The Top Luxury Travel Destinations in the U.S.

If you don’t treat yourself to nice things, who will? If this is how you feel, you need to book your private jet now and head off to an incredible luxury travel destination in the U.S. Whether you are interested in spending time on the beach, skiing the most fantastic slopes, spending time in a big city, or enjoying the quiet of a small town. There are so many places to travel to without leaving the country. We’ve got a list for you of the top luxury travel destinations in the United States. 

Best Luxury Travel Destinations

What is luxury travel? What sets it apart from other types of travel? Luxury travel does not just mean staying at a fancy resort. Instead, it encompasses the entire experience – getting there, where you stay, what you do, what you eat, and so forth. 

The overall quality of your travels is enhanced when you invest in luxury travel. In years past, many people would consider a resort destination with a high thread count and over-the-top personalized treatment as luxury travel. However, times have changed. There is something to be said about the comforts involved in this type of travel, but many seek more authentic experiences rather than turndown service in their hotel room. 

There are a few traits that define luxury travel, including: 

  • Exclusive and personalized travel experiences
  • Personal enrichment and indulgences in local culture
  • Ability to customize and create unique travel experiences
  • Overall wellness and sustainable practices

Now, about those top luxury travel destinations in the U.S.

Maui, HI

Imagine a tropical location where you could slip away and blanket yourself in warm sunshine and a breeze filled with salty air. There are so many luxurious experiences you can have while here that will leave you with lifelong memories. Get yourself to Maui

Spending a day at the beach yields nothing but good vibes. Soaking up the sun, snorkeling, taking surf lessons, whale watching, playing golf, and more. Rumor has it that watching the sunrise from 6,500 ft in the air is an unmatched luxury. If you are up for it, head to the top of the Haleakala volcano.  

Of course, you can’t miss the luxurious hotels and resorts found along the shores of Maui, as well as delicious cuisine, shopping, spa treatments, outdoor yoga, and more. 

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

When you think of luxury, the Grand Canyon may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But sometimes, stepping back can bring you an experience you never imagined. At the Grand Canyon, sightseeing along Route 66 allows you to encounter all types of neat things – especially the eclectic roadside shops and cafes. 

Consider staying at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, where you can surround yourself with history and luxury all wrapped into one. And, of course, this wouldn’t be the destination you are looking for if it didn’t come with some incredible experiences, too, right?

While in and around the Grand Canyon National Park, you can enjoy a wild west shootout, go horseback riding, hike the trails – on foot or the back of a mule, go river rafting, do helicopter tours, and so much more.  

Atlanta, GA

Is the southern city of Atlanta, GA, a luxury travel destination? Absolutely. It is growing more stylish, and learning how to flaunt it. You will surely enjoy this getaway with ultra-luxe shopping locations, fresh and indulgent cuisine, and many luxurious resorts. 

Atlanta has more museums opening, is close to North Georgia wine country, has lots of history, unique tours, and just the right balance of city vs. nature. 

Georgia may be home to the best down-home cooking and southern hospitality, but it also comes with a side of luxury. 

San Diego, CA: Luxury Travel Destination

San Diego, CA, is full of luxurious resorts, high-class shopping, and world-class dining. You can stay in incredible resorts and take advantage of unique spa treatments. But, again, the experiences win out. The experiences you can have while in San Diego far outweigh other locations in what is now defined as a luxury destination. 

While in San Diego, CA, you can enjoy the sights around you while having brunch on a sightseeing cruise, spend the day on a yacht, take a hot air balloon ride, tour local wineries, and so much more. 

Indulge in luxuries and all sorts of when you consider southern California your destination. 

Orlando, FL 

Are you looking for a family-friendly luxury destination? Believe it or not, they exist. This area boasts many kid-friendly hotels and resorts with many amenities to keep everyone entertained. 

Don’t forget that family plus Orlando means proximity to theme parks galore. Walt Disney World’s parks include Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, water parks, and other tourist attractions. 

The great thing about Florida is that it isn’t far from one side to the other. Even though Orlando is in the middle of the state, your family can still enjoy a day at the beach. 

If experience and memories are what you are after and an incredible place to stay, this may be an excellent option for your family.  

Fly Private to Luxury Travel Destinations

Now, you could hop in your car and drive to nearly all these destinations – but why would you want to? You could also take a commercial flight. But, again, why would you want to? If you are looking for a top luxury travel destination in the U.S. to visit, then you want to enjoy the most comfortable and luxurious way to get there, too – and that is on a private jet charter

Enjoy privacy, amenities, flexibility, and a great in-flight experience while still getting to your destination in the shortest amount of time. It’s essential to decide where you’d like to travel, book your private jet charter, and pack your bags. 

Safe travels!

Travel Tips

What Do Holiday Vacations Look Like This Year?

Are you beginning to plan your holiday vacations, or wondering if it’s still possible this year? Read below for more details on how you can still make this holiday season a special one for you and your loved ones.

We are heading into what is normally the busiest time for travel. Just think about how many movies have been made about the woes of holiday travel due to weather and the sheer volume of travelers. Always lots of unpleasantries in these films, right?

Well, what is holiday travel going to look like this year? The travel industry has taken a bit hit this year thanks to the coronavirus – and many people are still hesitant to venture out. But when is enough actually enough? Do we give up our precious time with loved ones due to the world around us? Do we stay home instead of making memories on our annual vacation due to fear?

Holiday vacations are going to look much different this year, but they don’t have to involve giving up your travel plans.

