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Inside a $52M Private Jet

Inside a $52M Private Jet | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

Last year there was a 9% increase in the private jet market, specifically in Asia and the Middle East. More people are looking to travel in-style and there is jet that costs over $9k an hour or $52M to buy the plane. The plane boasts living room with leather couches and wool carpet, two bathrooms with a shower, a queen sized bed in the master bedroom, and a small dining room. The plane can hold 19 passengers.

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Start Your Vegas Vacation With a Private Jet Charter Flight

Ready for an unforgettable trip to Las Vegas? Why wait until after the plane lands to begin making memories and enjoying your vacation? Chartering a private flight gives you flexibility as well as amenities. Consider these four reasons to charter a jet for your next Vegas vacation:

  1. Your Style

Whether you would like to travel in the lap of luxury, or keep it more economical, private flights offer many options. With anything from a celebrity chef on board, to a group rate you can split with your buddies, chartering offers amenities in every price range. Need to make a business presentation in flight? The individual setting of a charter craft makes it an ideal setting for business matters.

  1. Your Schedule

Chartering a flight means you are in charge of the schedule. You get to make departure and arrival decisions, rather than having to bend your schedule around a set of predetermined flights. Trip logistics are in your control, even if last minute changes crop up.

  1. Hassle-Free Ground Transportation

Many travelers need ground transportation upon arrival, and this can be seamlessly arranged in combination with your charter flight. Less hassle and more choices result from using the same company for both air and ground transportation. Any vehicle type can be arranged to meet you at the conclusion of your flight, making your transfer simple and seamless.

 4. Group Rates

Flying with friends or in a group? Sharing the charter rate between members of a party traveling together can be a cost-effective and fun way to fly. Unlike commercial flights, charter prices do not normally increase as your departure date draws near, so even if you plan the getaway only weeks in advance, a charter flight could very well fit into your budget.

Chartering a flight can be fun and memorable. Traveling with the assurance that the details are taken care of starts your trip off right. With the myriad of amenities offered on a charter jet, there is a private flight that will work for any style.

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Flying in Luxury

When most people think of traveling in luxury, they probably think of flying in first-class. Bigger seats, more room and better service means that that is going to be one luxurious trip.

However, there is an even more luxurious way to fly. Hiring a private jet charter is one of the most luxurious ways to travel.


When you rent a jet, you get to pick the aircraft that suits your needs.

If you know anything about planes, you can pick one that makes you feel safe. Not only do you get to pick the aircraft, but you get to pick everyone who is flying on it.

You will know all of the passengers, which increases the safety as well.


When you fly private, you get to keep your own schedule. You will leave when you need to leave.

The reason that flying private can be so punctual is because you get to pick the airport you leave from. That means that you can fly out of smaller airports with shorter security lines.

At some airports, people flying in private jets get to skip the lines and go straight to the tarmac in a vehicle. Nothing is more luxurious than following your schedule and no one else’s.


Finally, hiring a private jet is luxurious because of the top notch hospitality.

If you fly with a company enough, you may even be able to request your favorite stewardesses and pilots.

Either way, you will get personalized care that is focused only on you and your guests.

Put the Enjoyment Back in Traveling

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, when you fly in a private jet you will enjoy traveling again.

If you have put off traveling because you do not want to deal with the crowded airports and hectic terminals, make sure to start flying private.

You will be able to get to your destination when you need to in the lap of luxury.


Take a Private Flight to Sunny Miami

You and your family deserve a special vacation, to a special place. How about sun, sand, blue skies and invigorating ocean breezes?

The Sunshine State of Florida comes instantly to mind, so why put it off?  Make your vacation extra special by booking a private jet to Miami.

Ask for a Charter Quote

First things first: How much is a private jet to Miami going to cost?

That depends, of course, on the distance involved along with the size of aircraft.

The jet charter company will put a pricing package together when you provide a bit of information:

  • The number of people in your party
  • Your estimated departure dates and times
  • The size or type of aircraft you prefer
  • Your priorities as to cost, speed and age of aircraft

Pricing Notations

Several perks will be bundled into the pricing for your trip on a private jet to Miami.

One of these will likely be limousine transportation. In-flight dining and entertainment options are always available.

You should keep in mind, however, that the costs associated with your flight will also include certain taxes and current jet fuel pricing.

Just as Safe as an Airliner

Private jets are held to the same high safety standards as their commercial brethren.

Private jet fleets are generally younger than commercial fleets and jet charter companies often employ higher maintenance standards.

You would do well to choose a charter operator that is approved by third-party aviation safety auditors, such as Wyvern Consulting, Ltd.

