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Six of The Most Popular Turbo Prop Airplanes

Turbo prop airplanes are popular for regional flights due to their efficiency, lower operational costs, and ability to land on shorter runways. They offer a balance of speed and cost-effectiveness, making them ideal for connecting smaller airports and reducing travel times for passengers.

Turbo Prop Airplane - The Early Air Way

Turbo prop airplanes can be the perfect charter option for those looking to travel short distances, travel in luxury, and get where you need to go.

If you have ever tried to charter a private jet, you have likely discovered that there are so many options when it comes to available aircraft. Choosing what best fits your needs usually comes down to things like your number of passengers, the distance you are traveling, the amenities you are looking for, and more. 

Along with choices like super mids, light jets, midsize jets, and very light jets, you will also be able to choose a turbo prop airplane.

Because they don’t get the attention they deserve, let’s look at some key features of turboprops and 6 of the most popular turbo prop airplanes in the air today. 

What Are Turbo Prop Airplanes?

Turbo props are aircraft that are commonly chartered. They are generally designed to operate at lower altitudes and slower speeds than other commonly chartered jets. But they are still a very viable option. These small planes do have some very distinct advantages over other jet options when booking that flight. Let’s learn a little about them – and what sets them apart. 

The Propeller:

Turbo prop airplanes have a propeller on the outside. Can you picture it? They still have the same turbine engine that powers them like other private jets, but they have a propeller outside while other private jet charters have fan blades located in the engine housing. 


These private jet charters are often much more economical than other private jet options. This is especially true when it comes to shorter flights. 

Flight Range: 

Turbo props are best used for short distances. Their average flight range usually can’t exceed 1,500 miles. 


As stated, turbo prop airplanes are designed to travel at low altitudes – generally below 30,000 ft. The most turbulent air is found between 23,000 and 39,000 feet. That means turboprops have a prime seat for a bumpy ride. Of course, on a nice day, this is not going to be a problem at all, but when there is any questionable weather, you may be in for an unforgettable ride. 

Luxurious Accommodations: 

Just because they are small and have a propeller does not mean that turboprops are any less luxurious than other private jets. Many are very comfortable with technology-filled cabins and all the extra amenities. 

1. Piaggio Avanti Evo Twin Turbo Prop Airplane

Piaggio Avanti Evo Twin Turbo Prop - The Early Air Way

This stunning turbo prop is an Italian-made aircraft that has made its way to the United States. It is a quiet, fuel-efficient option with performance-boosting propellers and new safety systems. 

The inside cabin can hold eight passengers in comfortable accommodations, including fold-down tables, reclining chairs, and wireless connectivity. Standing is not too big of a problem for most as the height of the cabin is 5’9″.

This Piaggio turboprop can travel at speeds up to 463 mph, and travel distances greater than 1,900 miles. 

2. Beechcraft King Air 350

Beechcraft King Air 350

Business execs often use this King Air turboprop airplane thanks to its roomy cabin, fold-out tables, and productive workspace. All the power outlets make it easy to keep those laptops powered up, too. 

The cabin of this top-of-the-line King Air is equipped to hold a total of 8 passengers comfortably, though seats can be removed to create even more space if needed. 

Traveling at a top speed of 360 mph, this aircraft can go distances up to approximately 2,000 miles. 

3. Pilatus PC-12

Pilatus PC-12 - The Early Air Way

The Pilatus PC-12 and the new version, the Pilatus PC-12 NG, can take off just about anywhere — which makes it convenient for those seeking travel to rugged locations. They have a lot of room inside and comfortable accommodations for passengers onboard – seating for 6 to 8 passengers. Not to mention that they come equipped with a wireless entertainment system and communications options. Most passengers love the ability to monitor their flight on a mapping system in real-time. 

The Pilatus PC-12 can travel at a range of approximately 2,100 miles and speeds around 322 mph. 

4. Beechcraft King Air 260

This aircraft can seat a maximum of 9 occupants in its beautiful and welcoming interior space. Decked out with the latest touchscreen technology and digital pressurization, it is a comfortable ride for all who step on board. 

The King Air 260 can travel at speeds up to 310 mph with a travel distance of 1,720 miles. It is a flight that surely won’t disappoint. 

5. Nextant G90XT Twin Turbo Prop

This is one of the quietest airplanes in the air for its size. And the interior is nothing short of luxurious, with leather seating and hardwoods. Though, the interior cabin is only about 4’9″ high. An onboard lavatory makes up for any lacking headspace. 

There is plenty of space to work or relax while cruising at an average of about 322 mph. This turboprop can reach distances of up to 1,400 before needing to stop. 

The fun fact is that Nextant purchased older Beechjet models and gave them a complete makeover, a new engine, and all. Even the cockpit has all new state-of-the-art technology. 

6. Jetstream 4100

Did you know that turboprops can hold a lot of passengers? The Jetstream 4100 is one of them – with maximum seating for 29 passengers and two pilots! This jet can land and take off just about anywhere. This aircraft has a luxurious interior that has a quiet cabin. It has a very comfortable cabin height of 5’10” – and a lavatory on board, too. 

The Jetstream can travel short distances of about 774 miles before needing to refuel. And cruises at speeds of 295 mph on average. 

Turbo Prop Airplanes: Closing Thoughts

The next time you find yourself wanting to fly the friendly skies, don’t feel like you have to jump onto a private jet — especially if you aren’t traveling great distances. The most popular turbo prop airplanes are available for charter and can get you where you need to be. And, let’s not forget how efficient, economical, and luxurious turboprops are. 

Where will your next charter take you?

If you have any questions, contact us here at The Early Air Way, based in Van Nuys. And don’t forget to explore our jet hedging program and empty leg specials!

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