How to Ensure Private Plane Safety Is a Top Priority

Growing up, riding the bus was a significant experience and one that happened quite often. You trusted that the bus driver was well rested and trained in handling the big yellow machine, that the mechanics had done an excellent job maintaining the bus, and that all the cars sharing the road with you knew what they were doing, too. Every in-flight experience should be the same, and private plane safety should be a priority.

Stepping onto a private jet is the same way. You trust that the pilot knows how to fly the plane and that the ground crew has properly maintained it – and that those other airliners in the sky also understand what they are doing. The difference? Now you are an adult. You can do your research to ensure that safety is a top priority for your private jet charter.

Private Plane Safety and Weather Conditions

Flying private often allows you a little extra safety during certain weather conditions. Sometimes commercial airliners will be grounded while private jets take to the skies without issue. That’s because they can fly above the weather conditions and make last-minute flight path decisions – something commercial jets can’t do.

Private plane safety is a priority of all charter airlines, and all passengers will know it. In other words, private jets move quickly and can do what is necessary to move swiftly away from turbulence. They can do this in the snow, ice, fog, wind, rain, and thunderstorms. Private jet pilots are trained to make fast decisions to handle these conditions while keeping you safe.

Rigorous Routine Inspections and Maintenance

Private jets have to undergo rigorous routine inspections. These inspections include all types of safety and compliance testing. Outside third parties conduct the majority of these procedures. In addition, The FAA regulates all aircraft in the United States to ensure the safety of all aircraft.

They have a detailed investigation and certification process that is even tougher than commercial aircraft. Of course, these inspections are in addition to the routine maintenance that has to take place. At various flight hours, specific routine maintenance must occur to ensure that the jet is in good shape and safe for flying.

Well-Known and Vetted Crew

The crews that fly private jet charters do so regularly. They are known; they are comfortable with the jet and comfortable flying passengers like you. Like the aircraft, those manning private jets must undergo strict certifications, training, and testing to fly charters. You won’t encounter a random crew flying your private jet but a well-known and thoroughly vetted team.

As a passenger, you can feel confident that you are in safe hands. The crew handling your flight made it through all the checks and have proven to be highly skilled at what they do. And, if you fly often, you may find that you have the same crew – giving you ample opportunity to build trust and feel safe.

No Unruly Passengers

Since 9/11, there has always been that concern about air travel and safety with other passengers. Whether we acknowledge it or not, it is something we have heard about; flight crews have prepared for it. Who are the hundreds of other people you are flying with anyways? Then you’ve got your unruly passengers that are out of control. Something may set them off, and their behavior becomes a safety risk to everyone on the airplane.

This scenario is becoming more common as time goes on. You don’t have to worry about these things on a private jet. You don’t have to wonder if someone has a hidden agenda on your flight or whether or not you will make it safely on the ground. The fear and the threat aren’t in private jets allowing you to feel safe from those things.

Private Plane Saftey and COVID-19

When COVID-19’s global pandemic hit, travel safety became an issue, and more air travelers chose private air travel over commercial ones, and private plane safety become a significant priority. Once they came, many of them stayed. And, it’s no wonder – it is much safer travel. On private jets, you can count on the fact that the aircraft has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before you arrive.

And, since you are not sharing the space with a couple of hundred additional travelers, you don’t have to worry about the spread of germs on board. It’s just you – and whoever you have brought with you. But it isn’t just about the actual aircraft. Crowded spaces are familiar places for germs to spread, and commercial airports are one of the best examples. Every time your flight stops and you have a layover, you go back into a crowded airport and wait around to board another crowded flight.

You’ve got long lines to check in, long lines to get through security and a crowd of people waiting at the gate to board the plane. See what we mean? Lots of people travel via commercial airliners – and that means an increased risk of spreading germs. When you choose to fly private, your safety is a top priority. You can go through small FBOs to reach your aircraft – or drive right up to it. No crowds involved. Plus, there are never any unnecessary stops or layovers.

Unless your jet stops to refuel, you have a straight-through flight every time. And that is a great way to reduce risk and boost your safety. Even when COVID-19 becomes a thing we read about in history books, those who lived through it now understand just how important it is to breathe ventilated air, wash hands thoroughly, and avoid crowded spaces. Private travel will remain a go-to way of travel in the future.

