The Importance of Quality Private Aircraft Management

The Importance of Quality Private Aircraft Management - The Early Air Way

Private aircraft management is a complex and highly regulated industry that involves the safe operation, maintenance, and administration of private jets. As a discerning traveler, it is important to find a reputable and reliable private jet rental company to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort during your travels.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of quality private aircraft management and what to look for when choosing a private jet rental company.

Safety First

One of the most critical aspects of private aircraft management is safety. Private jet rental companies are held to high standards by regulatory bodies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to ensure that all flights are conducted in compliance with the most stringent safety protocols. The best private jet rental companies invest in top-of-the-line aircraft and employ experienced pilots and ground staff to ensure that every flight is safe and secure.

Maintenance and Service

In addition to safety, private jet rental companies must also maintain their aircraft to ensure they are in optimal condition for every flight. This involves regular maintenance checks, cleaning, and repairs as necessary. Quality private aircraft management includes attention to detail and the ability to handle unexpected maintenance issues quickly and efficiently. Look for a company that takes pride in their fleet and maintains their aircraft to the highest standards.

Experienced Staff

The staff of a private jet rental company is also an essential part of quality private aircraft management. From pilots to ground staff, experienced professionals ensure that every aspect of your journey is seamless and hassle-free. Pilots with extensive experience flying private jets and knowledge of the latest safety protocols and regulations provide an added layer of security and peace of mind. The ground staff, including customer service representatives, ensure that every detail of your journey is taken care of, from catering to ground transportation.


The best private jet rental companies understand that your travel plans may change at a moment’s notice. Flexibility is a hallmark of quality private aircraft management, and a reputable private jet rental company should be able to accommodate changes to your itinerary quickly and efficiently. Whether you need to change your departure time or add additional passengers, a quality private jet rental company will work with you to ensure that your travel plans are stress-free and accommodating.


Every traveler is unique, and quality private aircraft management includes the ability to customize your flight experience to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a specific type of aircraft, in-flight catering, or ground transportation, a reputable private jet rental company will work with you to tailor your journey to your preferences. From the moment you book your flight to the time you arrive at your destination, the best private jet rental companies are dedicated to providing a personalized and comfortable experience.

Peace of Mind

Above all, quality private aircraft management provides peace of mind. When you choose a reputable private jet rental company, you can rest assured that your journey will be safe, comfortable, and tailored to your specific needs. From the moment you step aboard your private jet, you can relax and enjoy the journey, knowing that every detail has been taken care of by experienced professionals.

Private Aircraft Management Conclusion

In conclusion, quality private aircraft management is a critical aspect of private jet travel. Safety, maintenance, experienced staff, flexibility, customization, and peace of mind are essential elements of a reputable private jet rental company. When choosing a private jet rental company, take the time to research and find a company that meets your standards for safety, comfort, and reliability. A quality private jet rental company is an investment in your travel experience and will provide you with a level of service and convenience that is unmatched by commercial airlines. With the right private jet rental company, you can enjoy a stress-free and luxurious travel experience that is tailored to your specific needs.

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Private Jets Prove to Be Essential for Travel

Life cannot stop due to COVID, but it can be adjusted. Private jets are proving to be essential for travel as they maximize safety during this pandemic.


Private Jets Prove to Be Essential for Travel as They Maximize Safety

As the COVID-19 pandemic invaded our lives, many things started to change. A country that once never feared walking around in public quickly closed its doors and stayed inside. Toilet paper became the most sought-after item and stocking up on disinfectant and hand soap was just as popular.

Grocery store clerks who showed up for work were being applauded and cheered as essential workers. Drive-thru parades at hospitals became common to show support for healthcare workers – and kids’ birthday parties became a drive-thru event, too. Not to mention that many people who had never heard of zoom found themselves in daily zoom meetings while working remotely. Businesses and schools shut down, events and concerts were canceled.

Life changed, thanks to the coronavirus.

While it is debatable as to whether this change has been for the good, there is one thing that no one may have saw coming — private jets being viewed as essential for travel.

For many people, traveling via a private jet was always a pipe dream. It was never something that could actually happen. Until it did. Let’s dig deeper to see how – and why – this happened.

Pandemic Traveling

Initially, when the pandemic started, we were all discouraged from traveling. And, at one point or another, borders around the globe were closed. Some still are – with some allowing travel but requiring strict quarantining procedures.

