved aside.

We need to stop doing this – and we need to start respecting the land and areas where we decide to travel. This is where responsible travel comes in. It is about being conscious of our impact – taking the focus away from visiting places on the surface and turning it towards the culture. Responsible travel means embracing this current culture – and showing it gentle respect.

Can you change your way of travel to focus on the community as a whole rather than your own needs and desires?

How You Can Travel More Responsibly?

If you are ready to transform your travel plans into something that has minimal impact on the world around you, then you need to pay attention to your choices. Responsible travel is all about making the best choice for yourself, for others, and our planet.

For example:

  1. Book your accommodations in a large chain hotel or you can opt for a local bed and breakfast.
  2. Spend your time supporting tourist attractions that contain caged animals or you can find a local group in the community to show you around nearby nature perseverations.
  3. Rent a car while you are visiting an area or you can choose to walk or take advantage of the local mass transit system.

Can you see just how much power you hold in your own hands? It all comes down to your decision to be conscious of responsible travel.

Support Local

Local communities thrive when tourists come to visit. Unfortunately, as soon as big business see that the destination is growing, they step in. Soon enough, travelers begin booking with the big names they know (and who can afford the large advertisements) – leaving the locals hurt and hungry.

If you want to travel responsibly, then it is time you take steps to choose local each time you visit a new destination. And this applies to restaurants, goods, services, overnight accommodations, and more. Choose local and have a positive impact on the local community – and experiences you otherwise would not have had.

Slow Down, Be Mindful

You can book your travel with all intentions of being responsible when you get there. But, often, heading out on an adventure tends to shift our focus – and it may cause us to overlook the impact we are having.You must slow down and be mindful. Plan your travel ahead of time so that:

  • You know the things you will do,
  • The things you won’t, the places to visit,
  • The places to avoid.

Be diligent in your research so you can rest easy knowing you have chosen to utilize the destination in ways that will leave a minimal impact, and maximize your responsible travel efforts.

While you are there, consider opting for a single retreat or visit one area. Slowing down in this way allows you to not only appreciate the place more, but it cuts down on the damage of your additional traveling.

Finally, be mindful of how much you pack (as heavier luggage uses more fuel to transport), how much water you use when showering, flushing, or brushing your teeth, and how you can stay away from using plastic cups, toiletries, and so forth.

Fly Private

Here is something to think about. When you are traveling to your destination, what is the best way to get there? The easiest choice for most of us would be air travel – but do you know just how much carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere with each flight? About 25%! And just think how many times a commercial jet must land and take off – especially if you have a layover or two. Sure, you could book a straight-through flight if it is available. But, what about a better alternative altogether?

Private flights.

Smaller aircraft produce much fewer emissions than commercial. And they fly directly to your destination. No extra, unnecessary travel or stops. Not to mention that you can also call ahead and make sure that your private jet is equipped with all sustainable drinkware and so forth to further be responsible.

Private jet charters allow you to visit the heart of local cultures (especially since they can reach places commercial aircraft cannot) while leaving minimal impact on their environment.


COVID-19 has kept us all indoors for much longer than we’d prefer. But, as we start heading out on explorations and adventures, we have to be mindful of the damage our travel can cause. Thinking ahead and planning your trip wisely can allow you to have the best experiences around the world while leaving the smallest carbon footprint imaginable.

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Private Jets Prove to Be Essential for Travel

Life cannot stop due to COVID, but it can be adjusted. Private jets are proving to be essential for travel as they maximize safety during this pandemic.


Private Jets Prove to Be Essential for Travel as They Maximize Safety

As the COVID-19 pandemic invaded our lives, many things started to change. A country that once never feared walking around in public quickly closed its doors and stayed inside. Toilet paper became the most sought-after item and stocking up on disinfectant and hand soap was just as popular.

Grocery store clerks who showed up for work were being applauded and cheered as essential workers. Drive-thru parades at hospitals became common to show support for healthcare workers – and kids’ birthday parties became a drive-thru event, too. Not to mention that many people who had never heard of zoom found themselves in daily zoom meetings while working remotely. Businesses and schools shut down, events and concerts were canceled.

Life changed, thanks to the coronavirus.

