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In-Flight Experience

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In-Flight Experience


Having seen it all in this industry, we set out to do things right as "the" charter jet company among all air charter services. We offer complete private jet charter services, and unlike so many of those who will compete directly against us, our assistance does not stop once you've booked your flight.

Your custom tailored in-flight experience is very important to us. Whether speed and economy is your priority, logistics management for a road show is crucial, or opulence unrivaled by the standards of luxury jet charter services is what you want, we have been there and done that.

Regardless of your traveling needs, we will meet them.

We'll prepare your flight with materials for in flight business presentations. We'll cater flights from local celebrity restaurants as opposed to aircraft catering companies. We can even arrange for a celebrity chef to accompany you on your journey. We arrange for specific vehicle types to greet aircraft upon arrival. We even offer inflight spa services if requested, all at additional cost following your booking.

All of our flights, however, feature our trip management program which tracks all logistics of your trip, remains in close touch with your flight crew, and allows for you to make last minute changes to your trip via phone, e-mail, and even SMS texts.


in-flight experience - The Early Air Way


Safety is our single top priority at The Early Air Way. We are extremely selective of the aircraft and crew we use. We frequently reject aircraft that are often used for charters.

All aircraft and crew used by The Early Air Way must meet the following selection criteria:

  • Be listed on the D085 of an FAA Part 135 or Part 121 Air Charter Certificate.
  • Maintain our high insurance coverage requirements. (Between $25 million for light jets and $250 million for heavy jets)
  • Passed an audit with Aviation Research Group United States (ARG/US) with a score of Gold or better.
  • Have aircraft maintained with a reputable A&P maintenance Provider.

We inspect all aircraft for their effects on the five senses. Sight, Smell, Taste, Sound, and Feeling are all things taken into account in our aircraft selection. When flying with The Early Air Way, you will get an aircraft that you feel is worth your money.


An untold trick among Air Charter Brokers is to sell you a trip based on the size of the aircraft, and then put you on the cheapest plane that they can possibly send for you in that category. Often, that airplane will be old, and aesthetically tired. At The Early Air Way, that just wouldn't happen. We sell our flights as "aircraft type specific," and would only deviate from the aircraft type in the event of a rare and unforeseen scheduling circumstance. What this means is that if you want and pay for a new plane, you'll get a new plane. If you want to save money and get an older plane that still meets our rigorous safety criteria, we can send one and pass the savings down to you. There won't be any surprises.

We inspect all aircraft for their effects on the five senses. Sight, Smell, Taste, Sound, and Feeling are all things taken into account in our aircraft selection. When flying with The Early Air Way, you will get an aircraft that is worth the money you're paying.


The majority of our business charter services are just that, private jet services for business. In business, speed and punctuality are key. After safety, punctuality is our priority. The people in our office jump through hurdles to make sure that our flights run on time, always. Naturally, the elements of mother earth are out of our control.

We offer redundant flight departments during your travels, most operations only have one. Hours before you even leave for the airport, our own team is shadowing the aircraft operator's logistics, and instructing your ground transfer providers if arranged through us. Every major detail is checked by two different teams to reduce the chance of error. We understand the importance of punctuality; time is one of the greatest value adds of our industry as a whole. We sell time, we know it is expensive, and we deliver. When you fly with us, you have an entire team stressing to expedite your "wheels up" time.

Customer Service

You will have access to your personal aircraft concierge 24/7, 365 for private jet charter plane services. We give you the attention of a small company, with the procurement capability of a large one. We tailor our service to you. Request something once, and we'll remember forever, no matter where in the world we happen to meet you again.

We tell our new clients… text us on Sunday mornings, call us in the middle of the night, it's what we're here for. Once you get started with us, you'll see the truth behind this statement. We're designed to be the best service money can buy, offering services worldwide as a premier private jet company.


in-flight experience - The Early Air Way