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5 Reasons to Choose Private Jet Rentals

Private Jet Rentals | The Early Airway

Travel can be hard. It can be frustrating and tiresome and downright irritating. As security and immigration lines get longer, and temperaments get tested, travelers begin to look for a better way to travel. Some travelers may opt for sailing or road trips as opposed to flying. Some may choose to focus on “staycations”. But those in the know are taking advantage of a different sort of travel, the sort of travel that involves flying on a private jet.

Private jet rentals are no longer just for the wealthy businessman or celebrity. Originally the mainstay of the rich and famous, with the move to private jet rentals, even an average citizen can take advantage of the benefits afforded when traveling by private jet. Although prices can still peak over those of first, or even business, class travel, the perks of flying private are many. And, with more and more savvy travelers taking advantage of dead leg flights and special deals, it may not be as expensive as you think.

Here are a few of the advantages of going private:


1. Time Savings

Think about your last flight, whether it was last week or last year. Remember back to the seemingly endless lines to check-in, before heading to more lines for security, before waiting at the gate a period which can be up to three hours for some international flights. Consider the time it takes to load hundreds of passengers, all toting larger than they should be carry-ons, before you finally arrived at your seat. Upon arrival, the entire process in reverse, couple with the extra time waiting for baggage claim and hoping upon hope that your bags actually arrived. Now consider travel by private jet, a totally different experience. Check-in is a breeze and you stroll from the counter directly to your flight. With a small passenger load, boarding moves along quickly and suddenly you are airborne. Upon arrival you know your bag is with you and ground transport as already been arranged to whisk you off to your next locale. Easy and quick.


2. Flexibility

When flying commercial your options for departure and arrival cities, and times of flights, are determined by the airlines schedules. One huge benefit of private jet rentals is the ability to fly when you want and, to a larger extent, where you want. Even if your intention is to depart from a hub city, the ability to use a smaller nearby facility called a Fixed Base of Operation, or FBO, cuts out all of the chaos of the traditional airport experience. Parking is available, and is normally free, and you have the ability to check-in quickly and board your flight without long lines and even longer terminal walks. Upon arrival grab your bags and hit the road to the freedom allowed with no large airport and crowds to contend with.


3. Comfort

As commercial airlines continue to disenchant travelers with ever decreasing seat size, greatly decreased services, and crowded flights, the option of private jet rentals becomes even more appealing. In addition to the literal comfort of the larger and more accommodating seats, when traveling by private jet there are no lines, no x-ray machines, no shoe removal, and no need to only carry your toiletries in small plastic containers. While aircraft captains do possess the right to search passenger’s bags, with traditional screening non-existent, boarding is a breeze. Once on the aircraft, you can eat your pre-ordered meal choice whenever you choose. Feel free to get up and walk around at will. Never again worry about your path to the bathroom being blocked by the drink cart.


4. Privacy

When experienced private jet travelers are polled, they agree that the real advantage of non-commercial travel is the privacy. Many private jet travelers are business travelers, looking to do business as they transport between locations. The ability to have confidential conversations and when a company rents the plane entire business meetings can easily take place on board. Almost all jets come equipped with office features such as laptop connections, cabin phones and perhaps even fax machines. Depending upon the aircraft and number of passengers it may even be possible to offer PowerPoint presentations or screen movies. Even on a flight shared by other travelers, the space allowed per passenger is much greater than on a commercial jet, keeping your private business just that, private.


5. Faster

If time to destination is a concern, private jets are the way to go. Private aircraft aren’t tied down to the use of the same airports as commercial jets are. If your flight has enough fuel, you will go direct with none of the stopover nonsense required on many commercial flights to accommodate passenger loads. In addition, private jets have a faster rate of climb due to their smaller dimensions, and can often fly faster than commercial aircraft. Many private jets have the ability to fly higher than commercial flights, avoiding some common weather issues. In addition, because private jets have the flexibility to fly in and out of smaller airports, making door to door speed much faster overall.


Private jet rentals will continue to increase in popularity when travelers realize with some planning and flexibility, this mode of transportation is not significantly more expensive than business travel, but has far more options involved. When you consider the challenges that go along with commercial air travel, the answer seems simple enough.

When you combine convenience, flexibility, speed of travel, comfort and privacy there is no better option than to look into booking your next flight on a private jet charter. Offering up so much more than even a typical commercial business class, private jets are the wave of the future. Whether booking a company trip, a romantic getaway, or a girls weekend in the big city, private jets are for everyone. Add it to your bucket list, and make 2017 the year you hit the air to embark on an adventure of a lifetime and a flight of your dreams.