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What is Responsible Travel and Why Is It Important?

Responsible Travel - The Early Air Way

Thinking ahead and planning your trip wisely can allow you to have the best experiences around the world while being conscious of responsible travel.

As we move forward in life, we are encountering so many new terms and words for things – especially travel – and we are not quite sure what they mean. See, as our society grows and changes, so do our preferences. With the current generations driving the course of our future, the focus has turned more toward a mindful, environmentally friendly outlook.

We want to do better for ourselves and our planet. And this is beginning to show in our travel trends.

So, what is responsible travel? And why is it so important? That is exactly what we are here to find out today.

What is Responsible Travel?

When countries, cities, towns, and communities open their doors for tourists to visit, they expect to reap the rewards. They want the exposure and the increased economic gains to help propel the area into the future. And who can blame them? So many areas have relied heavily on tourism to drive their economy – and they have done well.

What these same areas didn’t expect, though, is the damage that heavy tourism can leave. For instance, places that have been home to many travelers over the years can end up dealing with consequences such as:

  • Loss of habitats and nature
  • Traffic congestion
  • Destruction of natural (and historical) landmarks
  • Drying up of natural resources (and other resources)
  • Loss of cultural identity
  • An increased cost of living
  • Increased crime rates
  • Increased pollution of all types

This can lead to a breakdown of the country or community, losing a sense of what it was, leaving it sort of washed up and shoved aside.

We need to stop doing this – and we need to start respecting the land and areas where we decide to travel. This is where responsible travel comes in. It is about being conscious of our impact – taking the focus away from visiting places on the surface and turning it towards the culture. Responsible travel means embracing this current culture – and showing it gentle respect.

Can you change your way of travel to focus on the community as a whole rather than your own needs and desires?

How You Can Travel More Responsibly?

If you are ready to transform your travel plans into something that has minimal impact on the world around you, then you need to pay attention to your choices. Responsible travel is all about making the best choice for yourself, for others, and our planet.

For example:

  1. Book your accommodations in a large chain hotel or you can opt for a local bed and breakfast.
  2. Spend your time supporting tourist attractions that contain caged animals or you can find a local group in the community to show you around nearby nature perseverations.
  3. Rent a car while you are visiting an area or you can choose to walk or take advantage of the local mass transit system.

Can you see just how much power you hold in your own hands? It all comes down to your decision to be conscious of responsible travel.

Support Local

Local communities thrive when tourists come to visit. Unfortunately, as soon as big business see that the destination is growing, they step in. Soon enough, travelers begin booking with the big names they know (and who can afford the large advertisements) – leaving the locals hurt and hungry.

If you want to travel responsibly, then it is time you take steps to choose local each time you visit a new destination. And this applies to restaurants, goods, services, overnight accommodations, and more. Choose local and have a positive impact on the local community – and experiences you otherwise would not have had.

Slow Down, Be Mindful

You can book your travel with all intentions of being responsible when you get there. But, often, heading out on an adventure tends to shift our focus – and it may cause us to overlook the impact we are having.You must slow down and be mindful. Plan your travel ahead of time so that:

  • You know the things you will do,
  • The things you won’t, the places to visit,
  • The places to avoid.

Be diligent in your research so you can rest easy knowing you have chosen to utilize the destination in ways that will leave a minimal impact, and maximize your responsible travel efforts.

While you are there, consider opting for a single retreat or visit one area. Slowing down in this way allows you to not only appreciate the place more, but it cuts down on the damage of your additional traveling.

Finally, be mindful of how much you pack (as heavier luggage uses more fuel to transport), how much water you use when showering, flushing, or brushing your teeth, and how you can stay away from using plastic cups, toiletries, and so forth.

Fly Private

Here is something to think about. When you are traveling to your destination, what is the best way to get there? The easiest choice for most of us would be air travel – but do you know just how much carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere with each flight? About 25%! And just think how many times a commercial jet must land and take off – especially if you have a layover or two. Sure, you could book a straight-through flight if it is available. But, what about a better alternative altogether?

Private flights.

Smaller aircraft produce much fewer emissions than commercial. And they fly directly to your destination. No extra, unnecessary travel or stops. Not to mention that you can also call ahead and make sure that your private jet is equipped with all sustainable drinkware and so forth to further be responsible.

Private jet charters allow you to visit the heart of local cultures (especially since they can reach places commercial aircraft cannot) while leaving minimal impact on their environment.


