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Travel Out of Your Comfort Zone

Travel Out of Your Comfort Zone | The Early Air Way

From recent surveys done by the Virtuoso luxury travel network, breaking the comfort zone is a top trend for travelers in 2016. Adventure seems to be a top priority as an experience in the travel industry.

Galapagos Small-Group Tour

Take a small sailing ship and about 11 other friends to tour the Galapagos islands. Search out the variety of animals, and the abrupt variety in scenery to break you out of the civilization mindset.

Nomadic Moroccan Family

If your comfort zone is being a home-body, remove the home and join a Moroccan family as they move around the Atlas Mountains.


Antartica can probably be described as uncomfortable. It lacks all the trappings of a corner coffee shop, internet connectivity, farm-fresh foods, and the feeling in your toes. The journey really is the adventure here, with wildlife sightings and exclusivity as one of the few people to see Antarctica.


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