The Benefits of Private Jet Card Membership

The Benefits of Private Jet Card Membership - The Early Air Way

Have you ever been out to a hot new club on a Saturday night, standing in a line blocks long to get to the bouncer at the front door? Have you ever watched someone walk right past you, do a secret handshake with that same bouncer, and go right into the club? How did they get so much clout? What made their right to access the club a priority over yours? Well, a private jet card membership may not get you into the latest and greatest clubs, but it will make you feel like you are the one that skips to the front line. Let’s go! There are many benefits of a private jet card membership – and we will talk about them.

Guaranteed Availability

Frequent travelers can’t always plan. Sometimes things come up, and you need to hop on a plane and go. If you had your jet, you could do just that without worry. Unfortunately, the price of jets and their care can be extensive and isn’t an investment most people want to make. With a private jet card membership, you feel like you are a jet owner – without actually owning one! You can book it and go without worry. Availability is almost always guaranteed.

Jet Card Membership Saves Time

You can get in the sky faster when you are a private jet card member. All you need to do is send an email or text with the details, such as time, place, and number of passengers. You will receive a quick response with a price that prompts you to respond whether you approve.

If approved, you could be in the sky within two hours! It is that easy. Without a jet membership card, getting on a private jet can be a little more time-consuming – and it is often recommended that you book your flight with at least two days’ notice. Generally speaking, there is a slight possibility you could find yourself traveling within a couple of hours, but it is not likely.

Minimal Paperwork

If you have flown a private jet before, you know that there is a lot of paperwork before you can take your flight. When you have a private jet card membership, there is minimal paperwork. You will need to provide information, such as ID cards and passports so that the company can create a passenger manifesto.

But, when it comes to contracts, all of that is taken care of when you purchase your membership card. This not only cuts down on time but it makes the overall experience so much more enjoyable. Who wants to fill out contracts before traveling, anyways? Nobody. And with a private jet card, you don’t have to.

Competitive Hourly Rates

Booking a private jet has rate changes just like commercial air travel. The price will vary based on the demand. Some personal jet membership cards offer you fixed rates. These rates mean that when you sign up for your membership, you know the exact amount you will pay every time you book a flight – before you even book it.

While this may be great for budgeting, it doesn’t always give you the best deal. A private jet card membership that offers you competitive hourly rates rather than fixed rates, on the other hand, can save you money. And, when compared with others, it is often considerably less. Each time you go flying, you will get a quote for your trip. Investing in this membership can save you money in the long run.

Enhanced Luxury Travel Perks

Private travel comes with a more luxurious experience from the moment you book – including many perks:

  • Show up at your departure time.
  • No TSA security checkpoints.
  • Straight through flights – no layovers.
  • No pre-set flight plans.
  • Flexibility in choosing your travel.

And that is just the beginning. On board, you will enjoy comfortable seating and accommodations in a private, luxurious atmosphere. It leaves you with an unmatched in-flight experience. While in flight, you will have increased connectivity and entertainment. Want more? When you hold a private jet card membership, your experience will be even more enhanced. You will experience a more personalized experience and, as if it couldn’t be any better, will find a special gift on board your private jet each time you travel.

Concierge Services With Jet Card Membership

You can access incredible concierge services when you fly private and have a jet card membership. For instance, when traveling to an unfamiliar destination (or even one you are familiar with), your concierge team will be able to ensure you have transportation and accommodations while there.

Your concierge team can also address questions about your flight or destination and any concerns or special requests. And believe it or not, you will have a direct line to them all hours of the day and night. This level of service brings comfortability and confidence wherever your travels take you.

Choosing Your Private Jet Card Membership

Many private jet charter companies offer a jet card membership – or something equivalent. And while they can always offer you rewards and benefits, you must remember each one is different. This is especially the case regarding how the membership runs, the perks it brings, and the costs you will pay. If you have a private jet charter company, you usually fly with, check into their jet card membership – ask questions and learn about all it can offer.

Taking the step to secure this for yourself can make each trip you take more enjoyable. Less hassle, less delay, and more personalizations – and that is just getting started. What more could you ask for in a travel experience? Get your private jet card membership today.


Why You Should Fly Private for Corporate Flights

Many business execs already know that corporate flights shouldn’t be on anything other than a private jet. Many others believe that flying commercial is the most economical option for their bottom line. Who is right? Looking at straight dollar amounts when purchasing a ticket, sure – commercial travel will likely cost less than private jet charters. However, it would help if you considered the bigger picture – including financial and opportunity costs. Let’s dig a bit deeper, and you will discover why you should fly private for corporate flights.

Flexible and On-Time Corporate Flight Travel

With commercial air travel, there are pre-set flight routes available to all flyers. You have no control if the plane is running behind schedule, you may have layovers, and what could have been a short trip can quickly turn into one much longer. This is why you should fly private. When you do, you are the passenger. You get to select what time you would like your flight to be and, should you be running a few minutes late, call ahead to let the flight crew know.

You don’t have to worry about layovers (unless necessary for refueling) or changing planes. What’s more, when the weather looks like it could interfere with your travel plans, private jets can take to the skies in some conditions that could ground commercial aircraft. Inclement weather is one of the leading factors in flight delays that cost you money in the long run. Traveling via a private jet means you don’t have to worry about getting to your destination on time. You will get there just fine.

Multi-Destination Trips With Ease

Sometimes business requires you to visit more than one destination. For those trying to make several stops for business while flying commercial, this can quickly turn into a trainwreck. Not to mention that trying to piece it all together so that it flows decently can be complicated. With private jets, multi-destination corporate travel is simple and easy. You always know where to go, the scheduling is flexible, and the flights are direct. There are several top-notch private jet amenities to make your corporate flight enjoyable.