COVID-19 has kept us all indoors for much longer than we’d prefer. But, as we start heading out on explorations and adventures, we have to be mindful of the damage our travel can cause. Thinking ahead and planning your trip wisely can allow you to have the best experiences around the world while leaving the smallest carbon footprint imaginable.

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Maintain a Healthy Mindset By Traveling and Flying Private

Maintaining a healthy mindset is important. And you can easily do this by safely planning a trip on a private jet. Read further for all you need to know to make this happen now!

Welcome to 2021! If you are like most people, you were probably glad to turn over that calendar into the new year. Regardless of what may or may not happen in the months ahead, 2020 left a lot us with frustration and stress. Between the global health pandemic, the civil unrest, the election business, and the trickle-down effect of everything combined, many people are facing struggles that they’ve never seen in their lifetime.

You may be one of those people.

We can’t change the things that go on around us, but we can control how we handle ourselves. And maintaining a healthy mindset is one way to combat every obstacle going on in the world. While there are many ways to heal your mind, perhaps one of the best is a getaway – by private jet.

Importance of a Healthy Mindset

We always have a choice. We can focus on the ups and downs in life – and let our mood fluctuating with them. Or, we can take charge of our minds. We can take life as it comes – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and still maintain our personal status quo. See, we can’t allow life to get to us. We can’t allow it to mess up our plans.

  • COVID-19 appeared and disrupted everything
  • The civil unrest between races in our country is on the rise.
  • Both sides in the presidential election are fighting nonstop.
  • Hate speech and anger-fueled comments have taken over social media.

You can’t control any of those things. They happen – it’s life. We can each have our personal opinion about them, but we can’t change them. We tend to forget this sometimes and we end up feeling stressed, anxious, and more. This takes a toll on our minds and our bodies.

Having a healthy mindset means being able to focus on your overall health and wellbeing without focusing on what is going on around you. Remember, focus on what you can control.

And let’s be real – one thing you can control is creating your own healthy mindset. And, sometimes the best way to do that is to break free from your normal day-to-day life and travel – on a private jet.

Rid Yourself of Holiday Stress

The holidays are past us. Phew. They are stressful any year, but during 2020 when we were already feeling beat down and exhausted, the holidays were even tougher. You got through it – and you deserve a pat on the back for it.

Why not give yourself a moment to clear your mind and relax with a vacation? It doesn’t have to be a long trip. A simple weekend getaway may be all you need. It’s a great opportunity for you to rejuvenate your mind and body after the weight of the holidays.

Whether you choose to travel a great distance or a couple of hours up the road, opting to fly private may have more benefits than you think. Not only will it keep you socially distanced and offer you more flexibility and such, but it also allows you to start your vacation from the moment you step onboard. No hectic commercial flight boarding procedure, long security lines, or crowded surroundings – all of which will only add to your stress. Instead, flying private leads to peaceful travels that help you relax.

Escape to Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Getting away means a chance to escape and find nourishment for your mind, body, and soul. Your destination plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy mindset. Consider exploring someplace fun and refreshing. For instance, since it is wintertime, why not escape to the tropics somewhere? This would give you a chance to unwind on the sandy shore while listening to the waves crashing. Of course, you may also want to consider visiting a spa or retreat. For those who love getting outdoors, heading to a destination that has magnificent trails to hike may be a good place to start.

The point is to choose an escape that will be a positive, uplifting experience for you – one that allows you to return home feeling refreshed. Imagine the place in your mind – and that’s where you should go.

Pandemic Restrictions

The pandemic has caused a lot of restrictions to be placed upon us, hasn’t it? From wearing masks, missing out on social gatherings, concerts, dining with friends and family, sipping a beer and watching football at your local hangout, and more – we have been restricted. While the initial order to stay home may have seemed a bit exciting, the longer this pandemic has gone on, the more the restrictions have begun to affect us. Especially those families who are working from home while kids are attending school virtually.

The result? Mental exhaustion and stress. It’s no wonder the number of cases of depression is on the rise.

This pandemic has taken a toll on us more than we realize. It’s time to travel and head out somewhere fun – put the pandemic stuff behind you for a moment. Though, because it is still a reality, you must take steps to protect yourself, such as choosing to fly private rather than expose yourself to a high number of commercial travelers.

