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Best Times to Get Discount Private Jet Flights

Discount Private Jet Flights - The Early Airway

Private jet travel may be cheaper than what you were led to believe. Find out the best times to find discount private jet flights.

There are some of us who love to travel. We want to get on board an airliner and fly from one place to the next. If we didn’t ever have to come home and get back to reality, we probably wouldn’t. And then there are those travelers who go because they have to. They are traveling for business or seeing a sick relative. Those in between? Well, those are the individuals who travel when they find a good deal and decide they’d like to go somewhere – yet they don’t travel enough to rack up (and benefit from) those frequent flier miles.

While everyone would love to fly private, this latter group is especially important. They would love to reap the benefits of private travel, but they aren’t even sure where to begin. Frequent travelers may know the ins and outs, but the rest of us? Not so much. All we know is we’d like to get from one point on a map to the next without spending too much money. And, yes, we’d love to find comfort on a private jet.

Is it possible? It sure is – when you book during one of the best times to get discount private jet flights!

Benefits of Discount Private Jet Flights 

We often hear how many benefits there are to flying private. And we’ve surely seen inside those luxurious private jets on tv screens. But, just how different is private travel from commercial travel? What are the benefits?

First, you get comfortable seating – and can sit just about anywhere you feel comfortable. Depending on your jet, this could be a couch, a captain’s chair, or even a bed. You aren’t restricted when it comes to moving around and can kick and relax without worry.

Private travel is also flexible and time-saving. There are so many things that can prevent you from getting on your flight on time. And while your commercial flight may leave you for taking too long in the terminal restroom, your private jet isn’t going anywhere without you. If you need an extra few minutes or prefer to fly out in the afternoon instead of the morning, no problem. You arrive at the FBO and hop on the jet when ready. No long security lines – and no need to arrive two hours before your flight.

The fact that your jet is private is another great perk. You don’t have to worry about being in the company of hundreds of strangers. No weird elbow or knee touching. And, in the era of COVID, no unnecessary germs.

The benefits list could keep going and going. But that’s not really why you are here, is it? You know that a private jet can be incredibly enjoyable – which is why you need to know how to afford to fly on one, right? OK, here are some of the best ways to make the experience affordable.

Empty Leg Flights 

Empty leg flights (sometimes referred to as empty seat flights) are those that are on their return flight – and are flying home empty. Let’s say, for example, that someone booked a flight from LA to NYC. That private jet needs to get back to its base in LA after it drops off its guest. It can either fly back empty. Or, it can sell you a seat on that flight at a discounted rate. You save money, and they make money – it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Empty leg flights are much more common than you may think. They offer you the opportunity to travel in luxury without all the added expense.

Time of Year 

The time of year also plays a role in finding discount private jet flights. Because you want to save money, you will want to avoid traveling during the busy times when everyone else is traveling. For instance, around holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s – travel is up. Everyone is looking to fly everywhere, so it should be no surprise that traveling during this time will see premium rates. But, what about the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Or how about the month of January after the holiday rush has subsided? Or the fall months of back-to-school in September and October?

During the quiet travel times, you can find some of the best rates. 

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand, as with anything, also impacts the cost of discount private jet flights. Think about COVID-19 for a moment. When this struck our country and brought everything to a screeching halt — people still had to travel for necessary reasons. Many turned to private travel due to a safer, more socially distanced environment. Demand was up.

During holidays or natural disasters or just busy times of the year, the demand goes up, and supply goes down — increasing the cost of private travel. So, when you find those times when demand wouldn’t be so great, you are sure to find a big supply of jets waiting to fly you anywhere – for a discount.

Private Travel with a Small Group 

Another idea to get discount private jet flights is to travel with a small group. Sharing the cost of a flight can significantly reduce your portion. Many private jets hold more passengers than you may think. With room for 8 or 9 passengers, you could easily split the cost of your private jet 9 ways! And that’s quite a bit of savings.

You can look online for travel groups or even speak to some charter companies. Whether you are a part of the group or not, you may be able to join them for the ride – and everyone saves.

Private travel used to be one of those glamorous travel methods that only the elite could afford. While they have surely not lost any of their luxurious accommodations (if anything, they’ve gotten better), they have become more affordable to those looking to travel.

If you are looking for the best times to get discount private jet flights, pay attention to the quiet travel times, avoid the peak times when demand is high, check for empty leg specials, or join a small group of travelers. You should never feel that private travel is not within your reach.


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Top 4 Reasons Why a Private Jet Membership is Worth It

A private jet membership could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Here are the top four reasons why you should consider purchasing one.

Have you ever paid attention to how many membership cards and rewards cards you have? It seems like everyone is trying to make saving money or adding value easier by making special programs available. You can find special memberships with grocery stores, restaurants, car mechanics, tanning or hair salons, and even gyms. They aren’t the only ones.

Private jet charter companies are taking advantage of the benefits offering a membership can provide. This allows them to offer additional perks and value when traveling, as well as being cost-effective for those who fly regularly.

If you are wondering whether or not private jet memberships are worth it, here are the top 4 reasons why you need one.

1. Easy Booking

Booking private travel is a little different than booking a commercial flight. For instance, you can jump online and select your commercial flight, fill out an online form, pay for the reservation, and officially book your flight. With private travel, since you are the only passenger and you are chartering the flight, you will need to sign a contract. This is generally an easy and timely process, but not as easy booking as you will find when you have a jet card or membership.

Imagine being able to use text message booking. You text your desired itinerary and receive a response with the price. Once you reply with “approve,” your flight is booked and paid for automatically using the funds on your jet card. And, because your contract was signed ahead of time and placed on file, you don’t have anything to do but show up and enjoy your flight.

How’s that for easy?

2. Fast Booking for Quick Travel

You may be wondering why fast booking is different from easy booking. Sure, they can be easily confused as the same since easy usually means fast — and fast booking is easy. But they are, in fact, two different reasons.