Reduce Downtime for Corporate Flights

Let’s be honest for a minute. Air travel is not the ideal place to get work done. Arriving at the airport 2 to 3 hours in advance, standing in long TSA security lines, waiting at your gate to board, and then sitting knee-to-knee with strangers doesn’t make anyone want to answer emails, run reports, or prepare presentations. Nor does the situation provide any privacy – which could be dangerous for some.

Flying commercial is not nearly as efficient because you cannot work on a commercial flight. And, due to the hustle and bustle of traveling, once you reach the destination, there is a good chance that you will be too wiped out from the flight to give work a reasonable, solid effort. This is why private jets prove to be so beneficial. When business professionals find themselves in an environment conducive to handling business, they are more likely to get work done.

And on private jets, there is no wasted time around the airport. Though, if you are early, most FBOs provide business centers with access to everything you need in a mobile office. Once on board, confidentiality is not a concern, and the tables, chairs, and connectivity positively contribute to reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Rested and More Efficient Upon Arrival

Unlike leisurely travel, you don’t arrive at your destination and decide you’d like to rest up before you get to work. Often this type of travel involves heading out for a meeting on the same day you arrive. It would help if you were refreshed, clear-minded, and ready to go when you get there. But how can you do that after dealing with everything that comes with commercial travel? It’s tough.

Choosing a private jet for corporate flights means relaxing and traveling comfortably without dealing with much aggravation and stress. The result? Upon arrival, you are going to be ready to go. So, whether you have a meeting with a potential client, a tour of a new manufacturing facility, or just dinner with those that work out of a different office, you will have the space to do your work.

Reach Remote Areas With Private Corporate Flights

An essential perk of private business travel is that it allows you to reach remote areas quickly. Rather than flying into a commercial airport and then getting a rental car to travel, you can conveniently arrive with a vehicle nearby. This is very convenient for those trying to reach consumers in these locations, looking to expand into untouched territory, or wanting to conveniently get to a destination without all the extra road travel. Save time and add convenience when you seek out one of the many private airports around the country – and the world.

Overall Costs: A Real-Life Scenario

Considering these advantages of private travel, is it worth the cost? Let’s say you have a huge account you are trying to score. You spend $200 on a coach ticket and fly out the day of the meeting. Then this happens:

  • Your initial flight was delayed, so you missed your connecting flight.
  • You spent all day in the airport waiting to catch another flight to get to your destination.
  • You have to call the potential client and push back your meeting.
  • You arrive exhausted from the day and cannot give your presentation the needed gusto.
  • The potential client decides to work with someone else.

Was that $200.00 cheaper? Not at all. Your trip on a private jet could have allowed you to arrive on time, rested, and ready to give that meeting your very best. Winning over the new client will more than pay for the private flight. Next time you book a corporate flight – fly private.


How to Ensure Private Plane Safety Is a Top Priority

Growing up, riding the bus was a significant experience and one that happened quite often. You trusted that the bus driver was well rested and trained in handling the big yellow machine, that the mechanics had done an excellent job maintaining the bus, and that all the cars sharing the road with you knew what they were doing, too. Every in-flight experience should be the same, and private plane safety should be a priority.

Stepping onto a private jet is the same way. You trust that the pilot knows how to fly the plane and that the ground crew has properly maintained it – and that those other airliners in the sky also understand what they are doing. The difference? Now you are an adult. You can do your research to ensure that safety is a top priority for your private jet charter.

Private Plane Safety and Weather Conditions

Flying private often allows you a little extra safety during certain weather conditions. Sometimes commercial airliners will be grounded while private jets take to the skies without issue. That’s because they can fly above the weather conditions and make last-minute flight path decisions – something commercial jets can’t do.

Private plane safety is a priority of all charter airlines, and all passengers will know it. In other words, private jets move quickly and can do what is necessary to move swiftly away from turbulence. They can do this in the snow, ice, fog, wind, rain, and thunderstorms. Private jet pilots are trained to make fast decisions to handle these conditions while keeping you safe.

Rigorous Routine Inspections and Maintenance

Private jets have to undergo rigorous routine inspections. These inspections include all types of safety and compliance testing. Outside third parties conduct the majority of these procedures. In addition, The FAA regulates all aircraft in the United States to ensure the safety of all aircraft.

They have a detailed investigation and certification process that is even tougher than commercial aircraft. Of course, these inspections are in addition to the routine maintenance that has to take place. At various flight hours, specific routine maintenance must occur to ensure that the jet is in good shape and safe for flying.

Well-Known and Vetted Crew

The crews that fly private jet charters do so regularly. They are known; they are comfortable with the jet and comfortable flying passengers like you. Like the aircraft, those manning private jets must undergo strict certifications, training, and testing to fly charters. You won’t encounter a random crew flying your private jet but a well-known and thoroughly vetted team.

As a passenger, you can feel confident that you are in safe hands. The crew handling your flight made it through all the checks and have proven to be highly skilled at what they do. And, if you fly often, you may find that you have the same crew – giving you ample opportunity to build trust and feel safe.

No Unruly Passengers

Since 9/11, there has always been that concern about air travel and safety with other passengers. Whether we acknowledge it or not, it is something we have heard about; flight crews have prepared for it. Who are the hundreds of other people you are flying with anyways? Then you’ve got your unruly passengers that are out of control. Something may set them off, and their behavior becomes a safety risk to everyone on the airplane.

