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Dealing With Data For Overseas Travel

Dealing With Data For Overseas Travel | The Early Air Way's BlogWhen it comes to traveling abroad, using your phone can be an expensive way of communicating. Most Americans do not have international data plans, and for this reason it can be a challenge to plan for overseas travel if you don’t have the right information. Start by talking to your phone company to be sure you have the right plan. You may need to invest in a SIM card to have the smartest options available to you. WiFi, hot spots, and minimal use of cell phones can help travelers to keep costs in check when it comes to data usage.

In other news, wireless technology is moving quickly, and many expect that these issues may not persist for much longer. The EU has already voted to end data roaming charges in Europe, and Google has introduced a wireless service that will have no roaming charges in over 120 countries. For now, use your phone as a last resort and utilize WiFi and other apps to supplement your usage.

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