The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the coronavirus hit, the tourism industry saw a huge decline in demand. People were afraid to travel – and some countries were banning flights to and from certain areas. And, it is understandable. We didn’t know much about this virus except that people were getting sick and dying. We didn’t know how it was spread or how to prevent its spread. We simply halted our plans – everything from going to school or heading into the office and most definitely our vacation plans.

As time has elapsed, though, we have been slowly grasping a better understanding of this virus and what can be done about it. While there is no cure, we now know that handwashing, wearing masks, and keeping our distance can greatly reduce our risk of contracting COVID-19. With CDC guidelines in place, the airline industry started opening back up. Though, it is safe to say that many travelers were/are a bit hesitant.

Unfortunately, as the resurgence of the coronavirus is making itself known, there is likely to be a future impact.

Holiday Travel Expectations

Traveling this holiday season is going to be different than in years past. This year, the pandemic is causing people to reconsider their plans. For instance, those who travel home to see family may think they are safe now, but what happens after they surround themselves with hundreds of others in crowded airports and flights? Will they show up to Thanksgiving dinner with a side dish of COVID-19 for their entire family?

It’s enough for some to say no thanks.

CNBC posted analyzed figures from software firm Guesty showing that Thanksgiving travel could be down 16%, Christmas down 35%, and New Year’s travel down 33%. These numbers could fall even more if the cases of COVID-19 continue to increase.

So, what does that mean for you? Do you stay in or do you go and make the most of your time?

Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

For those who need to travel or want to live life to the fullest no matter what, travel doesn’t have to be a thing to fear. Sure, we need to be cautious and careful, but we don’t have to be afraid to get our feet off the ground.

If you’d like to travel this holiday season – then do it! Just follow these tips to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Fly private.

Imagine being able to head to the airport and board your plane without ever having to come in contact with hundreds of other travelers. That’s right – no long security lines or crowded waiting areas. And of course, no shoulder to shoulder seating on the aircraft itself.

Flying private means you get all the perks of reaching your destination quickly without all the risk that comes with air travel. The best part? You get all the benefits that come with flying on a private jet. It’s a win-win!

Get tested and monitor yourself.

Rapid testing is fairly easy to come by today. Before you head off on a vacation, get tested. When you arrive at your destination, take another. Then be sure to monitor yourself throughout your vacation. How are you feeling? Are you showing signs or symptoms? Take your temperature. Granted, you could be a carrier and not have any symptoms at all, but it is important to do what you can.

Travel prepared.

You know you are going to need your face mask, hand sanitizer, maybe even some gloves. Be sure you travel prepared. What happens if you lose your mask? Travel with extra – especially if traveling with little ones.

Consider also bringing your own drinks and snacks to reduce any contamination on the flight. Not to mention, many commercial airliners have halted food and beverage services.

Know the guidelines.

By now, we are all fairly well-versed in the CDC guidelines, aren’t we? We know that we need to wear a mask when indoors or in areas in which we cannot be socially distant. We also know that we need to wash our hands (or sanitize) regularly – and that we shouldn’t touch our face with our hands.

Before you head out, it is a good idea to make sure you review any new guidelines for the airports you will be visiting as well as the state (or country) that you are traveling to, as well as where you live. As cases are beginning to rise, many areas are putting restrictions into place making testing and quarantining mandatory.

Enjoy your trip.

COVID-19 is something to fear, but we can’t let this fear run our lives. We can’t continue to allow it to steal our time with loved ones. While we want to keep everyone safe – including ourselves – we can take all the necessary protection steps and follow the guidelines. As long as we are careful and we know that we have done our part, then we can move forward with our travel plans – and enjoy the trip!


The world heading into the holiday travel season this year looks much different than last year. But, that doesn’t mean you have to stay home and sulk. The holidays are about love and family. Book yourself on a private jet, follow all of the safety protocols, and head home this season.


The Best Places to See Fall Foliage in the U.S.

There are many places in the United States that are stunning during Autumn, but where are the best places to see fall foliage in the U.S.?

Truth be told, anyone can experience the fall months – from those living in Hawaii to those living in Nova Scotia.

But, you cannot just sip on a pumpkin spice latte and call it perfection. The perfect Fall includes so many things: sweaters, pumpkins, bonfires, hot cocoa, pumpkin spice everything, freshly picked apples, and colorful fall foliage.

The last one is a must — which is why we’ve created a guide to the best places to see fall foliage in the U.S.


Finding the Best Places to See Fall Foliage

Reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and browns decorate trees as far as the eye can see. Together, these trees give you a divine portrait of fall.

They may look like dead barren trees when winter strikes, but the process of shedding leaves now can take your breath away.

Depending on where you live, you may find yourself with a little bit – or a lot – of the season.

But, sipping an ice-cold pumpkin spice beer while sitting under a palm tree on the beach just doesn’t work.

If this is how you find yourself falling into the fall season, then why not book yourself a charter and see some magnificent scenery?

Check out these best places to see fall foliage in the U.S.



1. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston and its surrounding areas provide you great access to some beautiful fall foliage. And, you can experience the display while enjoying all the city has to offer – or by spending some quiet time on the outskirts.

Actually, fall foliage is quite a big deal in Boston.

In fact, local weather experts kick off the first month of the new year by carefully pinpointing when that fall foliage will return. Imagine that?

It is understandable though. When something provides you with such a warm, magical feel – of course you’ll want to know when it will be back.