Comparing a Private Flight to First-Class Commercial

Taking a special vacation using a private jet to Miami may not be something you can do every year, and you may wonder if flying commercial would do just as well.

In terms of convenience, privacy and comfort, however, there is no comparison. And when you crunch the numbers, you might find that the cost involved with a private charter compares quite favorably with a first-class commercial flight.


Destinations Travel Tips

Hottest Luxury Travel Experiences

The greatest brands in luxury travel gathered at the Shanghai International Luxury Travel Market. If money is not a question here are the top experiences you need to visit.

  1. Necker Belle: 105 foot Catarmaran in the Carribean where guests create their own itinerary with 12 lucky friends for $110,000 a week.
  2. Hotel President Wilson: Many celebrities have stayed at this very private and safe penthouse in Geneva. It has 12 bedrooms, a helipad, gym, and bulletproof windows.
  3. Private Helipcoter tour in Queenstown, New Zealand to Stewart Island where you can hike and fish.
  4. Belmond Napolean Barge: You can take a 6 night river cruise with candlelit dinners and a jacuzzi from Provence, France with 11 other people for $76,100.
  5. Private Jet Tour: Fly over Australia and New Zealand for $27,000 per person to see the Outback, Great Barrier Reef, and Sydney.
  6. Singita Serengeti: Here you stay in an all inclusive 4 suite villa for $84,500 a week  in the middle of the Singita grumeti reserve.
  7. South American Cruise: Sail the high seas on teh Seven Seas Mariner for 72 days and stopping in location all around South America for $120,000.
  8. Iceland: Known for fire and ice, Iceland has beautiful landscapes and you can see many of them on the 10 day tour by Ker & Downey for $23,325 per person.

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New Yorkers Love the Convenience of Private Jet Travel

The New York lifestyle is frenetic at times.

The successful closing of an important business deal often requires face-to-face negotiations, and that may mean taking the fastest route to a crucial meeting.

The perfect solution may be a New York private jet charter.

Avoid the lines at the airport, breeze through security and board your aircraft before ordinary travelers have even left the airline ticket counter.

Putting the Costs Together

The cost of a New York private jet charter includes in-flight dining, movie entertainment and it often includes limousine transportation.

If your jet charter company is an on-demand provider, you will normally only pay for your flight by the hour; you will not be charged for the time you do not use. Keep in mind that pricing also includes the jet fuel charge as well as certain taxes.

Cut a Deal of Your Own

A private jet flight is definitely not cheap, but as a savvy business person, you probably know that.

What you might not know, however, is that special offers are available and one of them is the ability to take advantage of repositioning flights.

About 40% of private flights go empty. These are one-way, “empty leg” flights with no passengers aboard.

Ask your private charter company about them; you might be able to find one going your way at a discount of up to 50%.

Easing Safety Concerns

If you are a seasoned flier, you will probably not be concerned with safety issues.

Those new to jet charters can relax, knowing that private jets are at least as safe as their commercial counterparts, and perhaps more so.

Many private charter companies opt for maintenance standards that are higher than regulations require.

Pressing Your Advantage

That big business deal waits for no man (or woman). When speed is of the essence, a New York private jet charter may be your best route to a successful closing—and perhaps a well-deserved bonus.


Private Jet Flight Safety is Top of Mind for Passengers


As a passenger, the biggest concern you have about flying is safety.

How old is the aircraft you plan to board? What is the safety record? Questions about private jet charter safety seem to come up more often than they would about aircraft operated by a commercial airline.

You would do well to choose a private jet operator that is ARG/US and WYVERN certified.

The Aviation Research Group United States and Wyvern Consulting are the country’s premiere third-party safety aviation auditors.

Conducting Research Into Operating Histories

Your private charter company should be relentless in its aircraft inspection program.

While the company does not maintain aircraft or crews of its own, it will have access to a wealth of information provided by operating histories.

Since that information can be passed along to potential clients, you can learn about the background not only of an individual aircraft, but also the crews, dispatcher, maintenance provider, insurance provider, and even the international handler, if applicable.

Flying the Wyvern Way

Wyvern Consulting was the first firm to conduct worldwide safety audits of air charter operators onsite.

The statistics since 1991, when the company was founded, attest to the quality and thoroughness of its work. For example, of 2,034 fatalities recorded from January 1991 to August 2010, there were none that involved an aircraft or crew approved by Wyvern.

The Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey

An experienced air charter company will create a Wyvern “PSS” or Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey, which each flight scheduled must pass.

