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7 Things to Do in Santa Barbara and Why Rent a Private Jet to Get There!

Rent a private jet and fly to Santa Barbara to experience all the city has to offer. Trolley tours, food tours, wine tours, and more will help you see all the sights. Spend time with the animals at the Santa Barbara Zoo, head out on the water in a kayak, experience Nojoqui Falls, and explore Old Mission. Then, talk about your adventures over dinner at the Waterfront. 

7 Things to Do in Santa Barbara and Why Rent a Private Jet to Get There! - Early Air Way

Thinking about visiting Santa Barbara? Flying in on a private jet gives you a maximum amount of time to see everything the city has to offer without worrying about ground transportation to and from major airports. After all, this gem has so much to offer its visitors — you won’t want to waste time at all. 

This article explores the best things to do in Santa Barbara and why you need to rent a private jet to get there.

Fly to Santa Barbara on a Private Jet

Santa Barbara is a great place to visit for a week or just a day — and renting a private jet is the best way to get in and out with ease. After all, with so much to see and experience, time is of the essence. 

Here are seven things to do in Santa Barbara

See the City on a Trolley Tour

Trolley tours are a fun way to experience Santa Barbara as you travel around the city with highly experienced, native guides. While the trolleys are a piece of history themselves, they drive you around the city, allowing you to see all the hotspots. 

The tour guides are full of fun facts and historical information. They can be quite entertaining, too. This can be a great kickoff to your time here. 

Set Sail on a Kayak

There are plenty of places to rent kayaks in the Santa Barbara Harbor – by yourself or with a tour group. 

Once you are on the kayak, you can spend your time paddling throughout the harbor or heading up the coast a bit. You also do not want to miss exploring the Channel Islands. Who knows — you may even have the opportunity to see sea lions, whales, and dolphins. 

However, the perfect kayaking excursion is to paddle out into the water and watch the sunset over the horizon. It’s truly unforgettable. 

things to do in santa barbara - Early Air Way

Get Up Close with Animals at Santa Barbara Zoo

Who doesn’t love the zoo? In Santa Barbara, it is the perfect way to spend your time with animals while surrounding yourself with a beautiful backdrop. 

Aside from seeing the more than 400 animals living in their open, naturalistic habitats, you can also enjoy brushing goats, feeding giraffes, finding fossils, and having up-close animal encounters. 

You’re in for a wild time!

Go on a Food or Wine Tour

Santa Barbara wants you to experience all it has to offer. Therefore, you can find a tour for just about anything — chocolate, wine, and even tacos. 

You will find that some are walking tours, others are e-bike tours. Either way, you will discover the best of the best guided by experts in the city.  

Santa Barbara’s wine county is located just north of the city in the Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Maria Valley. Hillside vineyards and wine trails welcome you in and provide you with plenty of opportunities to explore and taste wine from local wineries. 

Experience Nojoqui Falls

Found in the foothills of Solvang, this is a must-see while in the area. They say it is a hike to the waterfalls, but it is really just a short 20-minute walk. This means you get to experience the beauty without having to put in all the work. Yet, the surroundings are tranquil; they may actually leave you wishing that the trail was longer. 

Taking the short drive from downtown Santa Barbara to Nojoqui Falls is worth the break in action for some peace and serenity. 

Explore Old Mission

Old Mission is one of the most well-known historical hot spots in the area. You won’t want to miss out on it while you are here. Located on 15 acres that overlook the Pacific Ocean, this church has carefully maintained gardens, a museum, a historic mausoleum, a gift shop, and more. 

Self-guided tours are available so that you may experience the exceptional beauty found throughout the property. This Mission was founded in 1786 by Spanish Franciscans and is still home to the Franciscan Friars today. 

Be sure it makes it onto your travel itinerary. 

Dine at Santa Barbara Waterfront, Visit Stearns Wharf

The Santa Barbara Waterfront is home to lots of shopping, dining, and the fish market. You can dine on some of the freshest seafood and enjoy the surroundings, like specialty shops and recreation areas. It is no surprise that the waterfront is the hottest spot in the city. 

You can’t miss the infamous Stearns Wharf while here, either. This wooden pier is in the harbor and is the oldest working wharf. It is lined with souvenir shops and snack stands — and surrounded by a beautiful picture-worthy landscape. 

Rent a Private Jet to Santa Barbara

Private jets fly directly into Santa Barbara, getting you as close to your destination as possible. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about pre-determined flight times as private jet charters allow you to choose when you’d like to travel.

It’s fast, convenient, and comfortable. You will get to enjoy a lot of luxurious amenities, too. 

Rent a private jet with The Early Air Way to visit Santa Barbara. You’ll have plenty of time to see everything we’ve talked about – and more. 

Book your charter today! And don’t forget to explore our empty leg specials!


There are so many things to do in Santa Barbara that you won’t want to miss. And the best way to get there is on a private jet charter. Not only will you surround yourself with luxury from the very start, but you will get as close as possible to your destination. 

Visit Santa Barbara on a private jet. 

things to do in santa barbara - Early Air Way

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