The Trick to Finding Affordable Private Jets

Affordable Private Jets - The Early Air Way

If you loathe having to travel somewhere due to the inconveniences and nightmares that come with commercial air travel, you are not alone. There is just something so unpleasant about standing in long lines, waiting incessantly, exposing yourself to an enormous amount of germs during a global pandemic, and sitting all cozy with a stranger. Let’s not even get started about that lack of legroom.

Maybe you are someone who doesn’t necessarily mind flying commercial airliners wherever you need to go, but you are always open to more comfortable, luxurious options.

The good news is that you can fly on a private jet for an affordable price – rather than subject yourself to the commercial way of air travel. Don’t believe it is possible? Keep reading. We’ve got the trick to finding affordable private jets.

The Perks of Flying Private

Before we share with you how you can take a flight on an affordable private jet, let’s take a moment to look at all the reasons why you would want to. Are there really benefits to flying private over commercial? You better believe it.

When you travel via a private jet,  you will be able to:

Have privacy

It may seem like a logical thing since it is a private jet, but until you are actually on one, it is difficult to comprehend just how private these jets are. You don’t have to worry about whether you are working on confidential business matters or if you are snoring while you snooze – you have all the privacy you need to do as you would like.

Enjoy comfortable accommodations

The seating you will find on a commercial airliner is no match for what you will find on a private jet. While in-flight, you can relax in comfort – without having to touch knees and elbows with a stranger.

Stay productive

As we said, you have privacy and no one in the way – you can stay productive in the sky. This may mean handling business while out of the office, doing school work, watching a movie, putting together a scrapbook, learning a new language, and a million other things. Whatever it is, you don’t have to let your travels slow you down.

Save time

Traveling privately means being able to save time. There will be no long layovers or connecting flights. You choose what day and time you want to travel and you just go. There are no long lines or waiting around to board, either. With private travel, you are in control of your time, rather than surrendering your minutes, hours, and days even to commercial airline companies.

The Trick to Finding Affordable Private Jets

Now that you understand the reasons why private charters can change your life for the better, you may still be under the impression that the affordability of private flights is way out of your reach. And, well, hate to break it to you, but you would be wrong! There are ways to make them affordable. Here’s how:

Empty Leg Flights

Empty leg flights are those that are, essentially, repositioning themselves for another scheduled flight. For example, let’s say you were looking to travel from Salt Lake City, UT to Los Angeles, CA. You check with the charter company, and a private jet happens to be heading back to Los Angeles because they have another booked flight from there to another location.

Regardless of your travel plans, that jet needs to get back to LA for its next flight – so it will go with or without you. You can use this to your advantage. The pilot can fly without making a dime, or you can fly for a discounted rate, and everyone is happy.

Empty legs are available all the time. The thing is, though, that they aren’t a viable option for those who like to plan ahead. So, if you are willing to take a chance and wait until the last minute, you may get super lucky with a great deal.

Flight Sharing

Private flights like Uber’s ride-sharing? It wouldn’t be unheard of. Some private jets offer these flights between common destinations – say, New York City and Washington, D.C. or, like our previous example, Los Angeles to Las Vegas. You are, in a sense, booking a seat just as you would on a commercial airliner. These flights could actually end up costing comparable to commercial flights – except you get more luxurious accommodations and all the perks.

This is not something that all private jet charter companies offer, as the legal aspects are still a bit fuzzy. Either way, it is definitely something to look out for – especially in the future.

Catch a Deal

Sometimes, depending on what is going on with current bookings, charter companies may be offering specials or deals. These may be advertised, but quite often, they aren’t. If you call them up and just ask, you may be surprised. They could have just the deal you are looking for.


If you want to take advantage of all the perks and benefits of flying private, then joining a membership program with a private jet company may be a great way to get access to deals. Some of these programs require you to pay a monthly fee in return for a set number of flights, or others may offer you discounts when booking as well as give you many other perks, such as upgrades, immediate flight access, and so forth.

Save money and have an enhanced travel experience? Yes, please.

Affordable Private Travel

Years ago, no one would have believed you if you told them that affordable private jets would exist. And, today, it is. Once you learn where to look and what to look for, you may be surprised at how accessible, and affordable private travel really is.

Next time you have to travel somewhere, remember all the perks that are waiting for you onboard that private jet. Sign up for a membership program, call and ask about deals, or find an empty leg. Then, kick back and enjoy the experience.


What to Know When Flying with Pets

Heading out of town on an adventure or to visit family usually means leaving behind your best friend. After all, most pet owners consider their furry friends as furry family members. It doesn’t matter whether you have a dog, a cat, or another pet – traveling together is not always the most convenient thing to do, especially when that travel involves flying. However, there are a few tips and things you should know when flying with pets that can make the experience much more enjoyable – for both of you.

Before you book your next getaway, let’s talk about flying with pets.

How Travel Impacts Your Pet

If you have done much traveling at all, you know that it can be stressful at times – and you know what is going on. You know you are getting on an airplane and what to expect while onboard. You know you are traveling to a specific destination and what you intend to do while you are there. You know that there may be noises and bumps and lots of different strangers around. You know all of this because you are human.

While it is greatly dependent on your pet, travel isn’t something they understand. The different routines, the different smells, the different feelings and sensations, and so forth can make pets extremely stressed. It can have a negative impact on your pet. When you decide to allow your animal to go with cargo, these are all amplified.

Before you consider flying with pets, it is important to have a pre-travel vet visit. Discuss your travel plans with the vet and have your pet examined to see if travel is a healthy thing for him or her. Different ages, temperaments, or health conditions can impact the vet’s decision. Further, if you get the ok to travel,  your vet will make sure your pet has all the necessary shots and may even prescribe a drug for sedation during the trip.