See, one may consider it easy to book a flight, but that doesn’t mean that flight can take off in the next couple of hours. When you have a private jet membership, you are part of an elite class that has access to jets rather quickly. Maybe even two hours from booking. This is incredibly useful when you find yourself having to book last-minute business meetings or appointments – or prefer to live spontaneously.

While you can’t make a jet appear when there isn’t one near, you better believe that your reservation will take precedence when you need to fly somewhere fast. And that means fast booking and quick travel.

3. Better Pricing

Believe it or not, having a jet card or private charter membership can lead to more affordable travel rates, too. And, who doesn’t like saving money? Think about the rewards program you have with your local grocery store or drugstore. Every time you go in to make a purchase, you either scan a key tag or provide your phone number. Then certain items you purchase may come with a special rate. Without this membership, you’d pay a higher price.

It works the same way with a private jet membership. You may be seeking a quick last-minute trip from Santa Ana, CA, for instance, to Las Vegas, NV, on a Hawker 400XP.  You figure you will head to Vegas, do a little shopping, eating, drinking, and gambling –  and be home before breakfast. How much will this same-day round-trip private jet charter cost you? It depends.

Without a membership, it could cost you more than $10,000! In fact, it may even cost you that much with the wrong membership. But with the right jet card, you can cut the cost in half – and fly to and from Vegas on the same day with luxury accommodations for just over $5,000.00. And, remember, that’s for however many people fit on the jet! Not per ticket.

Incredible savings.

4. Special Accommodations 

When traveling via private jet charter, you want to make the experience enjoyable and have access to all the luxuries that come along with it. With a direct line to a dedicated concierge with the duty of being available to you day or night – and providing you with anything you need for a beautiful flight – you are sure to have an unforgettable experience every time.

If you have any special requests or such that may improve your travel experience – or if you have any concerns about your trip, you have someone to reach out to who is always there for you. Some may even say that this alone is worth more than easy, fast booking and better pricing. After all, there are few things worse than finding yourself facing issues while traveling with no one to talk to. Whether it is a change in travel time, a sick passenger, or just a strong desire for a sweet treat onboard, your private jet membership will make sure you are covered.

So, Is a Private Jet Membership Worth It?

Absolutely. Well, that is, as long as you like added value, perks, and better travel rates. Private jet membership makes it easier for you to take advantage of all the benefits private travel has to offer. Things like:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Increased safety from health concerns, such as COVID-19
  • Access to more airports, including private and executive airports closer to your destination
  • Luxury accommodations and amenities
  • Total privacy
  • Avoid busy, crowded commercial airports
  • Avoid long security lines – and lings at the gate
  • Sit comfortably
  • Increased sense of security
  • Solid in-flight connectivity

There are so many things that you can gain when you fly private jets rather than commercial airlines. So when you can get these perks while gaining the benefits of the jet card – including saving money, having your own dedicated concierge, easy booking, quick travel, and more – it is hard to fathom traveling any other way.

More and more people are taking advantage of all the perks that come with private travel in general, with the added benefits of a private jet membership card. And that is an excellent sign — because it is definitely worth it.


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What To Look For In Private Jet Charter Companies

There are many charter companies to choose from. Find out how to research private jet charter companies to find the perfect fit.

All charter companies are not created equal. Whether you have never been on a private jet before, are a first-time flyer altogether, or have been an avid private jet traveler for the last few decades, there are a few things you need to consider when finding private jet charter companies.

In the connected world that we live in today, anyone can say anything about anyone — and it can be found online with the right search terms. And sometimes, relying on things like Google reviews can lead you down the wrong path. Sure, reviews can give you an idea about a company, but they should never be your determining factor.

If you want to look for a charter company that takes safety, convenience, and customer satisfaction seriously, then you need to take a deeper look at some specifics, like these:

Trustworthiness, Transparency, & Reputation

You will step onboard a private jet and let a stranger carry you 40,000 ft into the sky. You want to make sure there is a level of trustworthiness before those wheels leave the ground. Ask around about a charter company. Find those who have had an experience and ask them about it. Find out how it was and if they would use the company again.

You should be able to reach out to the charter and ask to see documents, such as the FAA Air Carrier Certificate or a D-085 that will list the tail number and any other certifications that relate to safety. Ask about maintenance and safety records. If the charter company is not transparent and open to sharing this information, you may want to go elsewhere.

Reputations are important for charters. Now and then, a company may have a customer who didn’t get the ideal experience, resulting in a negative rant online, but you shouldn’t see a lot of negativity. If you do, this could indicate a company’s poor reputation – and red flag.

Accreditation is important when it comes to maintaining a high level of trust and a good reputation. For instance, having an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) makes a huge statement. And, for charters, being Wyvern accredited holds even more power as it reflects a high level of safety compliance.

The History

New charter companies may be popping up. And they could even be enticing. But there is something about charter companies that have been in service for years, even decades. To make it this long, they have to be doing something right.

Charter companies that are established can reflect a high level of safety and maintenance of their fleet. Because you want someone who is transparent, you can ask them about this safety record over the years, too.

And, while we are at it, why not ask about clientele and repeat travelers? Those who stick with a company through the years are a good indication of a high level of service.

The Fleet

If you are looking for private jet charter companies, you need to feel confident that the company you choose will have the type of jet you need. And not just one of them, either.

Private travel means having jets all over the world at any given moment. Therefore, you will want to look for a company that has a broad fleet size – and variety. That way, when you need to travel, you will feel confident to have access without any issue.

The Dedicated Crew

Your pilot should be fully trained and receive additional training regularly. The cabin attendants should be well-versed in customer service and onboard safety. And the entire crew should be friendly, respectful, and dedicated to giving you an on-time, safe, yet luxurious travel experience.

The Price

Obviously, the price will vary greatly based on the type of aircraft you are seeking, the amenities needed, the distance you want to travel, and so forth. But your charter company should be well in line with other charter companies in their offering and their charges.

The Support

A lot can happen when you travel. If you have ever spent much time on social media, you have likely heard the horror stories and seen the videos of travel nightmares. What will happen if you are at your destination and find yourself without a pilot or a jet? What if you miss your flight time and need to reschedule? What if you have an emergency and need to get home sooner? Or what if you need to fly out today?

