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How to Find an Empty Leg Private Jet

How to Find an Empty Leg Private Jet - The Early Air Way

Wondering how to find an empty leg private jet flight? 

With so many different opportunities available, booking your flight can be confusing at times. You know that you don’t want to travel commercially, but when it comes to affordability, it may seem like the only option. 

Empty leg flights on a private jet, however, can be a game-changer. You can take advantage of all that the world of private travel has to offer while remaining within your budget. 

In this article, we will discuss what they are and how to find an empty leg private jet. 

What is an Empty Leg on a Private Jet?

An empty leg flight is traveling without any passengers. Whether the jet has to get back to its home base for another flight or it is repositioning itself for an upcoming booking, private jets take to the skies all the time without any passengers in tow. 

For the carrier, this means that they have to travel without earning any revenue. All expenses for fuel and flight crew will come out of their own pocket. However, if they offer it up as a discounted flight, they are likely to find someone heading in the same direction to share the cost. 

As a passenger, you still get nearly all the luxurious benefits of traveling privately. The difference is that you may have a little less flexibility. There are usually some restrictions on travel times and the destination has already been set. 

If you find an empty leg that fits into your plans, then you can save money and enjoy the flight.

How to Find an Empty Leg Private Jet - Early Air Way

Who Should Take Advantage of Empty Leg Flights? 

Anyone who is looking to travel comfortably while saving money should see if they can take advantage of private empty leg private jet flights. This includes those traveling for business, families heading out on vacation, couples looking to get away, or solo travelers seeking an adventure. 

Of course, it is important to know that empty leg flights cannot be booked well in advance. That means to take advantage of this travel, you have to be flexible with your travel plans, as well as spontaneous. Many of these flights are booked just a few days – or hours – before the scheduled flight. They are meant for those who thrive on short-notice travel. 

Unfortunately, for individuals who have rigid travel plans requiring specific location, date, and time of travel, empty legs may not always be the ideal option —- unless you come across one that just happens to be heading in the right direction at the right time. 

Benefits of Traveling on Empty Leg Flights

Your flight doesn’t have to be just your means of traveling to your destination. With a private jet, it can be an experience. You may not have as much flexibility as you would typically have when booking a charter, but you can definitely reap the benefits of this type of travel. 

Here are a few of the many benefits of traveling on empty leg flights: 

  • Save money with reduced travel fees. 
  • Private accommodations onboard the jet. 
  • Inflight connectivity and entertainment. 
  • Comfortable seating and elegant surroundings. 
  • Save time with quick, efficient travel — and no long lines or layovers. 
  • Luxurious amenities.
  • Ability to fly into smaller, less crowded airports — potentially closer to your destination. 

You can add personalized touches to your private jet experience and enjoy all aspects of your flight. It’s travel you can feel good about, whether you are traveling alone or with a whole group. 

How to Find an Empty Leg Private Jet

So, how do you find an empty leg flight? The one-way flights that have to get where they are going, but don’t have any passengers will often be listed somewhere by the charter company. For instance, some make things easy by listing all available empty leg flights right on their website. Others may send out an email blast to those who have registered for it. Some charter companies will only share the information if you call to inquire. 

The best thing you can do is find a reputable charter company that you can trust and reach out to them. Find out how they share their empty leg flights and how you can book one when you are ready. 

Book Your Empty Leg Flight with The Early Air Way

Getting a reduced price for an empty leg flight shouldn’t come with a reduced level of comfort and luxury. This is why it is so important to pay attention to who you are booking your empty leg flight through. 

The Early Air Way provides high-quality service from the time you book your flight until you land and go about your travels. They understand that you have a choice when it comes to booking your private flight, but they also know that they outshine the competition in what they offer their passengers. 

All available flights are conveniently listed on their website. Or, you can always reach out to their charter team via phone and let them know what it is you are looking for and see how they can help. 

Empty leg flights make private travel more affordable —- and reduce your need to travel commercially. When you can have all the benefits of flying private while saving money, it just makes sense.


Before you book your next flight, be sure to check all your options. Empty leg flights can be very rewarding when you are flexible with your travel plans. You can take advantage of all the amenities and benefits of private travel while saving money. 

And the jet has the help it needs to offset its costs. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Check out available empty leg specials at The Early Air Way today!

How to Find an Empty Leg Private Jet - Early Air Way