Tips for Flying with Pets

  1. Read the airline’s pet policy as they are all different. You may encounter restrictions when it comes to weight, fees, carrier sizes, and policies. For instance, it isn’t uncommon for a commercial airline to insist the pet carrier fit under the seat in front of you. Unless you have a tiny pet, you may need more options. It’s important to note that many airlines have done away with allowing those pets declared as “emotional support animals” on board their flights. Be sure to double-check before you book.


  1. Avoid the cargo if at all possible. You never want to put your pet in the cargo hold. It is just not an ideal situation for your pet – and forget about having connecting flights. Things don’t go wrong very often, but they do. And when they do, you don’t want your pet to be involved. It doesn’t matter how low the incidence rate is – the idea of potentially losing your pet on a connection or due to death is just not what pet owners want to hear.


  1. Most commercial airlines will charge a fee for bringing your pet on board. This fee varies based on the airline, but it can get hefty.


  1. Don’t forget to check breed restrictions. You can have everything in place to fly with your pet, but then arrive at the airport and find you cannot board because your pet doesn’t meet the requirements. Certain breeds such as pit bulls are often refused, as are bulldogs and pugs, due to their respiratory issues. Some airlines won’t take certain breeds of cats, such as Persian or Himalayan, either. So before you end up with a surprise, check first.


  1. Book your ticket in advance. Most commercial airliners only allow so many pets on a flight. The earlier you book your flight, the better chance you have of it being your pet.


  1. Ditch commercial travel and take your pet on the flight of a lifetime – on a private charter. Private jets have a lot fewer restrictions than commercial airliners when it comes

Pets and Private Travel

It seems like a lot of trouble to take your pet with you on your trip, doesn’t it? It can bring added stress to you and cause undue stress to your pet. And, although following the above tips can really help in adding some comfort to the experience, it still doesn’t make the whole thing pleasant.

There is one way in which you can offer your pets a nice getaway with you – without being subjected to commercial airline policies. That’s flying private.

When you choose to book a private charter, you and your dog can walk right onboard the flight! There is no special must-fit-under-the-seat requirement. And there definitely is no way your dog would fly cargo on a private jet. While the flight experience may still be a little stressful for your pup, it gives you the opportunity to get close to your pet, snuggle, watch a movie, have a snack, and offer comfort while in the air.

Check the rules and requirements of your private jet charter. Many will allow dogs to walk right on, but cats will usually have to be in a carrier.

For many pet-loving travelers, flying private is the only option when it comes to transporting their fur friends. Not only does it come with a long list of benefits for you, but it keeps your pets comfy and safe, too – it’s really a win-win.

Closing Thoughts

Traveling can be a wonderful experience and increase your quality of life. It can do the same for your pet, too, if done in the right way. Don’t subject your pet to the stress and anxiety that comes with flying on a commercial airliner, whether in the cargo or under the seat in front of you. Instead, choose to have a wonderful flight experience with your furry friend on board a private jet charter.

No matter where life takes you, you now know what to look for when flying with pets – and how ditching commercial air travel is your best option.

Travel Tips

What Are the Best Holiday Destinations to Explore?

Many people get stuck in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. They spend countless hours trying to buy the right gifts, plan the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration, make sure they’ve got enough space to house all their family – and that everyone gets along. Taking time off of work to deal with all that just seems exhausting to others. Perhaps that’s why so many decide to head out of town during this time – whether planned or last minute. They don’t head to see family but instead take off on an adventure.

Exploring new destinations during the holidays can enhance your life and leave you feeling rejuvenated for the new year. If this sounds wonderful to you, then you need to deceive where you are going to go. Below we’ve put together a list of the best holiday destinations to explore.

Getting There

Before you may decide your holiday destination of choice, it is a good idea to decide to confirm how you are going to get there. Hoping to book a commercial flight at the last minute during the holidays can be very costly. And, for what? To sit uncomfortably for hours with your knees and elbows touching the stranger next to you? Not the most exciting thing to do. And, let’s not even forget about the excruciatingly long security lines or waiting at the gate to board the flight.

Combine all of this with the fact that COVID cases spiking around the world,  you take your chance where you have to – and flying commercial just isn’t it. Does that mean you should give up exploring the best holiday destinations? Absolutely not.

Chartering a private jet is the best way to travel this holiday season. You can book your travel last minute, choose when and where you want to travel (rather than have the airlines give you a list of pre-planned fights), be very comfortable at all stages of your flight – and feel safe from COVID germs!

What more can you ask for on a holiday trip? Book your private flight to one of these magnificent destinations:

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is a city that takes a beating all throughout hurricane seasons and then booms on the holidays. There is so much to do here – especially when it comes to indulging in food, drinks, and live music.

There are unique, locally-owned boutique shops and galleries, restaurants, walking tours, and so much more. The rich history here is one that will get you exploring and experiencing all that you can. You are sure to leave with respect for the strength and diversity of this cajun community.

Kingston, Jamaica

Want to be the envy of all your friends? All you have to do is tell them that you are spending your holidays in the Caribbean islands while they freeze! For years, Kingston has had a reputation for not being the safest place for tourists. But, that’s changing.

Jamaica and its days of sunshine and bright turquoise waters can be just the type of adventure you are looking for. After all,  you can explore both in the water and out! Learn about the Rastafarian culture, hike the Blue Mountains, dance to the steel drums, and more.

By the time you head home from Jamaica, you are going to be sun-drenched, refreshed, and feeling rejuvenated.