Though, while we understood the need to halt travel, it is hard to keep everyone down. Those with adventurous spirits want to get out and go. Those with business that needs to be taken care of must travel for work. The reasons we travel are plenty, but it all boils down to one thing: Pandemic or not, we cannot move forward with life living stagnant without travel.

So, what must we do? We find alternate ways to travel.

Private vs. Commercial Air Travel

Commercial air travel is second nature for many people. When you live in Wyoming, for instance, and know you need to get to El Paso, Texas – you can either spend hours and hours in the car driving (or riding a train or bus) or you can book a commercial plane ticket and find yourself there in a matter of hours.

Air travel is the fastest way to travel – there is no argument there. So, what is the problem? Germs.

When you are dealing with a worldwide pandemic that can be spread by contact and through the air, then why in the world would anyone want to step onboard a commercial aircraft? Stop right there and take a moment to remember your last commercial flight. What did the terminal look like? How about the security line? How many people did you come in close contact with?

The idea behind most commercial air travel companies is to maximize profits by fitting as many people as possible in an aircraft. The more seats they can fit, the more tickets they can sell, and the more money they make with every flight. When the air is a cesspool of potentially deadly, highly contagious germs, you have got a sticky situation.

Private jets are different. They work for the person booking the flight. The one person, couple, family, etc. will travel alone – well, including the small crew – and no additional strangers. This cuts down greatly on the close contact with strangers. Smaller FBOs with minimal security lines and no packed waiting areas make it even a smarter option.

But is Private Travel Really Essential?

No matter what we encounter, travel is going to continue. It must. Life keeps going regardless of a pandemic. Sure, it may have alterations, but it is still moving forward. And as long as it does, we need the ability to travel.

Business needs to be conducted. Family members need to reunite. Medical procedures need to take place. This can be done safely with private jet charters, and this is what makes it essential for travel. Think about it for a moment –

  • How would we continue to move forward with important matters during the pandemic if we had no option but to fly commercial?
  • How likely would everyone be to travel then?
  • How many things would halt because of the inability to fly?

While some younger, healthier individuals may see flying commercial as no big deal, many others are more vulnerable. These individuals know that flying commercial could be too great a risk and would rather seek safer options, such as private travel.

Measures Taken for Health Safety

When traveling via commercial airplanes, you are required to show up at the busy airport. Immediately you are met with thousands of other travelers. You have to check-in, use the bathroom, go through security, get a cup of coffee or bottle of water, etc. Everything you do before you board that plane increases your risk. And there are a lot of opportunities to encounter the virus – and this doesn’t even include being on board the airplane itself! Things are different with private travel.

In fact, private jets are offering safe travel by taking a few additional precautions, including:

  • Sanitizing all surface areas onboard the jet before boarding, including soft, porous surfaces such as seats and seatbelts.
  • Reducing the size of the crew to ensure flight safety but maintain healthy distancing.
  • Less crowded private airports and FBOs.
  • Wearing PPE, such as masks and/or face shields and such as recommended by the CDC.
  • Disposing of items (such as pillows) that cannot be cleaned between passengers.

For the safety of everyone, passengers must always wear masks while in the FBO and on the jet, as well.


To keep the world moving, we have had to make accommodations to provide safer solutions to everyday needs. Notice how your local grocery store may have put up plexiglass barricades around checkout clerks or how doctor offices have moved to appointments via video chat. Life cannot stop due to a deadly virus, but it can be adjusted. And private jets are proving to be essential for travel and safety.


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Maintain a Healthy Mindset By Traveling and Flying Private

Maintaining a healthy mindset is important. And you can easily do this by safely planning a trip on a private jet. Read further for all you need to know to make this happen now!

Welcome to 2021! If you are like most people, you were probably glad to turn over that calendar into the new year. Regardless of what may or may not happen in the months ahead, 2020 left a lot us with frustration and stress. Between the global health pandemic, the civil unrest, the election business, and the trickle-down effect of everything combined, many people are facing struggles that they’ve never seen in their lifetime.

You may be one of those people.

We can’t change the things that go on around us, but we can control how we handle ourselves. And maintaining a healthy mindset is one way to combat every obstacle going on in the world. While there are many ways to heal your mind, perhaps one of the best is a getaway – by private jet.

Importance of a Healthy Mindset

We always have a choice. We can focus on the ups and downs in life – and let our mood fluctuating with them. Or, we can take charge of our minds. We can take life as it comes – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and still maintain our personal status quo. See, we can’t allow life to get to us. We can’t allow it to mess up our plans.