The best part? To make sure you see all the best views, Boston puts together Fall Foliage Tours throughout the city. And don’t miss these must-see spots:



2. Bozeman, Montana

Visiting Bozeman may not be your first thought when deciding where to check out the fall foliage in the U.S.

However, it would be a great one. In and around this city, fall brings pleasing views. To help out perfection seekers, the Bozeman Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has put together 3 drives you won’t want to miss.

These include:

  1. Highway 86 to take in the views of Bridger Canyon and Bridger Mountain Range
  2. Springer Road on the west side of the Bridger Mountain Range
  3. The Gallatin Canyon via Highway 191. This is a river valley with amazing views.



3. Yellowstone National Park

About a two-hour drive from Bozeman is Yellowstone National Park. This park is usually packed with campers and hikers during the summer months.

During the fall, it is quieter and more visited by those looking to get carried away by a sea of beautiful colors, which is why it makes our list of the best places to see fall foliage.

Be warned – elk start their mating season during the fall months, so you will likely catch quite a few roaming around. The male elk are seeking attention from females and they will do what they must get noticed. Therefore, you may get some elk entertainment with your wonderful views.



4. Nashville, Tennessee

Just as other mountain ranges want to give you fall colors to enjoy, so do the Great Smokey Mountains.

In and around Nashville, the mountainous terrain will provide you with a flow of fall color.

Because Nashville falls a little more south, the fall foliage comes a bit later. So, if you find yourself without the ability to head out of town for a bit, then this could be a good option for you.

Check these local spots:

  • Radnor Lake State Park
  • The Warner Park
  • Natchez Trace Parkway
  • Cheekwood

Local and state tourism sites have put together lists of tours, best viewing spots, and details on state parks that you won’t want to miss.



5. Portland, Oregon

Portland loves to celebrate the harvest, which is why it’s one of the best places across the U.S to check out fall foliage.

Here you will find great views of fall foliage in the city – and in the surrounding hills. You will also find Oktoberfest, a corn maze, pumpkin patches and more.

Not to mention, there are designated areas that are sworn to provide you with an up-front and perfect view of all that fall has to offer.

Here are some fall foliage hot spots:

If fall foliage with a warm invitation seems like a good idea, then perhaps Portland may be your destination spot this season.



6. Aspen, Colorado

Aspen may be well-known for its ski resorts and snow-filled fun, but that doesn’t mean it can’t provide you with an awesome space for fall foliage views.

In fact, it may just be one of the best places for leaf viewing.

Aspen offers wonderful views all around the slopes. You can see these views from anywhere, but there are a few places that you just won’t want to miss.

Here are the best photo ops for fall foliage in Aspen:

  • Smuggler Mountain
  • Crater Lake
  • Maroon Bells Scenic Area
  • Aspen Mountain
  • Cathedral Lake
  • Hunter Creek



7. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago – the country’s Windy City. This city has a lot more to offer than just wind. And, this is especially true when it comes to getting your fix of fall foliage.

The city, while bustling and busy, is full of tree-lined streets and parks. In fact, it almost very easily provides you with the best of both worlds – you won’t have to leave the city to take in the best views.

If Chicago is your chosen fall destination, then don’t miss these particular sights:

  • Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Lincoln Park
  • Winnemac Park
  • Garfield Park Conservatory
  • Jackson Park
  • Lurie Garden

Or, just walk the city streets and enjoy the scenery.





There you have it: the best places to see fall foliage in the U.S.

Where will you go to create your perfect fall moment?

In some ways, having to travel to these destinations gives you an advantage – you get to take in the beauty from the sky. You’ll want to hold your breath for this view.

Happy travels!

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Hidden Travel Destinations: The New Travel Trend to Know

Travel trends are always evolving – which is likely due to the way the individuals in our society are changing. As trends continue to change the newest travel trend has emerged: hidden travel destinations.

Vacations used to be viewed as a chance to get away from normal day-to-day monotony and be pampered while relaxing.

Now, however, vacations are becoming more and more about the experience and the adventure, rather than the relaxation and same, over-crowded touristy destinations.

It used to be that many travelers weren’t looking to do anything. Instead, they would flock to the most popular, tourist-packed destinations, and become just that – a tourist.

Now, with adventure tourism and last chance tourism on the rise, we also see the introduction of hidden travel destinations.

It is exuberating to see and try something new, isn’t it? For some, this could mean heading out on a solo vacation.

For others, it could mean taking a wellness vacation to feel rejuvenated in every sense of the word without ever even leaving a distant retreat.

And, for another group of travelers, the newest trend is emerging: getting off the beaten path and traveling to unchartered travel destinations.

Are you ready to take hold of this trend and find your own hidden travel destinations to explore?



About the Newest Trend

How many times can you visit the same location over and over again? Places such as amusement parks, popular coastal areas, and ski resorts can bring great fun and great memories.

But, don’t you want more out of your vacation that just walking amongst thousands of other tourists doing the same exact thing?

Waiting in long lines and fighting crowds is exhausting. How is that even considered a vacation?

Many people are starting to feel this way and that is, perhaps, why this trend has emerged.

It is time to explore new hidden travel destinations before they are discovered by others and become yet another beaten path.

Learn about new places, discover unknown territory, and be able to tell your friends and co-workers about an experience they have never had – that is the idea.

Thanks to the world of social media, we have had the opportunity to discover many new ideas, new adventures, and new travel destinations.

We see pictures and videos of places we have never heard of – and their beauty travels fast.

