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Tips and Tricks to Help Manage Your Aviophobia

Aviophobia may feel overwhelming, but with the right supports, it doesn’t have to hold you back. Here’s how you can start working on your fear today!

Does the idea of taking to the skies strike fear in your heart? If you suffer from Aviophobia (the fear of flying), you probably relate to this sentiment a great deal. In a world where people travel large distances more often than ever, suffering from a fear of flying can seriously cripple your potential for adventure and work.

Fortunately, there’s a tremendous amount of research available showing that patients with aviophobia don’t have to suffer forever. Depending on the level of your fear, you may be able to negate it with just a small amount of effort. Here’s how you can start working on your fear right now!

Understand the Symptoms of Aviophobia

Aviophobia can bring on a long list of symptoms, each of which can be decidedly debilitating, but many of these symptoms can be caused by illness, too. Recognizing the symptoms and how they connect with each other can help you determine whether you’re experiencing aviophobia or some other medical condition.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Clammy skin
  • Sweating
  • Muscle spasms
  • High heart rates
  • Stomach pains
  • Stomach cramping
  • Diarrhea/constipation
  • Shortness of breath
  • Anxiety and/or irritability
  • Heart palpitations
  • Chest pains

Most of these symptoms fall under the same umbrella – anxiety and/or panic attacks. However, unlike General Anxiety Disorder or Panic Disorder, the symptoms of aviophobia go away after you are no longer exposed to the trigger (flying).

Unfortunately, anxiety and adrenaline can often make flyers feel as if they’re “having a heart attack” or dying; it is exceptionally rare for this to actually be the case. Usually, this is simply a symptom of your body being forced into “fight or flight” mode (no pun intended). By working on your fear, you can successfully reduce the incidence of these symptoms.

One small caveat: some symptoms, (including chest pains and heart palpitations) should always be addressed by a physician to rule out other serious health concerns. Although anxiety is by far the most common cause, it’s better to be safe about your health.

How to Manage Aviophobia

Managing this is possible, and there are many techniques you can use to achieve it. The most common ways to manage aviophobia include:

  • Utilizing deep breathing exercises
  • Types of hands-on therapy
  • Meditation
  • Flying charter instead
  • Medication

Below, we explore each of these techniques and the benefits of each in detail.

Try Deep Breathing Exercises

If your fear is mild, simple deep breathing exercises alone may be enough to bring you back down to Earth. Start by breathing in deeply and slowly to the count of three or four (whatever is most comfortable. Then, hold the breath for the same count. Finally, breathe out slowly, following the same count.

Breathing exercises work best when done “low and slow,” so actively try to avoid rapid breathing or hyperventilating. If you find yourself getting dizzy or feeling uncomfortable, you’re probably breathing a little bit too fast.

Seek Professional Help

We tend to think of therapy as something people seek when they have long-term, chronic mental health struggles. Truthfully, psychotherapy is a great way to address even infrequent concerns like aviophobia. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), your therapist can help you face your fears head-on. Both of these forms of psychotherapy focus on finding the source of fears and creating new coping skills that alleviate fear symptoms.

Licensed therapists can also help you engage in a treatment format known as Exposure Therapy. This treatment focuses on slowly acclimatizing you to flying. You may start with simply visiting the airport while your therapist guides you through your feelings, and then move on to boarding an aircraft. Finally, your therapist may guide you through a short flight.

As a therapy approach, Exposure Therapy has the highest rate of success other than medication intervention when treating phobias. If you’ve tried other methods with no luck, it may be your best bet.

Take Up Meditation

Research shows that meditation can greatly reduce anxiety, especially if you practice it regularly over time. This isn’t the kind of treatment approach that’s likely to fix your issues if you just do it when you’re flying; instead, you should sit and meditate in whatever way you prefer for at least 10 to 20 minutes a day. Some flyers prefer religious meditation, while others engage in simple sitting meditation. Still others use guided meditations to recenter themselves (or at least distract from their surroundings).

Struggling with sitting meditation? You can meditate in movement, too. Tai Chi and Yoga are excellent ways to recenter and ground yourself, and you can use what you learn there while seated in the skies.

Fly Charter Instead

Often, much of the anxiety flyers with aviophobia experience stems from fearing what other people will think of them if they experience anxiety on a commercial flight. This is common in all forms of anxiety; the individual experiencing the anxiety can become so fearful of what they might experience, the anticipation becomes worse than the reality. This is how conditions like agoraphobia (fear of going outside) slowly develop.

While you aren’t likely to experience agoraphobia as a result of aviophobia, you may be able to reduce some of the anxiety by flying charter instead. Charter flights are private, and furthermore, most airlines are well-practiced in handling aviophobia sensitively. If something does happen, there’s no need to worry about bothering other passengers along the way. Even the added peace and quiet of a charter flight is enough to soothe many aviophobia sufferers – making their fear of flying more like a commercial flight phobia.

If All Else Fails, Consider Medication

If you’ve tried everything and you still experience unbearable fear when you fly, or if you can’t fly at all right now, medication may be an option. Short or long-acting sedatives like Ativan, Clonazepam, and Vistaril suppress the Central Nervous System (CNS). Medications like Metoprolol, a beta blocker, suppress adrenaline and the fear response in your body.

Exactly if or which of these medications are suitable depends on your current health condition and medications; your doctor can best advise you on the subject. Many patients find light sedation more than enough to suppress severe fears before they fly, allowing for a reactive approach with each flight.

Final Thoughts

There’s a whole world of adventure waiting for you out there, filled with luxurious flights, incredible destinations, and plenty of fun along the way. Take your first baby step to find help or speak with a private charter jet company about accommodating your needs. Sometimes, what you need most is a friendly, understanding crew to get you through the flight. The right company will always be happy to do whatever they can to help!

Industry & News

What to Look for In a Charter Jet Membership

Ready to take your first steps with a charter jet membership? Whether you’re flying for business, pleasure or a mixture of both, you are set to have an incredible time in the air. There’s truly nothing like having an entire cabin to yourself, with peace and quiet and personalized service. Work, relax, dine on gourmet food, – the sky is truly the limit.. With The Early Air Way charter jet membership, charter a plane with as little as 2 hours notice and countless amounts of benefits.