  • COVID-19 appeared and disrupted everything
  • The civil unrest between races in our country is on the rise.
  • Both sides in the presidential election are fighting nonstop.
  • Hate speech and anger-fueled comments have taken over social media.

You can’t control any of those things. They happen – it’s life. We can each have our personal opinion about them, but we can’t change them. We tend to forget this sometimes and we end up feeling stressed, anxious, and more. This takes a toll on our minds and our bodies.

Having a healthy mindset means being able to focus on your overall health and wellbeing without focusing on what is going on around you. Remember, focus on what you can control.

And let’s be real – one thing you can control is creating your own healthy mindset. And, sometimes the best way to do that is to break free from your normal day-to-day life and travel – on a private jet.

Rid Yourself of Holiday Stress

The holidays are past us. Phew. They are stressful any year, but during 2020 when we were already feeling beat down and exhausted, the holidays were even tougher. You got through it – and you deserve a pat on the back for it.

Why not give yourself a moment to clear your mind and relax with a vacation? It doesn’t have to be a long trip. A simple weekend getaway may be all you need. It’s a great opportunity for you to rejuvenate your mind and body after the weight of the holidays.

Whether you choose to travel a great distance or a couple of hours up the road, opting to fly private may have more benefits than you think. Not only will it keep you socially distanced and offer you more flexibility and such, but it also allows you to start your vacation from the moment you step onboard. No hectic commercial flight boarding procedure, long security lines, or crowded surroundings – all of which will only add to your stress. Instead, flying private leads to peaceful travels that help you relax.

Escape to Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Getting away means a chance to escape and find nourishment for your mind, body, and soul. Your destination plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy mindset. Consider exploring someplace fun and refreshing. For instance, since it is wintertime, why not escape to the tropics somewhere? This would give you a chance to unwind on the sandy shore while listening to the waves crashing. Of course, you may also want to consider visiting a spa or retreat. For those who love getting outdoors, heading to a destination that has magnificent trails to hike may be a good place to start.

The point is to choose an escape that will be a positive, uplifting experience for you – one that allows you to return home feeling refreshed. Imagine the place in your mind – and that’s where you should go.

Pandemic Restrictions

The pandemic has caused a lot of restrictions to be placed upon us, hasn’t it? From wearing masks, missing out on social gatherings, concerts, dining with friends and family, sipping a beer and watching football at your local hangout, and more – we have been restricted. While the initial order to stay home may have seemed a bit exciting, the longer this pandemic has gone on, the more the restrictions have begun to affect us. Especially those families who are working from home while kids are attending school virtually.

The result? Mental exhaustion and stress. It’s no wonder the number of cases of depression is on the rise.

This pandemic has taken a toll on us more than we realize. It’s time to travel and head out somewhere fun – put the pandemic stuff behind you for a moment. Though, because it is still a reality, you must take steps to protect yourself, such as choosing to fly private rather than expose yourself to a high number of commercial travelers.

New Year, New Goals

Finally, this a new year and it is time that you create some new goals. If you have found your way here, then there is a good chance you have an adventurous spirit. Find yourself some new destinations to explore and begin planning your travel. Having something to look forward to is a great way to increase your healthy mindset.


There are so many destinations and ideas for getaways that can help you maintain a healthy mindset. Be encouraged to explore your options available around the world. Just be sure to make the entire experience one that is beneficial for the mind – and that includes flying private. This enjoyable, private, and peaceful additional to your travels can make an incredible difference for your mindset.

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First Time Flyer Guide to Private Jet Charter

It’s exciting to be a first time flyer upon a private jet charter. So here is a guide to help you be prepared and make the most of this first time experience.

Private jet charters have been available for many, many years. And, for a long time, flying private was thought of as the preferred travel method for celebrities and top business executives – with most average, everyday people feeling as though they can’t afford it.

Here’s some news you are going to want to know. Traveling via a private jet is much more affordable than you may imagine. And, thanks to COVID-19, more and more people are deciding to fly private than ever before. It seems like chartering is quickly becoming everyone’s preferred travel method.

Of course, this now means many people are traveling via private jets who have no idea of the ins and outs, how to choose a charter company, what they should expect, the etiquette they should follow, and so much more. So, we thought we’d fill you in on everything you need to know.

