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Things to Know Before Taking Your Private Jet to Miami

Things to Know Before Taking Your Private Jet to Miami | The Early Air Way's BlogFlying on a private jet comes with some very nice perks. Though first class on a commercial flight can be quite enjoyable as well, it still does not provide the same customized experience that a private flight does. Before planning your flight on your private jet to Miami, there are a few things that you should know.

Picking the Right Jet

There are different jet options offered for travel. Depending upon your destination, size of your party and any special features you desire, there is a specific jet that is best for you. As such, you want to select the best option. Your jet company will help you to do just that during your flight consultation.

The Difference

Private jets and first class on a commercial plan are similar in that they provide some privacy and exclusivity. However, there are still some major differences between the two. A few of the main differences include:

  • Though they tend to go the same speed, a private jet may get you to your destination faster than a commercial plane because the route will be more direct.
  • The wait time and experience to enter your jet tends to be faster and more accommodating.
  • You never have to worry about a holdup with your luggage.

Nice Perks

There are still some things that jets and commercial flights do share, however private jets tend to take them to the next level. For instance, both flight styles offer reclining seats, but jet seats are usually plush, leather and able to convert into a mattress-style bed. Another perk in a jet is that the lavatory might include a shower.

As you can see there is a distinct difference when flying on a jet. For your next trip to Miami, start the trip off right in high style with a private jet experience. Learn more about the specific offerings and how to secure your charter by contacting your local jet company.

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