Booking a Private Jet

When you are ready to take your next flight, consider choosing a private jet charter. Your safety is a top priority – including the aircraft’s maintenance, the flight crew’s ability, other passengers, and unseen germs. Feel free to ask your charter company questions about their safety protocols, maintenance, pilot training, etc. You even have the right to ask to see their certifications. After all, transparency is as important as your safety. So next time your travel requires flying high, protect yourself by choosing a private jet.


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Why Value Private Jet Empty Leg Deals This Time of Year?

So, what’s the hype around private jet empty leg deals this time of year? If this is something you’ve been curious about and if you’re ready for a luxurious adventure, read below!

Are you heading out for travel during the holiday break? Maybe heading out during the beginning of 2021 to kick the year off right? Looking to visit a new or familiar destination to kill the monotony?

If the world around you is nagging you to get out and have some fun, you may find yourself in the middle of a toss-up. Do you get out and experience all the adventures calling your name? Or do you practice social distancing and keep yourself and your loved ones home? Maybe you’d even thought that the only way you would get out and travel would be to fly private, but who has money for that?

Well, what if you could have all these things?

What? All of them?

Yes! What if you could travel on an adventure while keeping yourself safe and socially distanced – all while flying on a private jet?

It’s possible. It’s why private jet empty leg deals are the perfect way to travel this time of year!

What Are Empty Leg Deals?

Perhaps we should take a moment to talk about empty leg deals. Since there are so many new private travelers this year, many aren’t aware of what savings can be found. So, what exactly is an empty leg deal?

It works like this:

Let’s say a private jet is chartered to fly from Phoenix, AZ to Champaign, IL. It has to be back in Phoenix for another flight in a day or two. So, whether it has a passenger or not, the jet is going to leave Champaign and travel to Phoenix.

This is what is called an empty leg. The deal comes in when you take advantage of this trip – and purchase a seat onboard the flight. It’s going to the destination regardless of whether you book the flight. That results in you getting a good price on your ticket. After all, for the owner of the jet to make some money with a passenger is better than no money. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Save Yourself Some Money

Let’s be honest – the size of your bank account doesn’t matter when the holiday season approaches because everybody seems to spend money. And lots of it. Which always makes entering the new year with your wallet tightly strapped. All the more reason why it is difficult to go on a travel adventure this time of year.

By taking advantage of empty leg deals, you can find yourself getting out of the house and saving money at the same time.

Save Yourself Some Time

Time is precious. That is one of the many lessons we’ve learned over the past year, isn’t it? If we want to save ourselves some time, then a private jet is the way to travel – especially this time of year.

Take a moment to think about holiday travel this time of year. There are so many nightmare stories out there that you either have your own or personally know someone who has. Weather delays, overbooked flights, crowded airports, long security lines – the list can go on and on.

Who has the time to deal with all of that? And who wants to?

Cherish your time by opting for private jet travel this season. Avoid all the things that make major airports and commercial airliners miserable. With a private jet, you will avoid long security lines and won’t have to worry about dealing with heavy crowds in the airport. Though, the best news is not having to worry about heavily delayed flights. For instance, private jets are often faster at getting in the air after rough weather and, they can even make last-minute calls to change their route to avoid this weather altogether.

Don’t waste your time sitting in lines or in airports – fly private.

Keep Yourself Safe

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware that COVID-19 has greatly impacted the way we live – and, most definitely, the way we travel. It has also kept many people at home while bringing a lot of fear about traveling. It’s understandable.

The coronavirus is likely the reason why you are feeling such an urge to get out there and travel. Would you agree?

You don’t have to force yourself to stay home and forego any traveling. But, what you need to do, is recognize the value that comes with flying on a private jet – which means safety for you and your loved ones. By choosing this private travel option, you no longer put yourself at high risk for contracting the virus. You are removing the crowds and close quarters and giving yourself a more socially distanced travel method.

Enjoy All the Perks

Finally, if you are trying to determine the true value of using empty leg private jet deals for your travel needs this time of year, just think of all the perks you get. And, yes, there are even more than we have discussed already.

Private jet travel allows you to:

  • Surround yourself in comfortable seating and the ability to relax.
  • Take advantage of the many amenities offered by private charters.
  • Avoid overly rigid time schedules.
  • Fly when other flights are grounded.
  • Enjoy luxurious airport accommodations.
  • Privacy to handle business, sleep, etc. without other passengers.
  • Top-notch cleanliness and sanitization before every flight so you are safe.
  • Experience new destinations and new airports by allowing your spontaneous side to take over.

