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Three Perks of Choosing the Gulfstream G550

Three Perks of Choosing the Gulfstream G550 | The Early Air Way's BlogThere are a lot of private jets available for booking. Some are top-of-the-line, innovative aircrafts that will take you quickly and safely to your destination. Others are outdated machines, limping through the air. The Gulfstream G550 falls into the first category. Flying at more than 88 percent of the speed of sound, this airplane will practically reach your destination before it leaves. It offers never-before-seen features and performance to ensure that your flight is as safe and enjoyable as possible.


Business travel has forever changed, thanks to the outstanding features you can expect when you book a flight on the Gulfstream G550.

  1. Spacious interior – The days of close, dark plane interiors are gone. You have the option of selecting a unique floor plan, each one spacious and bright, so you can finally enjoy the sunlight on your flight and have enough space to kick off your shoes and relax. Large parties are easily accommodated – the plane can hold up to 18 passengers and berth up to 18.
  2. Fresh air – If you are tired of breathing recycled air, the plane of your dreams is at hand. The Gulfstream G550 has the lowest cabin altitude of any business jet, and it replenishes all of the fresh air every two minutes. With the lower cabin pressure, your body will not have to work as hard to oxygenate your blood, so you will not be as tired when you arrive at your destination.
  3. Exceptional speed – This unique plane reaches a Maximum Mach Operating speed of .885. Part of this unprecedented speed is the result of unique wing design that significantly reduces the aircraft’s drag. Add to that the higher thrust engines, and you have an airplane that can deliver you to your destination more quickly than many others.

Make Your Flight One to Remember

The innovative qualities of the Gulfstream G550 have revolutionized business travel. The next time you need to charter a flight, consider selecting the industry’s most exceptional craft. It will redefine your expectations for chartered flights.

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