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Best Airports of 2015 ASQ Awards

Best Airports of 2015 ASQ Awards | The Early Air Way

The Airports Council International has declared its 2015 Airport Service Quality Awards winners. Based on feedback from 550,000 passengers through surveys that deal with key service areas including; access, check-in, security, food and beverage, and others. This year a new category was added for best airport by size and region.


  • Third place: Johannesburg
  • Second place: Cape Town and Durban


  • Third place: Copenhagen, Keflavik, London Heathrow, Porto, and Vienna
  • Second place: Dublin, Malta, Prague, and Zurich

North America

  • Third place: Austin, Detroit, Sacramento, San Antonio, Toronto Billy Bishop
  • Second place: Dallas Love Field, Grand Rapids, Jacksonville, Ottawa, Tampa

Latin America

  • Third place: Punta Cana
  • Second place: Quito



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The Private Jet of Donald Trump

As a campaigning presidential hopeful, Donald Trump travels a lot between debates, interviews, and other supporter events. To do so with efficiency and speed he flies on his personal jet replete with style. Here are some of the luxurious amenities on Trump’s plane;

  • Everything is plated in 24-karat gold where possible.
  • A main lounge with 57-inch television with entertainment system.
  • A dining room and other common areas.
  • Silk-drapped private bedroom with attached master bath (including shower and 24-karat gold sink)

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Advantages Of A Houston Private Jet Charter


Flying commercial is a reality for most travelers, but for those with the means, a Houston private jet charter is the way to go. Even flying first class can’t match the convenience of a private jet charter. There are several advantages of using a Houston private jet charter for your flying needs.

Fly when you want
When you use a private jet charter, you have much more control over when you fly. Instead of being dependent on the airline schedules, which may or may not be convenient for you, you can choose whether you want to leave early or later in the day.

Fly where you want
One of the biggest problems with commercial air travel is that if you need to fly from one small city to another, you can’t do it directly. Instead, you have to fly through a hub and change planes, which can add hours to your trip. When you fly on a private jet charter, you can fly straight through to just about any airport, as long as it has the facilities to handle the plane on which you are flying.

Added convenience
Flying a private jet charter is much more convenient than commercial air travel. For example, you don’t have to go through long check-in lines, which means you don’t have to show up at the airport as early. You also don’t have to worry about how many bags you are bringing and whether you can carry them on or have to check them. In addition, since it will just be you and a handful of other people, you don’t have to worry about sitting next to someone who is a nuisance.

Personal attention
With a private jet charter, you get a level of personal attention that just isn’t possible when flying commercial. From check-in, to the pilots to the flight attendants, you will be treated with more personal care than you could ever hope to experience on a commercial flight.

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How To Choose the Right Houston Private Jet Charter Company

Whether traveling short distances or long, you expect your transportation to have the quality and comfort you paid for, particularly when it comes to a charter service. When choosing a Houston private jet charter, there are a few things to consider so you can be confident you’ll receive the service you want.

How much is it going to cost? The flight’s price is usually one of the first questions people ask when booking a charter, and it is important to get a firm quote. Companies may offer an estimate, but when you try to actually book the flight, the cost is much different. Add-ons like catering and ground transportation may alter the total, but your quote for the jet itself should not change.

Selecting the right craft is also important when choosing a Houston private jet charter. Options to consider are how many passengers there are, what you will do on the flight, and how long the flight will be. If three passengers are zipping from Houston to San Antonio, a very light jet may suffice. But, if you are planning on conducting business with eight staff members while in the air, you will need something larger. Tell the charter service what your requirements are, and an agent will find the plane with the best fit.

A quality company will also offer personalized service. This is your trip, after all. Your agent should be available at all times, especially if your plans change or you have any special requests. You can get a feel for the company as you talk with your planner over the phone. Are your questions answered in a timely manner? Is the company happy to cater to your needs? If they are, you can feel comfortable booking your flight.

For a successful experience with a Houston private jet charter, be sure you receive a firm quote, that the airplane you are getting will fit your needs, and that you are going to receive the service you anticipated.

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The Best Way to Travel in Texas: Why Choose a Houston Jet Charter?