And to think that you get all of these while saving money and taking advantage of empty leg deals. No, that is definitely something to bring some joy to this time of year.

Check Out Empty Leg Deals Today!

If you think about it, value comes in all different forms. Saving money is always a plus, but when you can partake in travel while still protecting your health, your loved ones, your time, and your sanity – well, that’s quite a bit of value all packed into one.

Always – especially this time of year – enjoy flying private with all the value that comes with empty leg deals.

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What to Look for When Booking Private Jet Flights

If you want a luxurious flying experience, then a private jet is the way to go! But what should you know when booking private jet flights? Read below for the details.

There are many benefits to flying by private jet. First, flying by private jet charter is way more convenient than flying commercially. There is also always more room on a private jet charter, which means infinite leg space. In addition, the chairs are higher quality, which provides even more comfort for passengers.

But finding private jet flights can be a complicated affair. For those not in the know, you may not understand just how many types of aircraft and options exist.

One excellent idea when beginning your search for private jet flights is to get recommendations from a friend who is a regular charter customer, preferably an owner. Those in the industry can also certainly lead you down the right path or, at the very least, help you gather the facts and differences to make an informed decision.

Before you take the leap into the exciting world of private jet flights we would like to offer up a few tips. Here are some important things to consider before embarking on your big private jet experience.

Weight Matters

Not all private jets are the same and weight does matter. Which jet charter is right for you depends on a variety of factors, not the least of which is how many passengers will be on board. More passengers also equals more luggage, which also equals more weight. Depending upon the purpose of the trip, additional weight might also come in the form of golf clubs, skis, or other sporting equipment.

More people and more weight affects range and may even eliminate the ability to book non-stop service and require fuel stops along the way. Even for the relatively small commitment of a single charter flight, making sure to book the right flight can have a large impact on your overall experience.

Size Matters

Novices beware, it is essential to check out the pertinent information regarding different types of private jet aircraft. The bigger the jet, the bigger the cabin. This may seem obvious but it is relevant in the decision making and something to take into consideration when accounting for number of passengers, luggage capacity, and range.

For tall passengers, a smaller jet may have you bending over while walking through the cabin and toilet facilities can be extremely confining, some no more than a pull around curtain. Don’t allow for the potential disappointment that could come with traveling in luxury only to bump your head upon boarding.

Dinner Meal on Board?

The general consensus goes something like this. You imagine yourself on a private jet sipping champagne while waitstaff dressed all in black pass caviar toasts. The reality, experts verify that corporate meal averages $350.00 covering three or four people and champagne is rarely in the mix.

While catering companies attached to private jet charters are certainly capable of serving full dinners and have pretty much seen it all, the majority of customer requests center more on fruit trays, sandwiches, and cheese and meat trays. It is absolutely up to your discretion to order as you choose, but keep in mind the average trip lasts only a couple of hours so order accordingly.

Traveling With the Furry Family Members

A prime plus for pet owners when booking private jet flights is the ability to have your pets actually with you. As flying pets commercially becomes more complicated and expensive, it becomes even more appealing to travel by private jet charter. Commercial flights come with a host of regulations regarding the size of the pet, the weather conditions, and even the breed of the pet.

When choosing a private jet charter, there are no concerns with your pet being left in the heat or cold on a tarmac for hours, no worries about delayed flights, and no breed restrictions. Some catering companies even cater to pet owners with in-flight catering pet menus. All members of the family will be happy to have their fur babies right in the cabin with them, easing all concerns about pet safety.

Choosing an Aircraft

There are five types of private jets generally considered for charter:

Light Jets: These jets hold from five to eight passengers comfortably and can travel for around two hours nonstop. Although not as spacious as larger jets, they are the most affordable. They can reach speeds of 500mph and examples include Learjet 31 and Citation V.

Midsize Jets: A more spacious option, although roomier, these jets also are designed to carry between six and eight passengers. The Lear 45 and Gulfstream G150 are prime examples and these midsize jets can stay in the air for up to seven hours, and easily fly coast-to-coast.

Super midsize Jets: Generally able to carry up to nine passengers, the super midsize jets can sometimes accommodate up to 12 people. Planes like the Citation X and Falcon 50 are capable of transatlantic flights and are also allowed to land at larger, international airports. Featuring all of the luxury of larger jets, this category offers galleys and entertainment centers.