For all of these reasons and more, the private jet charter industry is exploding to compensate with increased demands. That means new companies are coming on the market every single day, each vying for your attention and loyalty – but are they all really reliable and safe? Just as it is with any other company, it’s important to take your time and find the right charter jet membership rather than going with the first you find. Follow this step-by-step process to find the charter jet membership for you.

Pilot and Staff Experience

The charter flight industry is exploding, and that means plenty of new companies are cropping up to compensate. It seems like every few weeks, there’s a new company name floating around – but that doesn’t necessarily mean the people working for these companies are aviation greenhorns. Often, staff have years of experience in the commercial flight industry instead.

To find out whether a jet charter company employs staff and pilots have enough experience, just ask! Most companies are more than happy to explain where they come from and why they can be trusted. Look for pilots with a high number of flying hours and staff with years of experience serving in the skies for best results.

Licensing (Staff and Facilities)

Pilots, aircraft mechanics, aerospace engineers, and air traffic controllers all have one thing in common: they require licensing in order to be legally permitted to work. In some cases, facilities (e.g., a private airstrip) must also be licensed or must adhere to regulations, too. These regulations identify that the company takes steps to ensure passenger safety, both on the ground and in the air.

Most importantly, every charter company and charter jet membership must be approved by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Businesses aren’t approved simply for being a business; instead, they must prove the business concept, whether or not they have exclusive access to at least one plane, and how they plan to engage in regular maintenance to keep passengers safe. The FAA can (and will) turn down any business who cannot prove reliability. An FAA approval means the airline is likely running a tight ship.

Availability and Flexibility

You have a crazy schedule that just doesn’t make it possible to fly commercial. Can your private jet charter company accommodate your needs? It’s up to you to ask the company exactly how much availability and flexibility they have on a regular basis before you find yourself in an awkward position at the last minute. Not every charter jet membership is large and reliable enough to allow significant last-minute changes, but nearly all will attempt to accommodate you whenever it’s possible.

That said, not every traveller needs a high degree of flexibility. You’ll have to decide how much flexibility works for you. A charter jet company that has a large enough fleet to let you adjust when and where you travel on the fly is a much better choice for travelers with hectic schedules. Conversely, someone who is only travelling for holidays may not require flexibility at all.

Fleet Diversity and Size

Want to fly into a remote wilderness escape in northern Canada? Considering a trip to a private island in the South Pacific? Climbing into a Boeing just isn’t going to work, but most commercial airlines don’t provide access to smaller aircraft. Private charter jet memberships can alleviate this pain point by providing access to a larger variety of aircraft. Sensibly, these companies can only help if they retain exclusive access to aircraft in the first place.

Ask your new potential partner about their fleet diversity and size – how many aircraft do they hold? Do you have any choice in the aircraft you fly in? Are you simply assigned to what’s available when you book? Access to light jets, VIP airliners, and turboprops significantly expands on where and how you can travel.

Reputation and Partnerships

Reputation and partnerships can be a powerful indicator of reliability in the aviation industry. A charter jet membership with a long list of partnerships and glowing reviews from reliable sources is much more likely to provide you with the luxury travel experience you crave. In contrast, you may be taking a risk if you contract with a company that has absolutely no connections at all.

Be mindful of the fact that newer companies may lack partnerships; this isn’t necessarily a sign of incompetence. As with pilot and staff experience, you want to ensure that the people running the company (or flying the planes) have solid references instead. Being unable to find mention of the company anywhere – even if you verify with the FAA – may be a sign of a scam or a fake company that’s only out to take your money.

Exceptional Maintenance Protocols

How does your charter jet membership company maintain their aircraft? Like any other aviation company, pre-flight checks and regular maintenance are an absolute must in the eyes of the law. Both the FAA and the Air Charter Association of America (ACAA) demand very high standards of care for aircraft that carry passengers. This isn’t something you ever want to skimp on; maintenance and safety checks keep passengers safe in the sky.

Your chosen company should be happy to explain their maintenance and safety protocols when asked, regardless of the aircraft you are chartering. A company that hides or is secretive about their maintenance protocols may be hiding increased risk for accidents. Fortunately, most charter companies make this information readily available to all potential passengers.

Flight Destination Options

Where can you fly with your charter jet membership? If the answer is only standard international airports, you don’t have much freedom or flexibility with when, where, and how you fly. Some charter jet memberships are unable to accommodate unique flight destinations. This is because of the increased risk to safety and service they create. This includes smaller airstrips, politically contentious countries, or destinations with unreliable weather.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with limiting service in this way – in fact, even the commercial aviation industry does it. However, such restrictions aren’t helpful to passengers in the moment. If a situation arises where you need to get to one of these contentious destinations quickly, you may find yourself struggling to partner with an alternative charter company to have your needs addressed. Avoid it by partnering with a company who can fly in to almost anywhere (or at least partners with someone who does).

By choosing a charter jet membership that has all of these characteristics, you can be sure that you’ve chosen the right company for your needs. Now, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the flight!


Why the Cheapest Private Jet Charter Isn’t Always the Best Option

Unethical business practices are often seen with the cheapest private jet charter companies. Know what to watch out for when booking your next jet charter. 

Written by:
Alex M. Early, CEO of The Early Air Way

The Cheapest Private Jet Charter: A Story

I’ve wanted to write a blog post on this very important subject for a little while now. A series of phone calls I received starting last Thursday prompted me to do it now, however. This is going to be the first of a two-part posting. The next will be on “illegal charters.”

On Thursday night, I received an after-hours call from the owner of a purported cheapest private jet charter company that I will not be naming. This person somehow had access to an internal e-mail thread my company uses as one of many methods of trading empty-leg segments on aircraft. When he called me, he explained that he was interested in covering a trip of ours. Because it was after-hours, the trip was weeks away, and I had never heard of this guy or his company before, I asked him to e-mail me more information and stated that I’d review it in the morning.

