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What Are the Benefits of Traveling?

What Are the Benefits of Traveling? | The Early Air Way's BlogYou’ve probably heard by now that Americans don’t travel enough- according to a study from Expedia, over 30% of Americans didn’t use all of their vacation days. For some reason, American culture strives for job success and there is a stigma that leaving your job for a few weeks to travel somehow equates with not being dedicated to work. However, there are so many benefits of taking a vacation that will actually make American workers better off in the long run.

  • Health Benefits: There are many proven health benefits linked to vacationing, from reduced stress and higher positive emotional levels to lower blood pressure and less depression. Getting away from it all and just replenishing your body and mind can do a lot for your overall health.
  • Creativity Benefits: Many workers come up with their best ideas when they are out of the office. Being in a relaxed environment on vacation can spur creativity and innovation, which the worker can then bring back to the office.
  • Productivity Benefits: Individuals who never take breaks or vacations are likely less productive than those who do take breaks and vacations. You will feel better about your job and more productive after taking a vacation, which will benefit both you and your workplace.

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