Large cabin or heavy Jets: Large cabin jets are the largest private planes and seat 10 comfortably. The Gulfstream II or Challenger 605 are fully capable of flying nine hours or 4000 miles nonstop. In addition, they have first-class seating and occasionally sleeping quarters. Heavy jets also employ flight attendants.

Turbo prop planes:  For the more adventurous traveler, the turbo prop planes can hold five to eight passengers and fly up to four hours. Prop planes are short, easily maneuverable, and able to deal with short, rough runways. The King Air 90 and Pilatus PC-12 also have the ability to be outfitted with skis to land on snow or water, perfect for a group fishing trip to Montana.


With so much to consider, it is important not to jump into a decision regarding private jet flights. However, it is good to know that so many options exist. Take your time. Do your research. Talk to the experts. Then go ahead and take the plunge into the world of private jet charter.

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Why Flying Private is the Best Option for Day Trips

Day trips should be quick yet fulfilling right? To make the most of the day, flying private is the way to go. Read below to learn why that is.

Travel doesn’t always come in long vacations or adventurous getaways to explore unknown destinations. Sometimes travel requires you to head out to a destination and return all in the same day. This could be due to business trips, to attend a specific event, or just a quick shopping getaway. There are all sorts of reasons someone may need to make a quick trip. The question is – how will you get there quickly and conveniently without all the added hassle?

The answer? By flying private.

There are many perks to flying private in general. But, when it comes to day trips, it easily proves to be the best option.

Here’s why.

Flying Private Cuts Down Waiting Time

Think about the last time you took a commercial flight.

  • How long before your flight departure time did you arrive at the airport?
  • How long did it take you to get through the security checkpoint?
  • How long did you have to wait for your plane to arrive?
  • Was it on time?
  • Did you have to catch a connecting flight? If so, how long was your layover?

Flying commercial comes with a lot of waiting time. Waiting in line, waiting at the gate, waiting to take off, waiting to exit the aircraft upon arrival, waiting for luggage, and so forth. If you look at the opportunity cost, you will see that all this waiting can really put a damper on the things you could be doing.

That brings us to flying private. There are no long lines to wait in and no need to arrive super early at the airport, either. The entire process to board and deplane goes much more smoothly when you aren’t flying with hundreds of other strangers.

When you have one day at a particular destination, you want to make the most of it, right? That means you want to have as much time as possible. To do this, you surely cannot waste time standing in line or waiting on strangers. You want the flight that will get you in the air as seamlessly as possible.

And, that requires choosing to fly private.

Flying Private Can Get Closer to Your Destination

Sure, there are airports all over the world. When you are flying to a particular destination, you often pick the nearest commercial airport, right? It’s the most well-known, but that doesn’t make it the closest to your destination – and it surely is not always the most convenient. In fact, depending on where you are traveling, you could have another hour or more until you reach your destination.

Flying private gives you more options for airports. See, there are many smaller, private or executive airports all over the world. Due to their size, these airports cannot handle larger commercial aircraft carriers. But, they can handle private jets.

What does this all mean for you?

Well, if you are traveling somewhere for the day, you’d likely wish to get as close as possible to your actual destination. After all, having to travel a great distance further not only extends the time you are stuck in transit, but it shortens your overall time available, too.

Flying private is one of the best options for day trips due to the ability to get in close proximity to your final destination.

Flying Private Can Save You Money

One of the biggest misconceptions that come with flying private is the cost. For years, flying via a private jet was viewed as a privilege with the opportunity not necessarily available to everyone. Today? This has changed – a lot.

Believe it or not, flying private can save you money compared to flying commercial. If you have ever tried to purchase a ticket for a commercial airline at the last minute, you know that the fee can be exorbitant. And, truth be told, deals are often found when you arrive and depart on different days.

Flying private is more affordable when it comes to both real costs and opportunity costs. You don’t have to worry about tricks and deals that require you to fly on certain days, at certain times to score an affordable ticket. Your private jet can get you to where you want to be and back again.

Flying Private is More Convenient

If you don’t intend to stay the night at your daily destination, then you need to make sure you can get a flight back home. While there are often many commercial flights to choose from, they may not always be the most convenient times.

For instance, if you are traveling to an afternoon event, the last flight out may be early evening. You will need to, of course, make sure you allow enough time to get checked in, get through security, and find your way to your gate in time to go through the boarding process. This really cuts into your time for your event, doesn’t it? But, what other choice do you have?