The next morning, I received yet another call, at 06:00 a.m. Our receptionist explained to me that this same guy was calling, and wanting to “cover” another trip of ours for “a great price.” I told my receptionist to take a message, and then I did a little Google sleuthing and consulted with a colleague. Google showed me that this guy just bought his website only a couple months ago, had never worked in business aviation before, had all sorts of postings across the internet flaunting stock images of various status symbols, along with consistent messaging claiming he was the cheapest private jet charter around. The colleague of mine whom I consulted immediately forwarded me an e-mail from another reputable company in the industry about a trademark issue with this guy’s purported company name as well.

A little while later, I returned the phone call. I was told that this guy’s company owns a large fleet of “floating” aircraft around the country, and would immediately cover every single one of our client’s flights for about 1/3 less than we’re accustomed to paying. After, I asked him if he has an FAA part 135 operating certificate and he explained to me that he did. I proceeded to ask him for the certificate number so that I could do further research and he said “only after we do the deal.” I then explained that The Early Air Way would never utilize services without having completed a background check on a certificate, let alone knowing that a certificate even actually exists. After I said that, I was told to “go *%@& yourself,” just before being hung up on. Nice guy, huh?

Further sleuthing brought me to his website. Right on the homepage, again, was the message of them being the cheapest private jet charter available. They were explaining that this was the answer for charter clients who are concerned about their safety and security. I then saw a clause saying, verbatim, that [XXX as a proud “Platinum Certified Wyvern Member”, performs regular screens and audits….].

The “Wyvern Broker”

Well, The Early Air Way is an official “Wyvern Broker,” so I naturally know a bit about the Wyvern system and have contacts within the company. I know that there is absolutely no such thing as a “Platinum Certified Wyvern Member.” I decided to call a friend at Wyvern to see if this company really was a Wyvern provider, however. I was told that they in fact had nothing to do with Wyvern, the leading 3rd party aviation safety auditing firm, and had ignored three demands to remove the aforementioned verbiage from their website. My Wyvern rep said that they would sue if they had to, but always like taking care of these things outside of court if possible.


As I’m sure you’d agree, this is not the type of person and/or company you’d like to be doing business with. You wouldn’t want to trust your funds with this person/company, and you certainly wouldn’t want to trust your safety with this person. For the naïve consumer however, their website claims that they are the “world’s premier source of private aviation”, the “cheapest private jet charter”, and have the highest safety standards in the industry. The truth is that those claims are lies, but so many would have no way of knowing that.


There are a handful of shady companies like that out there. The consumers who generally fall prey to them are the ones that are often lured in by the shady companies’ messaging on “cheapest private jet charter”. Almost always however, those low prices are the result of one of three things:

  1. Phantom Aircraft
  2. Non-Payment of Federal Excise Taxes.
  3. Illegal “Part 134.5 charters”

While #1 and #2 are unethical business practices that can nip you long after you book your trip, #3 is presently one of the biggest things to plague the air charter industry and poses a clear and present danger to the unsuspecting consumer. While doing research for your next trip, don’t be so quick to book with the cheapest private jet charter company.


What Do Private Jet Charters Have to Offer?

Private jet charters offer many benefits that you may not know. If you’ve been curious about this luxurious travel experience, then read the details below.

Air travel is not what it used to be. In spite of still being the most efficient way to travel long distances, long gone are the days of luxury and privilege in travel. Now, most travel days consist of long lines, security, removing your shoes, packing your liquid toiletries in a plastic baggie, and leaving your furry friends at home. That is unless you decide to check private jet charters.

Although not the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a travel deal, there is actually much more to private jet charters than meets the eye. In fact, here are a few little-known facts and benefits of booking a seat, or all of the seats, on a private jet.

1. Many Options

There are over 20,000 private jet charters registered throughout the world, with over half of those listed in the United States. Although many of these are only used for their owner’s personal use, the vast number of jets available makes for a multitude of options on the rental market.

2. The Destinations are Numerous

Although there have been consistent critics of the “lifestyles of the rich and famous,” private jet owners swear to their utility. For instance, in the United States alone, commercial airlines only reach 550 airports private jets, which are powered by gas turbine engines rather than props or pistons utilize more than 5000 airports. Business aviation also employs over 1 million and $150 billion in economic stimulus.

3. Not as Expensive as You Think

While no one is going to say it is inexpensive to fly on a private jet charter, the prices do vary widely. To rent a Citation Mustang, the hourly rate comes in at a mere $1674, whereas to shoot for the stars on a Gulfstream 550, the price tag will set you back over $8000 an hour. By taking into account the distance, the number of passengers, and size, it is possible to keep expenses down.

4. Event Travel is Huge        

Everyone loves a reason for a party, and by far the largest event for jet travel is the Super Bowl, with the Masters Golf Tournament and Art Basel on Miami Beach. What better party is there than to get a couple of dozen of your closest friends together to fly away in style to a favorite sporting event?

5. Pack at Will

When you opt for private charter jet service, “packing light” becomes nonexistent. For comparison, Delta Airlines economy class tickets allow for 3 cubic feet of baggage room before fees are incurred. A Gulfstream G550 allows for 226 cubic feet per passenger. The days of traveling with steamer trunks in tow may very well be making a comeback.

6. Take the Flight Less Traveled

Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth. The odds are, most people have flown in or out of one, or all, of the busiest airports in the United States. Endless walks between terminals and endless lines and security once you finally reach your terminal. Combined with the masses of humanity and often uncomfortable seating at the gate, it is no wonder private charter jet travel is gaining followers.

When you compare the 100 million passengers that pass through Atlanta yearly, the fraction of passengers traveling through Teterboro Airport in New Jersey is a dream. And you don’t even have to take off your shoes.

7. No Plans, No Problems

One of the best ways to earn yourself a shot at a seat on a private charter jet is to have plans that allow for flexibility. By buying a seat as a “deadhead” you lose flexibility in time and route, but for a surprisingly low cost, you can grab a seat on board a repositioning flight. After dropping off the V.I.P, simply take their place as the plane heads back to its home base.