This scenario is becoming more common as time goes on. You don’t have to worry about these things on a private jet. You don’t have to wonder if someone has a hidden agenda on your flight or whether or not you will make it safely on the ground. The fear and the threat aren’t in private jets allowing you to feel safe from those things.

Private Plane Saftey and COVID-19

When COVID-19’s global pandemic hit, travel safety became an issue, and more air travelers chose private air travel over commercial ones, and private plane safety become a significant priority. Once they came, many of them stayed. And, it’s no wonder – it is much safer travel. On private jets, you can count on the fact that the aircraft has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before you arrive.

And, since you are not sharing the space with a couple of hundred additional travelers, you don’t have to worry about the spread of germs on board. It’s just you – and whoever you have brought with you. But it isn’t just about the actual aircraft. Crowded spaces are familiar places for germs to spread, and commercial airports are one of the best examples. Every time your flight stops and you have a layover, you go back into a crowded airport and wait around to board another crowded flight.

You’ve got long lines to check in, long lines to get through security and a crowd of people waiting at the gate to board the plane. See what we mean? Lots of people travel via commercial airliners – and that means an increased risk of spreading germs. When you choose to fly private, your safety is a top priority. You can go through small FBOs to reach your aircraft – or drive right up to it. No crowds involved. Plus, there are never any unnecessary stops or layovers.

Unless your jet stops to refuel, you have a straight-through flight every time. And that is a great way to reduce risk and boost your safety. Even when COVID-19 becomes a thing we read about in history books, those who lived through it now understand just how important it is to breathe ventilated air, wash hands thoroughly, and avoid crowded spaces. Private travel will remain a go-to way of travel in the future.

Booking a Private Jet

When you are ready to take your next flight, consider choosing a private jet charter. Your safety is a top priority – including the aircraft’s maintenance, the flight crew’s ability, other passengers, and unseen germs. Feel free to ask your charter company questions about their safety protocols, maintenance, pilot training, etc. You even have the right to ask to see their certifications. After all, transparency is as important as your safety. So next time your travel requires flying high, protect yourself by choosing a private jet.



Taking a Look at the Latest Private Jet Trends

There are so many changes taking place in the world around us – and private travel is no exception. Today we take a deeper look at the latest private jet trends for 2022. Read below for more…  

When the COVID-19 pandemic appeared, the travel industry was significantly impacted. Even after commercial airlines took to the skies again, many were scared to travel – as flying on board with hundreds of others when a deadly virus was spreading throughout our communities just didn’t sound like a smart idea. Not to mention that when things did begin to calm down, the number of unruly passengers increased greatly and the flow of air traffic seemed to be disrupted all too frequently. 

While the need to travel didn’t change for many people during the pandemic, the way they traveled did. Some decided to drive. Many others opted to fly on a private jet. And from this, a new movement of private travel was born. After all, once you experience all the perks that come with this luxury way of flying, it is hard to ever go back to flying commercial. 

Let’s take a look at the latest private jet travel trends.

New Private Travelers

As we mentioned, more and more people have turned to private jet charters for their travel needs. And as news of this spreads, the growth in the number of private travelers increases. 

Many charter companies have now geared their marketing efforts toward a broader audience. They focus on the health, safety, and accessibility of flying privately, but they also lay out all the benefits, too. Less contact with others, less time spent waiting in the security line, less travel time, private, luxurious accommodations, and more. 

No longer is private travel only for the elite as travelers discover just how affordable and accessible it is. 

Safer Sanitation Practices

Sanitation has become a greater concern than ever before – especially when flying. Keeping people safe is important and many private jet companies have taken to implementing safer sanitation practices to do just that. 

What can give travelers a greater sense of ease is that one can have a lot more confidence in a team that is sanitizing a jet after one passenger than after 230 passengers. And these intensive sanitizing efforts don’t just take place on the jet, but throughout the FBO, too. What’s more, many use regular COVID-19 testing as a preventative measure for those who have not been vaccinated. 

The idea is for passengers to feel that making the switch to private air travel was the best decision for their health and safety.

A Reduction in Connecting Flights

Connecting flights increases travel time and they put passengers in contact with even more travelers – increasing their health and safety risk as they make their way through terminals and public restrooms, etc.  

Efforts are being made to add more routes to more remote destinations to reduce the need for passengers to have to encounter connecting flights. Private jets can reduce their stops – unless just to refuel. And passengers can enjoy a straight-through flight. 

This is a treatment you won’t find on commercial flights.

Increased Sustainability Efforts

Sanitation has become a greater concern than ever before – especially when flying. Keeping people safe is important and many private jet companies have taken to implementing safer sanitation practices to do just that. 

What can give travelers a greater sense of ease is that one can have a lot more confidence in a team that is sanitizing a jet after one passenger than after 230 passengers. And these intensive sanitizing efforts don’t just take place on the jet, but throughout the FBO, too. What’s more, many use regular COVID-19 testing as a preventative measure for those who have not been vaccinated. 

The idea is for passengers to feel that making the switch to private air travel was the best decision for their health and safety.

Business Travel

Those who think of private jets often think of business executives as the two seem to have always gone hand-in-hand. However, during the global pandemic, business travel declined at alarming rates. Many businesses were shut down, operations were slowed, and travel just was not part of the equation any longer. 

There were concerns as to whether that would pick back up – and when. Or would the pandemic damage the ability of businesses to have private travel in their budget? But, business travel did pick back up at a faster rate than expected. It is again a solid part of the business for private charters. Many more businesses have even joined in as a means to reduce the risk for those employees who are traveling. 

