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Luxury Hotel Brings Rebirth to Asbury Park

Luxury Hotel Brings Rebirth to Asbury Park | The Early Air Way

Two blocks from the boardwalk, the Asbury Hotel opening is a milestone as the first hotel opening in Asbury Park, NJ in over 50 years. A derelict Salvation Army building was converted into the boutique hotel, tuned to showcase the city’s music, art, and food scenes.

Asbury Park has seen some struggles with hurricanes, the Great Recession, and Superstorm Sandy, but the Victorian charm and proximity to Manhattan have helped the city recover.

The Asbury hotel has a communal outdoor meeting lounge, The Pit, and Soundbooth, a music-themed bar just inside the lobby, for entertaining guests within the building. A beer garden, outdoor pool, and contracted food trucks round out the experience well.


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