If you choose to fly private, you have a lot more flexibility in departure time. This will allow you to stay at your event as long as you want before you head back to the airport. Once you do, there is no need to go through the lengthy commercial process. Instead, a quick run through security and you will be on your way boarding your jet.

After all, it is waiting for you – as you are the sole passenger.


It doesn’t matter where your travels take you, getting there easily and quickly is always the most desirable choice, right? And, when it comes to day trips, you need to couple this with availability and time which is usually very restricted and limited.

That’s why, when it comes to making the best choice for your day trips, flying private takes all of these aspects into consideration. You have access to smaller airports, the ability to get closer to your destination, the option to choose the most convenient travel times, and can save you time and money.

So, how will you be spending your day away?

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How Are Private Flight Routes Determined?

There are many aspects involved to make sure your flight gets from point A to point B efficiently and safely. How do private jet flight routes affect your flight?

When you think of catching a flight, you are likely more concerned about getting to your destination than you are about how you will get there.

After all, you aren’t flying the plane, so who cares which direction you go as long as you get there, right?

That’s what the pilot is for!

But, think about it – have you ever wondered why some flights will take you past your destination, with a 180-degree turn to go back to the airport you just flew over? Or why you fly a bit north when you are traveling south. Or, maybe why you fly in the direction that seems longer, rather than just taking the shortest route?

Believe it or not, there is a lot of work that goes into determining flight routes, for a reason. So, come with us as we discover how pilots determine private flight patterns.


The Simple Answer of Flight Routes

When it comes to creating a new flight plan, the pilot (or Captain) will put together a route. This is based on the most efficient flight method. More specifically, it’s a combination of:

  • The shortest flight time
  • The best weather
  • Non-restricted airspace

Once a general flight pattern is developed, it is given to air traffic control. These individuals will review and make changes, if necessary, so they can maintain a healthy flow of traffic in the sky.


Flying from One Spot to Another

Air traffic does not fly any way it wishes. You may think that because there are no physical roads or traffic lights in the air that it is all free reign for any and every one. But, that is simply not the case.

When it comes to air travel, geo-positioning coordinates is how flight routes are created. The coordinates are five letter combinations of Latin consonants and vowels that are put together so that they can be read and memorized. These points may either be random names or resemble a large city nearby.

When creating flight routes, the path will go from one of these points to the next.

But, how do they do this without colliding?

The system designed by air traffic controllers keeps planes flying at various altitudes – called flight levels – depending on direction.

  1. For instance, those flying westbound will use even-numbered flight levels – FL300, 320, and 340 for example.
  2. On the other hand, those flights heading eastbound will travel on odd-numbered flight levels, such as FL310, 330, and 350.



The Two Most Important Factors of Flight Routes

When determining flight routes, there is a lot to consider. However, there are two factors that tend to stand out above the rest. Perhaps it is because they are rather important factors. So, what are they?

Air traffic controllers work hard to monitor the traffic in the sky. They see what is coming and going through the airspace and work to keep things running smoothly and free from collision (thanks to pre-determined airways found in controlled airspace).

Since fuel is what is necessary to get from Point A to Point B, then it is only natural that you would be concerned about the amount available and the amount used for a flight.

If fuel is so important, what factors go into choosing a flight route – even-numbered where fuel is concerned?


Other Factors: The Winds

The wind is an incredibly important trait to keep in mind when creating flight routes. Just as with anything you do outdoors, the strength of the wind is a factor.

For instance, cross country runners know that they will have better times when running with the wind rather than against it. And, NFL quarterbacks and kickers know that moving a ball against the wind will require more force to get it where you want it to go.

All of this holds true for flying, also. When traveling long distances against the wind, you will find that the travel time required will be longer than if you are traveling the same distance with the wind. In addition, traveling against the wind requires more power – and more fuel.


Other Factors: The Weight

While it may not be as big of a factor with larger or commercial aircraft, the on-board weight can indirectly impact the efficiency of a private jet. Pilots consider the following:

  • The weight of the jet itself
  • The weight of the fuel
  • The weight of the passengers (if at full capacity or not)
  • The weight of the baggage or cargo

While the heavier weight will not affect the jets flying ability, it can make it run less efficient. In other words, the amount of fuel required to fly 2,000 nautical miles may only carry the jet 1,500 nautical miles if the weight load is at full capacity.



Other Factors: The Weather

Just as the winds and the weight can impact flight routes, so can weather. Pilots (or Captains) will fly around bad weather if needed to avoid turbulence and keep the utmost safety of the aircraft, crew, and passengers in mind. The weather is closely monitored so that changes in flight patterns can occur as needed – even when the flight is currently in progress.