Family Travel

While private jet charters were used to seeing business professionals in suits take to the skies, family travel is now a new trend. Families are finding it a much more enjoyable travel experience – especially those traveling with small children and pets. 

Many are gearing their advertising toward families, promoting family-friendly accommodations, on-board entertainment systems, and so forth. Plus, furry family members are able to be in the cabin with the rest of the family – no cargo for Fido. 

Combine all of these perks (and then some) with the fact that private travel is incredibly flexible and families will never want to fly any other way.

High Demand and High Costs

Private travel has always been thought to be out of reach for many travelers. The high cost was something only very wealthy individuals and businesses could afford. However, as more and more people are accessing these flights, more information is coming out about how to find deals and get the best rates for private travel. And, it is proving worthwhile. 

In other words, yes, the high demand can lead to high costs, but if you know where to look you can find the right deal for you. For instance, empty leg flights and traveling during off-peak hours are two great options. 

Wrapping Up New Private Jet Trends

The private jet industry is definitely evolving thanks to these new trends – many resulting from the global pandemic. By making efforts to keep passengers safe and healthy, offering flexible flight solutions, and focusing on private travel as more of a need rather than a want, the industry is growing. 

The next time you find yourself having to travel, whether for business or pleasure, consider all the benefits that come with chartering a private jet. 



Why You Will Stress Less While Traveling When You Fly Private

Want to stress less while you travel?! Read below to see how you can when you fly private.

There are quite a few different modes of travel. For some, vacations still consist of loading up the car with everyone and everything and heading out on an adventure. For others, hopping on board a cruise ship or a train are the go-to options when it comes to traveling. Though, if we are being real, however, the one way to be able to truly travel means heading to the skies. 

Air travel has many perks – especially when you want to reach faraway destinations in a matter of hours. Yet many people have a sense of anxiety and dread when it comes to traveling via a plane. There are often so many people, long lines, rigid time schedules that are often very unpredictable, and so on. That is, of course, unless you fly private. 

So, what sets travel via a private jet apart? Less stress – and here’s why. 

Private Travel Saves You Time

Whether you have booked a vacation just to get away from life for a bit or you are on a mission for work or something else, time is precious when you travel. You only have a set amount of it – and you don’t want to waste it. 

Private travel saves you time. It takes away the hectic, unpredictable experience you get with commercial travel and allows you more freedom. You are not required to arrive at least two hours before your trip nor do you have to stand with hundreds of others in a security line. And all just to sit and wait at the gate to board. Of course, depending on your destination, you may have to do this sitting and waiting game at the gate a few more times due to layovers.

When you choose to fly via a private jet, you get the opportunity to arrive just before take-off. There are usually no security lines or, if you do encounter one, it is a very brief experience. You won’t have layovers in other airports. There will be no worries of delayed flights or missing flights altogether. You simply hop on board and head to your destination as quickly as possible without all the wasted time. 

Ready for the bonus? Private jets can fly into private airports – and that means getting you closer to your destination. 

Private Travel is Designed to Be Peaceful

If you have ever traveled via a commercial flight, then you know it can be incredibly stressful. You and hundreds of others want to travel to your destination. And, you are going to get cozy. Elbows and knees bumping with strangers, breathing the same air space. Once you get through all the hoopla in the airport and finally get into your seat on the plane, you never know who you are going to be sitting next to. Waiting anxiously as each person walks down the aisle. Will it be someone who wants to chat it up the whole flight? Will it be someone who decided to bring an egg salad sandwich to aggravate your sense of smell? Will it be a crying baby? What if you have the window and have to use the bathroom when your seatmates are knocked out asleep? And worse, what if someone has ill intentions, or what if you get stuck on the plane and can’t de-board for hours due to issues outside of your control? Truth is, there are so many unknowns when you travel on commercial flights. You just don’t know what to expect – and that can bring on a lot of anxiety. 

Private travel is a peaceful experience. You are the passenger. Well, you and anyone of your choosing. The accommodations on board are luxurious and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about any of the issues above. Rather, you can climb on board and make the most of your flight doing whatever you choose. It is your flight. And it can be the most stress-free travel experience imaginable. 

Private Travel Gives You Freedom

As we just mentioned, you don’t have to worry about other passengers on board your private flight – unless you have invited them. That means you have the freedom to do as you please. If you need to get work done so you can be prepared for a meeting once you touch down – go for it. If you want to watch a movie or play a game, you can. If you want to lay your seat all the way back and snooze, you can do that, too. 

Private travel gives you the chance to be all ready to go once you reach your destination. So whatever that looks like in your situation. Remember, while onboard, you will have a comfortable, luxurious, and – most importantly – private cabin. Use it in any way that will enhance your travel. 

Private Travel Has Fewer Baggage Restrictions

Packing for a trip and making sure that everything fits within a suitcase that is less than 50lbs can be stressful. If you break your luggage into more than one to keep the weight down, you’ve got more baggage fees – and more baggage to maneuver on your own. It can be a hassle. 

For those who are heading out on a golfing or skiing trip or traveling with young kids, this may include taking golf clubs, skis, strollers, car seats, and so forth. This can be a challenge to take on a commercial flight. Even more so when you consider the fact that luggage can very easily not make it to your destination – especially if you have connecting flights. 

With private travel, you can rest easy knowing that your bags are right there with you at all times. There are no strict 50lb limits or baggage fees. And any odd-shaped, bulky items can almost always fit without any issue at all. When you reach your destination, you’ve got everything you need. 

