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11 Tips on How to Best Travel and Work Remotely

Take advantage of the fortunate opportunity to travel and work remotely! But how can you best balance both? Below are some helpful tips.

11 Tips on How to Best Travel and Work Remotely - Early Air Way

Working remotely while traveling regularly seems like a dream to some people. Getting paid while visiting cities around the globe? Yes, please! It would likely seem as if you are on a never-ending vacation.

Though, one should note that while it can definitely be compared to a sort of constant-vacation status, that doesn’t mean it comes without struggles. Think about it – you are always moving on to new locations without any constant. There are things you want to see and explore, but you have to work. Sigh. Plus, if you are one who prefers certain comforts or to have things organized a certain way, there could be many challenges for you to face.

For those who have secured the ability to travel and work remotely, there are a few tips that may help you make the best use of your time no matter what you are doing – and feel good about it, too.

1. Create a Schedule

When you work remotely, you don’t have to punch a clock at 9 am or when you leave at 5 pm. It’s flexible – that is one of the amazing perks of it. You don’t have to get up and deal with co-workers face to face – or even your boss. But, you can’t sleep the day away either or you are doing nothing but wasting time.

Working remotely requires self-discipline. If you are going to do it right, you need a schedule. Determine your working hours and stick to them. This will help you get your work out of the way so you can enjoy the destination.

2. Nurture Business Relationships

You want the work to keep coming so nurture your business relationships. It is easy to get caught up in everything going on around you. You know, rushing through work to get out and explore wherever you happen to be today. But relationships are important – even when it comes to business.

So, take that time to send out emails, make a quick phone call, etc.

3. Fly Private

How do you intend to get from destination to destination? If you are working remotely and truly want to make the most of your time, then you should consider flying private.

Private jet travel means that you have the space, privacy, and ability to work while you travel. Literally. Then, when you land, you can be a few steps ahead and can get more playtime in.

This is a must when you are combining work and travel.

4. Work Smart, Not Lazy

When you work remotely, you can work from anywhere – and that means in your bed. Unless you are on virtual face-to-face meetings, you don’t need to worry about where you work. Or, do you?

Truth is, working from your couch, your bed, or your favorite recliner may sound enticing, but it is not likely to be very productive. You’ve got things you want to do so you need to work smart and knock it out so that you can head out and discover new destinations.

Wherever you find yourself, create a space that allows you to sit up and work. A chair and table are all you need. And, by the way – be sure to get up and get dressed, too!

5. Look for Co-Working Spaces

Speaking of finding places to work, you may want to look for co-working spaces in your current destination. These spaces offer an office-type setting where other remote workers can work side-by-side to get their work done. There is something about seeing others being productive that can be conducive to your productivity.

11 Tips on How to Best Travel and Work Remotely - Early Air Way

6. Always Have Healthy Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is incredibly important if you work remotely. Without it, you could find yourself missing deadlines and unable to handle business. That’s not the way to keep up the great gig you’ve got going on either. Before you travel, do your research so that you are prepared. Or, of course, you can invest in your hot spot and take it with you wherever you go.

7. Pack Correctly

When you travel, you gather up the toiletries, clothes, shoes, and so forth that you may need. But, nothing is worse than having to work remotely and realize that you left something important at home. You know, like your computer, the charging cord, or even some files.

Make a list of work must-haves that you can use each time you pack so you always have what you need.

8. Keep Open Communication

It’s easy to rush through work so you can head out. We all want to do that. But, you need to be available for clients and co-workers who are reaching out to you – especially during working hours. Be sure to check your email regularly and respond as appropriate.

9. Minimize Distractions

When you are not working in a regular office space, you will find that distractions can come at a high price. Take steps to reduce distractions when you can. And, when you can’t put on some noise-canceling headphones. These may become your new best friend!

10. Find Balance that Works for You

Some people work well at night. Others like to rise with the sun. Set the number of hours you wish to work each day to meet your workload – and stick to it. When the time is up, shut it down. It is so easy to get carried away and work when you aren’t in an office. Then again, it is easy to play too much, too. Find the balance that works for you.

11. Get Out and Explore!

What is with all this work talk? Get out and explore! You are a remote worker who can travel. So, be smart about getting your work done so you can get out and enjoy each new destination. Remember, you are living what many people only dream about. Cherish it.


To travel and work remotely – there are so many perks! Working hard and using your time wisely – such as traveling via a private jet and knocking out that extra bit of work – can give you more time to spend discovering new places.

With a little time and effort, you are sure to find the routine that works best for you.

11 Tips on How to Best Travel and Work Remotely - Early Air Way