Creating a flight pattern – or amending a flight pattern – around the weather means that you may fly further distances in an attempt to avoid the rough weather. Or, it could mean that you can stay on target, but you will need to fly at a higher or lower flight level (altitude).


Commonly Asked Questions

How Are General Flight Patterns Created?

The simple answer is that patterns are created for the shortest flight time, the best weather, and non-restricted airspace; but it’s more complicated than that.

How Do Planes Avoid Collision In-Air?

A system created by air traffic controllers keeps planes flying on different altitudes based on geo-positioning coordinates that consist of five letter combinations of Latin consonants and vowels.

What Factors Must Be Considered During Flight Routes?

Fuel calculation and compliance of air traffic control requirements are the most important. However, the wind patterns, the weight of the aircraft and on-board weight, and the weather must also be considered.


The Bottom Line

Our roadways on the ground are intricately designed to run smoothly. And, while accidents may happen, they are rarely the result of a roadway. Why? Because they are well-thought-out plans.

The same happens for flight routes. Just because you cannot see roadways in the sky doesn’t mean they don’t exist in their own way.

Flying on them – and taking all the special points into consideration – can ensure that you have a safe flight to your destination.



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Travel Tips

Plan the Perfect Summer Vacation With This Convenient Checklist

Are you thinking about an adventure this summer? If so, you might be wondering how to start the planning process.

Planning a trip can be an intimidating task. It is easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you have not planned a trip before. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you plan the perfect summer getaway.

#1 Decide Upon a Destination

Figuring out where you want to go is the first step and also one of the most important steps in planning your trip. It is almost impossible to continue with the next steps until you know where you want to go.

The problem is that with so many great places to go, it can be hard to choose just one. Here are some questions to help you choose a destination:

  • Would you rather travel within the United States or internationally?
  • Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
  • Which is your idea of the perfect vacation: Spending time relaxing on a beach or taking in Broadway shows in the city?
  • Do you prefer historic or modern architecture?

Answering these questions can help you choose the perfect location.

If you prefer the beach and want to travel internationally, the Bahamas may be your ideal destination.

On the other hand, if you want to stay within the United States and experience high-energy excitement, then Las Vegas might be for you.

#2 Pick a date

Decide when you want to go. This is important as it will help you decide when to book transportation and accommodations.

Take the following things into consideration when choosing a date:

  • How much of a notice that you need to give to take off work
  • If you have children, do you need to schedule during their school holidays
  • Are you free to travel during non-peak times? If so, it can be much cheaper

#3 Choose Your Transportation

How will you get to your dream destination? For most travel, flying is ideal. But, flying commercial can be quite a hassle with the long security lines, tight restrictions on luggage and hidden costs.

As a result, private jet travel is becoming quite popular and for good reason.

Private jet travel is convenient and efficient. You do not have to fly out of a busy hub airport unless you want to. In addition, there are no long security lines or restrictions on luggage.

You can bring whatever you want on board, within reason. T

his comes in handy if you are taking a skiing trip to Colorado, as you can bring your skis or snowboard aboard a private jet without an additional charge.

Do you think that private jet travel is expensive? Think again. Many private jet companies offer last-minute deals on unused seats.

These last minute deals mean that you can often fly on a private charter jet for less than a commercial flight.

#4 Figure out Where You Want to Stay

Where you want to stay plays an important role in your trip planning process.

There are various types of accommodations available, from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious resorts. Take into consideration your budget and the type of traveling that you will be doing.

If you plan to do a lot of hiking and outdoor activities, for instance, you might want to choose an eco-hotel. While a beach resort might be a better choice for a surf vacation.


What You Need to Know about the Gulfstream G550

If you want to hire a private jet charter service, then ask about the Gulfstream G550 aircraft. This airplane is incredibly exclusive with only approximately 500 throughout the United States. Designed by the General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace Unit located in Savannah, Ga., the first one was available to the public in 2003. There are several specialized features that make this airplane popular, including:

• An infrared camera
• A cursor control system
• A reduction in aerodynamic drag
• A long flight range
• An easy to use cockpit
• Seven passenger windows on each side

Characteristics of the Gulfstream G550

This aircraft is highly desirable for business travelers who want to make a good impression on clients. The Gulfstream G550 has an assortment of characteristics such as:

• Air travel range of almost 8,000 miles
• A maximum speed of almost 600 mph
• A crew capacity of two pilots and two attendants
• A passenger capacity of 14 to 19 passengers
• A maximum takeoff weight of over 90,000 pounds
• A large space to hold baggage

The original price to buy a Gulfstream G550 was nearly 50 million dollars, but today, the airplanes are purchased for nearly 80 millions dollars. Because one of these airplanes can travel a long distance without needing refueling, it is frequently selected for overseas travel from New York City to Europe or Japan. This airplane is able to travel quickly in order to get private jet charter passengers to a destination as quickly as possible.