Whether you are an experienced traveler of private jets or you aren’t too sure what you are talking about, you should feel confident that the private jet charter companies you chose will help you get through whatever it is you need without too much frustration.

Questions to Ask

On your quest to find the best charter company, you may have to ask a few questions – especially as you begin the booking process. Though, if you are new to private travel, you may be unsure of where to start. So, to help you out, below you will find 8 questions that you should always ask before you finalize your booking.

  1. Who owns the jet? Keep in mind each jet will likely be owned by a different company, so this is one to ask when you decide on which you will be flying.
  2. Is the jet insured?
  3. Are there any surcharges?
  4. Have there been any accidents or issues with the jet?
  5. Is the aircraft refurbished or upgraded?
  6. How often does the crew – especially the pilots – go through training?
  7. What happens if something happens to the jet? Is there a replacement?
  8. Are there any pending lawsuits, or have there been any citations filed?

Once you have the tail number of the jet, you can actually go on the FAA’s website and learn all sorts of information about the jet, such as the owner, manufactured date, and so on. The more information you can gather, the safer you will be in all ways.

Now you have all you need to book your private jet charter!



Six of The Most Popular Turboprop Airplanes

Turbo prop airplanes can be the perfect charter option for those looking to travel short distances, travel in luxury, and get where you need to go.

If you have ever tried to charter a private jet, you have likely discovered that there are so many options when it comes to available aircraft. Choosing what best fits your needs usually comes down to things like your number of passengers, the distance you are traveling, the amenities you are looking for, and more. 

Along with choices like super mids, light jets, midsize jets, and very light jets, you will also be able to choose a turbo prop airplane.

Because they don’t get the attention they deserve, let’s look at some key features of turboprops and 6 of the most popular turbo prop airplanes in the air today. 

What Are Turbo Prop Airplanes?

Turbo props are aircraft that are commonly chartered. They are generally designed to operate at lower altitudes and slower speeds than other commonly chartered jets. But they are still a very viable option. These small planes do have some very distinct advantages over other jet options when booking that flight. Let’s learn a little about them – and what sets them apart. 

The Propeller:

Turbo prop airplanes have a propeller on the outside. Can you picture it? They still have the same turbine engine that powers them like other private jets, but they have a propeller outside while other jets have fan blades located in the engine housing. 


These jets are often much more economical than other private jet options. This is especially true when it comes to shorter flights. 

Flight Range: 

Turbo props are best used for short distances. Their average flight range usually can’t exceed 1,500 miles. 


As stated, turbo prop airplanes are designed to travel at low altitudes – generally below 30,000 ft. The most turbulent air is found between 23,000 and 39,000 feet. That means turboprops have a prime seat for a bumpy ride. Of course, on a nice day, this is not going to be a problem at all, but when there is any questionable weather, you may be in for an unforgettable ride. 

Luxurious Accommodations: 

Just because they are small and have a propeller does not mean that turboprops are any less luxurious than other private jets. Many are very comfortable with technology-filled cabins and all the extra amenities. 

1. Piaggio Avanti Evo Twin Turbo Prop Airplane

This stunning turbo prop is an Italian-made aircraft that has made its way to the United States. It is a quiet, fuel-efficient option with performance-boosting propellers and new safety systems. 

The inside cabin can hold eight passengers in comfortable accommodations, including fold-down tables, reclining chairs, and wireless connectivity. Standing is not too big of a problem for most as the height of the cabin is 5’9″.

This Piaggio turboprop can travel at speeds up to 463 mph, and travel distances greater than 1,900 miles. 

2. Beechcraft King Air 350

Business execs often use this King Air turboprop airplane thanks to its roomy cabin, fold-out tables, and productive workspace. All the power outlets make it easy to keep those laptops powered up, too. 

The cabin of this top-of-the-line King Air is equipped to hold a total of 8 passengers comfortably, though seats can be removed to create even more space if needed. 

Traveling at a top speed of 360 mph, this aircraft can go distances up to approximately 2,000 miles. 

3. Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 and the new version, the Pilatus PC-12 NG, can take off just about anywhere — which makes it convenient for those seeking travel to rugged locations. They have a lot of room inside and comfortable accommodations for passengers onboard – seating for 6 to 8 passengers. Not to mention that they come equipped with a wireless entertainment system and communications options. Most passengers love the ability to monitor their flight on a mapping system in real-time. 

The Pilatus PC-12 can travel at a range of approximately 2,100 miles and speeds around 322 mph. 

4. Beechcraft King Air 260

This aircraft can seat a maximum of 9 occupants in its beautiful and welcoming interior space. Decked out with the latest touchscreen technology and digital pressurization, it is a comfortable ride for all who step on board. 

The King Air 260 can travel at speeds up to 310 mph with a travel distance of 1,720 miles. It is a flight that surely won’t disappoint. 

5. Nextant G90XT Twin Turbo Prop

This is one of the quietest airplanes in the air for its size. And the interior is nothing short of luxurious, with leather seating and hardwoods. Though, the interior cabin is only about 4’9″ high. An onboard lavatory makes up for any lacking headspace. 

There is plenty of space to work or relax while cruising at an average of about 322 mph. This turboprop can reach distances of up to 1,400 before needing to stop. 

The fun fact is that Nextant purchased older Beechjet models and gave them a complete makeover, a new engine, and all. Even the cockpit has all new state-of-the-art technology. 

6. Jetstream 4100

Did you know that turboprops can hold a lot of passengers? The Jetstream 4100 is one of them – with maximum seating for 29 passengers and two pilots! This jet can land and take off just about anywhere. This aircraft has a luxurious interior that has a quiet cabin. It has a very comfortable cabin height of 5’10” – and a lavatory on board, too. 

The Jetstream can travel short distances of about 774 miles before needing to refuel. And cruises at speeds of 295 mph on average. 

