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9 Outrageous Hotels Coming Soon

9 Outrageous Hotels Coming Soon | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

Have you seen completely unfeasible hotel concepts that you would love to actually be able to stay in one day? Well here are 9 outrageous hotels that are actually in the making right now.

  1. The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental in Shanghai will open in 2017 and is built into the cliff above a lagoon. You can participate in rock climbing and water activities or enjoy the view from the resturant.
  2. Posiedon will be a completely underwater hotel in Fiji. There will be 24 suites, a resturant, library, and spa with full views of the reef . It was originally supposed to open in 2008 but has been delayes and should open in 2017.
  3. Keemala Resort is set to be an outdoor adult wellness getaway in the rainforest of Phuket, Thailand.
  4. Lofoten Opera Hotel does not have an opening date but is a snake-shaped hotel with grand views of the Lofoten Islands in Norway. It will be a combination of hotel suites and apartments.
  5. The Hotel Crescent will look like a half-moon skyscraper high over the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan. The hotel is being built on a man made island that is connected to entertainment centers in Crescent City/ Crescent Place area by a bridge.
  6. Dubai is developing private islands on it’s coast in the next couple years. Construction began this June on 33 floating suites.
  7. The Royal Atlantis is hoping to “redefine luxury” with 800 guest rooms and 250 apartments in Dubai. A resturant by Gordon Ramsey will also be on the proprety along with a sky pool and marine park.
  8. Salt & Water floating catamaran hotels will be used to increase tourism on land locked lakes around the world. Salt & Water won the 2015 Millennium Yacht Design Award for these floating hotel rooms. They are not in construction yet.
  9. In Changsha, China the Dawang  Mountain Resort and tower will be partially suspended over a quarry and Tongxi Lake. There will also be a snow center on top of the hotel. Construction began in July and will be cmpleted in 2016.

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