8. The Wave of the Future

The growing inconveniences of air travel have created a huge market for private jet charters. The ability to fly in and out of thousands of municipal airports, the almost total lack of lines, and the ability to tailor a flight schedule to the needs of the traveler has created an ever-growing market for business travelers. But also for those simply fed up with the strain of dealing with commercial airports.

9. Truly Treat Yourself to a Splurge

Few lines, little inconvenience, great flexibility, baggage space, and ample leg room. All of these factors alone are enough to consider a private jet charter flight. But why not bring it one step further? Enjoy a meal by a celebrity chef. Indulge in spa treatments en-route. Appreciate a waiting town car upon arrival. Perhaps even have a temporary board room set up on board to finalize the logistics of that important business meeting.

All this is possible with the booking of a private jet charter. Rather than spend valuable hours becoming exhausted before arrival, step off the plane relaxed, refreshed, and ready to enjoy your destination.

Booking Private Jet Charters

While booking a flight on one of the beautiful private jet charters may not conclude with a dinner invitation from Oprah, the experience is certainly one for the bucket list. And with a growing number of options for reasonably priced flights, this form of travel may very well become habit-forming. It is surely worth the time to check out this ever-growing segment of the travel industry.

Travel Tips

6 Safety Tips If You’re Planning to Solo Travel

Prioritizing safety is always important when it comes to traveling. But it’s even more important when you plan to solo travel. If this is you, here are helpful safety tips to keep in mind.

Travel is invigorating, exciting, and endlessly inspiring. Seeing the world and understanding how alike we all are at the base level is a life-changing experience. While, in general, traveling is no more dangerous than day-to-day life in your hometown, there are additional safety factors to take into account for solo travel.

Solo travel is one of the most self-indulgent experiences you can do. You get to make all the decisions; eat when and where you want, sleep in or get up early, hit a museum or spend all day lounging on the beach drinking pina colada’s. The choice is yours.

But solo travel is also not for the faint of heart. It can be intimidating to eat alone or need to step outside your comfort zone to initiate a conversation with strangers. However, the rewards are great. Solo travel brings a very special sense of self-awareness that few ever know.

Here are a few great tips on traveling safely out on your own.

1. Arrange Transport to Your Lodging Ahead of Time

Some of the biggest scams involve unseemly behavior where travelers congregate. Airport and bus station arrivals and departures are a prime focus for thieves wishing to have you part with your money. It can be incredibly stressful and confusing to arrive in a new town or country and be unsure where you need to go in order to obtain authorized transportation to your hotel or hostel.

By arranging your transportation ahead of time, you can know that the beginning of your time in a new spot will go smoothly. Often your hotel, hostel or Airbnb can even make these arrangements for you guaranteeing you’ll be picked up promptly. If for some reason you find yourself without pre-arranged transport, keep your wits about you and ask a uniformed attendant at the desk how to proceed.

2. Look Like You Live There

In the past, travel advice tended to lean toward “blending in” and looking like a local but let’s be honest. The world is a big place and you are simply not going to look like the locals in most of it. Our best advice, instead, is to look like you live there. Ex-pats live all around the world and even though you may not know where you are going by looking as if you do, you can deter many a thief or someone suspecting easy prey.

Walk with a purpose and carry a day bag that isn’t new and doesn’t scream money. It’s preferable to carry bags that are rather used in appearance with no discernible brand labels. Stay off your phone and focus on your surroundings and those around you, not as a means to assume the worst, but simply to keep apprised of action on the street.

3. Put Away the Maps in Public

On the same note, never pull out your map in public. It is essential to check it out thoroughly before you head out and get a general feel for where you’re heading. If the distance is long, it’s most likely necessary to refer back to it but never do so on the street. This screams lost tourist and is a beacon for thieves.

The simple act of appearing confident and looking like you know where you’re going is huge when it comes to exploring safely, especially for solo travel. Take the time to do a bit of research ahead of time. Make sure you have a plan. Certainly, you may need to pop into a local restaurant or coffee shop to get your reference points straight once you’ve hit the streets, but having a bit of an idea ahead of time of how many blocks to walk before your turn, what major landmarks you might be passing, and so on all come into play to not appearing as a naive tourist.

4. Trust Your Instincts

Never discount your own personal Spidey sense. If something or someone just doesn’t feel right, the situation is most likely bad. A natural sense of caution is warranted in some cases and if you feel the little hairs stand up on the back of your neck, know it is for a reason.

Solo travel does involve a certain amount of risk, as does all traveling, and placing your trust in total strangers is an everyday occurrence and in general, works out great. Just be willing to trust your instincts, even at the risk of insulting someone. Better to be safe than sorry.

5. Protect Your I.D

A great tip for all travelers is to protect your I.D. One excellent start is to scan your passport, credit cards, travel insurance, and all other travel documents. Then, email them to yourself as well as a friend or family member. If you lose any of them or get robbed, it is much easier to replace the information if you have a copy of it.

In addition, wear a money belt or use your hotel safe. Make sure to only travel with a day’s expenses when out and about sightseeing. If the worst happens and you get mugged on the subway, it is a comfort to know that your passport, credit cards, and other cash are safe and sound.

6. Have Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is key. Not only does it protect your health and well-being, but it generally also covers your possessions. There are a lot of plans out there so take the time to really read through the coverage. Take careful note of what they consider as valid and invalid activities. Some insurers are very stringent and consider walking a dangerous activity. Others cover nearly everything outside true adventure sports such as skydiving.

Destinations for Solo Travel

Traveling by yourself is the “in” thing to do now that people have discovered just how enjoyable and liberating it is to explore a new place how they would like to rather than settle for what the rest of the family or their significant other wants to do.

These are a few of the best destinations for solo travelers like yourself. Yet, before jetting off, check all around safety precautions and protocols.


Located in Iceland, Reykjavik is a great place for travelers who enjoy outdoor activities no matter how many are in the party. You will want to stay in the capital for easy access to any area of the country and for several activity options. Be sure to stop by The Laundromat Café to meet the locals, do your laundry, enjoy coffee, and chat with fellow travelers.


