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Hotel and Amenities the New Style of Airbnb

Hotel and Amenities the New Style of Airbnb | The Early Air Way

At the same time as launching Airbnb Live There, the team also launched as testing program for hospitality-driven experiences. This new pilot program, Sonoma Select, is geared solely to Sonoma California and bring more features to booking through Airbnb.

While the cost of staying in these listings is a bit higher than usual, it balances out with the features available from them. They are full house/apartment listings, allow for 24 hour check-ins, and have full 3-D maps to tour the listings beforehand.

If you choose to turn on the Sonoma Select filter, you’re shown about 37 different listings, all of which offer Instant Booking, 24-hour check-in, and local amenities that include “local treats, wine, upgraded bath products, and a guidebook.”


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