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For 2012, we are pleased to introduce our new “partners” portal.

For 2012, we are pleased to introduce our new “partners” portal. Through this portal, we will display companies that we believe can provide value to our clients. Companies below are companies that we have previously engaged in business with, and whose services are available to our clients through The Early Air Way.

Direct Measures: International Travel Safety and Protective Security Services

The Early Air Way is pleased to present its most discerning clients Direct Measures International (DMI), a leading provider of professional, discrete and confidential travel security and protective services.

If you are a celebrity or a prominent business executive traveling to at risk areas and have security concerns related to international travel, DMI stands ready to assist with pre-travel planning, secure ground transport, personal security escort and assure a safe return from anywhere in the world.

DMI provides full and part-time Close Protection Officers (CPOs) on a continuing or emergency basis to meet on-going or unexpected security challenges. Their officers are comprised of select individuals with advanced training in executive protection and operational experience in extremely hazardous situations. They are thoroughly prescreened and fully licensed and insured to operate in their respective areas. Many have operational experience in elite military and law enforcement units. DMI agents have also been trained in life saving skills and are fully capable of administering First Aid and CPR, should the need arise. They are discreet and personable men and women able to operate unobtrusively in business and social environments with minimal impact on privacy and freedom of operations. For support in key locations, DMI relies on its extensive worldwide network of highly skilled and trusted local professionals.

By integrating unique resources and talents with a progressive "outside-the-box" approach DMI can manage, mitigate, and resolve complex security problems and achieve objectives that other firms cannot, with market leading deliverables.

DMI has a proven track record of assessing and countering threats through cost-effective programs and have been serving the International business, law enforcement and military communities since 1988.

Services Include:

  • Executive/VIP Protection
  • Secure Personnel Transport
  • Protective Travel Arrangements
  • Courier of Sensitive Data and Valuables
  • Airfield Arrivals and Departures Security
  • Special Assignments and Conflict Resolution
  • Extractions and Hostile Environment Rescues

For reservations please contact, or request DMI’s protective services with your The Early Air Way private aviation specialist.

For more information please log on at and


DMI Team working on a GIV flight by The Early Air Way.

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