While it might seem a trite cliché, visiting Paris is a truly great destination for solo travelers. The eats are just as delicious as the sights along the Chaps-Elysees. Be sure you make time to stop by the Deux Magots and Café de Flore, which are two popular spots for solo travelers. If you are worried about safety, Paris has often been regarded as a relatively safe European spot, but you will want to use caution no matter who you are or where you go.


Indonesia’s Bali is ideal for travelers looking to get away in a destination rooted in spirituality, yoga, beaches, healthy dining spots, and affordable living. To get the full Bali experience while enjoying food and meeting with other travelers, be sure to spend a few nights at Family Guesthouse in Ubud.


Bangkok is found in Thailand and is a prime spot for viewing gorgeous temples, affordable shopping, markets floating along the water, and a vibrant nightlife. If you are in the mood to meet with a younger crowd, hostels and bars, head for Khao San Road. In any case, you are sure to meet someone new while in Bangkok.


To truly take your solo trip to the next level, why not charter your very own jet to these exotic destinations? Spending several hours in a cramped plane is not an ideal way to start your vacation for one. And more so, not as safe during this pandemic.

At the end of the day, solo travel is a worthwhile endeavor. By following a few simple safety rules, you can plan on the adventure of a lifetime.

Aircraft Industry & News

What to Look for When Booking Private Jet Flights

If you want a luxurious flying experience, then a private jet is the way to go! But what should you know when booking private jet flights? Read below for the details.

There are many benefits to flying by private jet. First, flying by private jet charter is way more convenient than flying commercially. There is also always more room on a private jet charter, which means infinite leg space. In addition, the chairs are higher quality, which provides even more comfort for passengers.

But finding private jet flights can be a complicated affair. For those not in the know, you may not understand just how many types of aircraft and options exist.

One excellent idea when beginning your search for private jet flights is to get recommendations from a friend who is a regular charter customer, preferably an owner. Those in the industry can also certainly lead you down the right path or, at the very least, help you gather the facts and differences to make an informed decision.

Before you take the leap into the exciting world of private jet flights we would like to offer up a few tips. Here are some important things to consider before embarking on your big private jet experience.

Weight Matters

Not all private jets are the same and weight does matter. Which jet charter is right for you depends on a variety of factors, not the least of which is how many passengers will be on board. More passengers also equals more luggage, which also equals more weight. Depending upon the purpose of the trip, additional weight might also come in the form of golf clubs, skis, or other sporting equipment.

More people and more weight affects range and may even eliminate the ability to book non-stop service and require fuel stops along the way. Even for the relatively small commitment of a single charter flight, making sure to book the right flight can have a large impact on your overall experience.

Size Matters

Novices beware, it is essential to check out the pertinent information regarding different types of private jet aircraft. The bigger the jet, the bigger the cabin. This may seem obvious but it is relevant in the decision making and something to take into consideration when accounting for number of passengers, luggage capacity, and range.

For tall passengers, a smaller jet may have you bending over while walking through the cabin and toilet facilities can be extremely confining, some no more than a pull around curtain. Don’t allow for the potential disappointment that could come with traveling in luxury only to bump your head upon boarding.

Dinner Meal on Board?

The general consensus goes something like this. You imagine yourself on a private jet sipping champagne while waitstaff dressed all in black pass caviar toasts. The reality, experts verify that corporate meal averages $350.00 covering three or four people and champagne is rarely in the mix.

While catering companies attached to private jet charters are certainly capable of serving full dinners and have pretty much seen it all, the majority of customer requests center more on fruit trays, sandwiches, and cheese and meat trays. It is absolutely up to your discretion to order as you choose, but keep in mind the average trip lasts only a couple of hours so order accordingly.

Traveling With the Furry Family Members

A prime plus for pet owners when booking private jet flights is the ability to have your pets actually with you. As flying pets commercially becomes more complicated and expensive, it becomes even more appealing to travel by private jet charter. Commercial flights come with a host of regulations regarding the size of the pet, the weather conditions, and even the breed of the pet.

When choosing a private jet charter, there are no concerns with your pet being left in the heat or cold on a tarmac for hours, no worries about delayed flights, and no breed restrictions. Some catering companies even cater to pet owners with in-flight catering pet menus. All members of the family will be happy to have their fur babies right in the cabin with them, easing all concerns about pet safety.

Choosing an Aircraft

There are five types of private jets generally considered for charter:

Light Jets: These jets hold from five to eight passengers comfortably and can travel for around two hours nonstop. Although not as spacious as larger jets, they are the most affordable. They can reach speeds of 500mph and examples include Learjet 31 and Citation V.

Midsize Jets: A more spacious option, although roomier, these jets also are designed to carry between six and eight passengers. The Lear 45 and Gulfstream G150 are prime examples and these midsize jets can stay in the air for up to seven hours, and easily fly coast-to-coast.

Super midsize Jets: Generally able to carry up to nine passengers, the super midsize jets can sometimes accommodate up to 12 people. Planes like the Citation X and Falcon 50 are capable of transatlantic flights and are also allowed to land at larger, international airports. Featuring all of the luxury of larger jets, this category offers galleys and entertainment centers.

Large cabin or heavy Jets: Large cabin jets are the largest private planes and seat 10 comfortably. The Gulfstream II or Challenger 605 are fully capable of flying nine hours or 4000 miles nonstop. In addition, they have first-class seating and occasionally sleeping quarters. Heavy jets also employ flight attendants.

Turbo prop planes:  For the more adventurous traveler, the turbo prop planes can hold five to eight passengers and fly up to four hours. Prop planes are short, easily maneuverable, and able to deal with short, rough runways. The King Air 90 and Pilatus PC-12 also have the ability to be outfitted with skis to land on snow or water, perfect for a group fishing trip to Montana.


With so much to consider, it is important not to jump into a decision regarding private jet flights. However, it is good to know that so many options exist. Take your time. Do your research. Talk to the experts. Then go ahead and take the plunge into the world of private jet charter.