Turbo Prop Airplanes: Closing Thoughts

The next time you find yourself wanting to fly the friendly skies, don’t feel like you have to jump onto a private jet — especially if you aren’t traveling great distances. The most popular turbo prop airplanes are available for charter and can get you where you need to be. And, let’s not forget how efficient, economical, and luxurious turboprops are. 

Where will your next charter take you? 


Benefits of a Learjet Charter

With a wide range of benefits for each learjet charter, from light jets to the midsize jets, there is something for nearly every need.

A learjet charter can offer a variety of options to meet your travel needs.

Whether you are new to the world of private travel or you have chartered many flights, you likely know that there is an entire list of possible jets to choose from. Finding the one that meets your needs is often a difficult task. That is unless you discover a certain brand of jet design that you have grown fond of.

For many travelers, this is a Learjet charter.

The reason?

There are so many well-designed models of Learjet that have been manufactured to fulfill a variety of situations. Here is what you need to know about them.

History of Learjet

Learjet was founded in the 1950s by William Powell Lear. Though, it was originally known as Swiss American Aviation Corporation. They began manufacturing private business jets for personal, business, and even military use.

For over 70 years these luxury jets have found their way into our skies. Smaller light jets and larger midsize jets have been designed greater and greater as the years have moved on. They are fast, efficient, and have been a model for those in the industry.

In the 1990s, Bombardier Aerospace, a Canadian Company, purchased the Learjet Corporation. They have created a few near Learjet models since then and have even launched one of the first all-composite business jets, the Learjet 85.

While Bombardier has come forward with an announcement that the last jet was produced this year, in 2021, they are launching a program to re-manufacture the Learjet 40 and Learjet 45.

The Learjet 45

The Learjet 45 is a midsize private jet that first took flight in 1995 and was produced until 2007.  It is one of the first Learjets produced after the takeover by Bombardier. A total of 248 were built.

This model private jet offers luxurious accommodations. Though, over the years, many have redesigned the interior to more updated looks – leaving some of these jets more pleasing than others. Once onboard, you will find a lavatory and sink with running water, 16 windows to watch the view, and seating for 8 passengers originally designed in two sets of four.

Some important key aspects of the Lear 45 are:

  • The max flight speed is 465 knots with a normal cruising speed of 436 knots.
  • The normal range is 1,423 nautical miles.
  • Cabin height is 4 feet, 11 inches.

Either way, the Learjet 45 is a perfect option for those looking to get away for business or pleasure – and to do so with ease. While commonly used for business travel, these jets are comfortable and roomy enough for families, too.

The Learjet 55

Another midsize jet in the family is the Lear 55. It was manufactured first in 1979 and then was reintroduced after Bombardier took over. These new upgraded models are the Learjet 55B, the 55C, and the 55 ER.

The inside cabin has seating for 7-10 passengers, with an enclosed lavatory, and space for refreshments and even catering. Many older models of Lear 55’s as well as the upgraded modes have been refurbished and offer comfortable accommodations for all travelers that choose a learjet charter.

Generally, the Learjet 55 comes with the following specs:

  • Cabin height of 5 feet, 7 inches (making it much easier to walk freely).
  • The max flight speed is 458 knots with a normal cruising speed of 420 knots.
  • The normal range is 2,039 nautical miles or a max range of 2,244 nautical miles.

This aircraft is a perfect option for business travelers due to its space and ability to travel a hefty range. Though, again, families may also find it to be a quite enjoyable – and comfortable – option.

The Learjet 60

The end of production of the Learjet 55 occurred when it was replaced by the Learjet 60, which was created in 1993. In fact, it was meant to be an improved version of its predecessor. It has a more powerful engine and the ability to travel further distances.

Additional models of the Lear 60 were created, the Lear 60SE (decked out in a high luxury interior with prime entertainment options), and the Lear 60XR with its updated interior cabin space.

As for its pertinent specs, the Lear 60 has a normal cruise speed of 425 knots with a range of 2,418 nautical miles – the greatest of all three.

This option for a learjet charter is a great option for anyone looking for something that offers an efficient, high-quality flight experience. Business travelers, families, sports teams, and more will all find satisfaction with a Learjet 60 or one of its additional models.

What Sets Learjet Apart

Learjet designed jets with multiple angles in focus. They are not created to just be comfortable or just travel efficiently. Instead, they are manufactured in a way that allows every traveler to have the most pleasant experience imaginable.

Comfortable, luxurious accommodation, plus a powerful engine that reaches great speeds and distances all combined to create a jet that can get you where you need to go without sacrifice. This is something that cannot be said for all private jets. Throughout, they have always understood that there is more than one component to a learjet charter flight. Rather, giving attention to the passenger, the pilot, and the jet together is what sets them apart.

Booking a Learjet Charter

The next time you have a trip, whether around the corner or across the country, booking a Learjet charter could be your best option. Determine the distance of your destination, the number of travelers that will be on board, and what you intend to do while in flight. These will help you to better choose a charter option to meet your needs.

Throughout its life, Lear has been a reputable manufacturer of private jets. With care for details – for the pilots, the passengers, and the overall flight experience – and the strive for better flight ability, you know you are flying quality onboard these jets. A learjet charter is only clicks away with The Early Air Way.


What Is a Charter Flight?

What is a charter flight? Private travel is based on the length of travel, the number of passengers, your needs, and so forth. Learn all about charter flights.

We love options. We love to be able to choose how we will spend our free time, what we will have for lunch, and even the tunes we choose to listen to on a run. Without being able to make these choices for ourselves, life could appear rather bleak, couldn’t it?

It only makes sense that we have options when it comes to traveling. And we do. We can take a drive in our car, hop on a bus, take a cruise, or board an airplane. Depending on our destination, our timeframe, our budget, and our preferences, we choose the best option.

What rarely gets considered when it comes to travel is the option of a charter flight. Maybe it is because we do not know what it is. Maybe we do not believe it is an affordable choice. Or maybe it is just something we do not fully understand.