Stress Less with Private Travel

Next time you head out on a trip, consider chartering a private jet and the stress-free experience it brings. Save yourself time, surround yourself with comfortable in-flight conditions, and feel confident you will be ready to go once you reach your destination. 



What is an Empty Leg Flight, and How Do You Book It?

If you are new to the world of private travel, you may find that some lingo may be new to you. One phrase in particular – empty leg flight – may be one of them. As you maneuver your way through this newly discovered way of traveling, it may be worth your while to get to know what an empty leg flight is – as well as how to book one.

What is an Empty Leg Flight?

An empty leg flight is one that is traveling to a destination for a scheduled flight – but is empty heading there. For instance, let’s say someone booked a specific jet from Las Vegas to another location. However, the jet is currently in Los Angeles. It will have to fly to Vegas to pick up the passenger. This flight will be empty – and is considered an empty leg flight.

Benefits of an Empty Leg Flight

Any time you travel via a private jet rather than commercial airliners, you have access to the benefits that come with doing so. And, that includes when you travel via an empty leg flight. Sure, you may not end up with specialized catering due to last-minute booking, but everything else? You’ve got it. Let’s take a look at the benefits of booking an empty leg flight – and the benefits of flying private in the first place.

Save money. Because these private jets are already heading to the destination, they are able to offer the empty leg flight at a reduced rate. If you are able to take advantage of these flights, then you will find them to be much more affordable, saving you money in your travels.

Be spontaneous. Many of us spend so much of our time following plans and rigid itineraries – especially when we travel. But, life is so short – and sometimes we need to dust off the unbeaten path and try something new. Ditch the plans and head out on a last-minute, empty leg flight!

Discover new places. When you do decide to be spontaneous, you get another benefit – you get to discover new places. Sometimes opting for a deal on a private jet and being incredibly flexible about your destination means you could land in places you never had imagined visiting. Take this opportunity to explore new destinations. You may be surprised at what you find! 

Save time. With empty leg flights, you get the perks of traveling on a private jet. And, that means saving time. You won’t find yourself standing in long TSA security lines or having to arrive at the airport hours in advance of your flight. Instead, you can show up right on time and walk right onto the jet. Maybe you will encounter a security checkpoint, maybe you won’t. Regardless, the entire experience saves you an immense amount of time when compared to commercial travel.

Luxurious accommodations. Now, speaking of flying on a private jet, it goes without saying that the accommodations on board the aircraft are going to be different than commercial travel. While the exact interior will vary based on the specific aircraft, you won’t find yourself sitting squished against a stranger. You will have a comfortable seat – and be able to choose freely as to which seat you want for yourself! Further, you will have a private cabin to do work, sleep, engage in conversation, watch a movie, listen to music (without having to use headphones), etc. You can have a meal, kick back, relax, and truly enjoy the flight. 

Booking an Empty Leg Flight

There’s a good chance that flying private on an empty leg has already enticed you – and you probably want to know how to book a trip. If so, then you will want to pay attention. Booking an empty leg flight is easy and doesn’t involve much effort – with the easiest way of doing so being to reach out to your charter company directly. 

Another way is to subscribe to an empty leg specials list. This puts you in the know. A list of all the empty leg specials that are available will be sent to you regularly allowing you to be able to plan and make your accommodations when you need them. 

Or, in your spare time, simply browse the available empty leg flights with your favorite charter. You may find something that will allow you to be spontaneous and explore something new, just like we talked about. 

Things to Know About Booking Empty Leg Flights

Before you make the decision to fly on an empty leg, there are a few things that you should know, such as:

  • You don’t have to be a member of an elite group to take advantage of empty leg flights. Anyone can book one of these deals. 
  • Empty legs are, of course, only one way which means you will need to find another way back home. Another empty leg, perhaps? 
  • There are literally thousands of empty leg flights available at any given time. 
  • Empty legs can cost less than a first class commercial ticket. 
  • Because empty leg flights are built around someone else’s already-purchased flight, you may not have as much flexibility with timing as you normally would on a private flight.

As travelers were searching for safer, less-crowded ways of traveling during the global pandemic, many found that private travel to be a great option. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget for private travel. That is, unless they book an empty leg flight. 

Next time you want to head out on a vacation or weekend getaway – weigh all your options. There may be an empty leg flight waiting for you. 



The Perks of Renting a Private Jet

Some travel because they love to, others travel because they have to. Despite which list you fall into, there is more than one way to reach your destination. If you have always opted for commercial air travel, it is time to consider another option – renting a private jet.

Believe it or not, renting a private jet is much more affordable than it used to be – and it comes with a ton of perks, too. Whether you have been toying with the idea or you always thought it was too far out of reach, it’s time to pay attention.

Avoid Long Lines (and Other Inconveniences)

We have all grown accustomed to the long lines and extensive time that it takes to fly commercial. Though, just because we deal with it, doesn’t mean we enjoy it. Who wants to show up two hours before their flight – just to stand in line to get through security and then sit at the gate waiting to board? Not many, if any, will jump for joy over this. And, let’s not even talk about flying internationally when you have to arrive at least 3 hours before your flight and then have long lines to get through customs.

The perk of renting a private jet? You can avoid all of this. There are no long lines and no waiting. The jet is waiting for you – its passenger. So when you arrive, you go. It’s that easy.

Scheduling Freedom

The best time to book a commercial flight is on Thursday between 1 pm and 3 pm. Or is it on the first Tuesday between 6 am and 6:15 am? Perhaps it’s only on the 2nd Monday or 3rd Friday. Some people have made booking commercial flights a science. The truth is no matter when you book your flight or how much you save – you still have to go when and where the major airline tells you. Could you imagine calling one of the most popular commercial air travel companies and requesting a nonstop flight from JFK in New York to MIA in Miami at 3 pm tomorrow? It just isn’t going to happen.