This Aircraft’s Amenities

Passengers enjoy flying on this aircraft because it has an attractive ambience and offers comfortable seating for long flights. The passenger cabin is well-ventilated, providing fresh climate-controlled air. Many passengers prefer to travel at a lower than normal capacity to enjoy the spacious cabin with its reclining seats for resting until arriving at a destination. Each Gulfstream G550 has a large kitchen where attendants can prepare food and beverages. In addition, each of these airplanes is equipped with two lavatories. Modern conveniences also include coffeemakers, microwave ovens and Wi-Fi to use smartphones or computers.

If you are reading this on anything other than The Early Airway it is stolen content. Follow us on Twitter@TheEarlyAirWay. Come and visit our blog at

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Comparing Jet Charter To Commercial Air Travel

When you are looking at choices to fly, you usually can choose from a commercial airliner or a private jet charter. To fully understand your options, you need to compare the pros and cons of both.

When it comes to the convenience of flying, it’s hard to beat a private jet charter. With a commercial flight, you often have to show up at the airport an hour or more before your flight and wait in long lines at the ticketing counter and for security screening. Then you may wind up waiting for a significant amount of time before you can board your flight. With a private charter flight, you can show up shortly before your flight is to take off, don’t have to worry about any lines and can get in your seat right away.

In a private jet, you either will be the only passenger or one of very few. There won’t be any cramped seats wedged in between strangers, and you will get personal attention from the flight staff that not even first class can provide on a commercial flight.

When you take a commercial flight, unless you are traveling between two large cities, you likely will have to connect at a hub airport and switch planes, this will add an hour or more to your flight. When you have a private jet charter flight, you can fly to any airport that can accommodate the size of plane you are on, which includes most general aviation airports around the country, which means it’s very likely you can fly direct, which will cut down on your travel time.

About the only advantage commercial flying has over a private jet charter is costs. Whereas a commercial ticket in coach class will cost you a few hundred dollars, the same flight on a private jet will cost a few thousand. However, if you have the means to pay for a private jet charter, the other advantages can be more than worth it.

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Advantages of a New York Jet Charter

Many people may think that they can’t afford a New York private jet charter, but there are some big advantages to private air charter travel that can outweigh the costs for certain people and businesses.

When it comes to comfort, there is no comparison between commercial air travel and a private jet charter. With a private jet charter, you will get personal service from the time you show up at the office until you arrive at your destination and get off the plane. You won’t get anywhere near that kind of service on commercial travel, even in first class.

You can’t beat the convenience of a private jet charter. You won’t have to stand in ticket lines or security lines, and you won’t have to worry about how many bags you can take and whether you need to check a bag or not. You also don’t have to show up at the airport and hour or more before your departure time and you won’t have to fly with dozens or hundreds or other people.

When it comes to getting to your destination quickly, a private jet charter is the way to go. Private jets fly about as fast as a commercial jet, but it’s on the ground where you make up time. Not having to be bound by a set commercial schedule allows you to fly when it’s most convenient for you. And the fact that you can fly point to point in most cases, without having to stop at a hub airport, will save you hours.

On a per-ticket basis, a private jet charter is more expensive than even a last-minute first class ticket on a commercial flight. But for a business that has to fly several people to the same destination, a private jet charter might actually be a better deal. It pays to at least check into it and not assume the charter flight will be more expensive.


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Private Flights to Reach New Heights

Virgin Galactic is in a race to be the first major private space flight provider. Earlier in 2014, the last test flight resulted in a crash killing the test pilot, and Virgin has since redesigned and rebuilt a new spaceship named SpaceShiptTwo.

This unveiling will not be a tested and complete model ready for space travel upon viewing, it is the next prototype on the way to the safe fully tested working craft. Virgin Galactic has not released a date for the first passenger flights, but it is working as fast as it can without risking any more life.


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