New Year, New Goals

Finally, this a new year and it is time that you create some new goals. If you have found your way here, then there is a good chance you have an adventurous spirit. Find yourself some new destinations to explore and begin planning your travel. Having something to look forward to is a great way to increase your healthy mindset.


There are so many destinations and ideas for getaways that can help you maintain a healthy mindset. Be encouraged to explore your options available around the world. Just be sure to make the entire experience one that is beneficial for the mind – and that includes flying private. This enjoyable, private, and peaceful additional to your travels can make an incredible difference for your mindset.

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How to Fly Safely During This Holiday Season

If you’re planning to travel during the pandemic, then it’s ideal to prepare and keep a few flying tips in mind. Fly safely this holiday season by following the 8 tips below.

The holidays are fast approaching. Have you decided to travel? This year has been a weird one – and many people have been weighing their options when it comes to holiday travel. Is it safe? Is it worth the risk?

It is safe to say that travel won’t likely stop again during this coronavirus pandemic, but we can all take steps to fly safely this holiday season. To make sure you are fully prepared to head out into the COVID-19 travel arena should you decide to travel this month, we’ve put together a list of 8 tips to keep you safe.

1. Research Orders and Mandates

Since control has ultimately been left to the states, many state and local governments have been creating orders and mandates that apply specifically to their areas. Some communities have seen high numbers of COVID cases while others not so much. Some have requirements for outside travelers, such as required quarantining. And others require masks to be worn at all times.

Educate yourself on those orders and mandates that apply to your destination, so you know what to expect before you go. Be sure to continue checking up until the time of your flight as things in this climate can change abruptly.

2. Follow the CDC’s Guidelines

The U.S. Center for Disease Control has been providing guidelines to help us stay safe since the pandemic began. Generally speaking, these guidelines include wearing a mask, practicing good hygiene such as regular handwashing or using hand sanitizer, and maintaining a safe 6-foot distance from others.

Though keep in mind that if you are traveling via a commercial airliner, it may be tough to follow some of these recommendations.

3. Get Tested for COVID-19

Do your part whether you have symptoms or not. Getting tested before your travel date – and then quarantining afterward – is one of the best measures you can take. This means that you know when you board that plane to visit others, you are doing so with a negative test. So, if you take precautions at the airport and on-board the plane, you should potentially be safe once you arrive.

Though, keep in mind that there is no guarantee.

It is best to do your research before going to determine if there are any local orders or mandates requiring testing. Some destinations may require you to present proof of a negative test within a specified amount of time before you will be able to enter the city.

4. Plan for Your Transportation in Advance

The less time you spend in the crowded airport, the better. If you can, plan for your transportation in advance. Know how you are getting to and from the airport so that you don’t have to spend extra time searching for a ride, waiting for one, or discussing transportation with strangers.

Planning simply reduces your risk.

5. Pack the Right Things

You need to pack all the right things if you want to stay safe. You are going to be out of your home’s safety and surrounded by hundreds of strangers that, like you, have been traveling. This means adding a few extra precautionary items to your suitcase. Be sure to include good face masks, back-up face masks, face shields, your own pen in case you need to sign documents or receipts, test result documentation, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes.

Note: Be sure that all of these items are packed in your carry-on bag and not solely in your checked baggage. For your health and safety, you need to be able to have access to them during your travels.

6. Practice Safety in the Air

There are things you can do while in the air that will keep you safe. For instance, stay in your seat as much as possible. The more you are up and moving around, the more you are accessing different germs in different areas of the plane. Just stay seating.

Wear your mask – and a face shield. For no reason should you remove your face mask while flying. Be sure it is securely fitted around your mouth and your nose at all times.

And, finally, bring sanitizing wipes with you and wipe down the immediate surfaces, such as the armrests, table, seat and headrest, window area, and more. Airlines have stated that increased cleaning measures have been put into place, but wipe it down yourself as an extra precaution.

7. Consider Flying Short Distances

The more you are at the airport and on the airplane, the more you are being exposed to germs. Consider flying shorter distances, if possible. Though, keep in mind that this is really only necessary when traveling commercially.

8. Book Travel on a Private Jet

If you are looking for the safest and most satisfying travel arrangements, consider traveling via a private jet. With this mode of preferred transportation being more accessible and affordable than ever before, now is a great time to take advantage. Not only would you not have to worry about coming in contact with countless strangers in busy commercial airports (thank you, private airports and FBOs), but you will also avoid sitting in a flying vestibule of germs from hundreds of fellow passengers.