That last reason? That is why we are here. You cannot honestly make the best choice for yourself when it comes to travel if you do not know all the options available. So, let’s take a few moments to answer the question of what is a charter flight, how it works, what you can expect, and why you will never choose to travel any other way.

Really, What Is A Charter Flight?

When was the last time you flew on a commercial aircraft? To book the flight, you likely jumped online, checked out the hundreds of schedules and flights available, looking at the layovers and direct flights, the times, and the costs. Once booked, you choose your seat, pay for your luggage, and so on. On the day of travel, you have to arrive at the airport two hours before the scheduled flight so that you can stand in long security checkpoints and wait at the gate to board the flight with hundreds of others. When you are onboard the plane, you sit knee to knee and elbow to elbow with a stranger or two – cramped in your designated spot for the entire flight. If you have a layover? Well, you have to deboard the aircraft and wait around a busy airport to do it all again shortly.

Phew. Just reading that can make you exhausted. The idea of commercial flights is nothing short of aggravating. It’s a good thing that charter flights are different.

Charter flights get you where you need to be quick without all the unnecessary hassle.

  • There are no set schedules that must plan your travel around.
  • There are no long security lines and cramped quarters with strangers.
  • There are no time-consuming layovers.

When you charter a flight, you have more control over your air travel than you ever will on a commercial aircraft. After all, you are the passenger, rather than being one of the hundreds of passengers.

What You Should Expect on Your Charter

Charter flights are referred to as private flights because they offer you so much privacy. So, this is something you should definitely expect when it comes to flying on a chartered aircraft – and it all starts with the FBO, which is a private airport. Some of these are found on the grounds of major airports while others have a private airfield all their own. And, unlike busy, crowded commercial airports, you will find that FBOs are often quiet with luxurious accommodations – and no long lines.

Getting to the aircraft, though, is just the beginning. Once onboard, you will be delighted with comfortable accommodations that seem roomier than commercial planes, despite their much smaller size. Because you are traveling alone – or with those individuals you are bringing with you – that crowded feeling is nonexistent. You can laugh, talk, and enjoy each other’s company knowing that you are in a private setting.

For many, real-life seems to shut down while in the air. And even if you do choose to pay a little extra for that wi-fi access on your commercial flight, the speed is often so slow it is impossible to get much done. When flying on a private charter, you can have access to a high-speed wi-fi connection, sound systems and entertainment systems, and even satellite television. While this may vary by jet, it is definitely a common perk in the private travel world.

Finally, remember when you used to board an aircraft for a flight and you would be given a meal to eat? Commercial airlines have long since canceled this service, but not private jets. When you book a chartered flight, you can request a specific meal or even takeout from your favorite restaurant. So, while you are on your way to your destination, you can enjoy a nice meal. And, if you would like – you can even take a quiet, private nap afterward!

Why Flying Private is the Way to Travel

Flying private is the go-to travel option for anyone who has ever given it a try. There are so many perks – in addition to the ones we have talked about – that it is hard to go back to commercial travel.

  • Flexibility in flight times and schedules
  • Choice of aircraft and accommodations
  • Worry-free boarding
  • Always a direct flight
  • Last-minute flights in as little as two hours
  • Avoid security checkpoints – simply get out of your car and board the flight if you wish

Not to mention that in a world of a global pandemic, health and safety concerns are a top priority. Flying on a chartered jet gets you where you need to go in a sanitized, socially distanced environment.

Chartering a Flight

Booking a chartered flight is as easy as it is to book commercial. Online forms allow you to choose your destination as well as the date and time you want to travel and submit it for a quote. Private travel is based on the length of travel, the number of passengers, your needs, and so forth. Jet charter specialists put together the best quote for you – without any commitment. And, when you are ready to book, they will handle all the details for you while you get your bags packed. If you asked yourself “What is a charter flight”, now you know everything there is.


Looking forward to chartering your first private jet? Let’s do it!


Flying in a Private Jet to the U.S. Open Makes Sense. Here’s Why.

Professional golfers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from flying in a private jet to the USGA U.S. Open; here’s why this travel makes sense.

Everyone has their ideal way of traveling. Golfers are no different. When it comes to lugging all their baggage from green to green around the country – or world – they prefer a bit of convenience.

It is no wonder why so many golfers prefer flying via a private jet.

But golfers aren’t the only ones taking advantage of all the perks that come with flying private. You can take advantage of them, too.

In fact, flying in a private jet to the U.S. Open tournament just makes sense. Here’s why:


1. Commercial Air Travel Options Are Often Limited

The location of the U.S. Open changes every year. And, when it does, it is the green that is on the minds of the United States Golf Association (USGA). In fact, there are roughly 14 factors that they look for when choosing where it will be played:

  • Length, variation and playing characteristics of individual holes
  • Length of overall golf course relative to total par
  • Teeing ground locations (i.e., angles of play)
  • Fairway width and contours
  • Fairway firmness and speed
  • Green speed relative to percentage slopes and contours of the putting greens
  • Putting green firmness
  • Rough height, density, and stages of severity
  • Bunker preparation (i.e., creates a challenge of recovery)
  • Green surrounds (e.g. closely mown areas -vs.- primary rough);
  • Hole locations
  • Risk and reward options
  • Anticipated weather conditions for the time of year
  • The pace of play

What you don’t see on that list is the ease of airport access or convenience. Why? Because they don’t really care how you get there – because you will find a way there.

They focus on the green and let you worry about the rest.

Unfortunately, this means that, quite often, major airports are not close by. But, that is ok. By choosing to fly a private jet, you get access to smaller, business and executive airports that get you closer to the action.


2. Time Is Not a Renewable Resource

Why waste all that time flying commercial to the U.S. Open?

You would have to arrive at least a couple of hours early, then wait to check your bag, get through security, and sit at the gate until time for your flight. Once you arrive at your destination, you would then have to waste time commuting from the airport to the golf course.

That is a lot of wasted time.

By flying via a private jet to the U.S. Open, you get more flexibility in scheduling and spend much less time waiting at the airport.

Time is not a renewable resource. The sooner you learn this, the more exciting and fulfilling your life will be.