While it is debatable as to whether this change has been for the good, there is one thing that no one may have saw coming — private jets being viewed as essential for travel.

For many people, traveling via a private jet was always a pipe dream. It was never something that could actually happen. Until it did. Let’s dig deeper to see how – and why – this happened.

Pandemic Traveling

Initially, when the pandemic started, we were all discouraged from traveling. And, at one point or another, borders around the globe were closed. Some still are – with some allowing travel but requiring strict quarantining procedures.

Though, while we understood the need to halt travel, it is hard to keep everyone down. Those with adventurous spirits want to get out and go. Those with business that needs to be taken care of must travel for work. The reasons we travel are plenty, but it all boils down to one thing: Pandemic or not, we cannot move forward with life living stagnant without travel.

So, what must we do? We find alternate ways to travel.

Private vs. Commercial Air Travel

Commercial air travel is second nature for many people. When you live in Wyoming, for instance, and know you need to get to El Paso, Texas – you can either spend hours and hours in the car driving (or riding a train or bus) or you can book a commercial plane ticket and find yourself there in a matter of hours.

Air travel is the fastest way to travel – there is no argument there. So, what is the problem? Germs.

When you are dealing with a worldwide pandemic that can be spread by contact and through the air, then why in the world would anyone want to step onboard a commercial aircraft? Stop right there and take a moment to remember your last commercial flight. What did the terminal look like? How about the security line? How many people did you come in close contact with?

The idea behind most commercial air travel companies is to maximize profits by fitting as many people as possible in an aircraft. The more seats they can fit, the more tickets they can sell, and the more money they make with every flight. When the air is a cesspool of potentially deadly, highly contagious germs, you have got a sticky situation.

Private jets are different. They work for the person booking the flight. The one person, couple, family, etc. will travel alone – well, including the small crew – and no additional strangers. This cuts down greatly on the close contact with strangers. Smaller FBOs with minimal security lines and no packed waiting areas make it even a smarter option.

But is Private Travel Really Essential?

No matter what we encounter, travel is going to continue. It must. Life keeps going regardless of a pandemic. Sure, it may have alterations, but it is still moving forward. And as long as it does, we need the ability to travel.

Business needs to be conducted. Family members need to reunite. Medical procedures need to take place. This can be done safely with private jet charters, and this is what makes it essential for travel. Think about it for a moment –

  • How would we continue to move forward with important matters during the pandemic if we had no option but to fly commercial?
  • How likely would everyone be to travel then?
  • How many things would halt because of the inability to fly?

While some younger, healthier individuals may see flying commercial as no big deal, many others are more vulnerable. These individuals know that flying commercial could be too great a risk and would rather seek safer options, such as private travel.

Measures Taken for Health Safety

When traveling via commercial airplanes, you are required to show up at the busy airport. Immediately you are met with thousands of other travelers. You have to check-in, use the bathroom, go through security, get a cup of coffee or bottle of water, etc. Everything you do before you board that plane increases your risk. And there are a lot of opportunities to encounter the virus – and this doesn’t even include being on board the airplane itself! Things are different with private travel.

In fact, private jets are offering safe travel by taking a few additional precautions, including:

  • Sanitizing all surface areas onboard the jet before boarding, including soft, porous surfaces such as seats and seatbelts.
  • Reducing the size of the crew to ensure flight safety but maintain healthy distancing.
  • Less crowded private airports and FBOs.
  • Wearing PPE, such as masks and/or face shields and such as recommended by the CDC.
  • Disposing of items (such as pillows) that cannot be cleaned between passengers.

For the safety of everyone, passengers must always wear masks while in the FBO and on the jet, as well.


To keep the world moving, we have had to make accommodations to provide safer solutions to everyday needs. Notice how your local grocery store may have put up plexiglass barricades around checkout clerks or how doctor offices have moved to appointments via video chat. Life cannot stop due to a deadly virus, but it can be adjusted. And private jets are proving to be essential for travel and safety.


Travel Tips

Thinking of a Spontaneous Trip? Check Out These Tips

For those who are thinking of a much-needed trip, a spontaneous one sounds very fun right now! But like with everything else, safety is a priority. Read the helpful tips below.

Are you anxious to get out and about? It has almost been a year since we have been able to get up and move about life freely – thank you COVID-19. It is no wonder why so many people are itching to go on a trip – even a short one.