When renting a private jet, you have the freedom to schedule your flight when you want it. There are no mandatory flight/destination schedules that must be adhered to. And, there will never be a connecting flight. Talk about convenience!

Luxurious Accommodations 

If you have ever spent that extra money for a seat in coach on a commercial airline in hopes of getting extra legroom, there is a good chance you were still slightly disappointed. A few extra inches of space still doesn’t keep you from having to rub knees and elbows with strangers. Flying first class may give you a little extra comfort, but you will likely find that it is not what it is all cracked up to be.

If you are looking for luxurious accommodations, then you need to rent a private jet. This is the only way to ensure that you get all the space and comfort you are seeking – without having to share with strangers.

Depending on the type of private jet you rent, you may have chairs and maybe even a couch. This seating is much more comfortable and luxurious than anything you will ever get when flying commercial. And that makes the investment worth it.

Increased Privacy

What do you like to do while traveling? Sleep? Handle some business so you don’t have to deal with it on the ground? Listen to music and relax? Read a good book? Indulge in some delicious food? Doing any of these things while sharing space with a stranger doesn’t sound very appealing at all.

Just as its name suggests, when you rent a private jet, you get privacy. You can engage in conversation privately. You can handle confidential work business. You can read with peace and quiet. You can turn the volume up on your music. Whatever it is that makes you enjoy your flight the most – you don’t have to worry about disturbing others.

Safe and Secure Travels

During a global pandemic, finding safety while traveling is important. When COVID-19 first hit, the commercial travel industry took a huge hit. But guess what happened? People who had never considered private travel started giving it a try. Why? Because it was safer. They were the only passenger – without 150 others. That means germs were kept to a minimum. And, due to the non-commercialism, it is easy to have the confidence that more time and care is taken when sanitizing the private jets after each flight.

In addition to health concerns, the unruly passengers and travel security risks make some uneasy when flying commercial. Renting a private jet means being able to feel more secure at every step along the way.

Bring Your Pet

If your pet is family – and he or she travels with you – then you probably dread the idea of having to keep your pet under the seat in front of you or in cargo. It can be heart-wrenching. Another great perk of renting a private jet is being able to bring your pet with you! That’s right – your pet comes straight into the cabin with you. While it is common for cats to be caged, dogs are usually free to roam.

This perk alone often seals the deal for pet lovers.

Join the Club

Finally, renting a private jet can actually get easier when you join the club. It may be referred to as a jet card or membership depending on who you ask but it provides you with benefits such as nearly instant travel, no paperwork, enhanced services, and more.

Think of it as a red carpet treatment for the private jet world. You don’t get that option when traveling commercially.


If you have been on the fence about whether or not renting a private jet is right for you, hopefully, these perks can give you that extra nudge to give it a try. You may just be surprised by how incredible the entire experience is.



Chartering a Jet For Your Business Affairs

Imagine if the world revolved around business transactions that could only take place within our own city or neighborhood. Imagine you if you could only use vendors within a 30-mile radius and you could only seek customers within the same. What if, when looking for a business partner, you could only focus on those who are local?

It does not take a highly-skilled business professional to believe that this could be bad for business – as it could severely stunt growth. Business cannot be deterred due to boundaries – especially close boundaries. There are so many possibilities for talent and more throughout the U.S. and the world that limiting ourselves just to our immediate area seems like a terrible idea.

So, let’s get back to real life – you know, the one where we have the world at our fingertips. All you need to do is charter a jet for your business affairs. 

Perks of Chartering a Jet

Many business executives prefer chartering a jet due to the many perks it brings. It makes having to travel at all a much more pleasant experience. After all, there are no long lines or wasted time. You won’t find yourself 100-people deep in a TSA security checkpoint just to enter the terminal to catch your plane.

And, in turn, you won’t need to arrive two hours ahead of time to stand in this line. When flying private, you may have a simple security checkpoint, but that’s not always guaranteed. You can almost always pull right up to your jet and climb onboard. Not early, but right on time. Of course, if you find yourself stuck in traffic or you get held up on a phone call at the office, your charter isn’t going anywhere – you are the passenger!

Aside from those conveniences, you’ve got comfortable, luxurious accommodations. Depending on the jet, you may have reclining chairs, a couch, a table, a full restroom, and more. And the entire thing is private. You won’t be limited in where you can sit or what you can do on board because it is yours to enjoy. So, take advantage of it!

Flying High with Clients

If you are trying to win over a new client – or get that client to sign the contract – you could ask them to meet for lunch, come to the office, or just handle business over the phone. Or, you can seriously impress the potential client by flying them to the nearest big city for a meal at one of the hottest restaurants – and talk business amongst the clouds.

Which do you think speaks volumes? That’s right – the latter. Not only are you wining and dining them, but you are also showing that if you can afford to take a private jet to go out to eat, you must be doing something right – so why not sign the contract?

Private jet charters are impressive and can make a difference when it comes to wooing a client.

Reaching Your Destination  

Because you don’t want to stick to doing business with your neighbors and prefer to broaden your horizons, you want to keep your options open. With access to a private jet charter, you don’t have to be limited to where you can or cannot look.

Regardless of whether your client is in another city or another state, you can easily reach them when you turn to air travel. The best part is that with the conveniences of private air travel – such as it being easy and quick to access and get in the air – you can head off on your private jet, have a meeting in person with your future client, and be back home by dinner.