3. Getting a Ticket to the US Open Is a Dream Come True for Golf Lovers

Not everyone has the opportunity to attend the U.S. Open. It is not that they are overly pricey or out of reach for average bank accounts.

Instead, they are just one of those special tickets that you get excited when you know you can go and see some of your favorite golfers and indulge yourself in the experience.

So, why not take it a step further?

Make it a trip of a lifetime with a private jet charter. Allow yourself to splurge a little more and get luxurious accommodations to and from the event.

The whole trip will truly feel like a dream come true.


4. Work – and Life – Doesn’t Stop

Despite the fact that you have tickets to the U.S. Open and you have your flight and accommodations, work and life doesn’t halt for your love of golf.

To allow yourself time to focus solely on the event, handle everything else on your to-do list while in the air.

Choosing a private jet means that you can handle your business with the help of in-flight connectivity.

The relaxed seating, tables, and available business set-up on select jets will give you the perfect space to finish what you need to so you can enjoy the U.S. Open experience while there.


5. Meet the Greats of the U.S. Open

As we previously mentioned, most golfers opt for a private jet to travel from one place to another. And, let’s be honest, smaller executive airports are not nearly as busy as commercial airports.

This only increases your chances of running into some of the most well-known players of the game.

Of course, you want to respect their need for privacy and space, but if you are truly a golf lover, then you know how exciting it would be to be in the same room with the players.

Flying a private jet to the U.S. Open is a great way to land yourself in the middle of this opportunity.



6. Enjoy the Convenience – All the Way Around

Do you play golf? If so, then you know traveling commercially with your clubs can be a pain.

  • They have to be sent through as checked luggage, but what happens if they aren’t cared for?
  • What happens if they get lost?
  • What happens if someone else picks them up, knowing what they are?

As discussed, this is why so many golfers choose to fly private jet charters. Their clubs go right there in the baggage department – nowhere else.

This minimizes the chances of them being damaged, lost, or stolen. And it gives the golfer great peace of mind.

If you are going to the U.S. Open, there is a big chance you may get bit by the golf fever and want to drive a few balls yourself. If so, you will want to have your set of clubs with you.

Fly private and you can do just that – easily.



The USGA U.S. Open has been going on for over a century. So to have the opportunity to experience it up close and personal is what dreams are made of.

In fact, the only thing that could enhance it any further would be traveling there via a private jet charter.

Whether you want to save time, get some work done, rub elbows with the pros, or just enjoy the luxury it brings, a private jet is your best choice for travel to the U.S. Open.


6 Reasons to Fly Private to the Masters Tournament

When traveling to the Masters Tournament, there are many benefits of flying in a private jet there – here are six of them.

Did you win the ticket lottery and score yourself a trip to the 2019 Masters Tournament? If so, you are in a position many others can only dream of.

Getting the opportunity to have a glimpse at some of the sports most impressive golfers coming together means you are taking part in a historic event.


Getting to the Masters Tournament

Now it is up to you to decide how you are going to handle your experience. Getting there, of course, should be part of the memories, too.

And, by choosing a private jet for your travels, you will be patting yourself on the back all the way back home.

Choosing to fly privately to the Masters Tournament is one of the best ways to utilize a private jet.

Here’s why:


1. Arrive Closer to the Masters

The Masters Tournament is held in Augusta, Georgia at the Augusta National Golf Course. When it comes to flying here, you will likely be forced to take a commercial flight that will land you in the heart of Atlanta.

Take a moment to consider something. Have you ever traveled to or through Atlanta using its Hartsfield International Airport?

If so, then you have likely learned that this airport is the epitome of busy. It’s a hub for many major airliners and it has been dubbed the busiest airport in the world.

And, while dealing with ATL may not be your most favored moment, we can guarantee that traveling from Atlanta to Augusta won’t either.

The traffic found in Atlanta is not the most pleasurable, either. We won’t even mention that Augusta is about a two-hour drive from ATL, too.

Ready for the good news?

Choosing to fly a private jet means you can avoid this major airport and the busy city altogether.

Private jets can get you closer to your destination, such as Augusta’s Daniel Field airport.


2. Once in a Lifetime Event – Do It Right

Many, many people spend their whole lives hoping for a chance to see some of the greats up close and personal at The Masters Tournament.

In other words, it is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

So, if you find yourself holding onto tickets, you need to make the most of it – and do it right.

Choose to indulge in a luxurious experience from the moment you leave home. Treat yourself to a trip on a private jet.

As we are discussing, there are many reasons this could benefit you.

But you are actually the most important. And you deserve to experience this lifetime event in style.



3. Flexibility, Should the Weather Not Cooperate

According to Augusta’s website, there is a wide variety of temperatures and weather conditions for the tournament.

While a light shower may not put a damper on the event, anything more could.

And, if you find yourself holding a commercial ticket home, it may cost you – either in fees to change your ticket or cost you the opportunity to be at the tournament.

It’s up to you to determine which cost is greater.

Of course, you could always choose to fly private.

Because you are the passenger, it is much easier to delay your flight.

You will have greater flexibility and more options for travel times by avoiding commercial airlines.


4. Have Time to Tie up Loose Business Ends

Just in case you didn’t know, once you arrive at The Masters Tournament, you cannot use your cell phone or other electronic devices.

In fact, these items are strictly prohibited – and can even get you thrown out by trying to sneak them.

So, if you are heading there with work on your plate, then you will want to get it done before you go.

Choosing a private jet to get there means having time to tie up loose business ends on the way.

Many jets offer a comfortable place to get work done. And, with in-flight connectivity, it can bring advantages as if you were on the ground.

This means you can get your work done and be able to enjoy yourself at the event without worry.


5. You Never Know Who You May Run Into

If you fly private to The Masters Tournament, you will not be the only one.

In fact, the Golf Digest reported approximately 1,500 private jets (or more) would be bringing players and spectators to the area. Talk about putting yourself in a position to rub shoulders with some of the sport’s elite.