No matter how big the urge is, though, we stop and remember that thing called adulting and all the responsibilities and heavyweights that come with it. The idea of being spontaneous and flying off to a faraway land may spark our interest, but the reality of it puts out that flame as soon as it gets started.

Ready for some news that can change all of this?

If you find yourself spending your days daydreaming of places you would love to visit, here are a few tips that can help take that leap and go for it!

1. Choose a Destination

Before you can take a spontaneous trip, you have to decide on your destination. Now, this is when most people would take some time to do their research, trying to uncover the perfect destination. Things like weather, the best time of year to visit, things to do, and so on are what may prompt investigation. Eventually, a destination will be chosen based on the biggest preference.

But let’s be real – that is not very spontaneous. When you choose a destination without planning you find yourself arriving without knowing much about the destination. You do not know the ins and outs and the tourist traps.

Maybe you will just decide to check airfare and choose the first destination to meet your budget or maybe you will close your eyes and touch your finger to a map. That is what choosing a destination looks like when you truly want to be spontaneous. Where will it take you?

2. Put Your Health First

While spontaneous travel is still possible, it is important to keep the COVID-19 crisis in mind when it comes to your health and safety. Be sure that you pack everything you will need to protect yourself and those around you. This includes items such as face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes. Also, you will want to be sure that you are following all social distancing guidelines, avoiding crowded areas, washing your hands properly – and often – and just being cognizant of your surroundings. As an extra safety precaution, you may even want to rule high-risk destinations out completely.

The coronavirus worldwide pandemic has cost many lives. Do not allow yourself to be too risky. Take a rapid COVID test before you leave and again when you get back. A spontaneous trip is important for your sanity, but your life is important, too.

3. Fly Private

When you have the option to just hop on a plane and travel somewhere, consider opting for a private jet. While they are more affordable than ever, a private jet has special accommodations that can feel like a treat, but also include more benefits than meet the eye.

Flying private leads to great flexibility. If you are being spontaneous, you must be flexible. Why not choose to fly an empty leg flight? This often gives you a reduced travel cost and you can visit a destination you may have never considered on your own.

Again, with COVID-19, you can expect your private jet to be sanitized – and free from the germs that hundreds of other passengers carry onto commercial airliners. And, if you are looking for a spontaneous getaway, this is the surefire way to make the most of it.

4. Choose Centrally Located Lodging

Those who often research their destinations before booking know exactly where the attractions are that they would like to visit and have a general idea of where to stay. When you are flying away on a whim, you are not going to be privy to this information.

Choosing a lodging option that is centrally located in a city means that you have the best chance of being close to the things the destination has to offer – without having to travel too far. You are sure to find something to do to make the most of your spontaneous trip.

5. Don’t Be Weighed Down with Luggage

If you are wishing for spur-of-the-moment travel, then you do not want to have lots of luggage weighing you down. After all, you may not even know exactly what you should or should not pack for your trip because you did not take the time to research and plan, remember? Private jets can only carry so much weight and you will not be able to be spontaneous if you are lugging around heavy bags with you on your trip.

Pack the essentials and leave the rest at home.

6. Ditch the Itinerary

Itinerary what? Exactly. Ditch the idea of the itinerary. Life is full of schedules and routines – and having an itinerary can make your getaway seem just as rigid. So, if you would like to truly enjoy your time, then don’t pin yourself down with a timed schedule for your trip. Instead, enjoy all that the destination has to offer by spending time doing things that bring you true joy – and leaving the rest for another time.

Often when we live life unscripted, we find ourselves gaining experiences and creating memories we never otherwise would have had.

7. Get to Know the Locals

Locals are the ones who live permanently at the destination. They know where the good places are to eat the best local foods – and they know the touristy areas that steal your money. They also know the dangerous areas where outsiders may be targeted and places off the beaten path that can take your breath away.

Get to know the locals. Without an itinerary, these folks can transform your spontaneous travel and make it something extraordinary.


What are you waiting for? Why are you still sitting there? It is time to get out there and be spontaneous. Pick your destination, book your private travel, and ditch your itinerary. Set out on a COVID-safe carefree getaway you will never forget.