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The Early Air Way "Jet Card"

One of the nation's fastest growing private jet charter companies

The Early Air Way "Jet Card"

The Early Airway Jet Card

The private jet charter industry is known for a large assortment of "club card" memberships available to the consumer.

It is very important for you, the passenger, to examine each card program as closely as we have.

Some card programs are advantageous, while others literally double the cost of your charter while adding only a slight convenience.

Our Jet Card is designed to offer one of the lowest costs of entry in the market, and to provide you with the conveniences of even the most expensive jet cards. Our card program is essentially a safe-guarded deposit for our flights. What is deducted from your account will be the actual cost of your flight - variable day to day, but nearly always significantly less than the fixed cost programs, by as much as 50%. Even more, you'll benefit from the card by gaining access to one of the easiest booking processes in the industry.

Features include:

Text Message Booking

  • Text your desired itinerary to our hotline
  • We respond with the price
  • You respond with "approve"
  • Your flight is booked and the funds are automatically debited from your Jet Card

E-Mail Booking

Jet Card - The Early Air Way




No Paperwork

  • You sign our contracts upon opening your account. After this, your flights will require no further contracts.

Charter with as little as 2 hours notice

  • We can procure an aircraft for Jet Card members in as few as 2 hours depending on the day's availability.

More Leverage for Better Rates

  • Our aircraft owners can be more competitive in their pricing for our Jet Card owners because of your proven loyalty and reliability.

Enhanced Service

  • A special gift with each and every flight.
  • The direct-line number to a dedicated concierge, who will personally be available for you at all hours.

Withdrawl your funds at any time

  • You may withdraw your Jet Card funds at any time, with no penalty charge. We guarantee a check or wire transfer within five business days.

A Comparison:

Hawker 400XP Same-Day Round-Trip: Santa Ana, CA to Las Vegas, NV

The Early Air Way MA***** Jet Card SE******
$5,200 (Including tax & Landing Fees) $10,362 (EXCLUDING 7.5% FET Tax & Landing Fees) $8,270 (EXCLUDING 7.5% FET Tax & Landing Fees)

Brand New Citation X One-Way: Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY

The Early Air Way MA***** Jet Card SE******
$23,500 (Including tax, catering & Landing Fees) $59,500 (EXCLUDING 7.5% FET Tax & Landing Fees) $41,475 (EXCLUDING 7.5% FET Tax & Landing Fees)