Augusta Regional Airport and nearby Daniel Field are smaller airports that handle private jets year round. But, for this golf tournament every year, the traffic increases.

By choosing to fly a private jet to The Masters, you may just get the chance to meet – or bump into – some of the biggest names in the game.



6. Start the Excitement Early, Then Relax from It

The anticipation of attending an event like The Masters Tournament is big.

It can build and build until you can find yourself overflowing with excitement. So, why not start your celebration early by taking a private jet with your friends.

With in-flight entertainment, you can start watching the preliminary feeds about the event before you get there. Or, you can even watch some of the season’s highlights.

Fill yourself with knowledge and get yourself ready to enjoy the event.

Days outdoors and lots of walking that follow the buildup of excitement can leave you worn out and exhausted when it is all said and done.

As you head back home, you can find yourself dealing with the two hour drive and frustrations of traveling commercial from ATL. Or, you could drive up and get on your private, chartered jet.

Then, kick back, close your eyes, and relax peacefully from your wonderful experience.

The choice is yours.



Flying private has many benefits any time of year. And, this is especially true when traveling to and from a huge event such as The Masters Tournament.

You’ll be thankful to show up close to the event, in style, and with the flexibility that will allow you to not miss a moment of the entire experience.

In fact, if you have tickets to this historic event, flying private may be one of the best decisions you can make.

Travel Tips

What Is A Private Jet Broker? Do You Need One?

Maybe you have heard of a private jet broker or maybe not. Either way, they are real people offering a real service – finding you the best private jet charter for your needs.

Maneuvering your way through the world of private jets and charters can be overwhelming.

After all, there are thousands upon thousands of private jets that work their way from city to city across the globe.

Planning a way to get from point A to point B can prove to be a trying event – especially for those who are not familiar with the private jet arena.

What if you pick up a phone or shoot an email over to someone with information regarding what you are looking for in a jet, where you want to go, and when – and someone else handles the dirty work for you?

You get your perfect flight without having to work for it.

That is what a private jet broker does.

And exactly the reason why you need one.


A private jet broker to answer your questions

You likely have many questions when it comes to private jet charters – especially if you are new to chartered flights.

There are so many options for traveling private and it all depends on how many passengers will be traveling with you and where your destination is taking you.

Private jets do not have the seating capacity or the fuel capacity of larger, commercial aircraft which is what makes knowing the details of these things so much more important.

When you have questions, you need someone you can trust.

Someone who knows the industry, knows the private jets, and has experience with what to look for and what to avoid.

A private jet broker is someone who generally has concierge experience – and has a great history of knowledge about the industry.

They can answer your questions quickly and precisely – and you can trust you are getting accurate information.



A private jet broker to ensure your safety

With news of private jet crashes and the like, it is scary to put your life in the hands of a charter without knowing the details regarding their safety.

Anyone can tell you it is safe or that the jet has passed inspections or even tell you that the pilot has thousands of hours in-flight.

But, how do you know if you can believe it? If you don’t know what you are looking for, then you can easily find yourself in a terrible situation.

Jet brokers know industry standards and they know safety inspections and certificates.

They have access to this information regarding each aircraft.

They can pull FAA records and confirm that the private jet has passed inspections and is certified for air travel.

In addition, brokers also have access regarding pilots. They can ensure your pilot is experienced and has a safe history before you put your life at risk.

Safety is extremely important when it comes to traveling on a private jet.

Don’t take someone’s word without doing some background search.

To know what you are looking for, you need someone who is experienced and knowledgeable.

A broker is someone who can give you the safety answer you are looking for and provide you with a level of comfort you would not otherwise have.


A private jet broker to find you the best deal

There are many charters are available for your use.

How do you know, though, if you are getting a good deal?

How do you know if the price you receive sounds right or if it seems too steep? If you aren’t an experienced private jet traveler, then you may not.

A private jet broker can give you the information you need.

They can find you the best deal for what you need – and where you are heading.

You can sit back and relax, knowing that you have someone thoughtfully looking out for your best interest when you travel.



A private jet broker to be your backup

What happens when you find yourself ready to head back home from your destination – and your scheduled charter is having mechanical issues and is unable to fly?

Spending time finding another way home can be very frustrating, especially when you are already struggling to maintain your calm due to the changing itinerary.

If you have a jet broker, you can simply pick up the phone and make a call. Before you know it, your broker will have new arrangements made for you and you can get back home peacefully.

When traveling, it is always good to have someone on your side for backup just in case something doesn’t go as planned.


A private jet broker to give you peace of mind

Peace of mind is worth every penny.

Knowing that you don’t have to worry should an issue arise or worry about whether you made the right choice in your travel can lead to an overall better travel experience.

Don’t waste your time worrying about safety issues with a jet or whether your pilot is safe to fly with.

All of this will be checked out beforehand, thanks to your broker.

Know that when you arrive at the airport, you will find yourself with the perfect-sized jet for you and your guests with all the amenities you desire, you will fly safely to your destination, and you will return just as easy.

Your itinerary and cost will be designed just for your needs, too.

And, of course, should you have any concerns at all, you’ve got a direct link to your broker.

Peace of mind– you want it.

Travel Tips

10 Reasons to Travel With Empty Leg Flights

America loves luxury, especially when we fly. Charter airlines maximize on this preference by providing incredibly intimate flying solutions giving passengers access to the ultimate in luxury, support, service, and comfort, but not everyone can afford to own or charter an entire jet just for a single experience.

Unfortunately, that leaves many flyers assuming their only option is to resort to first class commercial flights instead. While this stepped-up experience is luxurious, it is often also exorbitantly expensive.

If you’re a flyer who’s seeking something a little bit more luxurious and private, we have excellent news: empty leg flights make it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds. Today, we’ll reveal 10 fantastic reasons to step into luxury with empty leg flights.

First Things First: What ARE Empty Leg Flights?

Empty leg” is an aviation term used to identify flights without any human or cargo passengers. In the realm of charter flights, it usually refers to returning flights coming back from officially chartered destinations.

