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How Can Empty Leg Charter Flights Help You This Winter?

Empty Leg Charter Flights | The Early Airway

Winter travel can be made much easier this year with the use of empty leg charter flights. Are you looking to get away this winter? Or, perhaps you didn’t intend to get away, but work is requiring you to hit the friendly skies. Whatever the reason, choosing air travel over any other method can get…

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Traveling on a Budget Is Possible with Empty Leg Specials

Traveling on a Budget - The Early Airway

Who wants to travel on commercial airliners? People do it because they feel they have to – not because they want to. Think about it. No one likes to be stripped of personal comfort and space. And, handling crowds is usually far from the top of everyone’s list. But when it comes to traveling great…

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Empty Legs, what’s the real story?

My company gets calls every single day asking about empty legs, we do talk about them on our website after all. If you’ve spent time sleuthing the internet for empty legs, or have read articles in the national newspapers on private jet travel, you’ve probably heard about flying private jets for $500, etc., and possibly…

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