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Management Profile

One of the nation's fastest growing private jet charter companies

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Alex M. Early

Founder & CEO
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Alex M. Early, CEO of The Early Air Way, is an expert in aircraft charter procurement and all that it entails.

Early maintains personal relationships with a who's who of American Business, US Politicians, celebrity figures, hotels, concierges, aircraft owners, and not to mention nearly the entire aircraft management and charter industry.

Early built the company he founded in December or 2005 into one of the fastest growing private jet charter providers in the nation. He has implemented state of the art computer systems to track the nation's ARG/US approved part 135 planes in order to provide himself and his team with a birds eye view of "the best" plane to be used for each particular mission, instantly.

Early has successfully coordinated over 10,000 charter flights, has been responsible for developing the company's client base from scratch, has assisted as an expert with research for business jet related lawsuits, has worked on aircraft acquisitions, has worked on aircraft management arrangements, has advised management companies on how to participate in the "top tier" of air charter, has consulted television for their accurate depiction of business aviation, has guest lectured at NYU on the subject of entrepreneurship, and more.

Prior to founding The Early Air Way, Early worked with a Van Nuys, CA based Part 135 operator, JetBlue Airways, a Los Angeles based wealth management firm, and a New York venture capital and incubation firm.

Early is a graduate of New York University's Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management. While in school, he was nominated by the Entrepreneurs' Organization as one of the top student entrepreneurs in the world through their "Global Student Entrepreneur Awards" program, which he became a finalist in. Through the program, Early was featured on a CNBC special about businesses started by college students, particularly focusing on The Early Air Way.

Early is an FAA licensed private pilot and flies a single engine Cessna 172 Skyhawk for fun. He is passionate about aviation, business, and the pursuit of ideas. He always hopes that his passion shines in phenomenal professional results.