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Is a Global Express Aircraft Right For Your Business Travel Needs? Check It Out Here!

Is the Global Express aircraft ideal for your business travel demands? Consider your priorities. This aircraft offers exceptional performance and long-distance travel to meet your worldwide travel needs. It provides inflight connectivity and conveniences to give you ample ability to maintain productivity when out of the office. Plus, its spacious, luxurious cabin will have you feeling rejuvenated once you land so you can hit the ground running. 

Is a Global Express Aircraft Right For Your Business Travel Needs? - Early Air Way

Is business travel keeping you out of the office and tanking your level of productivity? Do long flights leave you exhausted, finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things? If you think that chartering a private jet sounds like a good idea, but is not worth the extra expense — you may want to think again. 

The Global Express is the perfect combination of luxury and performance. This article explores all it has to offer corporate travelers.

Why the Global Express Aircraft is Perfect For Business Travel

Traveling for business is not always the most exciting thing to do — unless, of course, you get to fly high on a chartered private jet. Choosing one that is the perfect fit takes the experience to the next level. 

Here are a few reasons you should consider the Global Express aircraft for your business travels.

Long Range Performance

The Bombardier Global Express has been around since 1999 with many of the jets going through overhauls and refurbishments throughout the years since. This ensures that they are equipped with all the right advancements and technology to provide the most astounding performance. 

This large-cabin aircraft has a range of up to about 6,700 nautical miles — that’s equivalent to about 7,700 miles. It can truly go the distance. But that isn’t all it can do. It can reach max speeds of well over 500 mph so it will get you there fast.  

When you have business to conduct around the globe, it will feel good to be able to reach your destination with ease, requiring no stops to refuel. 

global express aircraft - Early Air Way

An Environment Made for Productivity 

One of the biggest complaints about business travel is the amount of time lost at the office, which quickly leads to a decrease in productivity. This is especially true for those traveling on commercial airliners. After all, you waste countless hours in lines and sitting at terminal gates. 

Maintain your productivity with ease on the Global Express. 

There is plenty of room on this jet, offering you the personal space you need to get work done — even on a full flight. 

You will find different seating arrangements and even conference areas that will allow work to continue whether alone or with others. 

The inflight connectivity and technology will help you to remain connected to those on the ground as if you never left the office. 

An Interior that Caters to Rest and Rejuvenation

Once you step inside the cabin of the Global Express you are engulfed in peace and comfort. Not only will these surroundings help you to focus your mind while you enjoy your flight, but they will also give you a chance to rest so that you are ready to go when you land. 

Traveling is tough — especially when work keeps you in the sky frequently. On Global Express, comfortable seating can convert into beds that lie flat so that you can get the most quality rest during your flight. Because this jet has distinct cabin sections, those who are resting can do so quietly while others socialize in a different area. 

What’s more, the full galley gives you access to a meal and various refreshments. You can land well-rested and refreshed.

Unmatched Privacy

Business travel is often going to include some discussion. Yet, it is tough to keep conversations private when you are surrounded by a bunch of strangers. This includes handling meetings, taking phone calls, working on your laptop, or spreading out a paper file. You simply cannot do these things in tight spaces. 

On Global Express, you have plenty of room for you and your group to conduct business as needed without the risk of breaching confidentiality or feeling as though you have to take extra precautions. 

Private jets are private. 

The Global Express has everything business executives need to feel confident in the level of privacy maintained for the duration of their flight. 

Factors to Consider Before Chartering the Global Express

There are many factors to consider when chartering the Global Express. While it may come with some incredible perks, that doesn’t always mean it is a one-size-fits-all travel solution. 

Travel Distance. The Global Express is perfect for long-range travel, but for short, quick trips, you may find a smaller jet to be a more cost-effective option. 

Passenger Capacity. The Global Express has room for 14 passengers comfortably, making it a great choice for those who travel in groups. 

Budget. Business travel is essential, but it can also be costly. While the Global Express is a stellar choice, charter fleets are made up of all different types and sizes of aircraft. You are sure to find one that checks all the boxes for your company. 

Charter the Global Express with The Early Air Way

Dealing with the struggles of extensive business travel? When you charter the Global Express aircraft with The Early Air Way, you automatically give yourself access to extensive performance with speed and range, getting you where you need to be without all the hassle. You will be able to sit back and relax in the wide-body cabin or remain connected and productive with work while in the air. 

Think the Global Express is the right fit for your business travel? Take control of your business travel and contact The Early Air Way to book your charter. And don’t forget to explore our empty leg specials!


It is possible to travel for business and still maintain your level of productivity and arrive feeling refreshed. All you need is a private jet charter that has the space, luxurious amenities, and the right level of performance. In other words, you need to charter the Global Express.

global express aircraft - Early Air Way

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