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4 Main Reasons to Charter Flights for Business Travel

Business travel is essential, even during a global pandemic. That’s why it’s ideal to charter a private jet to not only stay safe, but for many other key reasons as well. Read about them below.

Do you travel for business?  It is sometimes fun to escape the monotony of the office. For many businesses, travel is a way of life. Salespeople may have to travel to see clients, managers and HR people may have to travel to remote locations to meet with employees, and execs may need to travel to potential expansion locations.

However, it can also be stressful. When travel is so important to your business, leaving it to the mercy of commercial airlines can cause huge problems. This is why it is important to plan your travel properly so things go smoothly. Thus, choosing private jet charters.

Here are four main reasons why.

1. More Relaxing

Chartering a jet is a great way to maximize your comfort while you travel. Most people consider it to be extremely relaxing. You will have a lot of space to move around and get comfortable while you are on the aircraft. This is ideal if you have a long flight or if you are flying overnight. Although first class does provide some perks for today’s travelers, it cannot offer this relaxing environment.

2. Less Stressful

When you have a chartered jet, flying is less stressful. You avoid long lines at the airport for check-in, security, boarding, and baggage. Delays for flights are also less likely. Without these inconveniences, travel is much more enjoyable. You will not feel stressed or overwhelmed. This is extremely beneficial when you are traveling for business. Added stress can affect your performance and health.

3. Support Professional Image

For many companies, chartered travel supports your professional image. If you are trying to present a specific image, then it might be better to avoid the airport. Instead, choose elite travel options that will allow you to present a professional and sophisticated image.

4. Satisfy Employees

Finally, chartered flights are a great perk for today’s employees. Many people are more apt to participate in business travel if they have luxurious travel perks. Employees love the idea of relaxing on a nice aircraft with amenities. It is a nice break before the work begins, and might be a good way to reward people for their efforts.

Also, you can get your employees to where they need to be much faster. Private jet charters travel to your destination on your schedule, which means your employees get to their destinations more quickly.

More About the Advantages

Business professionals will always need to travel, but they must also balance their schedules while still making productive use of their time. Although it is usually more expensive, chartering a private jet has many advantages over standard commercial flights. They put the control of valuable time back into the hands of these busy passengers.

Fight Destinations of Choice

Rather than being forced to adapt travel plans to existing flight schedules and destinations, charter air services offer customers a wider range of travel locations and dates.

Smaller jets can access regional airports that are closer to the client’s true destination. This makes it easier to create direct travel plans that put passengers exactly where they need to be without the hassle of layovers or connecting flights.

Passengers also have a greater deal of control over their time of departure. This allows traveling professionals to make better use of business hours without worrying about restrictive airline schedules.

Limited Ground Time

Time spent on the ground navigating the complicated maze of traffic, security and airport terminals is time wasted. For a one hour flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles, it can take up to three hours to arrive, check in and board an aircraft. For busy working professionals, this time is better spent focusing on critical business functions.

Charter jet services offer their passengers more convenient access to the actual flights by operating out of smaller airports. There are smaller crowds and wait times are decreased. Travelers quickly board and exit the aircraft, and checked luggage is immediately available upon arrival.


When it comes to convenience, you can’t beat a private jet charter. Instead of having to show up at the airport two hours early and wait in long lines to catch a flight that’s late about a quarter of the time, you can show up 30-45 minutes before your flight.

You won’t have to worry about how many bags you can have and whether they will show up where they are supposed to. You also can fly straight to your destination, even if it is a small, remote city, rather than having to connect through a larger airport, which can cost you valuable time.

Enhanced Services

With a charter jet flight, providers offer additional travel services tailored to the specific needs of their customers. Similar to traveling first class on a larger carrier, passengers typically enjoy more personal space.

Features often include inflight internet access, charging stations for portable electronics, and meal services. Many charter jet companies have special programs that allow family pets to come along for the ride, and hotel accommodations and rental vehicles can be prearranged as needed.


Though on its face a private jet charter is more expensive than even first class commercial air travel, you have to consider all the costs involved. The speed and convenience of private jets may mean your employee can make it where he or she needs to be and back in a day, negating the need for the expense of an overnight stay.

Also, if you have several employees going to one spot, the overall cost to charter the jet will be cheaper than buying just one seat.

Even with the higher hourly operating costs, it is still possible to afford a private business jet charter. For larger groups traveling to the same locations, fees can be shared making the use of a private charter ideal.


Chartering a plane is becoming more and more popular, and it is growing to be the future of travel. If you fly for business, this option is a great alternative to traditional air travel.

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Planning Your Luxury Vacation

Do you know what creates a luxury vacation? First and foremost, it’s about feeling completely relaxed and comfortable. Read below for more details and how you can best plan.

Relaxing on the beach. Touring an exotic land. Exploring verdant valleys. Whether you are traveling for a romantic getaway, seeking an adventure, or wanting a cultural encounter, a luxury vacation means indulging your senses.

It is always interesting to keep up on the latest trends. While the desired luxury traveling experience varies from person to person, a new trend that many are looking to is that of an unplugged escape. Taking a luxurious vacation without the distractions of everyday technology can provide the silence, quietude, and private contemplation that many desire.

If you could use a break from the norm, there are many opportunities available. Below is a guide to help you plan for a luxury vacation.

Finding the Destination

As you begin to plan, consider not only where you want to go, but what you want to experience.

      • Are you looking for high adventure?
      • Do you want sandy beaches and sunsets?

Consult with a travel agent who has experience in lavish destinations. They travel often themselves to become familiar with lodging and sights, and can recommend first-class accommodations.

So, where will it be? If you are looking for relaxation in the tropics, try the isles of the Caribbean Sea. Here, you will experience balmy 79-degree days and ocean breezes. In destinations like Aruba, Belize and Antigua, you will find resorts with cottages right on the beach, so you can slip out for an early morning swim before a catered breakfast. Then, head out for some scuba diving or para-sailing.

To make the most of your getaway, treat yourself to the comfort you deserve. Learn about the best places to stay, eat and see. When you take time to experience the finer side of life, you will return refreshed and renewed.

