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Air Travel Legislation

Air Travel Legislation | The Early Air Ways

The Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, has announced new legislation in hopes of improving air travel. The FAA and congress have settled on a compromise that satisfies both airline companies and passengers.

Provisions included in the reauthorization bill will demand that passengers under 13 will be booked in seats next to family members for no additional cost, baggage fees for luggage lost longer than 12 hours will be promptly refunded, and requires the TSA to deploy measures to shorten screening times and security lines.

‘‘This is an amazing win for consumers,’’ said Charles Leocha, president of Travelers United, “It is far more than consumers would have gotten with a straight extension.’’


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Your Guide to Cruising From the Port of Miami

The Port of Miami, often referred to as the Cruise Capital of the World, accommodates more cruise passengers than any other port. With its close proximity to Latin America and the Caribbean, this international gateway is convenient for reaching numerous tropical locales. The Port of Miami is also a convenient port for travelers that want to extend their trip before or after the cruise as Miami’s variety of urban amenities and cultures makes it a wonderful city to explore. If you are considering or already booked on a cruise from the Port of Miami, then you will want to check out our collection of helpful tips below.

Which Ships Sail From Miami?

There are more than 18 cruise lines that sail from Miami. The major cruise lines are Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Disney and Norwegian Cruise Line. Ships that sail from Miami offer almost every kind of amenity that you can think of. Here are a few of the cruises from the Port of Miami.

Disney Magic

The Disney Magic sails from Miami to the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. The Magic offers numerous family-friendly features including a water slide, children’s clubs, live shows and numerous nightlife options. This ship also has three freshwater pools and a splash area for children. There is a Chill Spa designed for teens ages 13 to 17. An adults-only restaurant, casino and nightclub will keep the grown-ups entertained.

Norwegian Sky

The Norwegian Sky offers something for just about anyone. This ship offers three and day cruises from Miami to the Bahamas. There are 10 dining options, unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, a casino, an onboard spa and many other amenities.

Empress of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas is packed with things to do for everyone in the family. This ship offers a rock climbing wall, nightly dancing at Boleros Latin Lounge and Broadway-style entertainment.

Things to Do in Miami

Many cruisers choose to spend a day or two in Miami before or after their cruise exploring the town and local sights. Here are some of the best things to do in Miami:

  • Check out Biscayne National Park-This magnificent park offers a chance to see abundant marine life, shipwrecks and view a coral reef. You can choose to snorkel the reef or take a glass-bottom boat tour.
  • Visit Everglades National Park-Take an airboat ride through this 1.5 million-acre park. You will have ample opportunity to view unique species of rare wildlife, such as Florida panthers.

Getting to and From Miami

It is important to arrive well in advance of your cruise departure, especially if you are flying into Miami. If your flight is delayed for any reason, the cruise ship will leave without you. Nearly all cruise fares are non-refundable close to departure. For this reason, it is best to arrive the night before. If this is not possible, then consider a private jet charter flight to the port. When you choose a private charter flight, you avoid long security lines at the airport and problems with connecting flights. You can also bring as much luggage as you need, within reason. This is important as a variety of clothing is needed when you cruise due to the variety of activities on board. Also, many cruisers like to bring snorkel gear with them so that they do not have to rent it in port. With a charter flight, you can bring these things at no additional cost. It may actually cost less fly via a private charter jet because there are no hidden luggage fees.


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Great Destination Options for Family Fun During Your Summer Vacation

July is upon us, and the children have been out of school just long enough to become bored and quarrelsome. It’s definitely the right time to start thinking about heading out for your summer vacation. This can seem like a chore to some families, but it’s actually a wonderful opportunity for everyone to enjoy time together as a family and have some great fun.

Part of the challenge in traveling with the entire family is simply getting to and from your destination. Some families do fine with car trips, and others choose to fly or simply stay local. Many families that want to enjoy their vacation without any travel hassle choose a private jet charter. However you may choose to travel, here are three summer destinations that are sure to please everyone.

1. Houston, Texas

Sprawling Houston is an active city with many offerings for visiting families. These are just two family favorites that you won’t want to miss.

 Houston Zoo: You’ll want to set aside a full day to enjoy the 6,000 animals at this wonderful zoo. The children’s area is a zoo in itself, and it features 40 exhibits with plenty of hands-on opportunities to pet and feed friendly animals. Exceptional exhibits cover every animal throughout the zoo, and you can expect to experience everything up close and personal. Walk right up to a sloth in the rain-forest area, or you might like to sit by the water tubes to watch the river otters play.