Consider this is your first-time flyer guide to private jet charter.

What is a Charter and How to Choose One?

A private jet can take you wherever you need to go when you need to go. These jets come in various sizes and are built to travel a certain distance before needing to refuel. Some are luxurious, some not so much. But what they can offer you is a way to travel without having to subject yourself to the large crowds, germs, and inconveniences that come with commercial air travel.

Choosing a charter for the first time can seem overwhelming. However, working with a charter service can help you narrow down the best jet for your needs. And, of course, they can also provide all the information you could want about their pilots, their experience, safety records, and more. So be sure to ask!

Watch Your Luggage

Traveling on a private jet charter is a bit different than a commercial airplane. Normally, you may not think twice about what you pack – except maybe to keep your suitcase under the 50lb mark to avoid additional fees, right? With a private jet, the weight of your luggage matters much more as does the amount of space it requires.

You don’t have to worry about checking your luggage as you would when flying commercial, but that does not mean you can take as much as you want. Before traveling, be sure to speak to the charter company about the specifics for your private jet. The determination on the amount of luggage and its weight will be determined based on the jet’s space, how many people are traveling, and so on.

Keep in mind that, while you cannot take firearms, weapons, or other seemingly dangerous or sharp objects on board, you can carry on liquids, drinks, and such.

Behave and Dress Accordingly

Flying a private jet means holding yourself to a higher status. Your attitude, the way you interact with others, and the way you present yourself should all be held to higher regard when traveling this way.

Use your manners. Whether it is speaking to the pilot, the flight crew if you have one, the individuals on the ground before you board, or those inside the FBO, use your manners. Be polite. Be respectful.

Let the host enter first. While it is rarely stated, it is proper for you to allow the host to board the private jet first. If you have been invited to fly by someone else, that person is the host – and you absolutely should not board the jet before he/she does.

Speak up. If you want something in particular aboard the aircraft or you have concerns or questions, don’t be afraid to speak up. This keeps the line of communication open and allows everyone to be on the same page. The result? An enjoyable, pleasant, travel experience.

Dress appropriately. While you generally won’t find any formal dress code, you will want to dress nicely for your flight. You can be comfortable, but avoid dressing in sweats or your pajamas!

Don’t be a nuisance – and don’t get drunk. Remember, you are holding yourself – including your actions – to a higher, more respectful regard while traveling on your private jet. Your flight crew does not have to put up with your bad behavior or drunken behavior.

Tipping the Pilot and Crew

It is customary to tip your pilot/s and crew (if you have one). It is not a requirement, but it is customary. The amount you tip may be considered based on the length of the flight. Tipping these individuals personally at the end of the flight is the most common option.

Follow Directions

If your flight crew gives you special instructions or asks you to sit in a particular seat, then do so. Sometimes certain jets require that the weight be distributed in a certain manner and the like. Since it is their job to provide you with a pleasant – and safe – travel experience, let them do so. It is all for good reason.

Be Flexible

While you can save a bit when you are flexible while traveling commercial airlines, it doesn’t compare to the savings that come from being flexible with a private jet. Reduce your strict time demands and you may find yourself saving a ton of money.

Be Respectful of the Jet

One thing to keep in mind when chartering a private jet is that you are flying on someone else’s aircraft. That means you will want to be respectful of the jet. In other words, don’t make a mess, sloppily spill your drink, and so forth. Besides, you may find yourself faced with a cleaning fee at the end.

Indulge Yourself

Are you ready for your first private jet experience? Indulge yourself. Request something like your favorite magazines, snacks, or games be on board when you get there. It is not often that you fly private so treat yourself!


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the travel world – especially highly-accessed air travel. Thanks to private jet charters, you can still travel timely while also keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Just be sure to be polite and respectful and you will surely enjoy your first private flight.

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Travel Tips

How to Ensure Passengers Have the Best Flight Experience

When it comes to air travel, travelers know just what they like on their flight to have the best flight experience possible. They also know what options will bring them back to the same airline time and time again.

Most often, those in the air travel industry seem to think it is the big things that matter most; bigger seats, more leg room, early boarding. While those things are definitely important, it is the small things that set one company apart from another or one private jet apart from another.

Any flight can get you from one point to another with ease, but the one that does so with added perks and a smile – that will be the one most likely to get a return booking. So, if you are looking to ensure your passengers have the best flight experience then look no further.