Fly in Luxury

Just because you are choosing air travel doesn’t necessarily mean you will be treated perfectly and enjoy luxury travel. Only some companies are capable of providing the kind of luxury that is truly relaxing and of the highest quality. Flying privately offers all of the benefits that many people seek in a truly luxurious transport experience.

When someone wants to travel anywhere on a traditional airplane, they must stand in long lines for luggage inspection and cope with frequent flight delays. In many cases, the airplane has tiny seats for passengers and is not sanitary. There are few amenities such as tasty food and glasses of wine on a traditional flight, but on a private jet charter, the staff offers top-of-the-line services.

Below is what you should expect.

Individualized Attention

Many commercial airliners are tasked with providing transportation to the masses. This often means sacrificing quality customer service that is crucial to provide a positive experience. On the other hand, flying private means you are receiving individualized attention that is customized to meet your needs. This kind of customer service is just what you need to transform ordinary to luxury.

Luxury travel by private jet is suitable for short trips for corporate clients to attend a business meeting or for engaged couples to travel to an exotic location for a wedding. A private jet tour package is customized to meet the client’s expectations, and each employee on the flight provides personalized service. Instead of sitting on dirty upholstery in tiny seats, passengers are provided with wide chairs that recline easily. During a flight, a passenger can consume a delicious meal and beverage rather than food that tastes terrible.

Efficient Transport

If someone wants to travel to a particular destination on a certain day and time, they may not be able to find a commercial flight. So instead of needing to travel according to a commercial carrier’s flight plans, a passenger can create their own schedule. A private jet pilot and staff members will make all of the arrangements for takeoff and landing sites. If someone wants to remain at a destination for a longer time, then it is simple to inform the pilot who makes the flight plan adjustments.

Alternatively, instead of taking a direct flight from one airport to another, a traveler might need to take multiple connecting flights, taking longer to reach a destination and making the trip unpleasant. With a private jet charter, the pilot arranges a flight from one location to another without any stopovers unless fuel is required.

Furthermore, there is nothing like receiving news of a delay or a layover that will only prolong the traveling process. This is especially monotonous when you have a business schedule to adhere to or simply want to arrive at your vacation destination as quickly as possible. Private flying provides a heightened level of efficiency to get you from Point A to Point B quickly and safely.

First Class Amenities

Every passenger should be treated with first class service. Private flying means access to all of the first class amenities that make traveling luxurious and memorable. If you want to be treated with the highest level of quality service, utilizing the services of a professional charter is your only option.


Traveling can be a monotonous ordeal filled with unmet promises, delays, and less-than satisfactory traveling arrangements. Or it can be a memorable experience filled with relaxation, quality service, and efficient transport.

With that said, anyone looking into luxury travel should consider hiring a private jet service. Air travel can definitely be luxurious as long as you know where to go when the time comes to fly. Flying private on a private jet offers passengers individualized attention, efficient transport, and first class amenities to make any trip one to remember.

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Wellness Travel is a Practice for Self Care?

If you have not already heard of the wellness travel trend that is taking off, then now is the time for you to get in the loop. It is quickly growing in popularity – and for good reason. Read below!

Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life can leave you frazzled and spastic if you aren’t careful. Unlike generations of old that just pushed through work and life until they were just a walking empty, today there is much more emphasis on wellness, health, clarity, and overall well-being.

While there is something to be said about long-distance family road trips to see relatives, the familial unit seems to be breaking down while the importance of self is taking flight.

After all, how can you care for others without first caring for yourself?

Today’s travelers seem to have decided to prove the answer to that question. You can’t give anything to others if you are too worn down and empty.

Therefore, you will need to send yourself off to faraway places for relaxation, rejuvenation, and whole-body wellness.

And, so wellness travel began.

All-Encompassing Wellness

Wellness travel is about the wellness of the whole body.

To clarify, here are a few examples of types of wellness vacations:

  • Physical wellness, focusing on fitness, endurance, and strength.
  • Mental clarity, focusing on the mind. Engaging you in things such as yoga and meditation.
  • Overall body relaxation, usually including spa services and elegant personal treatment.
  • Culinary wellness, such as following a specific diet offered by the destination of choice. Often these also include learning new cooking techniques and how to eat for your health and well-being.
  • A combination of all the above. Sometimes you just want a little bit of everything – you want to indulge your senses with a spa treatment right after a nice hike in the woods and before your delightful vegan meal.

You are the only one who knows what your body needs – and what you can benefit from the most. Choose your wellness vacation based on you.

Where to Find It

You can find wellness travel destinations just about anywhere.

Sometimes it is the destination. Other times it is what you can do when you get there. It all depends on what you are looking for in your trip.

  • The Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee offers some options for wellness travel. These include going into the woods and spending some time in nature. You will find resorts and retreats to offer things such as deep woods yoga, hiking, and meditation.
  • Bigger cities, such as New York City, Miami, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles offer retreat-style resorts that offer calming surroundings, spa services, organic whole food dining, as well as yoga, meditation, and various excursions. This option is great for those that need to maintain business dealings while also seeking a balance of health and wellness.
  • Cities along the coasts offer spa services and rejuvenating packages that include water sports and activities.
  • Remote destinations in Arizona can offer quiet retreats and even ‘glamping’. In other words, you can go off-grid without actually going off-grid.

Wellness vacation destinations can take you anywhere. It all depends on your needs and desires.

The Best Way to Get There

When it comes to wellness travel, you are on a quest for tranquility. Take a moment to consider this:

You have finally decided to take that much-needed vacation away from everyone and everything. You are going to clear your mind and indulge in rich relaxation. But, first, you must get there. So, make sure you arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance of your departure. Then, stand in security lines that seem endless. Once you finally begin to see the light, you must sit at your gate for another hour, then go through the simulated cattle call to board the aircraft. As you do, you keep your fingers crossed that you can sit next to someone simple – and quiet.

How enjoyable does all of that seem? Not so much, right?

That is why the best way to get to your wellness destination is via a private charter. Instead of the above scenario, imagine being able to board the plane just before takeoff, with flexible timing, no need for long security lines, and the most comfortable aircraft cabin.