We’ve now heard of places that we didn’t know existed. Why not explore them?


Flame Towers, The Republic of Azerbaijan


The 3 Best Hidden Travel Destinations

1. The Republic of Azerbaijan

This destination, located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, has a lot of unchartered, and breathtaking, beauty to be discovered.

In one direction, you will find the Caspian Sea. In the other? The Caucasus Mountains.

If you are looking for an outdoor escape, this is it.

Go hiking and mountain biking – just be sure to bring your camera!


2. Ethiopia

While it has had a rough history with its internal struggles, Ethiopia is finally stepping into the tourist game, albeit slowly.

That makes it the perfect time to visit.

You will find yourself in an area that appears desolate but has so much to offer.

Visit the Gheralta Escarpment (and even stay here). Discover lava lakes. See the Blue Nile and Lake Tana. And, lose count of how many churches, stones, and cathedrals you come across here.

Ethiopia won’t be undiscovered for long – they are preparing to be a top tourist destination one day soon.

So, don’t miss this opportunity.


3. Paraguay

Considering travel to South America?

Paraguay is located between Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil – and is land-locked.

With most tourists seeking the coast, Paraguay is often overlooked. Yet, this land is wide-open and waiting to be explored.

There is nothing keeping you still. So, check out the waterfalls, the environment, and dig into the local culture.


Semien Mountains, Lalibela, Ethiopia


A Private Jet to Get There

Because you have decided to try someplace new for your vacationing adventures, you may find getting there to be a bit like putting together a difficult puzzle.

After all, most commercial forms of transportation spend their time and money focused on areas that have the heaviest traffic in order to keep their profits up.

If you choose to visit a location that isn’t well-known, you could discover that commercial airliners do not travel often to the destination or at a reasonable price.

Besides, what remote area has a major airport? The two do not go hand-in-hand.

For this very reason, you will want to kick off your vacation by setting foot on a private jet charter.

Not only is this an exciting way to begin your travels – by flying comfortably and safely in your private jet, but it is also the perfect way to get as close to your destination as possible.

Believe it or not, private jets can reach many far-away destinations.

And, they are likely the only ones able to get close to where you want to be.

So, be sure to book your private charter when you book your accommodations.



All the Benefits of Hidden Travel Destinations

Although some may be fairly obvious, there are many benefits to spending your vacation in the remote, unchartered territories of these hidden travel destinations.

  • You get to discover a land that hasn’t been transformed to meet tourist demands. Its kept in its natural and beautiful state.
  • You don’t have to fight crowds of people.
  • As you discover the new land, you may also find a bit of self-discovery along the way, too.
  • Because these areas don’t often get tourists, you will find that they may be more financially accessible.



What You Should Know About Remote Destinations

Before traveling anywhere – especially to a remote destination – you will want to do some research.

Learn about the area and any safety concerns that may be present.

In addition, be sure to check with your doctor that you have all your shots and are medically protected.

And, of course, be sure to learn of U.S. Embassy information and the travel documents necessary to arrive and leave the country.




Traveling on your next vacation doesn’t have to be the same old vacation you take every year.

You are seeking a break from monotony, so why would you want to make your vacation monotonous?

Give your senses something to squeal over with new experiences and adventures in hidden travel destinations.

This trend doesn’t show signs of stopping which means those quiet places may soon be bustling – so check them out before it is too late!

Travel Tips

Tips for Traveling to Hawaii on a Budget

A Hawaiian vacation is on the bucket list of many people, but the thought of actually affording to get there is a whole other story. There is no doubt – Hawaii is expensive. Luckily, traveling to Hawaii on a budget can be a reality this year.

If you are picturing the beautiful resorts on the breathtaking beaches, luaus or a romantic dinner under the stars on the sand, or surf lessons at 7am by your personal coach – then it is going to cost you. But, a trip to Hawaii doesn’t have to break your piggy bank or be nothing more than a far-fetched dream of yours.

Believe it or not, traveling to Hawaii on a budget is possible, and you can still have an unforgettable experience. All you have to do is set your budget and follow these tips!


Consider alternate transportation

Of course, you cannot drive to Hawaii, but you can hop on a cruise ship or an airplane. Flying commercial airlines, however, are the most common method for arriving on one of the Hawaiian Islands. When you go to book your airfare, you will notice that you may be paying a hefty price. This is especially true when traveling during their peak season. So, you are going to have to get crafty with your transportation when traveling to Hawaii on a budget.

Why not charter a plane? You are likely shaking your head or laughing at that thought (since you are working on a budget). But, it is possible to save money by chartering a plane to Hawaii. Here is how: Some private planes offer you to rent their services if they need to go where you need to go.

If you are taking a group of friends or have your family with you, this method could save you an enormous amount of money in airfare. Or, look to see if a private plane has been charted, but still has openings available. Whatever you do, do not disregard this option. It may be the only way you will be able to afford to make it to Hawaii.


Avoid the big resorts

The big resorts that are located along the ocean are not there for your enjoyment. They are there to cost you money. Remind yourself that you are traveling on a budget and seek alternate arrangements. For instance, VRBO or Airbnb are great ways to stay and play in Hawaii. And, with all there is to see and do, you won’t miss the resort amenities or the glamorous feel they may give you.

Hostels are also big in Hawaii and are worth checking into. Just be sure to do your research and read reviews before you book.