We all have friends and family who travel and tell us about their trips. But, have you ever had anyone come home from vacation and tell you all about their trip to Serbia? It doesn’t happen very often, does it? So, what does that mean for you? It means that you have so much to explore that you haven’t already heard about indirectly from someone else.

Serbia is rich in history, but it is not stuck there. You will find your days full while exploring the mountains, taking a bicycle tour, visiting the Studenica Monastery, and countless other adventures. Serbia, the birthplace of Roman emperors and biggest raspberry exporter, is sure to fulfill your urge to get out and explore.

Bend, Oregon

Coming back closer to home, Bend, OR, is an out-of-the-way town that is starting to blossom. Slowly becoming home to more and more artists and other creatives, Bend is putting itself on the map.

This area has long been home to many makers of craft beers, making a drink with a little live music the perfect weekend outing. Plus, being in the mountains, skiing has always been their thing. The winds of change are making their way in now, though. There are breweries, new wineries, restaurants, shops, galleries, and more that are making their way into this town. Plus, it is not too far at all from some incredible biking and hiking in the area.

You don’t have to leave the U.S. to feel like you’ve disappeared into a new area.

Beijing, China

Can anyone say, Winter Olympics? The games kick off in February 2022 in Beijing. And, that means now is the time to explore the entire Beijing area. From skyscrapers that look like they are out of this world to impeccable gardens and natural areas for exploring, including natural areas and mountains.

Let your inner adventurer begin exploring. Go rafting or skiing, check out the natural hot springs, hike The Great Wall, and take a moment in the temples.

Tourism is sure to peak here as we get closer to the Olympic games, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore and find your own adventure.

Booking Your Private Travel

Material things can only go so far with us in life, but the memories and experiences we get from traveling all around the world can last a lifetime. As you make your decision about traveling – and try to find the best holiday destinations to explore – why not give one of these places a try? Or find your own. The point is to be safe, have fun, and be sure to book a private jet so you can take advantage of all the perks.


6 Benefits of Traveling on a Small Private Jet

Have you ever considered traveling on a small private jet?

Whether you travel for adventure and experience or because you have to for business, you have the ability to choose private travel. Most travelers book their trips on commercial flights because that is what they are familiar with. However, as access to private jets becomes easier, more and more people are taking advantage of everything they have to offer.

Small private jets come with many benefits. Let’s take a look at 6 of them.

1. Flying Alone

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of flying on a small private jet is simply, well, flying private. You are the passenger – not you and 200 strangers. There is no sharing cabin air with other travelers or worrying if you are being too intrusive into someone else’s space – or they, yours.

You fly alone with either yourself or those you have chosen to fly with you. You can listen to music or watch a movie without headphones – and not disrupt others. You can have that personal conversation or that confidential business call without anyone else hearing.

What’s more, is that you don’t have to worry about the spreading of germs. In our current pandemic world that doesn’t show too many signs of slowing down, it can be incredibly beneficial to reduce risk by flying on a small private jet. After all, less contact with others means a greater risk of safety.

2. Greater Comfort

You get a great amount of comfort when you choose to fly on a small private jet. Just because its size may be smaller doesn’t mean its luxurious accommodations or amenities are any less. With seating in chairs or benches, plush carpeting, large windows, and so much more,  you will find that you can have a great experience no matter where your travels take you.

Keep in mind that each jet is different – some may have upgrades that others do not. So, it is important to find exactly what you are looking for to top off your trip.

3. Increased Flexibility

Have you ever felt inconvenienced when booking commercial travel? It isn’t uncommon for someone to want to arrive or depart at a particular time and not have any flights available. Commercial airlines base their schedules on several factors – but none of them were created solely for your convenience.

Traveling on a small private jet is much different. This is where you will find flexibility – and have the chance to set your own schedule and choose the perfect time for you to travel. And if you’d like to visit more than one city on a single trip, you can do that, too.

Can you imagine it? When you get stuck in a traffic jam on your way to the airport, you won’t have to worry about missing your flight. You are the only passenger, and the jet will wait for you.

4. Reach Any Airport

Yes, it is true that private jets and commercial jets share the same airport. But did you know that there are small airports that are designed to handle only small, private jets? It’s true – commercial flights can’t make use of these airports. That means another benefit of flying on a small private jet is being able to visit more airports.

If you are an adventure traveler, then this means you open your world up to new possibilities. If you are a business traveler looking to handle a meeting and get back to the office, being able to access these smaller airports can often get you closer to your destination and save you time due to low traffic.

5. Stay Productive

Usually, when you travel, you lose the time you are in the sky or standing in the security line, or waiting to board a plane. You don’t get that time back, but the things you could have been doing instead will still be there. Like that paper for school that needs to be written, those reports for the company meeting next week need to be reviewed, and so on.

Sure, you could work on these while on your commercial flight, but there is not much privacy or comfort in doing so. It is hard to maneuver your documents, your computer, and so forth and still be as comfortable as possible.

Traveling on a small private jet means you get all the time in the world to get these things taken care of.  That’s right – you can still remain productive while traveling on a small private jet. There is nothing stopping you, no unwanted pair of eyes, and no lack of space. You can spread out freely and enjoy your time traveling and knocking all those things off your to-do list.

6. Bring Your Furry Friend

If you have ever taken your pet on a commercial flight, then you know what an inconvenience it can be. They get jammed in a crate and shoved under the seat – or under the plane. It can be a traumatizing experience for a pet the first time. And as a pet owner, it can be heartbreaking.

For those who treat their pets as family, flying on a small private jet means bringing Fido along for the ride, too – except this time, in comfort and style. There are no hefty fees, and your pet won’t have to be tucked away tightly under the seat.