Private jets are just that – private. That means you don’t have to worry about sharing the breathing space with hundreds of others. And, you can rest easy knowing that time and care was put into cleaning and sanitizing the jet prior to your flight – especially since they are not under the rigid time constraints of the commercial world.

Plus, not only are you keeping yourself – and your loved ones – safer, but you also get all the perks that come with private air travel. This includes more flexibility in scheduling and airport selection, luxurious accommodations, and so much more.

Fly Safely & Happy Holidays!

This holiday season, if traveling is in your plans, then take steps that can ensure everyone is gathering safe and well. Do your part by following the recommended guidelines and making changes that can benefit everyone involved – including choosing to fly private.

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How to Still Gain a Fulfilling Travel Experience Amid the Pandemic

Yes, we all miss freely taking vacations and exploring new destinations, or simply just relaxing on a getaway. But don’t allow the pandemic to fully stop you from having your travel experience. Read further for the details.

Now and then, something happens that changes the way we live our lives. Maybe it is a new relationship, a career change, or the change of seasons. In the case of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has thoroughly changed the way life happens.

This is especially true when it comes to traveling. Think about it – can you remember a time when travel had such a wide array of worldwide restrictions? Whether it is requiring travelers to quarantine before or after visits – or not being allowed access at all – we are for sure in unprecedented territory.

When it comes to traveling and gaining a fulfilling experience, for many, it just isn’t happening. Canceled plans out of fear or dealing with all the hassle that comes with it has many people just not feeling fulfilled.

Lift your chin up. This, too, shall pass. It’s temporary. And, believe it or not, there is a way to gain a fulfilling travel experience during this pandemic. Let us show you how.

Safety Tips for Pandemic Travel

First and foremost, when you travel during a worldwide health pandemic, you want to take safety into serious consideration. By now you know just how important wearing a mask and handwashing are. But is there more you can do to keep yourself safe as you travel? Absolutely.

Check out these safety tips:

  • Chose your travel method wisely. Many cruise ships are still docked – and are breeding grounds for germs. Buses and trains are still in operation, but both require an extended amount of time surrounded by many strangers. The best option is air travel. This is a quick trip from one point to the next – especially if you take additional precautions or choose to fly private.
  • Stay in a hotel that has a strict sanitizing policy. However, do your part by wiping down surfaces, opening windows to temporary increase ventilation, and so forth.
  • Avoid eating in restaurants. No matter where you go, stick to either ordering takeout, cooking yourself (if your accommodation allows), or eat in outdoor spaces.
  • Keep your guard up. Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean the danger ceases.
  • With everything you do, do it safely. You want to experience a destination, but you can still be wise about your choices. In other words, instead of spending time at a crowded bar, opt for a low-key outdoor lounge. Or, instead of visiting an indoor performance, go for a hike or explore the scenery.
  • Most importantly, assess yourself. How are you feeling? Have you been around anyone who has been diagnosed with the virus? Do you suffer from any pre-existing conditions that could increase your risk? Do your part and stay home if you feel ill or know that you have come in contact with someone who has the virus. Otherwise, you are the one who knows your body best, so make your plans accordingly.

Travel for Wellbeing During This Time

It’s been a rough year, hasn’t it? You have been through so much – and you deserve to go on a vacation or a short weekend getaway. To make it as fulfilling as possible, consider opting for travel that encompasses your wellbeing rather than travel that lets you sightsee, for example.

Travel for wellbeing means that you are allowing yourself to do what you love – travel – while also take in some experiences that will help your body, mind, and spirit heal after all you’ve been going through. Whether you believe it or not, this pandemic has placed a heavy weight on your shoulders that you’ve been carrying around. It’s time to let it go.

Choose a destination that will allow you to get out and experience something you love that will be healing. For instance, go hiking, visit a spa, sign up for a meditation retreat, learn new cooking skills, work side by side with locals in a community garden, and so on. You are doing something that benefits your entire well-being so that, when your vacation is over, you feel much better than when you started.

The goal of wellness travel is to feel good. Sometimes traveling to visit family, following strict sightseeing itineraries, or traveling with no plan at all, can leave you feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation! That’s the opposite of what time away is supposed to give you.

