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How Can Empty Leg Charter Flights Help You This Winter?

Winter travel can be made much easier this year with the use of empty leg charter flights.

Empty Leg Charter Flights | The Early Airway

Are you looking to get away this winter? Or, perhaps you didn’t intend to get away, but work is requiring you to hit the friendly skies. Whatever the reason, choosing air travel over any other method can get you there the fastest and make the most efficient use of your time. Right?


You may want to check your other options. When you fly via commercial airliners, you are subjecting yourself to all that comes with them.

This includes:

  • Having to deal with parking and traffic
  • Strategically maneuvering your way through the busy airport
  • Waiting in long lines to get through security
  • Wasting time sitting at the gate because you are requested to be there at least two hours before your flight, and so on

Not to mention that delays are common and finding a great deal last minute is not very likely.

But, don’t fret.

There is another option that can get you there fast – without all the hassle. Consider an empty leg flight to help you with your travels this winter.


What Are Empty Leg Charter Flights?

Before we go any further, you are probably wondering what an empty leg flight is. And, no, it doesn’t require you only to have one leg.

Here is how they work:

A private jet is booked to travel from Los Angeles, CA to Salt Lake City, UT. Once it arrives in Salt Lake City, however, it does not have anyone returning to its home base in LA for an upcoming flight to a different location.

So, the jet must travel – empty – back to LA.

This is an empty leg.

If you were in Salt Lake City (or nearby) and you are looking to travel to LA, then you’ve got the perfect opportunity to fly private. This jet is heading there anyway. So, why not make take a passenger (or passengers) for a nominal fee?

It is a win-win for both parties.


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1. You Can Save Time

When it comes to traveling during the winter months, you may find that air travel deals with a lot of delays.

Winter weather at either your departing or arriving region could create an impact that lasts for hours – or even days. While safety is the ultimate concern, it does create a bit of aggravation when you need to be somewhere – or while you are stuck in an airport.

Time is precious and no one wants to waste it waiting. An empty leg flight can save you time in many ways.

  • First, private jets are not impacted by weather delays like commercial airliners are. They may have to wait in a line to take off, but when the all-clear is given, they are golden. Commercial airliners get a backlog of flights that can cause a ripple effect. Even the flights that wouldn’t typically be affected by the delay end up so because of this ripple.
  • Second, flying private is easy. Smaller private or executive airports don’t bring on the traffic that commercial airports do. That means there are few cars and fewer people. A lot fewer. Security lines are nearly non-existent and the need to arrive incredibly early is, too.


2. You Can Save Money

If you are looking to save money on a last minute commercial flight, good luck. Even if you do, you will likely be squished in a center seat in the back of the plane – the seat that no one wants.

Sure, of course, it will get you to your destination.

But is it worth it?

Finding empty legs on a private jet is your best way to travel. Not only will you end up getting quite a deal, but you will also get to travel comfortably and in luxury.

What is not to like about that?

Not to mention that after the holiday season, saving money is on usually on the top of everyone’s list – right there next to being comfortable and happy. And, guess what?

Empty leg charter flights can offer you all of that.


3. You Can Discover New Places

For all the spontaneous travelers this winter, empty leg charter flights can allow you to discover new places.

Just as you could go to the airport and select a flight that is upcoming and book your ticket, you can also check to see what empty leg flights are available and hop aboard.

  • This is a great opportunity to see new places and increase your fun factor.
  • Its perfect for a weekend getaway or a special treat for someone you love.

For those in northern states who would love to thaw out in a warmer climate for a couple of days or for those in the south who want to head north to see what winter is about, this could be a great opportunity.

Without a specific place in mind – only a direction – you can arrive at your undiscovered destination in style.


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4. They Are More Flexible

Last, but certainly not least, empty leg charter flights are flexible. You have strict requirements on commercial flights.

And, if you are running a few minutes behind, it is doubtful that your plane will wait for you. However, when it comes to private travel, you have a lot more flexibility.

This makes the stress and frustration of travel dissipate. You know that you are your flights only passenger, so it is not likely to leave until you arrive.

It allows you to relax a little bit knowing that a traffic tie-up is not going to lead to hours stuck inside an airport terminal.



Well, there you have it. Empty leg charter flights can offer you great help with your travel needs this winter – and anytime throughout the year.

Avoid heavy weather delays, packed airports, and uncomfortable full flights.

Turn your travel needs into a luxurious and relaxing getaway – and save money – with an empty leg.

You will never know how much you will enjoy the experience until you try it.