Private jet charters allow you the opportunity to travel to your destination engulfed in luxurious and calm surroundings.

Who says that you can’t start your wellness vacation until you land? Start it before you even get to your destination with a private jet.

The Benefits of Wellness Travel

To try to list the benefits you will receive from wellness travel is like trying to count the grains of sand on the beach. It is impossible.

Mental and physical wellness is important in all walks of life – and at all stages. To do your best you must feel your best. And, there is a very high chance that you don’t receive all that you need from your regular ol’ day-to-day life.

That’s why wellness travel is so beneficial:

  • It can be rejuvenating,
  • Bring you relaxation.
  • Re-focus your mind,
  • Increase your strength,
  • It can teach you new healthy skills,
  • Take away your aches and pains,
  • And remind you of what is important.

Just to name a few.

Is Wellness Travel for You?

Whether you are wound up tighter than a banjo and ready to pop your strings at any moment or you are just looking for time away from life to indulge in some enlightenment, wellness travel is for you – and is incredibly beneficial.

You don’t have to be stressed, at your wit’s end, and out of control to reap the benefits. That’s the best part.

Traveling for wellness can keep you whole. It can keep you balanced. And, it can keep you both physically – and mentally – healthy.


Now you know what all the hype is about when it comes to wellness travel. Don’t you think it is time you did something good for yourself?

Contact your local, trusted private jet charter authority to book your flight.

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11 Simple Business Travel Tips to Make Traveling Better

Traveling across the country to multiple big name cities is a new norm in the business world. Use these 11 business travel tips to make your endeavors worth the while. 

Business travel can be exhausting. Depending on how often you travel, it could require you to be out of the office for extended periods of time.

This means, while you are away, the rest of your work is piling up for you, you will surely miss the latest water cooler gossip, and your personal routine is being disrupted.

All of this can throw off your entire sense of being, leaving you feeling exhausted and even bitter.

Business Travel Tips to Keep You Sane

Thankfully there are some things you can do to continue feeling like yourself during your business travel. And, it doesn’t matter how much of it you have to do.

Follow these 11 business travel tips and discover how sane you can remain while away.

1. Remain Positive

First and foremost, positivity can take anything negative and turn it around.

If you go on your business trip with an attitude of disgust, you will likely have a terrible trip. However, if you choose to look on the bright side, it may turn out to be a rather pleasant business trip.

2. Buy Duplicates of Necessities

When you are constantly on the go for work, you will find yourself having to always pack things such as toiletries, phone and laptop chargers, and other necessities. Doing so will eventually have you at your destination and without something.

Avoid this scenario by having a travel set of everything you need. Buy an additional laptop charger, phone charger, USB wall port, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and so forth. Leave these items packed away in a travel bag so that they are always ready to go – and you will never forget them.

3. Fly a Private Charter

There is something to be said for flying in a private charter jet.

Not only do you get personal treatment and the ability to beat the traffic and security lines that come with commercial airliners, but you also have a jet that provides you with personal space.

You can use your flight time to get work done in a confidential setting. Or, you can lay down and take a nap so that you are fresh and ready to work upon arrival. Of course, you can also kick back and watch a movie, too.

The idea is that a private jet offers you many more amenities that you will not get on a commercial airliner. If you are going to travel frequently, you may want to consider this option – for your sanity.

4. Keep Your Fitness Routine

Just because you travel often doesn’t mean you can’t keep a fitness routine. In fact, it is more reason why you should have one.

It will keep you feeling healthy and the routine-aspect will have you feel more in sync with yourself. Keep it simple – go for a walk or run, use the hotel gym, or do a workout video on your laptop.

5. Eat Well

Eating is important, but not as important as what you eat. And that doesn’t stop when you are away from home.

If you travel often, incorporate your healthy eating habits into your trip. Pack power snacks that you can eat when hungry while traveling. And, avoid indulging in junk food while at your destination. Be conscientious of what you eat, and your jet-lagged body will thank you.

6. Unpack Your Bags

When you arrive at your destination, unpack. Living out of a suitcase can make it feel more like you are away from home.

Putting your luggage out of sight is a simple mind trick that can provide you a much better business travel experience.

7. Bring Your Hobby

Having a portable hobby that you can bring with you can make you feel a bit more at ease. Whether it is something such as sketching or Sudoku or playing tennis or racquetball.

These are things that you can bring with you and enjoy during your downtime.

8. Limit Your Plans

Occasionally, your business travel will land you at destinations that are home to some of your college buddies or long-lost family members.

At first thought, you may impulsively send out text messages with, “Hey, I will be coming to your city next week! Let’s meet up!”

And then, while you are there, you realize that you have overbooked your personal meetings, leaving you exhausted and with no downtime. Limit your plans and try not to make personal plans until you arrive.

9. Stay at a Lifestyle Hotel or a Resort Spa

Lifestyle hotels offer you a bit of comfort and spa resorts smooth away your worries. There is nothing that says you can’t incorporate a little “me time” while on your business trip.

In fact, taking steps to cope with stress and fatigue could very well benefit you all the way around. Feel your best and be on your A-game while handling your business. It is a win-win.

10. Appreciate Your Destination

Learn to treat your destination as a discovery. You may find that your business travel takes you places you may have otherwise never thought to visit.

Keep a list of these places and, if possible, take some time to enjoy them a bit while you are there. Discover the culture, mingle with the locals, and see the sights.

11. Be Nice

It sounds like one of the simplest business travel tips, but it is perhaps the most important on the list. Traveling for business can get repetitive and tiring after a while. This may affect the way you behave and treat those around you.

You will find, however, that if you just be kind to those you encounter – the clerk in the hotel lobby, the flight attendant, the Uber driver – you may end up getting treated more kindly back.

And, you may even score some bonus perks or upgrades along the way – all for doing what you should do in the first place!


Not everyone has the opportunity to experience business travel. Therefore, embrace it – fly in a private jet charter, explore cities around the world, and be nice to those you meet.

Of course, you will want to also adopt these 11 business travel tips to keep yourself sane.

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