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New Yorkers Love the Convenience of Private Jet Travel

The New York lifestyle is frenetic at times. The successful closing of an important business deal often requires face-to-face negotiations, and that may mean taking the fastest route to a crucial meeting. The perfect solution may be a New York private jet charter. Avoid the lines at the airport, breeze through security and board your…

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Darkest Skies on Earth

The International Dark-Sky Association has certified Sossusvlei as a Dark-Sky Reserve. Light pollution does not exist in this desert where few animals live and people come to stay just for the starry nights. You can arrive in Sossusvlei by a small plane and a gravel airstrip or take a 6 hour car ride from Windhoek. The dessert…

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Underrated Family Destinations in Mexico

Learn about Mexico’s culture at beautiful, off the beaten path locations. Here are the best underrated destinations for families in Mexico. Bacalar, Quintana Roo is located along the Caribbean with a lagoon, Lago de Seis Colores that you can swim in. You can also take a trip over to the Mayan ruins. The rooms at…

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Private Jet Flight Safety is Top of Mind for Passengers

  As a passenger, the biggest concern you have about flying is safety. How old is the aircraft you plan to board? What is the safety record? Questions about private jet charter safety seem to come up more often than they would about aircraft operated by a commercial airline. You would do well to choose…

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Experience the Season with These Beautiful Fall Travel Destinations

As the seasons change and summer travelers settle back into daily life, fall travelers are gearing up for some fun and adventure. This is a great time to travel as you miss the busy season with its often inflated prices, crowds and sometimes extreme heat. Below are a few choice destinations that you can enjoy.…

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Fly Comfortably While Using a Hawaii Jet Charter

Do you need to travel across the country? Why deal with the frustration of sitting on a crowded airplane with a bunch of other people who may make a lot of noise and disrupt you while you are trying to relax? Instead of hopping on a traditional plane, you could always use the Hawaii jet…

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