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Aircraft Management & Sales

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Aircraft Sales & Management

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Aircraft management, The Early Air Way. If you own or are considering the purchase of a turbine aircraft, management is for you. The costs associated with management fees are paltry when measured against the savings and revenue stream our management programs will bring you.

As a boutique company, we’re able to give our aircraft owners a very special level of attention that our larger competition just can’t. Combine that with our cutting-edge knowledge of the charter market and proprietary sourcing techniques that have made us one of the most successful brokerage firms in the country, in-house part 145 maintenance, fleet-insurance rates, a global fuel contract, and the fact that two world-class sales teams are dedicated to selling charter on your plane around the clock, and you’re in extremely capable hands. Simply put, our programs are designed to make sure your plane is maintained and operated in the safest way possible, all the while offsetting your cost of ownership every step along the way.

Aircraft Management | The Early Airway


Through our charter program, we’ve chosen the charter sales techniques that work. As one of the largest charter buyers in the country, we know how the system works, well. You’ll find management companies out there that are built around the charter marketplace of yester-year; The Early Air Way is built around the charter market of today. Furthermore, with our charter programs, you will have two dedicated sales teams working together to maximize your charter revenue, 24/7. This added tier of redundancy makes sure we never miss an opportunity. The Early Air Way sells charter on your airplane in conjunction with our part 135 partners; giving you a two-tier system that just doesn’t exist elsewhere.

Aircraft Sales | The Early Airway


With jet aircraft burning several hundred gallons of fuel per hour, and fuel costs ranging from $3.50 to upwards of $9.00 per gallon across the country, fuel burn will be one of your largest expenses in operating your aircraft. Go at it alone, and you’ll pay the retail fuel rate at more or less every city you fly to. With our wholesale contracted fuel programs however, you’ll save a significant amount of money on fuel not only at your home airport, but across the world. Even if you go there once in your lifetime, you’ll buy fuel as if you fly there every day.


With our management programs, you’ll benefit from having your aircraft listed on a fleet-policy with other planes. You’ll get the same coverage you could get on your own, but your individual premium will be a fraction of the price.


Private jet maintenance is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety and reliability of these sophisticated aircraft. Unlike commercial airlines, private jet owners often have a more personalized and hands-on approach to maintenance. Regular inspections, routine servicing, and adherence to manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules are essential to keep private jets in optimal condition. Highly trained technicians and mechanics are responsible for everything from engine overhauls to avionics upgrades, ensuring that all components function flawlessly. This meticulous attention to maintenance not only enhances safety but also extends the lifespan of private jets, preserving their value and providing peace of mind to owners and passengers alike.


Our programs are built to cover aircraft based anywhere across the United States and Asia. The current charter marketplace has moved away from regional operations, and those with a nationwide and global focus are better poised for results. With that in mind, you will still have the local attention you desire. A locally based crew, local maintenance arrangements, and a local fuel contract will follow you wherever you decide to park your aircraft.

Our management oversight will make sure your aircraft is a turn-key tool; we’ll worry about it so you won’t have to. Our management takes control of as much or as little as you’d like; including crew staffing, cleaning, maintenance, catering, refurbishment, and so much more.

To make a long story short, if you currently own a turbine aircraft or are considering purchasing one, please reach out to us for a management proposal. You’ll see instantly how partnering with us will benefit you in so many ways.

To inquire about a custom-proposal for your current aircraft or future aircraft, please fill out the form below.