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Private Jet Charter Safety

Safety, it's our top priority.

Private Jet Charter Safety, it's our top priority.

We Are a WYVERN Authorized Broker


The Early Air Way is proud to be one of a select few private aviation brokers in the world to boast the distinguished “WYVERN Authorized Broker” status. We consider it an honor to be acknowledged by Wyvern among the top providers in our industry when it comes to  private jet charter safety.


You may have heard WYVERN and ARG/US (The Aviation Research Group United States) mentioned while flight shopping. WYVERN and ARG/US are the nation’s leading 3rd party aviation safety auditors. These organizations audit Part 135 air charter operations criteria that the FAA sometimes doesn’t. ARG/US and WYVERN grant their approval to operations based on pilot records, aircraft maintenance standards, SMS (safety management systems), operating history, and insurance.

WYVERN (Wyvern Consulting Ltd.), established in 1991, was the first firm that began performing worldwide on-site safety audits of air charter operators, including both aircraft and crews. But talk is cheap; the real story can be observed in the following statistical summaries:

  • Of all the 2,034 FAR Part 135 fatalities from January 1991 to August 2010, none involved a Wyvern-recommended aircraft or aircrew.
  • Of all the 1,719 Part 135 accidents from the same period, only two of those non-fatal accidents were attributable to Wyvern recommended operator aircraft.
  • Of all the Part 135 turbine (all of our flights are on turbine aircraft) accidents from August 2005 to August 2010, jets flying charter flights incurred 5 fatal accidents and 22 fatalities-but not one of these jet fatalities occurred on a Wyvern-compliant flight.*

*Source (Wyvern Consulting Ltd. 2012)

Our WYVERN and ARG/US access allow us to run safety reports similar to the one you see below.

Private Jet Charter Safety PASSED | The Early Airway

Remember, there is a difference between booking through a WYVERN Authorized Broker like The Early Air Way, and a broker who tells you that the aircraft is WYVERN compliant. Only a WYVERN Authorized Broker can verify, instantly and directly through the WYVERN system, that your flight is compliant with WYVERN’s standards. Many others will book you with an operator that may be a WYVERN operator, but they will have no way of verifying that your specific flight, including the assigned crew members, are truly WYVERN compliant. The same is true for ARG/US. As private jet charter safety is our top priority, The Early Air Way is a paid and current member of ARG/US, able to access ARG/US data directly from the source. Every broker talks about ARG/US, but you’d be amazed how few are actually paid members who have access to the real data … we’re one of the few. There is a difference when it comes to private jet charter safety.

A Letter From Alex Early, President:

Dear The Early Air Way Customer,

Any aviation business has a responsibility to all its passengers to stop at nothing to make safety a top priority. As the owner of a respected business aviation provider, I can tell you that I doze to sleep at night thinking about aviation safety.

As a private jet broker, The Early Air Way does not physically maintain aircraft or train crews in-house, which will most likely be the case with any company you may be considering against us at this very moment. To ensure our private jet charter safety, we have access to the operating histories of all aircraft, crew, dispatchers, insurance providers, international handlers, and maintenance providers we work with. If anything is found to be less than perfect, a plane won’t be flying for us. Likewise, we have a strict policy of only securing aircraft from the entity with operational control of said aircraft and crew; we will never allow a double-brokered trip to fly for us as many others do. This scenario prevents us from confirming the safety of your flight- we can’t be sure that another broker has the same standards we do.

Fly confidently with us, knowing that a lot of time has gone into selecting the best plane, crew and airport for you. Our attention to safety doesn’t end after booking- for example, we are monitoring weather conditions for EVERY departure and EVERY landing, even while you’re en route. We don’t take risks when it comes to safety, and we don’t work with operators who take risks.

Simply put, your safety is our absolute top priority, at all hours of the day and night.

With Regards,

Alex M. Early