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Traveling on a Budget Is Possible with Empty Leg Specials

Traveling on a Budget - The Early Airway

Traveling on a budget can be challenging, but knowing these tips and tricks can help you save money. Learn how flying private can help stay under budget. Who wants to travel on commercial airliners? People do it because they feel they have to – not because they want to. Think about it. No one likes…

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How To Get The Best Private Jet Last Minute Deals

Private Jet Last Minute Deals - The Early Air Way

Private jet last-minute deals are all around you, whether you realize it or not! Join private jet alert groups, seek out empty leg flights, and look into The Early Air Way’s Jet Card. Are you on a quest for the best private jet last-minute deals? Have you ever had to fly somewhere on a whim?…

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Tips and Tricks to Help Manage Your Aviophobia

Aviophobia - The Early Air Way

Aviophobia may feel overwhelming, but with the right supports, it doesn’t have to hold you back. Here’s how you can start working on your fear today! Does the idea of taking to the skies strike fear in your heart? If you suffer from Aviophobia (the fear of flying), you probably relate to this sentiment a…

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The Best 2021 Late Spring Skiing Destinations

Spring Skiing - The Early Air Way

Spring skiing isn’t quite over yet! Pack your bag, grab your skis, and book your private jet charter. Learn our top 5 spring skiing destinations. As summer is quickly approaching, you may feel that it is time to turn your attention to the types of sports you can spend time doing out in the heat—things…

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Different Types of Jet Leasing: Dry Leasing vs. Wet Leasing

Jet Leasing - The Early Air Way

When you choose jet leasing, you do so with the assumption that everything is going to be taken care of. Learn the best way to lease your next jet. More and more people are finding themselves turning toward the convenience and safety of private jets to meet their travel needs. Mix these newcomers with the…

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What is Responsible Travel and Why Is It Important?

Responsible Travel - The Early Air Way

Thinking ahead and planning your trip wisely can allow you to have the best experiences around the world while being conscious of responsible travel. As we move forward in life, we are encountering so many new terms and words for things – especially travel – and we are not quite sure what they mean. See,…

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Private Jets Prove to Be Essential for Travel

Private Jets Are Proving Essential For Travel - The Early Air Way

Life cannot stop due to COVID, but it can be adjusted. Private jets are proving to be essential for travel as they maximize safety during this pandemic.   Private Jets Prove to Be Essential for Travel as They Maximize Safety As the COVID-19 pandemic invaded our lives, many things started to change. A country that…

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Thinking of a Spontaneous Trip? Check Out These Tips

Thinking of a Spontaneous Trip? Check Out These Tips - Early Air Way

For those who are thinking of a much-needed trip, a spontaneous one sounds very fun right now! But like with everything else, safety is a priority. Read the helpful tips below. Are you anxious to get out and about? It has almost been a year since we have been able to get up and move…

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Maintain a Healthy Mindset By Traveling and Flying Private

Maintain a Healthy Mindset By Traveling and Flying Private - Early Air Way

Maintaining a healthy mindset is important. And you can easily do this by safely planning a trip on a private jet. Read further for all you need to know to make this happen now! Welcome to 2021! If you are like most people, you were probably glad to turn over that calendar into the new…

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6 Safety Tips If You’re Planning to Solo Travel

6 Safety Tips If You're Planning to Solo Travel - Early Air Way

Prioritizing safety is always important when it comes to traveling. But it’s even more important when you plan to solo travel. If this is you, here are helpful safety tips to keep in mind. Travel is invigorating, exciting, and endlessly inspiring. Seeing the world and understanding how alike we all are at the base level…

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