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Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation

Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation | The Early Air Way's BlogWhen traveling, it always seems that you’ll receive an abundance of ideas regarding what you should do. But have you ever been told what you shouldn’t do when on your next vacation? Here are a few ideas for what to avoid when you are traveling.

  1. Avoid eating near a tourist attraction, as the restaurants are often overpriced and perhaps less authentic.
  2. Avoid exchanging money at the airport, as they will likely have a worse exchange rate than other places you might go.
  3. Avoid using a bank card with fees.
  4. Don’t skip travel insurance if you are going to be gone for a significant period of time. This can be a great investment if anything goes wrong.
  5. Don’t book too early- rates will be best during a certain window of time that is not too early and not too late.

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