Some travelers believe this to be the biggest game-changer when determining whether or not to fly private.

Skip Commercial, Travel on a Small Private Jet

As we said, you have the choice when it comes to travel. You could very well allow someone else to dictate your schedule, seat you elbow to elbow with a stranger after spending hours going through security checkpoints and waiting to board the plane. Or, you could enjoy the privacy and comfort, stay productive in the sky, arrive closer to your destination, and bring your best friend along.

Consider your choices, weigh your options, then go book your flight on a small private jet charter.

Travel Tips

The Top 6 Travel Items to Bring When Flying


This time of year, the travel industry is busy. Whether traveling to meet friends and family for the holidays or just taking a trip to get away from the hustle and bustle, flights in the air all around the world are packed with travelers.

As optimistic as we all want to be about traveling on commercial airliners during this busy time, it is important to remember that the weather, overbooked flights, and other unforeseen circumstances can lead to long delays, cancellations, and other unpleasantries. Flying private gives you a much better experience entirely, but you still never know about the weather.

So, to keep yourself taken care of – and occupied – whether you are waiting in an airport or have a long flight to your destination, there are a few items you will want to bring with you to make the entire trip much more enjoyable. Below you will find the top six.

1 Headphones

Headphones can be very beneficial when flying. Not only can they allow you to listen to music, watch a movie or binge the latest series, but they can also allow you to block out noise when you just want to get some sleep.

Sure, many airlines offer headphones – either for free or for a small fee. But, bringing your own headphones is more comfortable – especially if you plan on wearing them for an extended time. And, who knows, if you are traveling commercial and you have a talker next to you – all you need to do is put them on, and when you don’t respond, they’ll think it’s due to the headphones.

2. A Portable Charger 

The truth is, you don’t always know where your travels will take you when you get on that plane. Life can change in an instant – and so can travel plans. And there are not too many things worse than having your phone battery die when you need it most. Many terminals – and even planes – may have a place for you to charge your devices, but it is best not to rely on this.

Instead, be prepared with your own portable charger.  If you want to be extra cautious, bring two!

3. A Reusable Water Bottle

Dehydration is common when traveling. You are out of your routine, which means your water intake (or any fluid intake for that matter) is likely different. Combine this with the dry air while onboard aircraft, and you can begin to feel the impacts of your lack of fluid intake.

Dealing with dehydration while traveling can leave you susceptible to jet lag, with dry skin, and can even weaken your immune system – making you vulnerable to illness and germs.

With a reusable water bottle, you can fill up at various spots around the airport after you get through security and keep yourself well-hydrated throughout your entire travel time.

4. Something to Eat

You want to keep your body energized, and feeling nourished while you travel. And that means bringing your own snacks. You may have a long flight, or you may find yourself either dashing between two planes with a short layover – or stuck in the terminal for an extended time. You never know what foods may or may not be available, and you need to have something just in case. So, what to bring? Consider some of these travel-friendly snacks:

  • Apple
  • Nuts
  • Jerky
  • Seeds
  • Granola
  • Trail mix
  • Dried fruit

Keep in mind that if you travel via a private jet, you won’t have to worry about food as you can custom order your meal so that you always have something good to eat.

5. Important Toiletries

Sometimes it just feels good to freshen up. You may have a long flight, or you may get stuck due to delays or cancellations. Without your checked bag, you aren’t going to have access to things like a toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, a hairbrush, and so forth. Pack a travel-size toiletry bag in your carryon so that you are sure to look revived when you reach your destination.

This can make dealing with layovers much less stressful when you know you’ve got stuff to get you through. Some people even suggest throwing a change of clothes (or at least underwear) into your bag, too.

6. Eye Mask – and Ear Plugs

Sleeping on a commercial plane or in a terminal is not ideal, but it is necessary. And, it never fails that just as you decide to catch some zzz’s, the person next to you turns on the overhead light to read a book. To make life easier, pack an eye mask to block out any light. Then, use earplugs to keep sounds to a minimum. You will be able to rest much better – and feel more energized when you get to your destination.

A Perk of Flying Private

When you fly commercial and have checked luggage, your suitcases become separated as soon as you arrive at the airport. You then go through security, wait for an hour or more at your gate before boarding, take your flight, deal with layovers and changing planes, and eventually meet back up with your bags at the baggage claim of your destination. And that’s as long as it makes it there and doesn’t get lost between point A and point B – which happens regularly. If you need anything you have packed between this time, you are out of luck.

Flying private is a much different scenario. Your bags are with you as your board. You don’t have to worry about them getting lost since you won’t be changing flights. And, depending on your jet, you could have your eye on your luggage at all times if you wanted to.

That’s great news, isn’t it? Perhaps the best part is that this is only one of many perks of flying private. You wouldn’t have to worry about these essentials because you could sleep when you want to without getting disturbed, enjoy a nice catered meal, listen to music without headphones – and not disturb anyone, and so on.

So, gather up your empty suitcases, load them up with all the essentials, and head on out to wherever your travels take you.


The List of Our Nicest Private Jets

When flying private, there are multiple jets you can choose from. Here is a list of the nicest private jets The Early Air Way has to offer.

Flying on a private jet is one of those things that not everyone gets to experience. Although more accessible than you probably realize, people tend to stick to what they know – the commercial travel nightmare. That is, up until the coronavirus pandemic hit and more people were seeking safe, germ-free ways to travel. Those who had never considered private travel were now relying on it.

As everyone begins to navigate this trending travel method that has been around for years, we thought maybe we should talk about the nicest private jets that are available to you – and all that they have to offer you. After all, if you are going to fly private you ought to treat yourself now and then, wouldn’t you say so? Even if you don’t, knowing your options is always smart with every choice you have to make in life.