It makes things more personable and shows that there are no barriers between you. Business can flow smoothly regardless of location.

Getting Prepared in the Sky

Chartering a jet for your business affairs can be convenient in another way, too. Because of the level of privacy you have on your jet, you can prepare for your business meeting while traveling. Or, if you are heading off on a family vacation – that’s ok, too. Use the time and space on the jet to handle any work that needs to be done.

The accommodations, such as chairs and tables, make it easy to spread out and set up a workspace area. You can use the internet to hold video conference calls, catch up on emails, and so forth – without worry that someone will be exposed to confidential information. That way, whether you are heading into a meeting when the jet lands or you are going straight to the beach and a rum runner, your prep work is taken care of.

The Aftermath: Celebrating Victory

Finally, there is the trip home. If you are coming back from a weekend getaway, this is a great time to catch up on work – or to catch up on sleep. Or, if you are on your way home from impressing a possible client – and you have a signed contract in hand – then this trip on a private jet becomes a celebratory one.

Pop open a bottle of champagne, kick your shoes off, and exhale. You can be proud of yourself – you did it. And, while your private jet likely had something to do with it, you are the one that closed the deal. So, congratulations.

Chartering a Jet for Business Affairs

If you are a business professional, then having access to a private jet charter can be an important step in doing business both nationally – and globally. But buying one just doesn’t make financial sense. Setting up an account with a jet card, giving yourself last-minute access to a fleet of jets can be a rewarding step. It’s a simple step that can lead to great rewards.

Next time you have the opportunity to land a new client or business partner, don’t just settle for video chats or phone conversations. Be the real deal – show up for lunch, talk business, secure the transaction, then head back home in victory. No other option has an outcome that looks this good.



The Amazing Perks of Chartering a Jet

No matter what happens in the world, the need for traveling is not going to stop. People of all walks of life will need to be present at business meetings, get home to see family, head off to college, or just get away for a long weekend. While most people turn to commercial airliners for their air travel needs, there is a shift happening that has become the talk of the industry. Chartering a jet is no longer just something for the elite in our society. More and more people are finding that chartering a private jet is the ideal way to get to their destination.

Whether you have been on a private jet or not, we all know that it gives you a more luxurious experience than commercial air travel. But, really – what are the other perks of chartering a jet? We’ve listed 6 of many below.

Perk #1: Gain Benefits Without Owning

Before we get into all the great perks, we need to acknowledge one of the biggest. Before chartering was an option, you had to own your own private jet. And, let’s be real – there are not too many people who are able to do this. After all, there is a lot that goes into owning a private jet, even after that hefty initial purchase.

But with the option to charter, private jets become accessible to everyone. You pay to charter the flight, not for the jet itself, the maintenance, the crew, the hangar, and so forth – and that, in itself, is a perk.

Perk #2: Convenience

Do you loathe commercial air travel? Sure, it gets you where you need to be using one of the fastest modes of travel – but it is far from being convenient. You have to arrive hours before your scheduled flight. You can only travel when the airline dictates. You have to pay for nearly every piece of luggage you want to take. You have to stand in long lines for check-in, security, and boarding the flight. You spend hours on board surrounded by hundreds of strangers. Should we keep going? Like we said, commercial air travel isn’t convenient. But, do you know what is? Chartering a jet.

When you choose to fly private, you choose when you want to fly. You show up at that time and walk onto the jet. There are no long lines or required early arrivals. You can bring your luggage, and it goes on the aircraft with you – it’s included in the charter. And you are the passenger.

Perk #3: Privacy

As we just said – you are the passenger. Unless you invite someone else to join you, you don’t have to worry about hundreds of strangers being on board with you. That means whatever you want to do while in flight you can do without worry. Whether that is to:

  • Take a nap and get ready for your big adventure (or catch up on sleep while on your way home from a busy vacation)
  • Handle confidential business or focus on a project
  • Have private discussions with whoever you bring on board with you
  • Watch a movie or tv show

Really, whatever you intend to do while on your chartered flight, you can expect to do it without worrying about the eyes of others.

Perk #4: Get Closer to Your Destination

There are many airports available other than just the major airports that commercial flights use. That’s because these private or executive airports are not designed to handle large airliners due to runway size, etc. For those traveling on chartered jets, this becomes a great perk. You have the choice of all the airports and, in addition to being able to avoid the hectic traffic at busy major airports, you also can choose an airport closer to your destination. Talk about convenience!

Perk #5: Bring Your Pet Along

Pets are family. Many would love to bring their pet along on their travels, but when flying commercial that either means squeezing Fido under the seat in front of you or sending him straight to cargo. While neither is ideal, the latter can be very frightening and traumatizing to pets – and owners. And let’s not even talk about the potential of not making your connecting flight.

It is becoming increasingly common for people who wish to travel with their fur babies to choose a private jet. Both dogs and cats are welcome onboard your flight. You can even let your dog enjoy the comforts you do while in flight – though, most charters require cats to be crated while on board. Either way, your pet can be right there with you at all times. That’s such an anxiety-reducing perk for animal lovers.

Perk #6:  Increased Safety

Safety comes in different forms in the era of a global pandemic. Everything you come in contact with, from door handles, railings, security checkpoint baskets, check-in kiosks, and other surfaces puts you at risk – and that is in addition to the fact that you are surrounded by a ton of people in a busy, major airport. This is perhaps one of the most common reasons why many have chosen to not engage in commercial air travel over the last two years.