 Downtown Aquarium: Come for lunch surrounded by a 150,000-gallon aquarium, and you can enjoy your meal while thousands of amazing sea creatures swim around you. Stay all afternoon for a day of fun games, rides and many wonderful aquatic exhibits. You’ll have the opportunity to touch and feed the stingrays, hang out with the bearded dragons and see the rare white tiger.

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Those more adventurous families may enjoy a summer trip to busy, beautiful Dubai. You’ll have much to explore, and you’ll want to be sure to see these popular attractions.

 The Dubai Fountain: This stunning attraction is free, and you’ll see beautifully colored water shooting as high as 145 feet into the air to the tune of a variety of songs. Performances are held daily.

• Aquaventure Waterpark: Cool off on the private beach, or you can go on some wet and wild rides. Huge water slides will thrill you, or you can just float down the lazy river. There’s a great spot for water fun set aside for younger children, and hands-on interactions with sea life are also available.

3. Miami, Florida

Miami is hot and happening, and you might just want to get a sitter for the children so that you can enjoy the nightlife. During the day, the entire family will enjoy these options.

 South Beach: White-sand beaches and clear waters await, and you can spend the day swimming, building sandcastles and enjoying family time. Snorkeling and other equipment may be rented right on the beach, and restaurants are plentiful.

 Everglades River of Grass Adventures: Don’t leave Florida without experiencing the Everglades from the safety of an air-boat or swamp-buggy tour. You’ll have the opportunity to see an area of America that is truly unique, and alligators, turtles and birds always come out to see you.
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Miami Ultra-luxe Vacation

South Florida is home to a new ultra-luxe neighborhood, Bal Harbour, just north of Miami. The finalized plans from 1946 included a vision for a modern community of exceptional standards and providing superior quality services.

Bal Harbour is known for impeccable streets, oceanfront hotels, condos, resort spas, and top-of-the-line shopping and restaurants. Continue through the link below for more details on the wonders of Bal Harbour.


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Travel to Dine with Rare Cars in Miami

Newly founded Miami Supercar Rooms is the first auto art gallery and gourmet dining experience. The restaurant houses six of the most desired cars in the world, and six dining pods. The guest executive chef, Rafael Perex Cambana will be welcoming visitors and presenting his menu every weekend with Peruvian specialties.

Each pod is available for reservation by a member of Miami Supercar Room’s membership program, and comes with an associate to play butler and tour guide of the car in that pod.


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Going to a Dolphins Game? Skip the Hassles of Commercial Travel and Fly Private Jet

Travelers are tired of the hassles and increasing fees of commercial travel. TSA pat-downs, long security lines and uncomfortable seats leave travelers fed-up with flying commercial. As a result, the demand for private jet travel is taking off. You may think that this is something that only the rich and famous can enjoy. But that is changing. In some cases, you can fly on a private jet for cost of a commercial airline seat in coach class. Read on to learn more.
Private Jet Travel is Convenient

Small jets don’t need the services offered by major airports, so they can fly out of regional airports. There are many more small airports than large ones. For instance, in the Miami area alone, there are four small airports that serve private flights. In comparison, there is only one commercial airport, the Miami-Dade International Airport (MIA). MIA is one of largest airline hubs in the United States and the largest gateway between Latin America and the United States. This makes is one of the busiest, most congested airports in the country.

Taking a private flight out of one of Miami’s small airports makes flying much more enjoyable. You can begin your vacation or getaway in a much more relaxed state. You won’t have to deal with long security and check-in lines. You can arrive at the airport minutes, rather than hours before your flight. In addition, upscale amenities, such as spa rooms and saunas can be found at smaller airports.


Private Jet Travel May Be More Economical Than Commercial

In the past, it was too expensive for the average Joe to fly on a private jet. This type of travel was reserved for the rich. But, this is no longer the case. Private Jet companies are beginning to offer a number of deals on unused flights and charters. Other companies are changing the cost structure of private flights.

Some of the recent deals found included a flight for $499 for four people from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This is perfect for a family of four and translates to about $124 per person. Current prices on flights to Cabo San Lucas from Los Angeles start at $306 and this does not include baggage or other fees. As you can see, a private jet would save a family of four $725 or more.

So, as you can see it is worth it to check into private jet flights the next time that you are traveling to Miami.