1. Offer comfort for a great flight experience

Just about anyone who is spending any length of time in a chair wants it to be comfortable. Therefore, providing comfort is a perk that will be remembered. This is especially the case on long-distance flights. Invest in comfortable seating and, if long-distance flights are common for you, then you may want to consider obtaining some comfortable lounging and reclining chairs. The ability to get some shut-eyeget some shut-eye while in-flight is important to many travelers.

Other forms of comfort include a well-maintained cooling and ventilation system on the plane as well. Keeping the temperature in the cabin at a comfortable temperature means that your passengers will be cool and calm. Perhaps offering soft blankets to those who are chilled can keep a happy balance among the passengers and the temperature.

Passengers expect to be uncomfortable – so offer comfort.

2. Offer privacy to passengers

Many individuals who fly private jets are looking for privacy. For one reason or another, they have chosen to book private travel and the last thing that would be on their mind would be a packed plane with elbow-to-elbow seating. Instead, having a bit of privacy would be a welcomed change, and improve their overall flight experience tremendously.

Privacy means that one can talk and discuss topics freely on the plane. For those in the corporate arena, this privacy means being able to conduct business while in the air. Lastly, for those who need to catch up on much-needed sleep or who are trying to avoid jetlag, having a private cabin to sleep in while in flight may make all the difference in the world.

Privacy on commercial flights is scarce. Be the difference.

3. Offer amenities

It is always nice to discover that there are amenities available for all sorts of occasions, even if you don’t see yourself ever needing them. The fact that someone was thoughtful enough and motivated enough to make you feel worthwhile and important is sometimes all you need from these amenities.

If you want to make sure your passengers feel important and valued, then you will want to see to it that there are amenities on board your flight. It will add to their flying experience as well as to their overall satisfaction.

So, what type of amenities would passengers be excited to see?

Consider this: Travelers often find themselves in limbo. Perhaps they aren’t going to be sleeping in their own bed tonight. Or, perhaps they have been sleeping away from the comforts of home for a while. Whatever the reason, it is these comforts – or even things that they may have forgotten – that will be enjoyed.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Deodorant
  • Lotions
  • Wet wipes or even just a warm washcloth
  • Having entertainment, such as a television, satellite radio, gaming system, or virtual reality setup – including WiFi, of course – are great amenities that allow for a time of relaxation.
  • If you want to get more luxurious, offering a private bed or bedroom or a full-size bathroom are always exciting to see.

Make your jet service stand out from the others with the perks that you offer.

4. Offer convenience for guests

Complication doesn’t sit well with many people. In fact, the more complicated a situation or process, the more likely that passenger will be to go elsewhere next time. If you are looking for creating a great flight experience with guests that will return – then you are going to need to offer convenience.

For example:

  • Be ready for your business travelers by having an office in the sky. Provide capabilities for handling business, such as offering a wireless internet connection, a telecommunication device, a conference table, built-in video conferencing, etc. This convenience will be much appreciated by those who know the business world does not stop just because you are on a flight.
  • Be flexible with scheduling. If your passenger calls and is stuck in traffic, don’t make a little tardiness a bigger issue. Plan for these types of situations to happen so that, when they do, you are prepared.
  • Know your passengers and have the items they may prefer on board. For instance, if are children on board – provide age-appropriate movies, games, and activities. If you are expecting a handful of teenagers –provide appropriate entertainment. This convenience means that the worry of being occupied while in flight is gone. Your passengers know you will have this already taken care of.

5. Offer food and beverage

People love to eat and drink. And, with having so much downtime on a flight – what else is there to do? Provide your passengers with many options to choose from when it comes to drinks. Especially because having a drink while mingling with others or while relaxing is quite common.

In addition, offering food – and not just peanuts or pretzels – can greatly set you apart from others. Provide a memorable flight experience for your passengers by having the flight catered. You don’t have to have an elegant spread, but something for your passengers to munch on will suffice. Choose anything from party platters, sandwich platters, to gourmet meals and desserts.

A full belly leads to a happy passenger.

Take the step to go above and beyond for your passengers and they will be thankful for the best flight experience ever.

Travel Tips

8 Benefits of Flying Privately

Commercial flying is growing in popularity. Unfortunately, that means flying commercial often comes with significant delays, oversold seats, bumped flights, cancellations, and sky-high prices just so squeeze yourself into a tiny seat with no leg room. It’s a bad experience all around. If you’re like many travel aficionados, you’re already frustrated with the many drawbacks of commercial flight travel. Because of this, many people are looking into flying privately.