Perks of Private Travel

Just in case you haven’t grabbed on to the coattails of the private jet world to experience these perks first hand, let’s talk about some of the benefits you will receive when you choose to ditch commercial travel and fly private. (Warning – you may never book another commercial flight).

Your time is precious. If we’ve learned anything over the last two years, it is that time is precious. We never know when our time is going to be up, and it would be awful just to waste it, right? With a private jet, you don’t have to be at the airport two hours in advance, so you can stand in security lines or sit at the boarding gate. You don’t have long layovers or strange flight times. You simply show up and board your jet. Most flights are direct unless your itinerary is long enough to require a quick refueling stop.

Safer travel. You have fewer germs and less risk when traveling on a private jet. You can often choose your pilot or who you want onboard.  And you can see their certifications and safety ratings and so forth. In other words, you get safety in all forms.

Privacy is the standard. Private jets mean privacy. The only passengers on board are those you bring with you. So no matter what you do while on your private jet,  you will have peace and quiet and privacy to do it. Watch that movie without headphones, listen to some music, have that conversation, get your confidential work done, etc. You can also get some sleep without worrying about how your snoring will affect the person next to you!

Get closer to your destination. When you fly private, you have the opportunity to visit more airports, as some of the smaller executive or private airports cannot accommodate large, commercial aircraft. That means you can get closer to your destination. Or, you can just avoid the hustle and bustle – and a load of traffic – that comes with busy airports.

More freedoms. Because you are the passenger, you get more freedom. For instance, you don’t need to keep your liquids to less than 3oz. And, you can bring your dog if you’d like. You don’t have to pay extra for a checked bag. You can control your schedule, traveling during the hours that are most convenient to you. If you are stuck in traffic and a few minutes late, you don’t have to worry about the jet leaving without you – you are, after all, the passenger.

Comfortable accommodations. Imagine walking on a jet and sitting wherever you would like. And, imagine that seat being incredibly comfortable. That’s what happens on a private jet. Depending on the jet you are traveling on, there may be chairs, couches, beds, entertainment systems, gourmet foods to eat, drinks – including adult beverages, full-size bathrooms, and so much more. You can truly travel in luxury when you travel on a private jet. Keep in mind that all private jets are comfortable, but they may not all provide the lavish accommodations just discussed.

Now that you’ve heard the perks, are you ready for the biggest one? The luxury aircraft. Let’s talk about our list of the nicest private jets.

Our Nicest Private Jets

You should know that every private is nice, and they all come with their own sets of perks. However, if you are looking for the ones that are over-the-top awesome, look no further than these.

Citation Sovereign. This jet holds 12 passengers in its double-club cabin and is quite roomy for a midsize jet. It is technologically enhanced. You are sure to feel comfortable on board this jet — and will reach your destination in no time.

Gulfstream V (G550). This business jet holds 8 passengers and offers a lot of natural light through the oval windows. Phone, fax/printer, wireless network, satellite system are all standard on this jet. The seats are incredibly comfortable for just sitting back, relaxing, dining, and more.

Lear 60. This midsize jet holds 8 passengers and offers more room than you’d typically expect. A spacious lavatory, too. It’s a popular jet since it offers you both speed and luxurious accommodations – it packs quite a punch!

Citation X. A super mid jet that holds 8 passengers, this jet is fast and efficient, getting you to your destination quickly and in style.

Falcon 900EX. This heavy jet is the epitome of luxury in the air. It holds 13 passengers and is one of the roomiest, comfortable flight experiences you can have. Plush carpeting, soft seating, perfect lighting, and more – you can’t get much fancier.

There are so many options when flying private that you are sure to find a jet that fits your needs – and enjoy it, too. Regardless of the size of the jet, the number of passengers, the distance you are traveling, and so forth – there is a private jet out there just for you. And, whether it is one of the jets listed above or another of our many options, you will be surprised at just how nice a private jet is, thanks to the perks and the accommodations.

Travel Tips

Private Flights to Yosemite

Yosemite is one of the most beautiful locations in the world however it can be challenging getting there. Find flights to Yosemite that are most convenient to you and your needs. 

Do you have a bucket list? Are there things you would like to do and places you long to see? If these past two years – and a global pandemic – have taught us anything, it is that we need to seize the opportunity as it appears in front of us. We can’t just assume we will have time down the road because it can be gone in an instant.

So if you are ready to take the leap and get more out of life by crossing off your bucket list — then now is the time. And, if private flights to Yosemite are on that list, what better way to get there than to fly a private jet.

Visiting Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is located about a four-hour drive east of San Francisco.  Almost 1,200 square miles, this is one of the larger national parks in the U.S. and averages nearly 5 million visitors every single year. And, it’s no wonder due to the beauty you find all around you when you visit. Here you will find incredibly deep valleys, sky-high ancient sequoias, waterfalls, granite monoliths, and so much more.

Things to Do While There

Before you find flights to Yosemite, you must make a plan. There are so many things to see here – and the area is very vast. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, there is a good chance you won’t be able to see it all. Therefore, planning ahead and knowing what to see and do can help you narrow things down a bit.

Below we have put together a few of the most incredible things you won’t want to miss on your visit to Yosemite National Park.

  • Tunnel View is a pullout and a great photo op of El Capitan, Half Dome, and Bridalveil Fall.
  • Mist Trail is a hike that leads you up two waterfalls. It’s about 5.4 miles there and back.
  • Yosemite Falls is a 1-mile loop hike or a longer 7.2 miler.
  • Mariposa Grove where 500 gigantic sequoias are protected. There are different hiking trail options throughout the forest to spark your interest.
  • Glacier Point has a lot of lookout points and both easy and challenging hiking trails. You will be able to see Half Dome, Vernal, and Nevada Falls.