Houston is a city known for many things. It is the most populous city in Texas and the fourth most populous in the whole country. Houston prides itself on its extensive selection of world-class museums and Astros baseball at Minute Maid Park. Houstonians also frequent the large Houston Zoo, visit or study at the beautiful Rice University, take pictures at the Water Wall, and see concerts at the Toyota Center. Despite this impressive list, convenient flights are not one of the city’s famed qualities. However, a new method of flying to add to the list boosts this feature: traveling by Houston jet charter.

If you charter a private jet, you are handed a basket of benefits. The biggest is choice. From what time to leave, to which small airport to leave from, to which size plane, you have control over many arrangements of your trip. With a commercial flight these days, you are lucky if you just get to pick a seat. Through technology, many charter companies even arm you with the ability to view and manage the logistics of your trip at all hours of the day.

Additionally, if you are traveling to or from Texas for business or with coworkers or clients, you should consider using a Houston jet charter. The planes are equipped to handle on-board business presentations. This feature will save you time and impress your customers. You can also feed them or yourself with food catered from fine dining establishments. As we all have experienced, traditional airplane food is either unpleasant or nonexistent.

If you are flying for a vacation, a private plane will start and end your trip with luxury. Your in-air experience can be full of personalized service, comfortable chairs, and even spa treatments. When you land, your flight provider will arrange for you to be picked up by the vehicle of your choice. Make sure your Houston jet charter values your safety over all else, and you are sure to enjoy a memorable trip.

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Houston Private Jet Charter Is the Way to Go

A Houston private jet charter can be the best way to fly, especially if you need to get there and back on your schedule. There are many benefits to traveling by private charter and some of the top ones are security and ease of travel.

Many travelers are finding that the smaller the plane for the particular flight, the easier it is to get through security. You will usually take a chartered flight from a Fixed Base of Operation, FBO, and not from the commercial terminals. This means that you will not have to wait in the long security lines at those terminals, but rather, you can wait in a lounge with other passengers to personally meet the pilot of your flight and shake their hand. Security measures such as metal detectors and strip searches are not usually needed for chartered flights.

The flexibility of a Houston private jet charter can aid you when making your travel plans because you have a more broad range of flight times. You can also choose from more departure and arrival locations because chartered flights are usually done in smaller planes which can utilize shorter runways in more locations. This means that you have the ability to personalize as much about your flight as possible. Most charter companies will even let you choose the types of food and entertainment you have onboard and when you can have access to it. This ease of travel can seem like you are being spoiled and you may not want to take another commercial flight after experiencing a private jet charter.

A Houston private jet charter can help you get into and out of Houston on your terms. You can customize many different aspects of your flight including departure times, which airport is used and even what meals you can have on the plane. This ease of travel also extends to the security of these smaller flights because there are fewer people to make it through security and fewer unknowns on the flight with you. Booking a private charter flight can be the best way to travel.

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Aircraft Travel Tips

Lap in the Luxury – How to Make the Most of a Charter Jet

This is the life you see in television, movies and music videos. Whether you are splurging for yourself or arranging a group trip, you want to make the most of your Dallas based private jet charter. There are many advantages to going this route, but you want to book a deal that will allow you to soak in the most luxury. Here are some simple tips to make the most of your trip.

Service, Service, Service

The whole point of luxury is having professionals cater to your needs and desires. When you book a charter, you want to make sure it offers 24/7 service of the highest caliber. This means they can make accommodations when spontaneity occurs, provide high quality catering, anticipate the needs of your destination and generally put in the effort to make you feel like royalty.

Get the Right Jet

It is fairly obvious that not every airplane is ideal for every trip. Even accounting for the length of your flights, airports that will receive you and the size of your party, you should have some options available. Certainly there will be a cost versus size consideration, but if you are going to charter a trip, do not be afraid to go all the way. Aim for the jet that will provide you with the most comfort and the strongest memories of luxury.

Professional Planning

This is an often undervalued benefit to private chartering. Because the aircraft is booked specifically for you trip, you have the freedom to plan the travel as finely or loosely as suits your needs. Federal and international regulations will put some limitations on how whimsically you can alter the plan, but the entirety of the trip can be customized. Whether the trip is for business or pleasure, let the experts help you make a timeline that brings the most out of your trip.

If you are planning to leave from Houston, and you want to experience the highest quality travel available, then you need to consider a private jet charter. Live the high life as often as you can.

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