We’re here to tell you that flying in a private jet charter just might be the solution to all of your transportation and travel woes!  

When you fly privately, you’re more than just a seat sale; you’re a client, a customer, and a treasured partner, too. But that’s really just the beginning; you’ll also enjoy incredible benefits just like these!

Private Security Line

Hate going through customs? Spending two hours waiting in line only to have an x-ray machine blast you in front of multiple security officials certainly isn’t most people’s idea of a picnic. Worse yet is the sheer dread of what might happen if something (like an old-school metal leg implant) sets off the detectors, requiring a more hands-on look.

Flying privately means most airports will grant you access to private customs and security officials instead. There’s next to no waiting in line — you’re only limited by how many people who are flying with you — and smoother checks. Expect clearance to take just a few minutes rather than up to two hours, no matter where you’re flying from. That’s enough reason for many people to fly charter instead!

Less Wasted Time

Flying privately also means less wasted time at the airport. Rather than showing up three hours before your flight, you can typically show up just an hour or even 30 minutes beforehand instead. Once you arrive, most international airports usher you to the private flyer’s lounge, where you can curl up with a good book, grab gourmet food, attend to business in a quiet corner, or in some cases, even catch a nap.

Once you’re on the airplane and in the air, it’s up to you how you spend your flying time. Enjoy champagne, work on next week’s report, call someone and close a business deal, or just lay back and enjoy a movie. There’s no need to worry about body odors, crying babies (unless they’re your own), or unruly passengers distracting you along the way. The peaceful nature of charter flights makes them best-in-class for business flyers who just don’t have even a moment of time to spare.

Fly When It’s Best For YOU

Commercial flights rely upon a schedule; they have to leave and land within a certain time frame to stay on track. Unfortunately for you, that leaves little room to adjust your flight to best match your schedule. An extended meeting, bad weather, traffic, or even snafus before the family leaves home can all set you behind schedule and cause you to miss your flight.

Thinking of flying on special occasions or holidays? Expect to book months in advance to secure a seat in an over-packed airplane. It’s stuffy, stressful, and just about as far from a vacation as you can possibly imagine.

With private flying, you can fly out whenever you like — 7 a.m., 10 p.m., or even 2 p.m. in the afternoon. You designate the take-off time, and often, can adjust it in advance to compensate for unforeseen circumstances. This is one situation where money really can buy you happiness!

Dine Like a Celebrity

Fun fact: many private charter planes really belong to celebrities, who market them out to make money. When flying privately, you’ll have access to the same amazing gourmet meal and champagne service as the owner. Enjoy filet mignon, dig into fresh lobster, or eat delicate sweet treats and cheese as you sip an expensive fine wine. Five-star dining onboard the plane is well-worth the additional cost all by itself.

Stay Comfortable and Cozy

Flying privately affords you the utmost in comfort. You’ll slip into cushiony-soft seats with free space all around you. Seats often boast buttery-soft leathers with fully-reclining bed positions built in. Soft feather pillows and blankets keep you warm and comfortable so you wake up at your destination feeling rested and relaxed, not cramped and jet lagged.

Unique Decadence? Yes, It’s Possible!

When nothing but the very best will do, book a private luxury charter. These planes boast some of the most ultra-luxurious experiences and amenities in the industry, taking private flying to the next level. Depending on the private charter you choose, it’s possible to enjoy an experience similar to the Air Emirate’s $60,000 First Class luxury experience, complete with private sleeping cabins, five-course gourmet meals, complimentary Dom Perignon, VIP bag checking at start and end points, and even personalized services for unique requests and needs. Best of all, since you’re flying privately, you get to enjoy it in the company of only those you invite.

Complete and Utter Privacy

There’s a reason government officials and celebrities choose private flying: it’s the only truly private flying experience. Because there’s no one on board but you and the people you invite to come along, you can talk freely about anything. You can talk of confidential work reports, how much you love your newlywed bride, or even just personal life details. There’s no need to worry about information getting into the wrong hands or embarrassing public situations.

Land in Private or Smaller Airstrips

Commercial flying leaves very little room for adventurous spirits to land in unique places. Most airlines only land at international or major airports, and anyone wanting to stop off or land at a smaller or private airstrip is essentially out of luck.