When it comes to chartered jets, you will encounter increased safety measures always with a thorough cleaning that reduces your chance of coming in contact with an infected surface. Further, because you are not traveling amongst other passengers, your risk of coming in contact with an infected person plummets. That’s really important and comforting to those who need to travel but may be considered at greater risk.

Chartering a Jet 

The list of perks that come with flying on a chartered jet could keep going and going. Those who have experienced charters will be the first to tell you that the perks are real – and plentiful. They can transform the entire experience. From the comfortable and cozy luxurious accommodations to the close proximity to your destination, high level of privacy, schedule flexibility, and increased health safety – don’t book another flight unless it is a chartered private jet.



Flying Private to The Top 6 Skiing Locations

As the skiing season approaches, now is the time to plan your next adventure. Scroll down to find great private charter skiing locations.

It is that time of year again. The temperatures are dropping significantly around the country, and everyone everywhere is putting away their summer clothing and pulling out that winter wardrobe. With the advertisements about the 2022 Winter Olympics at every turn – it is all a great combination for those wanting to hit the ski slopes.

It is not uncommon for those seeking a skiing trip to dread the getting there part. After all, they are mostly in remote locations that aren’t the most accessible by most modes of transportation. If you get excited about skiing but loath the trip there, you will be excited to know that by flying a private jet to the ski resort, you not only get a luxuriously comfortable flight experience, but you also get close to the ski resort and a highly pleasant trip entirely.

So go ahead and channel your inner Bode Miller – find some enjoyment on the slopes this season and get there in style. Below we’ve got the top 7 ski resorts you can fly private to.

1. Big Sky Resort

Big Sky Resort offers about 6,000 acres of incredible slopes and a convenient 36 lifts. You will never believe that a place like Montana could be so beautiful. Some ski resorts offer skiing, and that’s about it. But, not here. Skiing the snow-covered mountains is not the only thing you will find to do here. There is zip lining in Yellowstone, sleigh rides, dog sleds, and more. You can explore the entire area and be in awe the entire time.

Getting there is easy, too. You can fly private into the Bozeman Yellowstone Airport and enjoy a short, enjoyable drive to the resort.

2. Telluride Ski Resort

One of the most remote ski resorts in Colorado, you feel as though you are in a whole new quiet world when you visit Telluride Ski Resort. At over 9,500 feet in the air, you are sure to find easy and very challenging slopes. In other words, you won’t be bored.

While here, you won’t experience traffic jams or the bustling feel of a big city. Rather, there are fewer people and no traffic lights – but still, lots to do. You will find spas, shopping, dining, and very luxurious accommodations.

The best part? You can fly private to Telluride’s TEX airport and be about 15 minutes from this remote location. Can’t get much more convenient, can you?

3. Aspen 

Aspen is one of the most popular ski resort destinations in the U.S. This huge space has many different mountains and a variety of slopes, lifts, and runs. There is something for everyone. Compared to other locations, Aspen is a hot spot of skiing so expect it to be a little more populated, but trust that it does not take away from the experience.

This city away from cities will be a fun and unforgettable getaway. And the fact that you can fly straight into Aspen on a private jet makes it a great option.

4. Stowe Mountain Resort

Snow Mountain Ski Resort in Vermont is a huge step down in size from Aspen, but not at all in quality. You will find 11 lifts and even a sightseeing gondola that you can travel to the highest point at Mt Mansfield and Spruce Peak. It has been ranked on many top ski resort lists and has even made the #1 spot. While here, you can enjoy dining, dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice skating, spas, backcountry trails, and so much more. There is a reason why it is such a hot (err, cold) spot.

Flying into Burlington International Airport (BTV) gets you to the slopes in less than an hour. And, that’s ok because the views on the way there are very enjoyable.

5. Solitude Mountain Resort

Solitude Mountain Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, is one that you don’t hear about every often, but you should. Here you will find 80 runs, 3 bowls, 1,200 acres, and so much to do. There is a spa and hot tub, shops, dining, bars, and the like.

Flying private will get you into Salt Lake International Airport (SLC), which is about an hour from Solitude Mountain Resort. The area, dubbed Ski City, is home to many ski resorts such as Park City, Deer Valley,  Snowbird, and more – and that means the airport is quite busy this time of year. By choosing to fly private, you not only get a more enjoyable fight experience, but you also get to avoid the heavy traffic in and around the airport. And that alone is worth it.

6. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, a.k.a. Palisades Tahoe

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows (now known as Palisades Tahoe)  gives you up close and personal views of Lake Tahoe and access to 42 lifts, 270 trails over 6,000 acres! Once the home of the Winter Olympics (back in 1960), this resort continues to wow skiers of all levels – and is one of the largest ski resorts in the country.

Getting here is easy, too, with a flight straight into Nevada’s Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO). It is only about an hour drive to the resort and, if you fly private, you can be on your way just minutes after landing.

Flying Private to Your Ski Destination

Whether you can fly directly into your ski resort or you fly into a major airport nearby, traveling via a private jet offers you a wonderful, luxurious, and comfortable travel experience. Getting away for a ski trip shouldn’t start or end with the busy nightmares that come with commercial travel.

Book a private charter and enjoy:

  • Luxurious accommodations.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Personalized service.
  • Increased privacy.
  • Reduced germs.
  • Increased safety.

Plus, you can easily store your skis on board with you – without risking losing them along the way. And, since the weather often holds back commercial flights, you will find that private jets can get you to and from destinations when others can’t.

If you find yourself needing a break after the busy holiday season, check out one of these popular ski resorts – and treat yourself to a private jet. You deserve it.

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