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Super Midsize Jets vs Midsize Jets: Key Differences

Super Midsize Jets vs Midsize Jets: Key Differences - Early Air Way

What are the differences between midsize jets and super midsize jets? What makes a super midsize jet so, well, super? Is there really a big difference at all?

If you have ever spent any time trying to understand the different sizes of jets available for private charter, as well as what they are capable of, then your head may be spinning. There is, after all, a lot to soak in. 

What you should know is that midsize jets and super midsize jets are two of the most commonly chartered private jets. And they are each popular for their own set of reasons. The good news? We are going to break their key differences down for you. That way, you know just what to expect when you book your next flight

Super Midsize Jets vs. Midsize Jets: The Specs

When chartering a private jet, you have to know that each passenger on board is going to have a seat. Of course, this is not an assigned seat as it would be in the world of commercial air travel, but it is a seat for safety reasons. Each passenger needs to be able to have a spot with a seatbelt so that they can be safe for the duration of the flight – especially during take-off, landing, and should any turbulence arise. 

As a result, knowing the number of passengers a jet holds is just one of the important specs concerning these two types. Truth is, these jets can both hold up to about 9 people, on average, in addition to the flight crew. Some can carry more. 

A few additional specs worth taking a look at to understand how super midsize jets and midsize jets differ include: 

  • Size: A super midsize jet is often longer than a midsize jet, though the width and height measurements are quite comparable. 
  • Baggage: A super midsize jet often has more room for baggage than a midsize. 
  • Lavatory: Both midsize and super mids will come equipped with a lavatory. In some instances, they may even have two. 
  • Galley: Galleys are often found on both types of jets, but a super mid may have a full galley from which a flight attendant can serve a fresh meal

Speaking of flight attendants – you will find that they often come standard with all super midsize jets. However, they can be requested on a midsize jet for an extra fee. 

Super Midsize Jets vs. Midsize Jets: The Distance

One of the biggest differences between a midsize jet and a super midsize jet is how far they can travel. While the exact mileage will vary from jet to jet, the average range for nonstop travel for a midsize jet is about 2800 nautical miles. 

Super midsize jets can travel a little further, sporting an average nonstop distance of about 3100 to 3500 nautical miles. 

Keep in mind that this is just a very general average. There are many different factors that impact the distance a jet can fly. 

Super Midsize Jets vs. Midsize Jets: The Cabin

When you travel on a private jet, you are going to spend almost all of your time inside the cabin. Therefore, you want to make sure that it has everything you are looking for. Let’s take a look at how these two jets differ when it comes to their cabin. 

The cabin in a midsize jet is quite comfortable, luxurious, and sophisticated. They commonly have plush seating – some that may even convert to sleeping spaces. Everything you will need is easily accessible, including the galley and the lavatory. 

Super midsize jets also have a very luxurious cabin interior. They often include chairs, tables, and sofas. And they, too, may convert to a sleeping space for those who prefer to sleep during their flight. A high level of comfort can be found from the carpeting to the seating. Lavatories and the galley are also very accessible on this type of jet. 

The biggest difference between a midsize cabin and a super midsize cabin is space. The latter will usually have more space for passengers to move freely. 

Super Midsize Jets vs. Midsize Jets: The Inflight Amenities

Who doesn’t love inflight amenities?

Midsize and super midsize jets both will almost always have inflight connectivity with access to Wi-Fi and entertainment systems throughout the cabin. You will be able to utilize the tv screens within the cabin to watch a movie, stream the news, or a tv show. This can be beneficial for business and personal enjoyment. 

On midsize jets, refreshments can often be found, such as snacks and beverages. For super midsize jets, you can usually benefit from a meal rather than just snacks. It is worth noting that you can enjoy a catered meal on either jet as long as this is planned in advance. 

Don’t forget that on a super midsize jet, you get VIP treatment from a flight attendant. This usually comes standard and is definitely something that sets it apart. 

Private travel comes with so many in-flight amenities in any size jet – especially when compared with other methods of travel. All you have to do is take the time to ask. 

Super Midsize Jets vs. Midsize Jets: How to Choose

Overall, there are not too many differences between these jets. The biggest, perhaps, is the distance they can travel without having to stop and refuel. 

So, before you head out for your next trip, take these jets into consideration, as well as where your travels are taking you. Then, choose the right option. Working with a knowledgeable team at a respected charter company can ensure you always end up with the perfect jet to meet your needs. 

Charter Your Next flight with The Early Air Way

Whether you think a super midsize jet, a midsize jet, or something entirely different is a good fit for your next flight, we have a fleet with many options to choose from. Contact us when you are ready to fly The Early Air Way.

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