Act like a local

While traveling, the best way to learn and understand the culture is to immerse yourself in it. If you are avoiding the resort areas, you will likely find yourself surrounded by locals. Spend any amount of time talking to them and you will learn the best of the best of the island – and won’t get sucked into the pricey tourist traps.

Locals love their island and they look to enjoy it without having to pay a bunch of fees. Visiting the beach, the parks, going for a hike, etc. are things that locals may find themselves doing. Befriend a local and perhaps you will find yourself learning to surf from someone who just does it as a hobby, rather than as an employee of a resort.


Watch where you eat

Hawaii offers many options for dining. But, if there is one rumor that has always circulated about dining here is that the food is priced out of this world. It is expensive. Therefore, when traveling to Hawaii on a budget, it’s important to know where you can eat that won’t break the bank. Since you must eat to stay alive, you are going to want to make some decisions about where you dine. Here are some ideas:

  • Avoid eating at the resorts. Even if you do end up staying at one, your stay will be much more than you intended by the time of your checkout – especially if you charge your food purchases to your room!
  • Food trucks are the way to go. They are found all over the island and offer a wide variety of foods to choose from.
  • Visit local grocery stores and load up. This works wonderfully if you are staying at a home, such as that on Airbnb. Buy your food and cook for yourself. Rumor has it that Costco is the cheapest.
  • If you want to experience food on the island, splurge for one or two good meals, rather than every meal.
  • Load your bag with snacks to munch along the way if you get hungry, rather than opting to dine where you are when the hunger kicks in.
  • Eat where the locals eat. They are not going to enjoy high-priced meals at every turn so there must be more affordable options. Ask around and discover hidden local secrets.


Travel to the island you want to see – and stay there

Did you know there are eight main islands in Hawaii? If you did, you likely have your favorite one already picked out. Or perhaps you would like to visit more than one when you finally make it to Hawaii.

News flash: if you are traveling to Hawaii on a budget, you will want to visit the island you land at – and stay there.

Traveling between islands can cost you a great deal of money.


Go in the offseason

While Hawaii is lovely to visit any time of year, it is best to go in the offseason if you are looking to save a dollar or two. Not only will travel be cheaper, but finding accommodations will be cheaper, as well. In addition, you may encounter local deals on activities and such from those whose business has slowed due to the drop in tourists.

To take advantage of the offseason during the last two weeks in January, February, May, September, and October.

Traveling to Hawaii on a budget is very possible. You can now mark a trip to Hawaii off your bucket list. Hop on a chartered flight to your favorite island, make friends with some locals, and enjoy a beautiful getaway.

Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips: How to Survive Traveling During the Holidays

There’s no better time for jet setting than the holidays. Christmas in Rio, New Year’s Eve in Paris, a snowy, romantic getaway in the Swiss Alps – the sky’s the limit provided you have the budget to make it happen. Flying private luxury charters just adds to the experience, making your holiday sweeter and more festive from the moment you step on board.

Flying aside, holiday travel is often a bit like holiday shopping: hectic, filled with people, and potentially frustrating if you don’t plan in advance. As tourists flock in to the most popular locations, you may begin to find yourself battling other travelers rather than relaxing and enjoying your holiday away.

With the festive season just around the corner, we put together this list of holiday travel tips to help you survive (and thrive) – no matter where your holiday adventure takes you.

These holiday travel tips will help you keep you sane and ensure you have a smooth and relaxing trip during the holiday season.

Plan Well in Advance

One of the most important holiday travel tips is planning in advance. Thinking of scheduling your hotel and transportation in October? That’s probably already too late to score the best of the best. Instead, start looking into holiday vacations at least six months prior.

Also, diversify your search – don’t book the first tour or package you see. Like shopping, travel destinations are best decided on after you’ve had a chance to browse what’s available. Compile a list of your favorite deals or locations and keep narrowing it down until you find the best option! Or, see this CNN article on how to match your destination to your personality – it’s a unique approach that really does work.

Monitor Flight Weather Conditions

If you’re flying to or out of a stereotypically snowy destination, keep a close eye on airport conditions before, during, and after your flight. The weather can instantly change your travel plans, so this is one of the most necessary holiday travel tips to consider. Closures due to bad weather, slippery tarmac, or the inability to land safely can alter flight plans. Most airlines will allow you to rebook for free as soon as it’s safe to fly, but the last-minute changes in plans can put a serious crimp in your plans.

One sage passenger tip is to “like” your airline or airport on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Instagram. Airlines will frequently post real-time updates on these platforms, giving you more time to make arrangements if cancellations may occur.

Commercial flights cancelled and can’t rebook because there’s no room? Switch to private charter flights instead. There’s more flexibility around when you leave and arrive, making it easier to plan around storms. And flying empty leg specials really isn’t that much more expensive than flying First Class, anyway!

Factor in Weather

Another one of the most important holiday travel tips is to factor in the weather of your destination as well. Nearly every location in the United States is prone to at least some bad weather in the winter. Even Florida and New Mexico experience higher winds, cooler temperatures, and the occasional downpour over the holiday season. It’s up to you to consider how weather will impact your trip while driving, flying, or vacationing.

Remember that even tropical or subtropical locations may experience bad weather in the winter. It won’t necessarily result in snow, of course, but you may need to bring warm clothing or even watch the weather and adjust your itinerary accordingly.