The survey information includes the trip summary, type of aircraft, certificate holder, the names of the pilot in command and the pilot second in command.

An Inspection-Perfect Flight

In the interest of private jet charter safety, the experienced air charter company you choose will have performed inspections and acquired comprehensive aircraft histories so that you can be assured of a safe and comfortable flight.


The Convenience of Chartering a Jet to New York

Do you often need to travel to the city of New York for business reasons?

If you are going back and forth every week or so, chartering a jet may be more convenient and less frustrating for you than constantly driving to the airport, waiting in long lines and getting stuck sitting next to someone you do not want to sit with at all.

Get Where You Need to Go Anytime

One of the downfalls to taking a commercial airplane to get to the city is dealing with the possibility that anything can happen.

You never know if you will arrive to the airport on time only to find out your flight has been delayed several hours.

What do you do when a situation like that happens? Most likely, you get stuck sitting in an uncomfortable chair waiting hours to board the plane.

By chartering a jet, you no longer have to go through that. It does not matter if you prefer to travel early in the morning or late in the evening.

The pilot of the charter jet will you get you to New York in a timely manner whenever you need to go there.

Planning Every Last Detail

When you charter a jet, you get to decide on just about everything, which makes it convenient. Some of the decisions you may need to make would include:

  • When you would like to leave your current location.
  • What time you need to arrive in New York.
  • What type of charter you prefer to take.
  • How many people you may be traveling with.

At times you may travel alone, but there are other times when you may bring business associates with you to visit the city for work-related reasons.

When you spend a lot of your time traveling, it is better to have a private jet to ride in, especially if you want to get to your destination on time at all times.


Experience Dubai by Private Jet

Dubai, the fast-growing city in the United Arab Emirates, is now a prime international destination for business and leisure travelers. Dubai has ranked in the top ten on the Global Destination Cities Index for the last decade and has seen an eight percent increase in tourists in just the last year. This growth is made possible by the increase in air terminal facilities and flights to and from more international destinations. Dubai aims to become the aerospace capital of the Middle East, and Boeing predicts that Dubai will become the fourth largest aviation hub in the world within twenty years.

Dubai is Progressive

Compared to other locales in the region, Dubai is a liberal city with large expatriate populations who have diverse cultural tastes. The city has an unparalleled glamour, with the world’s only seven star luxury hotel and the world’s largest indoor snow park, among other wonders. Not only is Dubai an attractive place to conduct business, shop, or enjoy the climate, but its central location between Europe, Africa and Asia makes travel there convenient. Businesses that have operations or clients on multiple continents can appreciate the convenience of meeting in Dubai.

Convenience and Style

Dubai’s investment in aviation infrastructure is going to pay off. Jet charter is a smart way to cut costs and save time for the serious traveler, but if the airport has sub-par service, this will negatively impact your experience. You can be confident that Dubai has top ground handling services, catering, and fuel brokers who are trained and experienced to handle any type of charter jet on any schedule. The growth in Dubai’s aviation sector also means more charter aircraft will be available on the ground at any time, so your schedule has maximum flexibility.

If you are looking for a luxury location for your next conference, or just a getaway with great amenities, Dubai will be on your short list. This city is poised to become a world class destination for jet charter travel.

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Fly Comfortably While Using a Hawaii Jet Charter

Do you need to travel across the country?

Why deal with the frustration of sitting on a crowded airplane with a bunch of other people who may make a lot of noise and disrupt you while you are trying to relax?

Instead of hopping on a traditional plane, you could always use the Hawaii jet charter.

If you choose this option, you get to decide when you want to leave and when you want to fly in before taking off to your destination.

Benefits of Using a Jet Charter

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to feel like a celebrity?

Many celebrities travel on jet charters because they want to have privacy during their travel, but the service is available to everyone else who wants to use it too. If it is something you are considering, these are a few of the benefits that may help you make up your mind:

  • Enjoy your own personal space and privacy.
  • Choose the size of the aircraft from one of several available options.
  • Select your own departure date and time instead of having to choose one that the airport offers.
  • Receive a quote to find out how much it would cost for a one-way trip or a roundtrip to and from your destination.

Flying in Style While Arriving on Time

After choosing a departure date, the charter jet company will make the arrangements.

Depending on when you book the jet, there may be specials available to make your trip even more affordable than you would expect.

When there is an option to fly in style, get treated like luxury and arrive promptly at your destination, why not take advantage of it instead of dealing with the stress that comes from airport security, layovers and delayed flights?

Once you start to take the chartered flights, you may feel so comfortable that you never want to take another commercial flight ever again.

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