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Empty Legs, what’s the real story?

My company gets calls every single day asking about empty legs, we do talk about them on our website after all. If you’ve spent time sleuthing the internet for empty legs, or have read articles in the national newspapers on private jet travel, you’ve probably heard about flying private jets for $500, etc., and possibly…

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Part 134.5 Charters

teterboro crash

Written by: Alex Early, CEO of The Early Air Way January 8th, 2013 This is easily the biggest plague of the air charter business. If you read my last blog posting about “shady charter companies,” you’ll see that I was planning on writing about Part 134.5 charters as my next blog entry. Between then and…

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Share a Private Jet & Sharing a Private Jet

Written by: Alex Early, CEO of The Early Air Way June 26th, 2013 We get calls every day from people asking if we offer “shared rides” on private jets. Callers are generally not thrilled when we explain to them that we don’t. What you should know however is why we don’t offer shared private jet…

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The Jet Hedging Advantage

Jet hedging has been growing in popularity as of late. As savvy business men and women look for ways to optimize their time and funds, hedging is becoming the new wave of normal for frequent jet flyers. Before you take the plunge, it is important that you understand what jet hedging is and its advantages…

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Cessna CJ3+ Latest Private Jet from Well-Known Aircraft Maker

Although the Cessna CJ3 series had already proven popular among charter jet users, Cessna has now introduced the CJ3+, which has several impressive features. It is equipped with wireless capabilities, high-speed Internet and Garmin GPS technology. The CJ3+ has a maximum capacity of nine passengers, and has a range of almost 1,900 nautical miles. Click…

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Jet Cards… What and Why?

  If you spend a few minutes shopping for anything related to private jets, whether it be a charter flight or an entire aircraft, you’ll probably come across some sort of “jet card” program. If you’re even slightly considering purchasing a jet card, make sure to continue reading this article. Simply put, a jet card…

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