Driving? Stay Safe

If you’re planning on driving (either when you arrive or on the way) in rough winter weather, plan your route out carefully. Remember that roads in other countries, especially in back country or mountainous areas (skiing, anyone?) may be rough, difficult to traverse, or especially slippery. Safety is the most important of holiday travel tips, so make sure to take precautions. Put reliable winter tires on your vehicle or rent a car that’s equipped to handle the roads rather than that sporty Porsche.

Driving long distances on the highway? There’s a chance you could be halted in your tracks in snow squalls or storms. Don’t risk being stuck on the highway. Whether you’re renting a vehicle or driving your own, keep a small kit of emergency supplies in the trunk. Water, snacks, and any necessary medications are a must-have, as are warm blankets.

Bring Backup Batteries

Most people think to charge their devices before they head out on vacation, but when you’re traveling over the holidays, a single charge may just not be enough. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in an airport on a layover without your tie to the outside world. You might even have to talk to other human beings for entertainment!

(Hint: Take a charter flight and this will never happen!)

What you should do is bring at least 1 to 2 extra batteries or power banks with you in case of emergencies. If your phone runs out of a charge and you’re in a place where you can’t easily plug it in, you’ll have a temporary solution to bridge the gap.

Beware Holiday Destination Influences

Considering heading into Dubai for the weekend for a bit of pre-Christmas shopping? Maybe you’re dreaming of spending New Year’s week in New York. These experiences can be amazing, but they’re also likely to be much busier at specific times throughout the season. Some travelers thrive on this chaos, while for others, it ruins the whole experience. It’s up to you decide exactly what it is you’re looking for.

Need a few examples?

  • Dubai has their yearly Dubai Shopping Festival for a full 30 days between December 26 and January 26, so shops, streets, and walkways (as well as accommodations) are often frustratingly congested during the season. It’s also much harder to find decent accommodations without spending a small fortune if you book late.
  • Likewise, New York is incredible on New Year’s Eve, but it’s also extremely busy around Times Square, making it nearly impossible to get a cab or find a seat in a restaurant.
  • Visitors to London, England, may be unhappy to discover that many amenities (including public transportation) close completely on Christmas Day. Restaurants often hold Christmas lunches, but you’ll need to book decently far in advance if you want to attend.
  • Christmas in the Bahamas sounds lovely, but it isn’t always the same as Christmas here. Most Bahamians celebrate Junkanoo, a colorful street parade, instead. If you just can’t live without traditional decorations and seasonal elements, try a vacation to one of the other islands instead.

One of the best holiday travel tips is to thoroughly research your destination during the holiday season. Every destination has its own unique quirks and elements that can make it more or less suitable for festive season travel. Dig deep and ask around to find out what Christmas is really like before you go. You might be surprised to find out that your amazing February vacation destination isn’t really fun at Christmas after all.

These holiday travel tips will help to keep you sane, and safe during your holiday travels. Traveling during the holidays takes patience and preparation, but with these holiday travel tips, you’ll survive your holiday travels!


The Best Romantic Getaways for the Fall

Autumn is a great time to take romantic getaways with your sweetheart. With gorgeous scenery, cool crisp air and apple pie spices filling the air, fall is a very romantic time of the year. It’s the perfect time to visit new places with your loved one and soak in the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. If you want to spend some alone time with your sweetheart this fall, then check out these romantic getaways and destinations.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

One of the most beautiful romantic getaways is Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Fall is a wonderful time to visit Cape Cod with your significant other. During the fall, the summer crowds start to fade. In spite of this, there are plenty of things to do in the fall in the Cape, such as the Haunted History Tour and the annual Cranberry Harvest Celebration. Or, if you prefer a more laid back getaway, you and your sweetheart can just enjoy the crisp summer nights relaxing by the sea.

The Cape Cod National Seashore has a biking trail that runs 26 miles along the Cape. This trail offers bikers scenic panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. While visiting the Cape, a great excursion for couples is a visit to nearby Martha’s Vineyard. You can see stunning geography, visit lots of quaint shops and enjoy wonderful accommodations. You might even spot a celebrity as lots of celebrities own vacation homes in the Vineyard, as it is known. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sunset over the Cape Cod Canal during these autumn months.

Big Sur, California

Big Sur is lovely in the fall. The days are warm and nights are clear and starry. Choose a hotel or inn that overlooks the Pacific Coast for stunning vistas. Enjoy stargazing with your sweetheart or watch the whales migrate. The Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is the perfect spot to catch a romantic coastal sunset. If the two of you enjoy being active, why not run the Big Sur River Run. This race, known as the most beautiful 10K in the world, takes place every October.

Another “must see” Big Sur location during this romantic getaway is the Bixby Bridge. Completed in 1932, it is one of the most photographed bridges in the world due to its stunning architecture and design.

Chicago, Illinois

Another one of the best fall romantic getaways is the one and only, Chicago. Spend a weekend this fall cuddled up with your significant other in The Windy City. The Chicago Botanical Garden is gorgeous in the fall. You can also bike along the city’s lakefront path and enjoy Chicago’s impressive skyline. If the two of you enjoy live entertainment, then you will not be disappointed with the options available in Chicago. You can enjoy everything from live comedy acts to large music festivals in The Windy City.

Chicago is one of the best romantic getaways due to the large amount of events held every Fall. From the annual Christkindlmarket open-air market, to the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, you and your loved one have many activities to enjoy together.

Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is one of the least well known romantic getaways on this list, but don’t let that deter you! Located at the southern tip of New Jersey, this enchanting town sits right where Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet. It is the nation’s oldest Seaside resort and is easy to bike or walk. You and your sweetie will enjoy exploring gorgeous Victorian homes and other historic sites all over town. If you are lucky, you might get to enjoy seeing tons of monarch butterflies as they converge on this beach town during their annual migration.

Aspen, Colorado

Fall is the best time to enjoy intimate, romantic getaways in Aspen. You will be able to avoid the crowds that descend on the town from December to February. Temperatures are cool, making autumn a great time for outdoor pursuits, such as hiking and biking. Take a trip up to Maroon Bells to soak in beautiful vistas and unimaginable scenery. If you’re not the hiking type, you can choose to utilize the Silver Queen Gondola which will take you to the summit of Aspen Mountain. At nighttime, visit the World’s largest natural hot springs pool, the Glenwood Springs Pool.

Aspen is also one of the most beautiful places in the world to watch the leaves change color during the fall months. From greens, yellows, and reds, everywhere is full of lively color. Enjoy a picnic with your loved ones, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see some of the many elk and moose that call Aspen home.

While flying coach or business class on an airline is fine in some instances, there are times when arranging a private jet charter is the more practical way to go- especially for romantic getaways. In fact, this approach provides some benefits that are impossible to find with a commercial airline. Avoid the long security lines, the hundreds of people, and enjoy your intimate, romantic getaways with your loved one by your side.



The Best Shows In Las Vegas To See

Las Vegas, the self-proclaimed “Entertainment Capital of the World”, never disappoints whether it be in terms of Vegas’ luxury hotels or entertainment. Beginning with the shows of the Rat Pack, the city has continued to grow and expand until some of the world’s best entertainment can be found all in less than a 10 square mile radius. Choosing the best shows in Las Vegas can be a daunting task, and brings challenges for the visitor.

With only a few days in town, how on earth do you choose which shows to take in? Over 100 shows can be found on any given day of the week so it is no wonder choosing just a couple can be a daunting task.

The variety alone is mind-boggling, offering up comedy and magic shows, Broadway-style musicals, and an entire array of Cirque du Soleil, makes for enticing ideas. This is the year to board your private jet and fly to Vegas, the entertainment capital of the World. Here are a some of the best shows in Las Vegas to check out when you are in town.


There is no lack of comedy shows in Las Vegas, some very family-friendly, while others push the limits and maybe wouldn’t be the show you want to take grandma to. Carrot Top is a surprise headliner in the comedy class of Vegas. Many are familiar with his crazy demeanor and mop of red hair, but few may realize just how funny he really is. He makes fun of himself, human nature and American culture with an incredibly high-energy show.

The Laugh Factory has been drawing both newcomers and big names to Vegas for decades. The comedy is adult, but not over-the-top, and along with their headliners they regularly have celebrity drop-ins. Just a few of those who have appeared over the years include Tim Allen, Rosanne Barr, Jim Carey and George Carlin.

Magic Shows

Magic shows have long been some of the best shows in Las Vegas. The Legendary David Copperfield often hailed as the greatest illusionist in the world, has been a long-term highlight of the Las Vegas entertainment scene. His unforgettable show continues to enchant at the MGM Grand.

The unlikely duo of Penn & Teller brings comedy to their unconventional act. Their rapport with each other, and the audience allows for an unusual level of interaction. Even after years of entertaining audiences, they are still some of the best.

It’s hard to top such legendary performers, but Mat Franco, the season nine winner of “America’s got Talent”, is now astounding crowds at The LINQ hotel. He offers a rejuvenated twist on some old magic tricks with enough humor thrown in to keep it light-hearted.


Since the early day’s music concerts have been a highlight of the Las Vegas entertainment circle. Elvis, long a headliner, created the perfect environment for the singers who followed. No mention of live shows can be complete without mentioning Celine Dion. She is one of the few entertainers since Elvis to perform with no other performers on stage. Love her or leave her, no one can deny the power of her voice.

Las Vegas is about reinvention and no one personifies that more than Brittany Spears, easily on her second or third career. Planet Hollywood redesigned the spectacular Axis Theater just for her show. She has come out an older, sexier, version of her best self.

J.Lo’s show is the complete opposite of Celine’s. Featuring seven acts, a full band, and 16 backup dancers she salsas and sings her way across the stage providing large-scale, full-on, pure Las Vegas glitz.

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil. The name says it all. Undoubtedly, one of the best shows in Las Vegas is Cirque du Soleil. Cirque is currently running eight different shows nearly every night of the week, and six of them are great for the entire family. O is spectacular, featuring skyrocketing and diving acrobatics, all performed in a large water tank. It is often hailed as the best show Vegas has ever seen.

Mystere is a visually gorgeous show with the performers doing impossible acrobatics. Although there is no “story”, the brightly colored costumes, amazing acrobatics, and astonishing tricks make it a favorite and one of the best family shows in town.

Ka tells the story of separated twins using all of the best Cirque du Soleil tricks of acrobatics, martial arts, dance, pyrotechnics, and gorgeous costumes. It’s definitely one of the more impressive, large-scale, and best shows in Las Vegas.

For a combination of music and dance check out The Beatles LOVE and Michael Jackson’s ONE. Both shows feature the best of these iconic acts put together with the wild costumes, stunning backdrops, and incredible acrobatics that Cirque du Soleil has perfected.

Out of the box

Dirty, raunchy, and set inside a carnival tent outside of Caesar’s, Absinthe has an adult variety show, comedy, and lots of sordid behavior hosted by the greasy-haired, crass Gazillionaire. The naughty show combines old-world burlesque with outrageous comedy but know that the language and humor are not kid friendly.