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The Private Jet of Donald Trump

As a campaigning presidential hopeful, Donald Trump travels a lot between debates, interviews, and other supporter events. To do so with efficiency and speed he flies on his personal jet replete with style. Here are some of the luxurious amenities on Trump’s plane;

  • Everything is plated in 24-karat gold where possible.
  • A main lounge with 57-inch television with entertainment system.
  • A dining room and other common areas.
  • Silk-drapped private bedroom with attached master bath (including shower and 24-karat gold sink)

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Land Where You Want To Be in a Private Jet to Miami

As cold weather creeps in, Northerners begin their pilgrimage to southern Florida, seeking the promise of sunshine and sandy beaches. The fastest way to get right where you want to be is on a private jet to Miami. And thanks to special flight options, taking a charter may not break the bank.

Commercial airlines have about 600 major airports where they can land, which are usually based near major cities. If your final destination is outside of that area, you’ll need to plan for additional time to rent a car or ride public transportation. A charter flight has over 5,000 airports at its disposal. That means you can choose an airport close to where you want to be.

There are several airports to choose from in and around Miami. About 11 miles north of downtown, is the Opa-locka Executive Airport. Fort Lauderdale, about 25 miles from central Miami, has its own international airport. Just 8 miles farther is the much quieter Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Farther out still is Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, a 69-mile trip to Miami.

Flying on a private jet to Miami sounds like something for the elite business traveler or celebrity, but it is feasible for the everyday passenger as well. If you are willing to book your flight at the last minute, you can take advantage of an “empty leg” charter. Empty leg refers to flights that take off without passengers, en route to pick up a chartered flight party. Charter companies offer these repositioning flights for up to 50 percent less than a regular charter. Contact the private charter about specials within a few days of when you want to fly, or get an online quote. Typically, the price will be similar to a first-class seat.

When you are headed to the south of Florida, keep in the mind the convenience of a chartered flight. A private jet to Miami will be faster, it can land you closer to your final destination, and it can be affordable.

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Things to Know Before Taking Your Private Jet to Miami

Flying on a private jet comes with some very nice perks. Though first class on a commercial flight can be quite enjoyable as well, it still does not provide the same customized experience that a private flight does. Before planning your flight on your private jet to Miami, there are a few things that you should know.

Picking the Right Jet

There are different jet options offered for travel. Depending upon your destination, size of your party and any special features you desire, there is a specific jet that is best for you. As such, you want to select the best option. Your jet company will help you to do just that during your flight consultation.

The Difference

Private jets and first class on a commercial plan are similar in that they provide some privacy and exclusivity. However, there are still some major differences between the two. A few of the main differences include:

  • Though they tend to go the same speed, a private jet may get you to your destination faster than a commercial plane because the route will be more direct.
  • The wait time and experience to enter your jet tends to be faster and more accommodating.
  • You never have to worry about a holdup with your luggage.

Nice Perks

There are still some things that jets and commercial flights do share, however private jets tend to take them to the next level. For instance, both flight styles offer reclining seats, but jet seats are usually plush, leather and able to convert into a mattress-style bed. Another perk in a jet is that the lavatory might include a shower.

As you can see there is a distinct difference when flying on a jet. For your next trip to Miami, start the trip off right in high style with a private jet experience. Learn more about the specific offerings and how to secure your charter by contacting your local jet company.

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How to Choose a Private Jet Charter to Miami

With so many options among private charter brokers, it can be challenging to find the right fit for your personal or business needs.

There are many companies to choose from that offer flights to and from Miami. Consider the following questions when evaluating a charter company before booking your next flight:

1. How Do They Handle Safety?

Safety is paramount when it comes to air travel.

There are several good indicators to reflect on when evaluating a particular company.

Several third party agencies assess the safety of private charter companies, including WYVERN and ARG/US.

These agencies have stringent guidelines for evaluating safety, and are known for examining operations even more strictly than the FAA. An approval from these agencies means the company is in compliance with important safety guidelines.

2. Do the Amenities Meet My Needs?

Whether you are looking for a classy business environment, or luxurious personal setting, the amenities of charter flights are many.

Contemplate the following brief list of comforts when planning your trip:

  • Catering
  • In-flight private chef
  • Business needs
  • Coordination with ground transportation

The selection of conveniences varies greatly from company to company, so be sure to carefully evaluate your options before choosing the right fit for your requirements.

3. How Are Trip Logistics Handled?

One of the greatest advantages of flying privately is flexibility.

A private flight should allow you to set the schedule, and then rest assured that the details are being monitored by a capable team whose interest is your on-time arrival.

Time is money in the air business, so look for a company that demands and delivers punctuality, while still allowing you to manage the schedule if a last minute change arises.

Choosing among charter companies is simpler when there is transparency from the beginning.

Developing a relationship with a company means looking into their procedures, attention to safety and client satisfaction. With the right team, your only final concern should be to sit back and enjoy your flight to Miami.


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