Safe Destinations

With so many travel restrictions, you may be wondering where you can even go. Well, certain countries, such as Canada, are closed to U.S. citizens.

However, there are other places you can visit:

  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Barbados
  • Bahamas
  • Saint Lucia
  • Albania
  • Ecuador
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • South Africa
  • Maldives

Of course, many states throughout the U.S. are open without restrictions. Though, things can change in an instant so be sure to double-check the requirements and/or restrictions of your destination before you head out.

Relax in a Private Jet

Above, we briefly talked about how air travel is likely your safest mode of transportation during this pandemic. A private jet, however, is – by far – the safest choice. See, a chartered jet has you for a passenger – not you and 200 other individuals. Without doing any math or scientific research, it is easy to see the great decrease in risk you would face, isn’t it?

On a private jet, you would…

  • Come in contact with fewer individuals, decreasing your chance of encountering someone with a positive case for COVID-19.
  • Boost your overall sense of well-being with the pleasant experience you receive flying private rather than commercial.
  • Feel more fulfilled upon arriving back home due to not having to end your trip with a chaotic travel experience. Flying private is a luxurious and enjoyable experience. In times of a pandemic, it can be both relaxing for your mind and your body.

When you book your vacation, remind yourself that you are taking a trip to get a break from the everyday. Your vacation can start the moment you step foot onto your private jet charter.

Have Your Travel Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken away many things in our lives, leaving us wanting time away that finally leaves us feeling well and fulfilled. Choosing the right destination, the right itinerary, and the right method of travel (thank you, private jets), you can get away and feel good about it all at the same time.

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11 Simple Business Travel Tips to Make Traveling Better

Traveling across the country to multiple big name cities is a new norm in the business world. Use these 11 business travel tips to make your endeavors worth the while. 

Business travel can be exhausting. Depending on how often you travel, it could require you to be out of the office for extended periods of time.

This means, while you are away, the rest of your work is piling up for you, you will surely miss the latest water cooler gossip, and your personal routine is being disrupted.

All of this can throw off your entire sense of being, leaving you feeling exhausted and even bitter.

Business Travel Tips to Keep You Sane

Thankfully there are some things you can do to continue feeling like yourself during your business travel. And, it doesn’t matter how much of it you have to do.

Follow these 11 business travel tips and discover how sane you can remain while away.

1. Remain Positive

First and foremost, positivity can take anything negative and turn it around.

If you go on your business trip with an attitude of disgust, you will likely have a terrible trip. However, if you choose to look on the bright side, it may turn out to be a rather pleasant business trip.

2. Buy Duplicates of Necessities

When you are constantly on the go for work, you will find yourself having to always pack things such as toiletries, phone and laptop chargers, and other necessities. Doing so will eventually have you at your destination and without something.

Avoid this scenario by having a travel set of everything you need. Buy an additional laptop charger, phone charger, USB wall port, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and so forth. Leave these items packed away in a travel bag so that they are always ready to go – and you will never forget them.

3. Fly a Private Charter

There is something to be said for flying in a private charter jet.

Not only do you get personal treatment and the ability to beat the traffic and security lines that come with commercial airliners, but you also have a jet that provides you with personal space.

You can use your flight time to get work done in a confidential setting. Or, you can lay down and take a nap so that you are fresh and ready to work upon arrival. Of course, you can also kick back and watch a movie, too.

The idea is that a private jet offers you many more amenities that you will not get on a commercial airliner. If you are going to travel frequently, you may want to consider this option – for your sanity.

4. Keep Your Fitness Routine

Just because you travel often doesn’t mean you can’t keep a fitness routine. In fact, it is more reason why you should have one.

It will keep you feeling healthy and the routine-aspect will have you feel more in sync with yourself. Keep it simple – go for a walk or run, use the hotel gym, or do a workout video on your laptop.

5. Eat Well

Eating is important, but not as important as what you eat. And that doesn’t stop when you are away from home.

If you travel often, incorporate your healthy eating habits into your trip. Pack power snacks that you can eat when hungry while traveling. And, avoid indulging in junk food while at your destination. Be conscientious of what you eat, and your jet-lagged body will thank you.

6. Unpack Your Bags

When you arrive at your destination, unpack. Living out of a suitcase can make it feel more like you are away from home.

Putting your luggage out of sight is a simple mind trick that can provide you a much better business travel experience.

