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Why Charter a Jet with The Early Air Way?

One of the nation's fastest growing private jet charter companies

Why Fly Early?

We know there are many options to weigh when picking a business jet provider, so the fact that you’ve come to us means a great deal. When you choose The Early Air Way, you’re choosing a company that’s come to be respected by savvy business aviation customers as “the real deal.” Our regular clients include Fortune 500 companies, heads of state, celebrities, major Las Vegas hotels, people transitioning from fractional and whole aircraft ownership, and many very frequent charter flyers.

Why Charter a Jet With Us? | The Early Airway

Our Company Values


The safety of our passengers, crew and all involved in an Early Air Way flight is our top priority. To ensure this, we carefully vet our operator partners and hold them to a high standard of third party safety auditing. Read more about our safety policies here.


Our integrity is the foundation of our company. It comes down to one simple rule: do the right thing.


We are a customer service business. Your satisfaction and comfort are important to us. You can expect friendly, well-informed, high touch service no matter how large or small your flight with us.

Rooted in our company values, what sets us apart from the competition is that our first goal is to provide you, our customer, with the very best product, value and knowledge of when you charter a jet:

We tell it like it is: You always know exactly what you’re getting when booking a flight with us. We book specific aircraft, not vague “sizes,” a practice many competitors use to significantly downgrade your aircraft without refunding any money.

We’re transparent:  We will disclose any aspect of each transaction we make, just ask.

Wholesale based pricing:  Does that mean we don’t make money? No. However, our pricing is based on the wholesale market, meaning we don’t have inflated pre-set rates to pad our profits. For this reason, we customize prices for each and every trip- if there is a good deal to be found, we pass it along to you.

We’re aviation people, based at the airport:  Many of our competitors are a consortium of commissioned, transient salespeople, at home on laptops. Our team is a passionate group of aviation experts, not simply salespeople focused solely on quotas and commissions. Our headquarters are at the Van Nuys Airport, the nation’s busiest business jet airport. We know everyone in business aviation, and our connections really do bring you better results.

We’re serious: Our company is not focused so much on being a status symbol, or advertising “the pinnacle of luxury.” We work as the provider of serious business tools responsible for your safety, not people selling expensive luxury paraphernalia.

We’re never pushy:  We will never push you into buying our product or choosing to charter a jet with us. If you’re booking one of our flights, it’s because you want to. We will always offer non-biased advice based on our expertise.

We’re fast: We’ve procured flights on less than an hour’s notice many times. We’re as fast as you’ll get.

We’re insured: In addition to verifying the flight operators’ insurance policies on the planes we use, The Early Air Way carries an additional $10 million non-owned aviation insurance policy which covers every charter touched by our company.

Work with us once, and you’ll understand that if you want a serious provider of a serious product at a consistently fair price, The Early Air Way is the provider to call.