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Flying While Pregnant? Here Are the Tips You Need to Know

Flying while pregnant is not always an ideal situation for the mom-to-be. Let’s be honest, pregnancy can make us grouchy and uncomfortable. So, being confined to a small space with a big belly for an extended period of time can be enough to send pregnant women over the edge.

Need to Know Tips for Flying While Pregnant - The Early Air Way

But, when flying is the only option, then so be it. There are things that you can do to make that flight a lot more comfortable. Check it out.


Know the Best Time to Travel During Pregnancy

Technically, you can fly up to about 36 weeks. Or, of course, whenever your doctor – and the airline – says you can. But, if you want to find some comfort and enjoyment while you travel, then know the best time.

The second trimester seems to have won the award here. Morning sickness and otherwise queasiness has dissipated for the most part, if not entirely. And, you are not so far along that you feel absolutely swollen and miserable.


Bring a Water Bottle and Snacks

During pregnancy, you need to make sure you eat healthily and stay hydrated. During your regular routine, this is rather easy to do. But when you are traveling, things get a bit mixed up. To make sure you are staying hydrated and eating properly, bring your own stuff.

Many airports these days are joining in on the filtered water stations. Of course, they also have water fountains, too, as a last resort. Either way, bring your own water bottle. This way you always have water – and you aren’t waiting for someone to offer you a beverage. Not to mention, you’ll save a ton of funds by not purchasing bottled water sold in the airport!

Snacks are helpful, such as nuts, dried fruits, jerky, and the like. Make sure they are non-perishable. And, try your best to stay away from those snacks filled with sugar or made primarily of carbs.


Ask for a Pat-Down at Security

Going through security checkpoints with body scanners while pregnant has long been debated. Some question whether it can be harmful to your unborn child. Most research says it is fine to go through them, but if you are one to play it safe, you have a right to ask for a pat down. You simply have to ask.


Choosing an Aisle Seat Is Ideal for Flying While Pregnant

There is a good chance that you have spent more time in the bathroom during your pregnancy than ever before. All the fluid you consume, all the fluid you hold, everything needs to come. And, quite honestly, it is not going to matter whether you are on a plane.

So, for the sake of yourself and those around you, consider opting for an aisle seat. Even if you have to pay a little extra for the ease of being able to get up and down as you choose, it will be worth it for flying while pregnant.

Need to Know Tips for Flying While Pregnant - The Early Air Way

Move as Much as Possible

Sitting still for long periods of time is not healthy for anyone – especially those who are pregnant. Keep your blood flowing by moving often. Whether it is taking short walks through the airport terminal or getting up and taking a walk a couple of times on the plane itself, depending on the length of your flight.

If necessary, you may want to ask your doctor about wearing compression socks.


Bring a Doctor’s Note

Depending on what airline you are traveling, many have specifications of when you can longer fly if pregnant. For most, it is at 36 weeks and after. But telling how far along you are by just looking can be deceiving for some. To make the situation easier for everyone, bring a doctor’s note with you to prove where you are on the pregnancy timeline. After all, it is better to be over prepared than getting bumped from a flight.


Dressing Comfortably Is the Best Option

You are going to be sitting for quite a while. Yet, you’ll be standing a lot, too. Dressing comfortably all around is your best choice for travel. If you are pregnant, then you know that soft, stretchy material is your new best friend. Wear something you can move in that you won’t be too hot or too cold. Remember, it is easier to add clothing than take it off, so you can always dress for the heat and bring a sweater just in case.


Be Prepared for Germs

Remember, you aren’t just caring for yourself, but your unborn child, too. Take caution and protect yourself from germs so that you remain healthy. Commercial airlines are full of germs. And you are going to be marinating in them for the entire duration of your flight.

Use hand sanitizer. Make use of sanitizing wipes. And, wash your hands often.


Forego All Commercial Flights and Fly Private Instead!

Wow – all those tips are helpful, but seem like a lot of work, don’t they? Dealing with so many people in the airport and on the commercial aircraft, as well as all the waiting time and standing in line for security… just the idea seems exhausting.

So, why not ditch the commercial travel idea and, instead, charter a private jet? If you are looking for the most comfortable experience flying while pregnant, this is – by far – your best option. Besides, there are many perks that come with private travel.

  • Ability to travel to smaller airports and get closer to your destination.
  • Fewer people traffic in executive airports, which means less waiting in line for security.
  • Provides for a more calm, private, and flexible experience.
  • Surround yourself with fewer germs.

Chartered flights are more affordable now than ever. And, when flying while pregnant, why not take advantage of it? This is perhaps, the best tip we can offer you.


So, wherever your travels take you, consider a private jet, a comfortable outfit, some healthy snacks, and a note from your doctor to make it a smooth and wonderful travel experience.