Keep in mind that Yosemite Valley is the most commonly visited sport, and therefore you will find more accommodations like paved trails, dining spots, souvenir shops, and the like. Though, it may also require you to be patient due to the volume of visitors. It is still a very special place to visit and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Flights to Yosemite

There are many nearby airports to Yosemite. Well, when we say nearby you should know that we use that term loosely. There are airports, but they aren’t necessarily going to get you to Yosemite without a drive.

For instance, let’s take a look at the commercial airports nearest to Yosemite National Park and just how long of a drive you may face. Keep in mind that the drive time does not account for any California traffic delays.

Fresno/Yosemite International Airport (FAT) is a commonly used airport to access the park. Driving from one to the other takes about 1 hour, 30 minutes to Wawona, and 2 hours, 30 minutes to Yosemite Valley.

Mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH) in Mammoth Lakes, CA is about a one-hour drive to Tuolumne Meadows or 2 hours, 30 minutes to Yosemite Valley. Though keep in mind the latter requires driving Tioga Road that is not always open during the colder months.

Merced Airport (MCE) located in Merced, CA is about a two-hour drive to the park’s Yosemite Valley area.

Stockton Metropolitan Airport (SCK) is another option that offers access to Yosemite Valley with a 2 hour, 30-minute drive.

Other choices that involve an even longer drive – say 3 ½ to 4 hours – are available, but most travelers prefer the closer options. Just in case, though, these airports are Oakland International (OAK), Sacramento International (SMF), San Jose International (SJC), and San Francisco International (SFO). You can also reach the part through Las Vegas (LAS) and Reno (RNO), as well.

Important note: Tioga Road (which is what Highway 120 is called as it travels through the park) is not maintained during the winter months. Therefore, traveling from airports such as Mammoth Lakes, Las Vegas, and Reno airports are not viable options during the months of November to May. When the weather gets rough, or there is snowfall, this road will be shut down, and you will not be able to safely access the park from this area.

Why Fly Private to Yosemite?

You have your choice of airports to fly into when visiting Yosemite. But, here is something to think about – why not fly private on your adventure? We are talking about bucket list adventures, for one thing. It’s go big or stay home, right? Treat yourself. Do something nice with those you care about and are traveling with. You will get luxurious accommodations to and from the park – which means you will be ready to roll once you get there and can relax comfortably when you are done.

Two, there is a good chance that you may want to camp while there and, well, with baggage fees and restrictions on commercial airliners, you may be very limited on what you can and can’t bring. You can avoid this hassle when you fly private. Not only is the overall experience more enjoyable, but it can go a lot more smoothly.

Utilizing the smaller airport at Mammoth Yosemite Airport you can gain access to the park very quickly (in about an hour) without having to deal with all the commercial traffic both in and around the airport.

What Are You Waiting For?

There is no better time than the present to knock something off your bucket list – and it should be to consider flights to Yosemite. It is beautiful this time of year, and it is sure to bring you memories to last a lifetime. Make it special, enjoyable, and convenient by booking your trip via a private jet.


Flying Private From LAX to JFK

Flying from LAX to JFK can be a timely outing. Instead of flying commercial, learn why flying private may be the better choice.

When it comes to some of the most popular cities and destinations in the U.S., Los Angeles, California, and New York City are two of the top. Whether for work or pleasure, many people find themselves going back and forth between these two destinations regularly.

If you are planning to travel between the two, you could find yourself on a busy commercial flight for hours – sitting elbow to elbow with the stranger next to you. And even if you choose to fly first class instead of coach, you will still have to experience all of the unpleasantries that come with flying commercial – especially the long lines to get through security.

So, instead, why not fly private from LAX to JFK?

Details When Flying From LAX and JFK

When traveling from one side of the country to the other, such as from Los Angeles to New York, it is approximately 2,500 miles. Flight time is around five hours, give or take. That is quite a length of time to sit on an airplane. Though if you are enjoying yourself on a private flight, then the time will fly by rather quickly.

Private travel allows you the privacy to spend your time any way you’d like. You have a few hours to take care of some work, maybe even hold a business meeting or two. You can eat some popcorn and watch a movie – or binge the latest series on Netflix. You can spend time engaging with those who you brought on board with you – maybe over some food and cocktails. Or, just sit back, close your eyes, and get some uninterrupted sleep, so you are well-rested when you arrive at your destination.

The point is that you are the passenger so you can do what you’d like – within reason, of course – without having to worry about other passengers.

Keep in mind that with the distance of this trip – from east coast to west coast and back again – your private jet will possibly have to make a pit stop to fuel up. This, of course, depends on the type of jet you are traveling on. These stops are relatively quick and are nothing like typical commercial airliner layovers that often require you to deboard the plane, find another gate, and then re-board a new one sometimes hours later.

Private Jet Options From LAX and JFK

There are a few private jet options for the trip between LAX and JFK, depending on what you are looking for, how many people you are bringing along with you, and how much you are willing to spend on your trip.

Light Jet

The light jet option is a Lear 31 or Lear 35 (or a comparable jet). This jet can be used for one-way or roundtrip flights, but it does require a fuel stop going in either direction. This type of jet holds, on average, 8 passengers, though it will depend specifically on the type of jet. And it will most often have a partial lavatory on board.

The average starting cost for a coast-to-coast trip on a light jet, with Federal Excise Tax, is $17,200.00 for one way and $30,637.50 for a round trip.