With private flying, you have an extended range of plane and flying choices. Whether you’re keen on spending time in fly-in fishing destinations like Algoma in Canada’s great white north or you’re heading to a remote and private island in the Caribbean, private flying will provide you with many more options. This includes incredible destinations on home soil like Monument Valley, Utah, or the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Or check out Catalina Island in California, and Gaston’s White River Resort in Arkansas. It isn’t always about flying by jet; sometimes it’s about accessing the world’s most special destinations.

Flying privately makes you the star of your own travel experience. You’ll avoid the crowds, enjoy dedicated support and service, and find yourself pampered from the moment you book your service until you depart at your destination. Whether you’re planning to fly around the world with your sweetheart or you’re just trying to get to Tokyo for a business meeting, nothing matches private flying for both convenience and traveler experience.

Travel Tips

Travel Destinations for Those Who Live to Travel

Lifelong travelers are always searching for their next destination. The writers at Huffington Post have curated an ironic list of eleven lists of destinations for your situation. Some of the lists provided are related to backpacking, digital detox, island paradises, and Latin exploration.


Click here for the full list of lists on Huffington Post.


First Class Lounge Debut

Etihad Airways is opening its flagship lounge at Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal 3. The First Class Lounge & Spa has 16 zones to relax, re-energize, and entertain guests before flights. Some featured zones include a showcase bar, cigar lounge, Six Senses Spa, barber, and children’s playroom.

First Class guests can enjoy a complimentary treatment from the spa while waiting to board their airplane, guests staying at The Residence will be given two complimentary treatments. The cigar lounge hosts nine brands and each cigar is paired with a number of cognacs and whiskies.


Click here to read the full article on Luxury Travel Advisor.


Hypersonic Travel, is it Realistic?

More than a decade ago the Concorde flew its last supersonic flight. Too many regulations limited faster than sound flight to smaller and smaller portions of its journey, and the costs became too much for continued operation. Since then supersonic flight has been exclusive to fighter pilots and astronauts, and hypersonic flight past Mach 5 has been unattainable.

A collaborative science team from the United States and Australia have launched a mixture jet/rocket that reached Mach 7.5, 5,700 miles per hour, in trial. At this speed travelers could fly from Australia to the UK in roughly two hours rather than an all-day flight. A trip across the Atlantic Ocean would be minutes instead of hours.

Alex Zelinsky looked forward not just to air travel but also the future of space travel.

“the success of this test launch takes us one step closer to the realization of hypersonic flight. It is a game-changing technology…  and could revolutionize global air travel, providing cost-effective access to space.”


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What You Need to Know about the Gulfstream G550

If you want to hire a private jet charter service, then ask about the Gulfstream G550 aircraft. This airplane is incredibly exclusive with only approximately 500 throughout the United States. Designed by the General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace Unit located in Savannah, Ga., the first one was available to the public in 2003. There are several specialized features that make this airplane popular, including:

• An infrared camera
• A cursor control system
• A reduction in aerodynamic drag
• A long flight range
• An easy to use cockpit
• Seven passenger windows on each side

Characteristics of the Gulfstream G550

This aircraft is highly desirable for business travelers who want to make a good impression on clients. The Gulfstream G550 has an assortment of characteristics such as:

• Air travel range of almost 8,000 miles
• A maximum speed of almost 600 mph
• A crew capacity of two pilots and two attendants
• A passenger capacity of 14 to 19 passengers
• A maximum takeoff weight of over 90,000 pounds
• A large space to hold baggage

The original price to buy a Gulfstream G550 was nearly 50 million dollars, but today, the airplanes are purchased for nearly 80 millions dollars. Because one of these airplanes can travel a long distance without needing refueling, it is frequently selected for overseas travel from New York City to Europe or Japan. This airplane is able to travel quickly in order to get private jet charter passengers to a destination as quickly as possible.

This Aircraft’s Amenities

Passengers enjoy flying on this aircraft because it has an attractive ambience and offers comfortable seating for long flights. The passenger cabin is well-ventilated, providing fresh climate-controlled air. Many passengers prefer to travel at a lower than normal capacity to enjoy the spacious cabin with its reclining seats for resting until arriving at a destination. Each Gulfstream G550 has a large kitchen where attendants can prepare food and beverages. In addition, each of these airplanes is equipped with two lavatories. Modern conveniences also include coffeemakers, microwave ovens and Wi-Fi to use smartphones or computers.

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