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Empty Leg Specials

Pricing specials from one of the nation's fastest growing private jet charter companies

Empty Leg Specials

At any given moment, there are several thousand "empty legs" available within the charter market. The Early Air Way is one of the pioneering companies in empty leg utilization, having been one of the first to compile empty leg inventory into databases over a decade ago.

We’re masters at truly understanding how to maximize the value of empty legs, having done it thousands of times over. We automatically run each and every eligible trip request against the empty leg marketplace, so our standard quotes are very often partially subsidized by "partial-match" deadheading aircraft.

With that said, the least expensive one-way charters come from a trip request [of yours] that perfectly matches an existing deadheading segment. To help you locate that “perfect match” you’re able to automatically search currently available empty legs below.

Be sure to subscribe to our empty leg specials list below as well, we’ll e-mail you our best empty-leg deals. You’re even able to specify specific routes for us to monitor for you.