Le Reve is like Cirque du Soleil- but not. Voted the best production seven years running, Le Reve means dream in French and is performed inside an incredible aquatic theater-in-the-round. The audience feels part of the show because of the unique stage with lines between performers and spectators blurred. There are high dives, underwater tangos, and breathtaking aerial acts each more mesmerizing than the last.

Three bald, blue men on stage playing instruments. Intrigued? If not you should be because the visually stunning Blue Man Group combine comedy, rock, and technology into an irresistible show. Unlike anything else you’ve seen, the show is hilarious and energetic. While some of the comedy is a bit off-color, they also sprinkle in some kid-friendly act.

Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind destination. Perfect for business conventions, bachelor or bachelorette parties, couples, and families. One of those magical spots where there truly exists something for everyone. Stroll the themed casinos, lay by the pool, and try your hand at roulette. But also make sure to take in at least one of the best shows in Las Vegas that exist all around you.


Experience Everything Your Heart Desires with a Private Jet Charter to Dubai

A revolutionary vacation awaits those who book a private jet charter to Dubai. By traveling on an exclusive private jet travelers are just hours away from an indoor ski park, an underwater hotel, and a picturesque garden. Explore everything that Dubai has to offer, and book a fun yet relaxing summer vacation today.

Ski Dubai 
Ski Dubai welcomes visitors from around the world to their exclusive indoor ski resort. As the first resort of its kind in the Middle East Ski Dubai proudly presents guests with a wealth of awesome mountain-themed wintery activities including snowboarding, tobogganing, and skiing. The resort is equipped with an 85-meters high indoor mountain as well as five ski slopes that vary in steepness and difficulty. The longest ski slope is the black diamond which is 400 meters long. In order to satisfy every guest’s unique needs Ski Dubai also offers snowboarding lessons, a sub-zero zip line, and friendly penguin encounters.

Atlantis: The Palm
Designed to immerse guests in absolute comfort this unprecedented hotel features award-winning restaurants, exciting marine attractions, relaxing spa treatments, and dazzling rooms and suites. Visitors are sure to be amazed by the view of the hotel’s 65,000 marine animals in select lounges, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Guests will also enjoy the private beaches and pools, innovative aquatic park, and the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Shopping and nightlife are also readily available to those who would like to explore Dubai.

The Dubai Miracle Garden
Spanning over 72,000 square meters The Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the largest flower gardens in the world. Scattered throughout the garden are more than 45 million plants including edible plants and medicinal plants along with delicious fruits and vegetables. One of the main highlights of the garden is that the staff invites visitors to create teas, entrees, and salad with the natural onsite ingredients. The amazing attraction also contains roughly 15,000 butterflies from 26 species. Additionally the Dubai Miracle Garden offers a variety of services for the guests such as a prayer room, multiple sitting areas, commercial kiosks, open/VIP parking, and handicapped accommodations.

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Aircraft Alex Early Travel Tips

Jet Charter Owner Approval


June 2nd, 2015
Written By: Alex M. Early, CEO of The Early Air Way

If you’ve chartered private jets in the past, then you’re probably familiar with the term “owner approval required.” For those of you who aren’t familiar however, “owner approval required” is a condition of booking for many (but not all) jet charters. What it means is that once you accept a quote that is proposed to you, the reservation is then sent directly to the owner of the aircraft you’re attempting to book who will either approve or decline your trip. If your trip is approved, then your reservation is confirmed. If your trip is declined however, the particular aircraft at hand will no longer be an option for your trip and you’ll have to move onto a different plane.

Which planes require owner approval?

A top of the line plane such as a Gulfstream G650 will always require owner approval.

Generally speaking, the newer and larger (or more valuable) planes are the ones that will require owner approval. I can’t think of a single Gulfstream G650 Heavy Jet that doesn’t require owner approval. On the other hand, there are very few Lear 35 Light Jets that do require owner approval. This is the standard, but not the rule. There are some heavy jets that don’t require approval while there are some light jets that do.

Why would an owner turn down my business?

 Some charter clients can be surprised that an owner is turning down their money. There are several reasons this will happen, however:

  1. The owner would like to keep his/her plane free for him/herself over the dates you’re attempting to book it for.
  2. Your trip doesn’t bring in enough revenue to justify the aircraft being dispatched. (Generally seen only on newer/larger planes)
  3. Your trip has too many short legs. Short legs are not profitable for late-model, large-cabin airplanes. The ratio of landings to flight hours affects the value of an aircraft on the pre-owned market. If a Gulfstream G550 has an average flight duration of 55 minutes for example, millions in value could be lost compared with one that has an average flight duration of three hours. As such, the short flights may be declined. Furthermore, expensive maintenance is required after a certain number of cycles. A G650 owner won’t want to rush to a six-figure maintenance appointment because he/she accepted a bunch of 50-minute trips.

What happens if an owner declines your trip?

It’s unfortunate when an owner declines a trip, but it happens. What you should do in this instance is let you jet charter coordinator provide you with the next best option available and then attempt to book this. Don’t see this is an indicator that you’re working with a sub-par charter company; owner approval effects everyone.

At the end of the day, owner approval is part of the US charter marketplace and isn’t going anywhere soon. When booking a flight, it’s important to know whether or not your plane needs owner approval or not to help you make the most educated decision possible about what you’re booking.

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