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Travel Amsterdam in 4 Days

Travel Amsterdam in 4 Days | The Early Air Way

Amsterdam has a culture all its own, and is one of the top travel destinations for the majority of the world. For some its the quaint architecture, others value the easy going attitude, but to most there is just too much to see for a quick trip. For those quick vacations of just a few days, a brief overview of the highlights will prime you for the next adventure into deeper parts of Amsterdam.

The first day should be a walking tour of Amsterdam. In this way you can orient yourself with the biggest overview of what Amsterdam has to offer. Most tours include a bit of history, the landmarks, and brief canal exploration.

After the initial broad scope tour, you should try a canal tour to delve into how Amsterdam is tied to its waterways. A suggestion is to go for smaller boats and tour companies, they can give a more personalized experience and have a wonderful atmosphere to them.

Once you have the city down pat, you can visit the Van Gough Museum which might be small, but packs most of the best works into a chronological order. It also hosts many other famous artists of the time period too.

Finally the Rijksmuseum has been remodeled to better house its Rembrandt collection. They also have other great Dutch painters and various other works of art. With those out of the way, you are ready for day two to begin.


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