Midsize Jet

A Hawker 800XP or Lear 60 are common midsize jets used. These jets are roomier though still hold about 8 passengers on average and have a full lavatory on board. They will travel in both directions, only requiring a fuel stop on westbound flights.

The average starting cost for this itinerary on a midsize jet, with Federal Excise Tax, is $20,962.50 for a one-way flight or $40,950.00 for a round trip.

Super Mid Jet

Commonly used super mid jets include Citation X and Falcon 50. Though similar options are also available. Super mid jets offer a lot of space and luxurious accommodations, often having room for 9 passengers and a full lavatory.

The jet will head in both directions without stopping. The average starting cost with Federal Excise Tax for a super mid jet is $22,467.50 for one way and $44,935.00 for a round trip.

Heavy Jet

Ready for the biggest private jet that makes this trip regularly? If so, you may find yourself on a Gulfstream GIII, GIV, or similar – with a flight attendant. This jet seats about 13-16 passengers, too.

The average starting cost for a heavy jet with taxes is $34,937.50 for a one-way trip and $69,875.00 for a round trip.

Alternative Airports

Los Angeles is a busy city which means LAX is a super busy airport. It is not uncommon for things to get a little crazy here. In fact, did you know that LAX has been ranked as one of the worst airports in our country – and even the world? It’s true. And is primarily due to traffic congestion in and around the airport.

There are alternatives to LAX nearby – and many cater only to private jets. So when you choose to travel to or from this city, you’ve got options to enhance your experience.

Consider the following:

  • Van Nuys Airport (VNY)
  • Santa Monica Airport (SMO)
  • Bob Hope Airport (CUR) – also referred to as the Hollywood Burbank airport.
  • Camarillo Airport (CMA)

Traveling to NYC and the surrounding areas via JFK can come with a busy space as well. While JFK seems to be a bit more enjoyable than a trip to LaGuardia airport, there are still other – smaller – options. Traveling via private jet, you may find these alternate airports to be a little more accessible.

It is good to have options. Though, regardless of all the available smaller airports, travel between LAX and JFK seems to be one of the top sought-after private jet origins and destinations.

Both Los Angeles and New York City have a lot to offer travelers, whether you find yourself there for business or pleasure. Just do yourself a favor – and travel in style onboard a private jet. You will be glad you did.

Travel Tips

6 Worst Airports In The US

Anyone who has flown on a commercial airline before knows how stressful airports can be. Fly private and avoid the worst airports in the US.

The air travel experience has always had its ups and downs – especially when it comes to commercial air travel. If you know anyone who has traveled any length of time – or you have yourself – then there is a good chance you have heard the horror stories.

Delayed and canceled flights leave passengers stranded in airports. Lost luggage. Missed connections. Long lines at the security checkpoints. Angry passengers. And, before you even get inside some of the airports, there are bad traffic patterns, inconvenient – and overcrowded – parking, neverending construction, slow customs processes, poor terminal layouts, and so much more.

1. LaGuardia Airport, NYC

For anyone who has ever made their way to the LGA airport, the fact that it has landed in the top spot for the worst airports in the US should not come as a shock at all. This airport sees more delays and has more overcrowded security lines and terminals than others in the country. All these things wouldn’t be that terrible if the building had been kept up over the years. Though it has been going through an update process, that may offer a little relief to stranded passengers.

However, no matter how modern you make the interior, you can’t deny the fact that the terrible traffic and lack of public transit access can make anyone late to the flight – or miss it altogether.

2. Newark Liberty International Airport, NJ

The Newark (EWR) airport is another access point to the NYC area. Those trying to avoid LGA may think flying into EWR is a better choice. Wrong. This airport has one of the worst records in the country for flights arriving on time. They don’t. And that means there are a lot of passengers stranded, waiting around for their flight. And it is just not the place you want to be. It is not the cleanest, and their dining options are basic yet overpriced.

Getting to and from the airport takes a lot of extra time too. And it sure is expensive. Any Uber or Lyft ride into NYC is going to cost you big bucks. And if you decide to take public transit, you will have to take two trains. For those not familiar, this could end up being very confusing.

3. Los Angeles International Airport, CA

Los Angeles may be associated with movie stars, glitz, and glamour, but it is not because of its airport (LAX). The flights may not be delayed as much as the other two we have talked about, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of problems. After all, it is in the 3rd spot on the list of the worst airports in the US.

The problem with LAX is that it is not accessible. It is hard to get to the airport – and then it is hard to find your way around the airport. Around the airport. For those with connecting flights, it takes prayer, a lot of speed, and a great sense of direction to make it to your next gate for boarding before your plane leaves.

Traffic, congestion, and poor layout design impact the quality of one’s experience here. And although they have added some new shops and dining spots, as well as an automated trolley, they are not looking in the right direction to clean up the woes that come with an LAX experience.

4. O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL

Next to Atlanta’s airport, O’Hare has been deemed the busiest airport in the US. Many people pass through this airport in one way or another – nearly 40 million people, that is. Albeit, it is a slow passing. There are so many cancellations and delays – many of which are due to weather since the city is prone to some rough stuff. But that isn’t the only excuse.

O’Hare has been plagued with last-minute gate changes, incredibly overcrowded security lines, and check-in lines. It is not uncommon at all to see a hefty amount of tourists just stranded along the walkways in each terminal.

They say change is coming, but construction will take a long time. And who knows if it will even make a big difference at all.

5. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Ohio

The airport in Cleveland (CLE) is old and frail. They have tried to fix it up over the years, but it did nothing more for it than give it a facelift. The overall functionality of the airport was not addressed. The terminals are small and outdated.

