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Book a Private Jet Rental to Wine Country

Book a Private Jet Rental to Wine Country | The Early Air Way

Delectable cheese and fine wine are never too far away when travelers have access to a private jet rental. After booking a flight with a private jet charter, these three renowned wine regions are easily within reach.

Napa Valley, California
Home to over 400 wineries that are family-owned and operated, Napa Valley, California, is one of the most coveted places for world renowned Chardonnays and Cabernets. Due to the region’s warm climate, the wines typically feature an opaque red color and oaky flavor. Although some wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon demand high prices, Napa Valley does produce a few excellent values like Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel. Tourists are sure to enjoy the region’s 45,200 acres of wineries via a private jet charter. During the flight, the aircraft is likely to fly over popular Napa Valley regions such as Rutherford and St. Helena.

Bordeaux, France
The region of Bordeaux, France, is known to produce the country’s most prestigious and oldest French wines. Because the region contains warm and cool soil, the wines produced in Bordeaux often challenge the palate as they are extremely rich in nature. The wines that are developed in the historic wine estates such as chateaux are typically more expensive than those cultivated in California or Italy. The price of an age-worthy red Bordeaux wine can range between $30 and $800. The spacious cargo room on a private jet charter offer tourists the opportunity to transport a surplus amount of their favorite bottle to their home country.

Tuscany, Italy
Located in central Italy, the region of Tuscany presents tourists with an enduringly famous romantic paradise thanks to the seducing hilltop villages and country roads. The vineyards are most recognized for producing internationally-renowned wines including Vin Santo and Sangiovese. The success of these wines are greatly influenced by the region’s climate, which plays an integral role in balancing the aromatics, sugars, and acidity in the products. A private charter jet getaway to Tuscany, Italy, encourages tourists to indulge in a romantic evening of tasting and luxury in one of the most popular wine regions.


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