7. Bring Your Hobby

Having a portable hobby that you can bring with you can make you feel a bit more at ease. Whether it is something such as sketching or Sudoku or playing tennis or racquetball.

These are things that you can bring with you and enjoy during your downtime.

8. Limit Your Plans

Occasionally, your business travel will land you at destinations that are home to some of your college buddies or long-lost family members.

At first thought, you may impulsively send out text messages with, “Hey, I will be coming to your city next week! Let’s meet up!”

And then, while you are there, you realize that you have overbooked your personal meetings, leaving you exhausted and with no downtime. Limit your plans and try not to make personal plans until you arrive.

9. Stay at a Lifestyle Hotel or a Resort Spa

Lifestyle hotels offer you a bit of comfort and spa resorts smooth away your worries. There is nothing that says you can’t incorporate a little “me time” while on your business trip.

In fact, taking steps to cope with stress and fatigue could very well benefit you all the way around. Feel your best and be on your A-game while handling your business. It is a win-win.

10. Appreciate Your Destination

Learn to treat your destination as a discovery. You may find that your business travel takes you places you may have otherwise never thought to visit.

Keep a list of these places and, if possible, take some time to enjoy them a bit while you are there. Discover the culture, mingle with the locals, and see the sights.

11. Be Nice

It sounds like one of the simplest business travel tips, but it is perhaps the most important on the list. Traveling for business can get repetitive and tiring after a while. This may affect the way you behave and treat those around you.

You will find, however, that if you just be kind to those you encounter – the clerk in the hotel lobby, the flight attendant, the Uber driver – you may end up getting treated more kindly back.

And, you may even score some bonus perks or upgrades along the way – all for doing what you should do in the first place!


Not everyone has the opportunity to experience business travel. Therefore, embrace it – fly in a private jet charter, explore cities around the world, and be nice to those you meet.

Of course, you will want to also adopt these 11 business travel tips to keep yourself sane.

Travel Tips

7 Travel Resolutions for the Avid Traveler

It is time for you to make some new and fresh goals for the new year. After all, this is the time of year when optimism is at its peak. Everyone is making plans and resolutions for things to make them happier, healthier, and an overall better person. The avid traveler can do the same. You often hear people say their New Year’s resolution is to travel more. But, these travel resolutions are not specific.

We’ve put together a list of travel resolutions that will change the way you look at your future vacations and travels. And, because we know how easily these travel resolutions can be broken, we are going to show you how to stick with them!

1. Do not overplan.

If you are the type of traveler who never wants to miss a sight, an adventure, or an experience on your vacation, there is a good chance that you create an itinerary before you ever leave home. There is also a good chance that your itinerary schedules your time down-to-the-minute. While doing research and planning your trip can be incredibly helpful, your travel resolutions should include not over planning.

When you plan a tight schedule, you don’t leave room for anything spontaneous. And, quite honestly, when you are traveling to unfamiliar places, not every local detail may be discovered online. Be sure to save some free time – or a loosely organized itinerary – so that if you encounter something that sparks your interest, you can just do it without worry!

Resolve to allow for exceptions to the plan in order to gain richer experiences.

2. Take exploration over all things material.

Sometimes there are places that you would love to see that require more money than you generally like to shell out for your getaways. It is still possible to have your cake and eat it, too. All you have to do is make one of your travel resolutions to put your money towards exploring new places and encountering new experiences, rather than buying more material possessions.

Resolve to create a plan for your travel savings and make it happen.

3. Use all your vacation days.

How many vacations days do you let disappear each year? It is easy to get caught up in the work routine and think that you don’t have the time or ability to leave the office for more than a few hours. You do – and you need to. After all, that is why you have vacation days. These days are earned so that you can get out of the office and rejuvenate your mind.

Resolve to not allow any vacation day to go unused this year.

4. Pack smarter.

If you travel more than most, you may have a packing system that works for you. But, does it, really? Spending time lugging around a bunch of baggage, having to dig and dig to find a pair of socks, or requiring two people to zip your bag because of that souvenir you just had to have is not the way to go. Packing can be so much easier if you just pack smarter. If one of your travel resolutions includes packing smarter, here’s how:

  • Take less than you need, especially if you can wash your clothing while on your trip.
  • Take two pairs of shoes – one for walking, one for dress. Leave the rest at home.
  • Create a color scheme among the clothes that you take. This will allow you to mix and match your outfits.