Accessibility to the airport is also a problem. Not only is the shuttle area at the Ground Transportation Center located an inconvenient distance from the airport, but it causes undue stress and delays for the passengers. Time needs to be allotted for this connection – or it leads to more significant problems. Those unfamiliar with the airport are usually the ones who are out of luck.

6. Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport, Florida

This airport in Fort Lauderdale (FLL) has gotten too big, too fast. This area is a hot spot for tourists, which keeps the airport busy. But what’s more is that many are utilizing this airport to avoid the bigger Miami airport. Unfortunately, what they find is neverending construction, heavy traffic issues, lack of parking – or lack of convenient parking, and minimal shopping and dining.

All airport terminals share the same drive-through loop, making it a miserable experience for drop-off and pick-up. And public transit is just not reliable, if even accessible.

So, while FLL may not have a heavy load of delayed flights, getting there is the biggest battle.

Just Another Reason to Fly Private

All of these situations that lead to the worst airports make us wonder – why would anyone want to fly commercial? There are many downfalls to flying on an airplane with hundreds of other passengers when you could fly private!

If you are ready to see what a real air travel experience is about, ditch these busy, miserable airports – and book a private jet charter to your destination.

Travel Tips

Private Jet Empty Seats

Private jet empty seats are more common than you might think. Please scroll down to find out more about empty leg flights and when they are available near you.

What if we told you that many of the private jets you see flying in the sky are flying without passengers? And what if we told you that you could take advantage of that flight – and hop on board – for a fraction of the cost?

This is what happens when there are private jet empty seats, or more commonly known as an empty leg flight.

When someone charters a jet to a destination, there is a good chance they aren’t coming back right away. So, the chartered jet needs to make its way back to its home base – even if it means traveling empty. It is already heading in a particular direction, so if you’d like to head there, too, you could score a great deal on a private flight.

The truth is, there are a lot of advantages to these flights for travelers.

The Utilization of Private Jet Empty Seats

Making use of the thousands of empty seats available on private jets around the country at any given moment can benefit everyone involved. And as any good business person understands, maximizing the use of resources is the best way to succeed. So, whether you are a private jet charter company or a traveler, you can benefit from these empty seats.

As a traveler, you perhaps get the best value of all. You get all the perks of flying a private charter at a much lower cost.

Let’s take a look at what all you get when you take advantage of private jet empty seats.


The rigid flight times and schedules of commercial flights don’t suit everyone’s schedule. The great thing about traveling via a private jet is that it allows you to have some control over your travel times. True, you may not be able to choose precisely when you’d like your empty seat flight to leave – especially if they have other pending flights. But you do have some flexibility when you’d like to leave. And, who knows, maybe there are multiple empty seats in your area for you to have more options for travel.

Luxurious Accommodations

Whenever you get on board, you are sure to be elated with the luxurious accommodations. There is no need to worry about sitting next to anyone or making sure you get there early enough to try to get the best seat. They are all yours to choose from.

Not only does that mean you can travel in comfort, but you also get to do so privately. So, any business you need to take care of, you can without interruption. Or, you can kick back and watch a movie – without having to share the screen!

Save Time

We talked about how private jet empty seats can help you remain flexible in your schedule, but what we haven’t discussed is just how much time can be saved when you fly a charter. Unlike commercial flights, you are not required to arrive a minimum of two hours before your flight. You also won’t find yourself standing in a TSA security line for hours, either. And sitting by the gate waiting to board? Nope, you won’t do that either.

Then, there is a little known fact that private jet charters only stop refueling. Otherwise, they head straight to the destination — without layovers!

With private travel, you usually pull up and get on board. Sometimes, you may have to walk through the FBO and maybe through a security checkpoint (without lines), but it all depends on the airport you are traveling from. Either way, you will save yourself a lot of time.

Best Idea for Groups

Get the idea out of your head that private jets only hold two or three passengers. In fact, many can carry 4, 7, 9, or more passengers. Rather than 7 people purchasing last-minute commercial air travel tickets, why not split the cost of a private jet charter? You are sure to come out fairly even in cost — with added value, too. So booking an empty seat charter is an obvious option.

Feel Like You’re On Top of the World

When you travel via private jet charter empty seats, you get nearly all the perks that someone would get if they were purchasing a regular private jet charter. There may be some personalized accommodations that aren’t available, but you still get the experience.

You can enjoy a meal, drinks, in-flight entertainment, comfortable surroundings, and so much more. You can walk up those steps to the jet and turn around and wave if you want to. And do the same thing when you get off. After all, this is an experience, right?

The best part is that you don’t have to view this as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Empty seat private charters are more affordable for anyone — and they can be used whether you are flying to New York City or Newfoundland.

Things to Know About Private Jet Empty Seats 

Before we go, we thought perhaps we should share with you a few things to know before you head off on a search for your next private jet charter flight at a discount.

  • You will hear the terms empty seat and empty leg used interchangeably. They both mean the same thing — it is a chartered flight’s return trip that is traveling empty.
  • They may or may not be available. While many private jet charter companies are trying to maximize the use of these jets, there is no guarantee that they will always be available. This is especially true if you are heading to or from a small, uncommon destination. It is definitely worth checking, though, because you never know.
  • Empty seat flights are one-way flights. You will need to also book a flight back home. And, since you are going to be spoiled with the luxurious accommodations on a private jet, you may want to consider doing the same thing back. It’ll be hard to transition back to commercial travel.

More and more, private jet charters are becoming the go-to option for travelers around the world. Thanks to empty seat options, even more people have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful means of travel.

Where will your empty seat flight take you?