Most expert resources estimate the cost to charter an airplane at around $1500 to $3,000 per flying hour; fly out the United States or internationally and that rate could range even higher due to customs and border complexities.

If you want specialized services, like red eye flights or caviar on toast while you fly, prices can quickly add up. The sum total may not seem like much to a billionaire, but it can sometimes amount to a pretty penny even for millionaires and business flyers.

Because empty leg flights have no passengers scheduled in, charter airlines offer steep discounts to fill up the seats. The reason for this move is simple; it allows them to generate income from the flight when it would otherwise cause them to lose money.

That’s exactly what leads us into our first major reason to fly empty leg!

10: Better Prices for Charter Flights

Above all else, the very best reason to fly empty leg is that you’ll score incredible prices on what would normally be exceptionally expensive charter flights. When charter airlines discount flight prices on return or empty leg flights, the discounts can be fairly steep (sometimes as much as 80 or 90 percent of the typical cost). That’s a fantastic way for businesses and private citizens to save money while still reaping all of the benefits associated with private charter flying.

One article in the UK-owned paper The Guardian highlighted an example where an airline discounted an empty-leg flight to £250 ($329 USD) from an incredible £13,350 ($17,574.81 USD); that’s a savings of approximately £13,100.

9: Incredible Savings on Group Flights

Steep savings on charter flights mean steeper savings for groups that charter together. If a charter airline discounts flights by 80 percent, the discount is usually for the entire flight itself. Groups that charter an empty leg flight together may see discounts so steep that it effectively makes flying cheaper than it would be on commercial airlines.

For vacationers and families, paying for a discounted charter just makes sense. You can either split the cost of the charter evenly or have one person cover the entire flight. Using the example above ($329 USD), four friends heading out for spring break could split the cost and pay around $83 each; that’s a rate you won’t see anywhere else.

The one caveat is that the more seats a plane has, the more expensive it likely is to charter. Discounts may still be steep, but whether or not you appreciate the final price depends on your budget and your needs.

8. Spend Less Time in the Air

Charter flights work similarly to express flights; they won’t land before your destination unless they have a very specific reason (e.g. refueling, maintenance, reloading water, picking up passengers). What that means for you, the passenger, is that you get to your destination in as little time as possible.

For business people and vacationers traveling over very short or very long distances, this benefit can reduce flying time significantly (sometimes by multiple hours). You’ll spend more time at your destination or on vacation, and less time in airports or in the air.

7. No Long Queues

Flying internationally? You will still cross customs and interact with security agents before you can legally enter most other countries. Instead of waiting in long lines with the potential for embarrassing x-ray machine scans, most airports have a separate area for screening private charter flyers instead.

Exactly how long you spend in the queue depends on how many of you are flying, not how many flyers the airport has waiting for flights at any given time. Even if you’re flying with a group, it should still take less time to clear security than if you were standing in regular lines. You’ll enjoy a more relaxed security clearance process with less hassle and stress.

6. Cushy, Luxurious Waiting Experiences

Most major airports throughout the world have private waiting areas for flyers utilizing private charter flights. In the case of airports like LAX, those waiting areas are as cushy as the private charter jet experience itself.

LAX’s brand-new private lounge is an excellent example; it’s so wonderfully luxurious even Vanity Fair writes about it as if it was its own unique experience. Forbes Magazine also wrote at length about LAX’s private terminal. In both instances, the airport takes care of your luggage makes the pre-flying experience as laid-back and stress-free as it can possibly be.

5. Skip the Crowds

When you fly on empty leg flights, you are effectively flying with the same process as an expensive charter flight. With access to your own private waiting area, a private lounge, private security clearance, and in some cases, limo service across the tarmac to your waiting plane, you’ll skip what most flyers hate the most: crowds. This is especially noticeable on holidays and during busy tourist months when international airports become extremely congested.

4. No Other Passengers

It often seems as if there’s always a baby crying, siblings bickering, someone talking on the telephone loudly beside you, or maybe even someone fighting you for the armrest when you take commercial flights.

With an empty leg charter, there’s no other passengers to disturb you unless you invite them to take the flight with you in the first place. On long, overnight flights, this fact could be the difference between getting a good night’s rest and constant disturbance.

3. Perfect for Catching Up On Business

Flying an empty leg with a group of business colleagues? The peace and quiet while in the air gives all of you ample time to continue working. Spend your flying hours how you want to spend them — having a meeting, decompressing, snacking, sleeping, meditating — rather than simply scheduling out that block of time or attempting to work in a cramped, uncomfortable seat.

Don’t forget that most charter flights also have free Wi-Fi, telephone access, and other amenities. When you absolutely need to finish off that hot deal before you land, you won’t even need to consider how you’ll make it happen.

2. Increased Comfort

Comfort is one of the very best reasons to fly empty leg flights rather than resorting to a commercial flight. Charter jets of any size typically have limited seating, plenty of legroom, the ability to partially or fully recline your seat, larger washrooms, space to walk around while in the air, and sometimes, even full-service shower or sauna rooms depending on the plane.

If you’re a flyer who often disembarks feeling stiff, tired, and sore from your flight, flying empty leg will ensure that you feel rested, relaxed, and ready to take on whatever awaits you at your destination.

1. Live (and Fly) Like Royalty!

The last and best reason to fly empty leg: you deserve it! Flying charter is intensely luxurious. From the moment you arrive at the airport, your charter cares for you. They’ll take your luggage, ensure you know when and where to board your flight, confirm that you’re comfortable, and in some cases, even address special requests.

Once you’re in flight, it’s all about you. Enjoy champagne and gourmet meals as you explore the cabin, sneak in a nap, watch a movie, or just enjoy the comfortable, cozy surroundings. Have pets and/or kids? Most charter flight companies have amenities on board to keep them cozy in the lap of luxury, too.

As a charter flyer, you understand the difference unparalleled service and comfort can make when you travel. Premium charter flights afford you the ability to fly privately, comfortably, and quickly with less stress and more personal enjoyment. Enjoy the finer things in life as you adventure around the world when you book your next charter flight.