Resolve to pack smarter on all your trips this year.

5. Unplug – if only for a moment.

Vacations are meant for gaining new experiences and exploring unfamiliar places. But, they are also good for letting you get rejuvenated and refreshed. It is your break from your normal day-to-day life. So, try unplugging from your electronic devices for a bit while on your trip. This will allow you to disconnect from everything that overstimulates your brain daily. And, it will ensure that no matter how much you try to fit in your schedule, you will still have some downtime.

Resolve to unplug from your phone, computer, tablet, or any other electronics so that you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you return from your vacation.

6. Indulge in the local culture.

When you travel, do you stay in the resort or tourist area? Or, do you let yourself get lost among the locals? Traveling is so much more than being a tourist. It is learning about the culture. It is indulging in the local cuisine, spending time meeting locals, and learning of the best places to visit. Maybe one of your travel resolutions involves getting more active in the local culture. Doing this will allow you to get a real understanding of the destination you are visiting. Think about it – locals live where they do because that is home. To truly see your destination, see it through the eyes of a local!

Resolve to dig deep into the local culture of your travel destinations this year.

7. Spoil yourself.

Last, but not least, spoil yourself. You may travel a lot, but perhaps you do so economically. And, perhaps that is the reason you can travel. At least once this year, you should spoil yourself. This could mean choosing to travel by a private jet charter, choosing to dine on a meal at the hottest restaurant in the city, or maybe it means upgrading to the hotel suite.

Resolve to do what spoils you on at least one vacation this year. You deserve it.

How to stick to your resolutions

Nearly half of the people who create resolutions break them within the first month of the new year. Yikes! If you are looking for how you can create travel resolutions and keep them, then you are going to need to take a few steps:

  • Be specific about your travel resolutions.
  • Write it down (with details) and put it where you will see it very often.
  • Be realistic in your resolution.
  • Attack one resolution at a time.
  • Remember the resolutions you make and vow to keep them.

Take your travels to the next step by making and keeping your new years travel resolutions. Then, when you reach your next destination, you will see what it means to enjoy it to the fullest!

Travel Tips

Discovering Your Own Bucket List

Ever since the movie “The Bucket List”, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman came out, more and more people are creating their own list of life experiences to check off. These lists can involve such items as dining on the Eiffel Tower, having a private audience with the pope, or singing onstage with Bono. But many bucket lists revolve around travel. For, to experience the world in a whole new way may be the ultimate luxury.

Often, these lists easily merge with the next, citing such experiences as diving in the Great Barrier Reef, hiking to Machu Picchu, or walking on the Great Wall of China. Fascinating stuff, no doubt. However, every bucket list item does not have to be as expensive or far reaching. And each person’s bucket list will prove to be as unique as the individual. To create your very own bucket list, follow your interests but then, just maybe, seek out a more authentic experience to make it your own.


There is no shortage of options for the history lover. A constant top choice is Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The largest religious compounds in the world, these vast ruins encompass over 400 acres, featuring hundreds of sites. The best sightseeing option is to make a base camp in nearby Siam Reap and purchase the multi-day pass. Early mornings are best for avoiding the heat, if not the crowds, but an insider tip is to head back to the site in the late afternoon. Most visitors rush to get in a morning of touring before spending afternoons at the many cafes, or around the pool, and you may just find yourself waltzing through ruins all alone.


For another idea, perhaps a trip to Egypt is in your sights. And no, we don’t mean the Pyramids of Giza or the Valley of the Kings, no matter how remarkable those might be. Visit the biggies, but for a truly memorable experience, head to Luxor, but book a day with a local guide visiting places the hoards ignore. Instead of standing in line to visit King Tut’s tomb, head to the workmen’s village of Deir el-Medina, and the modest homes of the artisans who created the Kings tombs. Descend alone into tiny, yet stunning personal tombs, a sample of the exact same work, all without the crowds. Take in some more magic at the practically unknown Tombs of the Nobles, and finish your day on the West bank of the Nile, sharing tea with the taxi drivers, confident that your day in Luxor was unlike nearly anyone else’s.


Africa is the obvious and instant answer. Nowhere else on earth can you experience such incredible diversity and numbers of animals. Krueger Park is justifiably famous, but for a different experience, head to the Okavango Delta of Botswana. The waterways of the Delta lesson as they drain to the parched Kalahari Desert, but at their source is the lifeblood for dozens and dozens of species, including the largest elephant population in Africa. Sunrise safari drives, sunset river cruises, and overnights into the Delta bring the magic of Africa alive. Book a mokoro, a locally made cutout canoe, and move silently through the reeds, fully aware of all of your senses as you get up close and personal with the great wildlife of the world.


On the other side of the planet, be amazed by the big cats of India. Gravely endangered, and with numbers continuing to dwindle, the Bengal Tigers of northern India rate as their very own bucket list. Certainly, the entire experience is one for the list. Although jeep safari options exist, the most amazing way to search for the big cats is atop the back of an elephant. Imagine quietly working your way through the forest, the great beasts making surprisingly little noise. The scene makes you feel breathtakingly alive, as you slowly move through the tiger’s natural habitat. Of course, there is no guarantee of a sighting, but this fact, when combined with the drama and the excitement of the day barely dims the overwhelming emotions.

No Motor

Humans have forever been drawn to the idea of flight. For an once-in-a-lifetime experience, head to the exotic center of Turkey. The Cappadocia Valley is a miracle, all on its own. For centuries, the people have lived in houses literally carved into the jagged cliffs.  This surreal landscape of limestone cliffs, reaching towards the sky, is the perfect place for to take to the air in a hot air balloon. Watch the sunrise at elevation, the ever-lightening sky revealing more than you will ever be able to experience from the ground.

Open Air

Victoria Falls. One of the great natural wonders of the world. It is impossible to truly comprehend the enormity of the raging water from the ground. Sure, you could book a fixed wing or helicopter flight, but for a bucket list experience, taking in the scene in a microlight is the only way to go! Microlights are fully open air, thus ensuring that you not only get the view of the falls, but can appreciate the thundering crash and water spray as well. Many trips even include animal sightings in the river above the falls. Microlights are capable of flying much lower than helicopters, and with no sides, the experience of truly flying can simply not be underestimated.

Jet Fueled

Perhaps you’re not looking to connect with nature. Perhaps streaking through the skies in the utmost comfort is what you truly desire. Although many air carriers’ offer stunning first class and suite class options, this is a bucket list we’re talking about. It may be time to go all out. In that case, consider booking a private charter jet. Embrace your inner celebrity fantasies and book a seat on a private jet charter. With some companies offering up individual seats on private jets, the “lifestyles of the rich and famous” are easier than ever to achieve. After all, you only live once!

A bucket list can be ever-evolving, but now is the time to start checking those items off the list to make room for something new.

Industry & News

30 Countries Before Turning 1

Rae Weber is by far the most traveled person for her age, at just 11 months old and already she has traveled to 26 countries. Her parents, Erica and Chris, have taken her on their journey and expect to visit four more countries in the next month rounding out Rae’s record to 30 countries in her first year.

“It’s just the most amazing experience to be traveling with her. And she’s loving it! Who knows what she’s really thinking, she’s probably like ‘My parents are crazy!’ But who knows how much she’ll absorb.”

Reportedly Rae is enjoying the attention she gets on her family’s trips. Many other travelers are astonished that the couple would continue their globe trotting with such a young child in tow. While it isn’t all easy, she is very accustomed to planes as she has been on more than 40 already, and she deals with exotic foods quite well.

The family expects to continue travelling indefinitely with the hopes of proving all those doubting their drive to see the world with kids.


Click here for the full article by Talia Lakritz.

Industry & News

Travel Across the Atlantic is About to Change

The vast majority of travelers make plans based on the price of their flights more than comfort. But with new changes from Norwegian Air Shuttle and the US Transportation Department. New approval was granted to Norwegian Air Shuttle to expand Us-Europe flights through an Irish subsidiary.

Norwegian Air Shuttle is a no-frills carrier that already flies between New York and Europe, but is expanding to 37 nonstop flights for as low as $175 one-way.


Click here for the full article on The Washington Post.

Travel Tips

You Should Travel by Bike

You take a turn and see a lake unfolding. You can feel the breeze on your face and smell the typical hot air of a tropical summer. There plays a group of monkeys by the water. You quietly stop pedalling to watch over the little ones.

  1. Break away from the usual tourist paths.
  2. Meet and greet with more locals.
  3. You control where and when to go.
  4. The exercise will clear your mind, and your body.
  5. You interact with the world without boxing yourself into a car.


Click here for more reasons to travel the world on a bike.